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Tabor Adelaide - School of Education - Lesson Plan

Student Teacher Name: Caleb Everett Date: 04/05/2017

Curriculum area: Year level: 9 General capabilities:

Music School: Findon High School
Lesson time: 45 mins x 2 curriculum priorities: English, Maths
Topic: Sound
production, band
Curriculum Content Improvise and arrange music, using aural recognition
Descriptions of texture, dynamics and expression to manipulate the
elements of music to explore personal style in
composition and performance (ACAMUM099)
Manipulate combinations of the elements of music in a
range of styles, using technology and notation
Practice and rehearse to refine a variety of
performance repertoire with increasing technical and
interpretative skill (ACAMUM101)
Perform music applying techniques and expression to
interpret the composers use of elements of music
Anticipated outcomes Unit Outcomes:
Students will be able to use basic sound production software to create and
construct their own pieces of music. Students will have the ability to play
their band pieces in time and with higher levels of skill.

Lesson Outcomes:
Students will begin on their basic sound production piece and advance in
the playing of their band pieces.

Students prior Basic knowledge of musical instruments and basic music notation.

Revised for Australian Curriculum January 2014.

Resources needed Laptops
Projector for Kahoot
Instruments for practical segments

Lesson sequence and Introduction: What hook will you use to Differentiation
time sequence get students interested?
This class ability varies
Beginning Begin lesson by introducing myself and asking greatly, however for this
basic questions about the students and what lesson the students will
history they have previously had within this all be able to connect
class. and engage with the
Play Kahoot quiz with the students, the quiz
includes a mix of trivia music related questions Many of the students
as well as music theory related questions. After come from various
completing quiz go through answers and multicultural
explain what was correct or incorrect. backgrounds, some with
English as a second
Move onto looking at Soundation, have language. Content will
Middle students log on and create an account. need to be differentiated
in order for students to
Once the account is created explain the various engage and understand
aspects of the program on the projector and the lessons and content
guide students through how to create their fully.
One of the students
Allow students 15-20 minutes to begin on their comes from an
End pieces and have opportunity to ask me any Aboriginal background
questions about the assessment or tips. and various classes are
changed to cater for
Split into band time, rotating through to allow different needs. This
each group to have a reasonable amount of time student misses lessons
doing band work. occasionally as they are
enrolled in a different
Other students working on assessment on program every fortnight.
Soundation when not playing in band.

Assessment of students Methods to be used:

(Formative/summative) Students Soundation projects (When completed)
Band work
Evaluation for Throughout the next lessons students will be learning more content
students. throughout band lessons including chords and being able to play new and
Where to next? more complicated songs. Soundation assessment will be completed
through homework time and as class work.
Evaluation of your This lesson ran well as my first lesson and the students responded to the
planning tasks that they were issued throughout the class. On reflection I felt that
having a wide range of activities and tasks within the double lesson
assisted the students in staying focussed and on task for the whole
duration. As it was my first lesson with this group of year 9s I put a focus,
for myself, on the AITSL standard implementation of standard 1 (Know

Revised for Australian Curriculum January 2014.

students and how they learn) and spent time getting to know each
individual student as best as possible and learning names of the students.
Some adjustments and improvements I could add to this lesson would be
to have the students not log into their Soundation until I had explained
everything as many students were using the program and not paying
attention to the front which caused be to move through the class and re
explain certain aspects of the program later on in the lesson. I would have
liked to move through the band rotations a bit faster so that the students
had more time on band.

Revised for Australian Curriculum January 2014.