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I am Amaya Hollidays Lymphatic System

I am Amaya Hollidays Lymphatic System and this job is no holiday. I am really busy, so we have
to keep this very concise.

I am in charge of finding and fighting unwanted organisms, like gross bacteria, in her body. Both
Amaya and I like to find challenges to take on. The only difference is I am in charge of killing
unwanted organism in her body, and her challenges are working hard to balance her grades,
while trying to improve her school.

My lymph fluid, containing white-blood cells, flows through my veins. It arrives at my lymph
nodes, a bean shaped organ in charge of filtering the lymph fluid. Macrophages are cells living
in the lymph node. They attack all unwanted items. The lymph fluid goes through many lymph
nodes every time cleaning and refining the fluid further. I am even more of a neat freak than
Amaya. I know, how is that possible, she alphabetized all the apps on her phone!

My filtered lymph rejuvenates Amayas blood with fresh plasma that flows into her right atrium,
then on to the rest of her body. I am like Amaya, I never stop working, like seriously I am
concerned I dont think Amaya sleeps.

I am all over Amayas body, from her minuscule feet to her sanguine skull. I work closely with
her spleen, liver, and tonsils. I also work with her extra active teenage thymus, even though she
may think she is an adult her thymus has not shrunk proving her wrong. Dont tell her, we all
know how much Amaya loves to be proved wrong!

When Amaya takes on too many challenges, I can not keep up with her. I fail and get her sick.
Even when she is sick she reluctantly slows down. Dang Amaya is stubborn! When she
eventually slows down I have time to catch up and I let my immune system help me heal. Also,
let us not forget all that kale she eats, I love it almost as much as she does. A healthy diet can
help prevent many lymphatic issues.
Okay was that enough? Doesnt matter! Amaya has to go! Bye!

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