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Boys District Meet Day 2 @ Bedford 05-20-17

Time Event Name Name Name Name
10:00 AM SP Clemente Szafarski
HJ Rimac Litwinowicz
11:00 AM
Day 1 dependent 110H(Final) Litwinowicz
Day 1 dependent 100 (Final) Brickman
Day 1 dependent 4 x 200(Final) Roschival Boff Rimac Girardi
1600 (Final) Ross
Day 1 dependent 4 x 100(Final) Minich Brickman Butkiewicz Szafarski
Alternate Girardi
Day 1 dependent
Day 1 dependent 300H(Final)
800(Final) Heinzerling
Day 1 dependent 200(Final)
3200(Final) Kovacs
Day 1 dependent
4 x400(Final)

There will be no bus – everyone is to get to Bedford HS on
their own.

Day 2 (13)
Name Event
Clemente SP
Szafarski SP, 4x1
Boff 4x2
Rimac HJ, 4x2
Litwinowicz HJ, 110H
Brickman 100, 4x1
Minich 4x1
Butkiewicz 4x1
Roschival 4x2
Girardi 4x2, alt 4x1
Heinzerling 800
Ross 1600
Kovacs 3200