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Psalms 12 - Psalms 13

12:1 (12:1) 1 : (12:2) 1
. <<To the chief Musician
lmntzch ol - eshminith mzmur ldud : eushioe upon Sheminith, A Psalm of
fortheone-making-it-permanent on theeighth psalm toDavid csave-you ! David.>> Help, LORD; for
the godly man ceaseth; for

: the faithful fail from among
the children of men.
ieue ki - gmr chsid ki - phsu amunim mbni adm :
Yahweh that he-lapses kindly-one that they-disappeared faithful-ones fromsons-of human

12:2 (12:3) 1 They speak vanity every
shua idbru aish ath - roeu shphth chlquth blb one with his neighbour:
futility they-are-mspeaking man with associate-ofhim lip-of slick-words inheart [with] flattering lips [and]
with a double heart do they
: speak.
ulb idbru :
andheart they-are-mspeaking

12:3 (12:4) 1 1 1 : The LORD shall cut off
ikrth ieue kl - shphthi chlquth lshun mdbrth gdluth : all flattering lips, [and] the
he-shall-ccut-off Yahweh all-of lips-of slick-words tongue mspeaking great-things tongue that speaketh proud
12:4 (12:5)
1 Who have said, With our
ashr amru llshnnu ngbir shphthinu athnu mi adun tongue will we prevail; our
who they-say totongue-ofus we-shall-chave-mastery lips-ofus withus who ? lord lips [are] our own: who [is]
lord over us?
lnu :

12:5 (12:6) 1 For the oppression of the
mshd oniim manqth abiunim othe aqum poor, for the sighing of the
fromdevastation-of humble-ones fromgroaning-of needy-ones now I-shall-arise needy, now will I arise,
saith the LORD; I will set

1 : [him] in safety [from him
that] puffeth at him.
iamr ieue ashith bisho iphich lu :
he-is-saying Yahweh I-shall-set insafety he-shall-cpuff tohim

12:6 (12:7) 1 1
1 The words of the LORD
amruth ieue amruth teruth ksph tzruph bolil lartz [are] pure words: [as] silver
sayings-of Yahweh sayings clean-ones silver being-refined inretort totheearth tried in a furnace of earth,
purified seven times.
mzqq shbothim :
being-mcupelled seven-times

12:7 (12:8)
1 Thou shalt keep them, O
athe - ieue thshmrm thtzrnu mn - edur zu LORD, thou shalt preserve
you Yahweh you-shall-guardthem you-shall-preserveus from thegeneration this them from this generation
for ever.
1 :
loulm :

12:8 (12:9) The wicked walk on every
sbib rshoim ithelkun krm zluth lbni side, when the vilest men
round-about wicked-ones they-are-swalking asto-be-exalted-of squanderings tosons-of are exalted.

adm :

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