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Carson High School Michelle King

22328 South Main Street Superintendent of Schools

Carson, California 90745 Windy Warren, Ph.D
(310) 847-6000 Fax (310) 847-7299 Principal

January 17, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I am fortunate to come across a student like Anaisabel Racacho.

There is not another student that I am more proud of than Anaisabel. It is not so much of her exceptional 3.8
cumulative g.p.a. while taking honors and advance placements courses, but more of the dedication, resiliency and
work ethic she put forth in earning these grades. This was certainly displayed on at least three occasions. At the
conclusion of her freshman year after earning good marks, Anaisabel opted to take honors courses to challenge
herself even further. After receiving even higher marks mainly As and a few Bs during her sophomore year,
she requested to take Algebra 2 during the summer so that she can be further ahead. This was also the year, she
ended up receiving an A in a business class she initially felt uncomfortable in, where she had to be convinced on a
few occasions she will do just fine in the class.

Anaisbels commitments are not just limited to the classroom. She has been involved in numerous extracurricular
activities. She has been serving as Secretary for Junior Council, been a member of the California Scholarship
Federation (CHS) and National Honors Society (NHS), and a member of Girls Tennis for Carson High. In
addition, she has found time to volunteer for the Long Beach Memorial Hospital and Little Sisters of the Poor a
retirement community. This past summer 2016, she was one of the select few chosen for an internship
opportunity through ITEP, a non-profit organization serving schools in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County,
and, in addition, she interned at Target through the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. Yet still, she adds to her
already busy schedule by babysitting her nieces and nephews for about fours hours a day.

Always contemplating with a stoic, yet courteous demeanor, Anaisbel just simply lets her actions speak for
themselves. This is a young lady who is not afraid of a challenge and will do what is necessary to achieve the
desired end. With all she has accomplished combined with a strong work ethic and great time management skills,
I am confident that she will succeed at the next level. Anaisabel has aspirations to be a nurse in the future; she is
one student that I strongly believe will get there one day.


Piseth Chhai

Los Angeles Unified School District