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SECTION / Leading Advisor of the Year 2016 & Leading Consultant of the Year - UK: An Enterprising Individual


An Enterprising
Name: Adrian Ashton
Phone: 07786 492313
Adrian Ashton is a provider of enterprise support to social, charitable, and
public organisations. We profile him and explore the range of innovative
services he offers.

Leading Advisor
drian Ashton offers a range of services the development of sector-specific toolkits, I chose
of the Year 2016
& Leading Consultant A and activities to a wide variety of clients,
including organisations, government
to commit myself to doing the same. In 2005 I
therefore started to create a reporting framework
bodies, individual enterprises, residents for freelance consultants like myself, having not
of the Year - UK
in local communities, and thematic communities been able to identify any existing standards that are
experiencing disadvantage. suitable for sole traders, or that would allow me to
consistently report against my performance overall
What unites this diverse range of clients is the – not just in respect of a specific activity or service
quality of service Adrian provides them with, (as most of the existing frameworks and standards
drawing on a set of core values which underpin all are concerned with doing).
of Adrian’s professional activities. Adrian discusses
these values and how he adapts them regularly to “Each year I review this framework openly through
meet the ever evolving needs of his clients. inviting peer review, which has led to its expansion
with each reporting cycle. It continues to be structured
“Having been involved in supporting groups and to allow me to easily benchmark myself against other
sector bodies to understand, identify, and report organisations, as without this ability it would have
on their social impact since the last 1990s through limited value in not understanding how representative
national programmes, individual consultancy, and its findings are against wider ‘market norms’.”

Acquisition International - December 2016 11