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Lights off stage
Steady moving overhead pattern
House lights on

Voice over: The competition will start any minute from now. All the contestants, guests
and friends requested to take your seats.

Voice over: Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to witness the highlights of the feast of
Our Lady of Fatima which is the LITTLE PRINCE AND PRINCESS 0F VILLA LORENA 2
And this juncture, we would like to request everyone to stand for our invocation and
Philippine National Anthem to be led by the Villa Lorena Dos Choir

Voice over: Live at the center stage, please welcome our hosts for this evening.

Emcee 1: Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight, witness, as 10 beautiful

and 5 handsome candidates present their very best and compete for the covetous
crowns right here at this stage.

Emcee 2: As the night fills with sheer excitement, we will soon find out who will be
the worthy title holders. Im (name of the girl)

Emcee 1: And Im (name of the boy). And this is


Emcee 2: Good evening, (Name of boy)

Emcee 1: Good evening, (Name of girl) You look quite ravishing tonight! Its a
privilege for me to be right here beside you hosting the Little prince and princess of
villa lorena 2 coronation night.

Emcee 2: Thank you! Im happy hosting this event with you as well, (Name of boy)
indeed, this is the most awaited night for our exquisite candidates. And everyone is
excited about this pageant, right?

Emcee 1: Thats right, (Name of girl)! Our spectators have their own bets on who
will win this prestigious pageant.

Emcee 2: So, let us not prolong the agony of waiting. Let us formally start tonights event.
Emcee 1:. To formally welcome us in tonight here is Mr. Adonis Andalan our
CHAPEL PRESIDENT to give a speech let us all welcome him with a big hand.

Emcee 2: Thank You Sir Adonis for those words.

Emcee1: . Now, everybody is excited to see the 15 lovely candidates, right?

Emcee 2: Absolutely, [name of the boy] ! Theyre probably crossing their fingers about
whos winning. Isnt that right, everyone? Well, can we hear a sh0ut starting from
[candidate num 1 tll end].

Emcee 2: help me welcome the lovely and handsome candidates of little prince and
princess of villa lorena 2 2017 for their production number.


Emcee 1: What a wonderful production number.

Emcee 2.: Wow! Now this year has surely got it in for us. As we witness our [num of
candidates] astonishing ,mesmerizing and handsome candidates. I believe it will be
a hard time selecting who will wear the crown for little prince and princess of villa
lorena 2 2017.
Emcee 1: Exactly, [name of the girl]! Indeed, they will have a hard time in betting
who wins this and who wins that.
Emcee 2: Precisely [name of the boy]. So help us decide who among our candidates
deserve to the next little prince and princess of villa lorena 2 2017., here are the panel of
o Currently studying in the University of San Carlos.
o Incoming 4th yr student taking up Bachelor of Science in
o 2nd runner up of the Mayors Cup 2016 muse
o Have joined the Rosquillos Festival Queen
o Have won the title Ms teen San vicente 2014
o And also a finalist of the MISS GOLDEN JUBILEE of la
consolacion college.
Please put our hands together for Ms Kassandra Jaen Pepito

EMCEE 1: Our next judge is a

EMCEE 2: Lastly,
Our Third judge studied dentistry in gullas medical school college of dentistry,
18 yrs of age.
Have won as the MISS UV INTRAMURALS 2016,
MISS VALENTINES 2011 of academia del christifidelis,
first runner in MISS lamkambini 2012
and recently she have won the title as MS TAYUD 2017.
Help me welcome Ms Cly dee Mae Donasco ,

Emcee 1: There they are! The people who will be responsible for deciding who will be the
first little prince and princess of villa lorena 2 2017.

Emcee 2: NOW LET ME ASK YOU.Are you excited to see again our charming
candidates? How about you [kyle] are you excited how this candidates will portray their
sports competition?

Emcee 1: yes indeed, how this lovely and charming candidates will look like. And now,
to bring you the next level of excitement, without further ado let us welcome

Both: our lovely and charming candidates with their sports competition.


Emcee 2: As of now, we will be presenting the criteria for judging because Im pretty sure
everybody is wondering how the candidates will be judged. Aside from that this pageant
is not only merely about glamor and poise but also defies the contestants character as
Emcee 1: Exactly. So, the official criteria for the little prince and princess 2017 will be as
Beauty and Charm 40%
Poise 20%
confidence 30%
Audience Appeal 10%

both : A total of 100%

emcee 2: and for the

emcee 2 : Thats right. And now that we have introduced the panel of judges and have
presented the criteria for judging. We will now be giving details for minor and major
Emcee 1: First of all,
Emcee 2: Our candidates will receive the following minor and major awards. For minor
awards, our lucky candidates will receive a sash and a certificate this are the following

Emcee 1:

Best in Production number

Mr and ms sports wear

Darling of the crowd

Best in gown(ladies)

Best in suit(men)

Mr. and Ms. photogenic

For major awards, our fortunate candidates will receive a trophy, a sash and a certificate

Emcee 2: 2nd runner up for female and male division

1st runner up for female and male division

Emcee 1: And finally, as a grand prize for our little prince and princess 2017, they will
receive sashes, trophies, and a crown. And also each candidates will receive a certificate
of participation.

Emcee 2: For the runner up and the winners, It is in the lucky hands of the contestants on who
will be the first little prince and princess of villa lorena dos as each participant of their
corresponding genders will be asked to pick and draw numbers. The one who will be picking the
number 3 will be the 3rd runner up and likewise the 2nd runner up for the one who picks number
2. And automatically, the one who picks the number 1 will be the first prince and princess of villa
lorena dos 2017
EMCEE 1: Alright, since weve already presented our panel of judges and the criteria
for judging, while waiting for the candidates there will be an intermission num.

Emcee1: princess, as what ive heard this girl has a relaxing, soothing and beautiful voice.

Emcee2: indeed kyle this girl loves music and a very talented one.

Emcee1: Ladies and gentlemen without further ado! let us hear her wonderful voice

Both: IZZY!
[mukanta na si izzy]

Emcee2: Wow kyle! Did you see that! That was electrifying performance.

Emcee 1: (comments) [adlib]. That was real music. Thank you so much izzy for that
wonderful performance.

Emcee 2: now do you have your bet already? [Paused] Who is your bet for to wear the
crown for tonights event? Now let us hear the shout for candidates number1- till end.
How about you kyle who is your bet for tonights event.

Emcee1: [laugh] lets just wait for who will bring the crown. We will announce later so
better yet stay and enjoy.

Emcee2: we thank you all for your hardwork. Now without futher ado,

Emcee1: My friends help me welcome once again, our candidates in their

Both: suit and evening gown

[paso na sila]

puli2 mo kung unsa ang background nila]

[humana silag paso]

Emcee2 : And once again, give them a big round of applause for
Both: their evening gown

Emcee1: Look at how mesmerizing they are in their suit and gown. I must say they look
Emcee2: You are right. More than beauty and charm,
Emcee1: They are absolutely captivating! These candidates really possess the bearing and
poise as they did the walk wearing their gown and suit.

Emcee2: Absolutely captivating! At this point, while waiting for the list of awards our
candidates will be serenaded by IZZY

Emcee 1: thank you again IZZY! For that wonderfull serenade.

Emcee 2: ANNOUNCEMENT SA CHOIR!. [pagmake lang or adlib]

Emcee1:at this juncture! We would like to thank the people behind this event. For the
production number we thank [allysa and zyle]. Our villa lorena officers especially our
president[ kuya don2]

Emcee 2:also to our judges who have a very difficult decision for who will bring the
crown for tonights event. we also thank the group 3 who is assign for tonights events

Emcee1: lastly the person behind this event the organizer without her this event will
never be successful Ms. Mary Chris Melencion.

Emcee2: now for their minor awards.(paused)

[tagaan ramo ug lista sa nadaog] ,[mga tao nga mu award nila]

Emcee 1: again for minor awards, our lucky candidates will receive a sash

Best in Production number

[the award goes to.]

These will be judged according to how they project their
selves in doing such action.

[ iya mama ug judge num 1]

Mr and ms sports wear

We have candidate num.

[parents and judge num2]

Darling of the crowd

[parents and judge num3]

Mr. and Ms. Photogenic

[parents and kuya don2]

Best in gown(ladies)

[kuya don2 ug judge num1]

Best in suit(men)

[judge num 2 nad parents]

Emcee 1: may we ask the candidates to form a 2 horizontal line. One for the girls and one
for the boys.

Emcee 2: now we will be calling ms allysa and ms zyle to be here in the stage .

Emcee 1: again it is in the lucky hands of the contestants on who will be the first little
prince and princes of villa lorena dos as each corresponsing genders will be asked to pick
and draw numbers.

Emcee2: ms allysa and ms zyle has a box in their hands.

Emcee 1: candidates can you please put your hands above the box.

Emcee 2: as I count to 3 all of you should get a piece of paper inside the box

Both: 1, 2, 3

Emcee 1: ms zyle and alyssa please get the papers

Emcee1: we thank you candidates for joining tonights event. Win or lose [adlib pwde ra

Emcee 2: Congratulations candidates for having gone this far. Im sure your family
and friends and everyone else who gave support, are really proud of you right now.

Emcee2: Now, well be moving on to the most anticipated moment of this event
the announcement of winners! Are you ready for this, __________?
Emcee 1: Yes, Definitely! But the question is, are you guys ready to know the

Emcee 2: Looks like theyre more than ready, the crowd looks very excited! Again,
we have candidate num 1-15

Emcee 1: Well just wait for the sealed envelope containing the names of the
winners of this years pageant. And this years pageant will be the first little prince
and princess of villa lorena 2

Emcee 2: youre right kyle but I hate to see these lovely candidates suffer the
suspense some moment longer. Lets see whose going home with the glory and be
hailed as the first titleholders. To help us present our 2nd runners up, may we call
judge 1 and the parents of the said runner up. May I have the envelope? Thank you!

Emcee 2: Our 2nd runners up are . Candidate no. -----!

Emcee 1: And 1st runner up may we call judge num 2 and the parents of the said
candidates Ms. Candidate no. -----!

Emcee 2: And Ms. Candidate no. -----!

Emcee 2 : Now, we are finally down to our little prince and princess.

Emcee 1: our little prince and princess are (pag intense mo ari. Padugaya gamay)

Emcee 1: What a truly wonderful evening! Our heartfelt gratitude to the

________lovely candidates! Indeed you made this pageant a very spectacular event!

Both: candidate num__________

Emcee 2: Congratulations to our first ever proclaimed little prince and princess of
villa lorena 2 2017. And to everyone who stayed with us tonight, Thank you! We
would like to thank the staff and crew of little prince and princess of villa lorena 2

Emcee 1: We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to our panel of
judges! See you all next year for another enchanting event of beauty, intelligence,
talent and persona! This has been your host, ____________!

Emcee 2: ______________________ And this is

ALL: little prince and princess of villa lorena 2 2017.

Emcee 1: Have a goodnight everyone!