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Private Jailing Services

July 18, 2012

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed proposals will be received by the City of Mesa until 3:00 PM.
Local Time, September 6. 2012 to provide Private Jailing Services

Brief Description: The intent of this Request for Proposal will be to establish an agreement with a
qualified agency to provide jailing services to include booking, maintenance and operations of
temporary housing of misdemeanor offenders for the City of Mesa and other East Valley cities.
Based on current information, beliefs and conversations among the East Valley Cities' police
chiefs, the following cities are intending to participate in this RFP and any contract award: City of
Mesa, City of Chandler, Town of Gilbert, City of Tempe and City of Scottsdale. The anticipated
level of service required is based on the current number of misdemeanants processed by Mesa
and the other East Valley cities; for purposes of completing the Proposal, this number should be
considered the minimum: Proposers must also demonstrate compliance with the administrative
and technical requirements set forth in the RFP. Proposers should take special notice of the
Timelines and Milestones on page 24.

Proposals must be in accordance with the provisions, specifications and instructions set forth herein and
will be received by Purchasing until the above noted time, when they will be publicly acknowledged and

Please read the entire solicitation package and submit the proposal in accordance with the instructions
This document (less this invitation and the instructions) and any required response documents,
attachments, and submissions will constitute the proposal

Questions concerning this solicitation should be directed, IN WRITING, to the following project contacts

General or Process Questions: Technical Questions:

Clayton Campbell Miguel Romero
Buyer Aide Buyer
Purchasing Purchasing
(480) 644-2655 Fax (480) 644-2655 Fax

20 East Mam Street Suite 400
PO Box 1466
Mesa Arizona 85211-1466
480 644 2301 Tel
480 644 2655 Fax
V10-17-2011 www mesaaz gov

11 VENDOR QUESTIONS: All questions regarding the contents of this solicitation, and solicitation
process (including requests for ADA accommodations), shall be directed solely to the Project
Contacts listed on Page 1 or designees or the Purchasing Administrator Questions should be
submitted in writing via letter, fax or email Questions received less than seven (7) calendar days
prior to the due date and time may be answered at the discretion of the City
i2 ADDENDA/CLARIFICATIONS: Any changes to the specifications will be in the form of an
addendum Addenda are posted on the City website and mailed to those who register on the City
website when downloading solicitations no less than five (5) days prior to the Due Date Vendors
are cautioned to check the Purchasing Website for addenda and clarifications prior to
submitting their proposal. The City cannot be held responsible if a vendor fails to receive any
addenda issued The City shall not be responsible for any oral changes to these specifications
made by any employees or officer of the City Failure to acknowledge receipt of an addendum
may result in disqualification of a proposal
Mandatory Attendance: Yes M No
Date and Time: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 @ 1 00 p m

Location: Mesa Police Department Headquarters

Central District Community Room
120 N Robson
Mesa, AZ 85201
This Conference is NOT mandatory. However, all interested parties are strongly
encouraged to attend as this is the ONLY scheduled conference. The conference provides
interested parties an opportunity to discuss the City's needs, inspect the site and ask questions
During any site visit you must fully acquaint yourself with the conditions as they exist and the
character of the operations to be conducted under the resulting contract
Date: Septembers, 2012
Time: 3 00 P M (Local Time)
The City will open all proposals properly and timely submitted, and will record the names and
other information specified by law and rule All proposals become the property of the City and will
not be returned except in the case of a late submission Respondent names, as read at the bid
opening, will be posted on the City website Once a contract has been executed by the City,
proposals are available for inspection by contacting Purchasing
i5 PROPOSAL FIRM TIME: 270 Days from Opening
Proposal shall remain firm and unaltered after opening for the number of days shown above The
City may accept the proposal, subject to successful contract negotiations, at any time during this
16 PROPOSAL SECURITY: Yes S 250.000 00 No
If so designated above, a proposal security in the amount specified must be submitted with the
proposal The security may be submitted in any one of the following forms an executed surety
bond issued by a firm licensed and registered to transact such business with the State of Arizona,
cash, certified check, or cashier's check payable to the City of Mesa (personal or company
checks are not acceptable), certificate of deposit or any other form of deposit issued by a financial
institution and acceptable to the City Such proposal security shall be forfeited to the City of
Mesa should the proposer selected fail to execute a contract when requested
PERFORMANCE SECURITY: Kl Yes $ 1.000.000 00 No

If required herein, the Contractor, simultaneously with the execution of the Contract, will be

7/18/2012 2 RFP #2012194


required to furnish a performance security The security may be submitted in one-year increments
and in any one of the following forms an executed surety bond issued by a firm licensed and
registered to transact such business with the State of Arizona, cash, certified check, cashier's
check or money order payable to the City of Mesa (personal and company checks are not
acceptable), certificate of deposit or any other form of deposit issued by a financial institution and
acceptable to the City If the Contractor fails or refuses to fully comply with the terms and
conditions of the contract, the City shall have the right to use all or such part of said security as
may be necessary to reimburse the City for loss sustained by reason of such breach The
balance of said security, if any, will be returned to Contractor upon the expiration or termination of
the contract
i7 SUBMIT PROPOSALS TO: Use label at the end of this solicitation package
City of Mesa
Attn Purchasing
PC Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211-1466

City of Mesa
Attn Purchasing
20 E Mam St, Suite 400
Mesa, AZ 85201

Proposals will be received publicly at this address Proposers may mail or hand-deliver proposals
E-mail or fax submissions will not be accepted Due to US Postal Service regulations, mail
addressed to the street address will be returned to the sender by the USPS
No responsibility will attach to the City of Mesa, its employees or agents for premature opening of
a proposal that is not properly addressed and identified
i8 LATE PROPOSALS. The proposer assumes responsibility for having the proposal delivered on
time at the place specified All proposals received after the date and time specified shall not be
considered and will be returned unopened to the proposer The proposer assumes the risk of any
delay in the mail or in handling of the mail by employees of the City of Mesa, or any private
courier, regardless whether sent by mail or by means of personal delivery You must allow
adequate time to accommodate all registration and security screenings at the delivery site A valid
photo I D may be required It shall not be sufficient to show that you mailed or commenced
delivery before the due date and time All times are Mesa, Arizona local times The proposer
agrees to accept the time stamp in the City Purchasing Office as the official time
i9 LOBBYING PROHIBITION. Any communication regarding this solicitation for the purpose of
influencing the process or the award, between any person or affiliates seeking an award from this
solicitation and the City, including but not limited to the City Council, employees, and consultants
hired to assist in the solicitation, is prohibited
This prohibition is imposed from the time of the first public notice of the solicitation until the City
cancels the solicitation, rejects all responses, awards a contract or otherwise takes action which
ends the solicitation process This section shall not prohibit public comment at any City Council
meeting, study session or Council committee meeting
This prohibition shall not apply to vendor-initiated communication with the contact(s) identified in
the solicitation or City-initiated communications for the purposes of conducting the procurement
including but not limited to pre-bid conferences, clarification of responses, presentations if
provided in the solicitation, requests for Best and Final Proposals, contract negotiations,
protest/appeal resolution, or surveying non-responsive vendors

7/18/2012 3 RFP #2012194


Violations of this provision shall be reported to the Purchasing Administrator Persons violating
this prohibition may be subject to a warning letter or rejection of their proposal depending on the
nature of the violation
i 10 LAWFUL PRESENCE IN THE UNITED STATES. Arizona Revised Statutes 1-502 requires that
all Persons who will be awarded a contract (a Public Benefit as defined in 8 USC Section 1621)
must demonstrate they are lawfully present in the United States Person is defined as a Natural
person and therefore excludes Limited Liability Companies, Corporations or Partnerships as
indicated on your W-9 form
Individuals or Sole Proprietorships must complete the affidavit in the "Vendor Information" section
of this solicitation Offers that fail to provide a completed affidavit and any required attachments
may be deemed non-responsive
111 COMMENCEMENT OF WORK. If proposer begins any billable work prior to the City's final
approval and execution of the contract, proposer does so at its own risk
i 12 RESPONSIBILITY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND. Failure to read, examine and understand
the solicitation will not excuse any failure to comply with the requirements of the solicitation or any
resulting contract, nor shall such failure be a basis for claiming additional compensation If a
vendor suspects an error, omission or discrepancy in this solicitation, the vendor must
immediately and in any case not later than seven (7) business days in advance of the due date
notify the contact on page 1 The City is not responsible for and will not pay any costs associated
with the preparation and submission of the proposal Proposers are cautioned to verify their
proposals before submission, as amendments to or withdrawal of proposals submitted after time
specified for opening of proposals may not be considered The City will not be responsible for
any proposer errors or omissions
113 FORM AND CONTENT OF PROPOSALS. Unless otherwise instructed or allowed, proposals
shall be submitted on the forms provided An original and the designated number of copies of
each proposal are required Proposals, including modifications, must be submitted in ink, typed,
or printed form and signed by an authorized representative Please line through and initial rather
than erase changes If the proposal is not properly signed or if any changes are not initialed, it
may be considered non-responsive In the event of a disparity between the unit price and the
extended price, the unit price shall prevail unless obviously in error, as determined by the City
The City may require that proposals be submitted on disk, CD or DVD The proposal must
provide all information requested and must address all points The City does not encourage
exceptions The City is not required to grant exceptions and depending on the exception, the City
may reject the proposal
114 SPECIFICATIONS. Technical specifications define the minimum acceptable standard When the
specification calls for "Brand Name or Equal," the brand name product is acceptable Other
products will be considered upon showing the other product meets stated specifications and is
equivalent to the brand product in terms of quality, performance and desired characteristics
Minor differences that do not affect the suitability of the supply or service for the City's needs may
be accepted Burden of proof that the product meets the minimum standards or is equal to the
brand name product, is on the proposer The City reserves the right to reject proposals that the
City deems unacceptable
115 MODIFICATION / WITHDRAWAL OF PROPOSAL. Written requests to modify or withdraw the
proposal received by the City prior to the scheduled opening time will be accepted and will be
corrected after opening No oral requests will be allowed Requests must be addressed and
labeled in the same manner as the proposal and marked as a MODIFICATION or WITHDRAWAL
of the proposal Requests for withdrawal after the bid opening will only be granted upon proof of
undue hardship and may result in the forfeiture of any proposal security Any withdrawal after the
bid opening shall be allowed solely at the City's discretion
116 DEBARMENT DISCLOSURE. If the vendor submitting this proposal has been debarred,
suspended, or otherwise lawfully precluded from participating in any public procurement activity,

7/18/2012 4 RFP #2012194


including being disapproved as a subcontractor with any federal, state, or local government, or if
any such preclusion from participation from any public procurement activity is currently pending,
the proposer shall include a letter with its proposal identifying the name and address of the
governmental unit, the effective date of this suspension or debarment, the duration of the
suspension or debarment, and the relevant circumstances relating to the suspension or
debarment If suspension or debarment is currently pending, a detailed description of all relevant
circumstances including the details enumerated above must be provided A proposal from a
proposer who is currently debarred, suspended or otherwise lawfully prohibited from any public
procurement activity may be rejected
117 RESERVATIONS. The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or any part thereof, to
rebid the solicitation, to reject non-responsive or non-responsible proposals, to reject unbalanced
proposals, to reject proposals where the terms, prices, and/or awards are conditioned upon
another event, to reject individual proposals for failure to meet any requirement, to award by item,
part or portion of an item, group of items, or total, to make multiple awards, to waive minor
irregularities, defects, omissions, technicalities or form errors in any proposal The City may seek
clarification of the proposal from proposer at any time, and failure to respond is cause for
rejection Submission of a proposal confers on proposer no right to an award or to a subsequent
contract The City is charged by its Charter to make an award that is in the best interest of the
City All decisions on compliance, evaluation, terms and conditions shall be made solely at the
City's discretion and made to favor the City No binding contract will exist between the proposer
and the City until the City executes a written contract or purchase order
118 OFFICIAL SOLICITATION DOCUMENT. Changes to the solicitation document made by a
proposer may not be acknowledged or accepted by the City Award or execution of a contract
does not constitute acceptance of a changed term, condition or specification unless specifically
acknowledged and agreed to by the City The copy maintained and published by the City shall be
the official solicitation document
119 COPYING OF PROPOSALS. Proposer hereby grants the City permission to copy all parts of its
proposal, including without limitation any documents and/or materials copyrighted by the
proposer The City's right to copy shall be for internal use in evaluating the proposal
i 20 CONTRACTOR ETHICS. It is the policy of the City to promote courtesy, fairness, impartiality,
integrity, service, professionalism, economy, and government by law in the Procurement process
The responsibility for implementing this policy rests with each individual who participates in the
Procurement process, including Respondents and Contractors
To achieve the purpose of this Article, it is essential that Respondents and Contractors doing
business with the City also observe the ethical standards prescribed herein It shall be a breach
of ethical standards to
a Exert any effort to influence any City employee or agent to breach the standards of ethical
b Intentionally invoice any amount greater than provided in Contract or to invoice for Materials
or Services not provided
c Intentionally offer or provide sub-standard Materials or Services or to intentionally not comply
with any term, condition, specification or other requirement of a City Contract
i 21 GIFTS. The City will accept no gifts, gratuities or advertising products from proposers or
prospective proposers and affiliates The City may request product samples from vendors for
product evaluation
i 22 PROTESTS AND APPEALS. If a proposer objects to any provision of the solicitation, and/or
believes the City improperly rejected its proposal, or believes the selected proposal is not in the
City's best interests, the proposer may submit a written protest
Protests must be received within seven (7) calendar days after the proposer knows or should
have known of the facts giving rise to the protest

7/18/2012 5 RFP #2012194


Proposer must submit the protest to the Protest Officer Only written protests submitted properly
and within the time allowed and that are based on legal and/or factual grounds will be considered
The Protest Officer will issue a written decision
If the proposer believes the Protest Officer's decision is arbitrary or capricious and/or is not based
on legal or factual grounds, an appeal may be made to the City Manager Appeals must be
submitted within seven (7) calendar days of the Protest Officer's decision The appeal must be
based on factual or legal errors in the Protest Officer's decision and not simply a disagreement
with that decision
The City Manager or designee will review the record and all documents submitted to the Protest
Officer to determine whether the decision should be sustained The City Manager, at his/her sole
discretion, has the option of referring the appeal to a hearing officer or the City Council for review
The City Manager or designee will issue a written response to the appeal and this determination
is final
Protest and appeal responses will be made by the City in as timely a manner as possible The
Protest Officer will have the sole discretion to stay the contract process until a protest or appeal is
resolved Concerns raised seven (7) calendar days or more after execution are not subject to this
protest/appeal process Protests and appeals that do not follow the processes contained in this
section will be rejected
Address Protests and Appeals to
Alyce Benge Edward Quedens
Purchasing Administrator Business Services Department Director
20 East Mam Street, Suite 400 20 East Mam Street, Suite 450
PO Box 1466 PO Box 1466
Mesa, Arizona 85211-1466 Mesa, Arizona 85211-1466
Fax (480)644-2655 Fax (480)644-2687

i 23 EVALUATION PROCESS. Proposals will be reviewed by a screening committee comprised of

City employees and/or authorized agents The City staff may or may not initiate discussions with
proposers for clarification purposes Clarification is not an opportunity to change the proposal
Proposers shall not initiate discussions with any City employee or official
i 24 CRITERIA FOR EVALUATION AND AWARD. The City evaluates four categories of information
responsiveness, responsibility, the technical proposal and price All proposals must meet the
following responsiveness and responsibility criteria
a) Responsiveness The City will determine whether the proposal complies with the
instructions for submitting proposals including completeness of proposal which
encompasses the inclusion of all required attachments and submissions The City must
reject any proposals that are submitted late or contain an excessive number or especially
onerous exceptions or deviations from this RFP Failure to meet other requirements may
result in rejection Only responsive submissions will be shared with East Valley cities
b) Responsibility The City will determine whether the proposer is one with whom it can or
should do business Factors that the City may evaluate to determine "responsibility" include,
but are not limited to excessively high or low priced proposals, past performance,
references (including those found outside the proposal), compliance with applicable laws-
mcludmg tax laws, proposer's record of performance and integrity- e g has the proposer
been delinquent or unfaithful to any contract with the City, whether the proposer is qualified
legally to contract with the City, financial stability and the perceived ability to perform
completely as specified A proposer must at all times have financial resources sufficient, in
the opinion of the City, to ensure performance of the contract and must provide proof upon
request City staff may also use Dun & Bradstreet and/or any generally available industry
information The City reserves the right to inspect and review proposer's facilities,

7/18/2012 6 RFP #2012194


equipment and personnel and those of any identified subcontractors The City will determine
whether any failure to supply information, or the quality of the information, will result in
c) Technical Proposal The City will determine how well proposals meet its requirements in
terms of the response to the specifications and how well the offer addresses the needs of
the project The City will rank offers using a point ranking system (unless otherwise
specified) as an aid in conducting the evaluation
d) Price. The City will then evaluate the proposals that have met the requirements above
e) If less than (3) responsive proposals are received, at the City's sole discretion, the proposals
may be evaluated using simple comparative analysis instead of any announced method of
evaluation, subject to meeting administrative and responsibility requirements
The elements that will be evaluated and their relative weights are

Element Points
Qualifications, Experience and References, Reputation of the Organization
and its Principles, Operational Experience, Management Ability
Program Description, Operational Plan and Method of Approach 250
Financial Condition and Stability of Respondent 200
Conformance to RFP Terms and Specifications, Format and Organization
(thoroughness, clarity, organization & presentation)
Pricing 125
Detailed Account of Billing for Jail Services 50

i 25 SHORT-LISTING. The City at its sole discretion may create a short-list of the highest scored
proposals based on a preliminary evaluation against the evaluation criteria Only those short
listed proposers would be invited to give presentations and/or interviews Upon conclusion of any
presentations/interviews, the City will finalize the scoring against the evaluation criteria
i 26 PRESENTATIONS/INTERVIEWS. The proposer must provide a formal presentation/interview
on-site at a City location upon request
i 27 BEST & FINAL OFFERS. The City may request best & final offers if deemed necessary, and will
determine the scope and subject of any best & final request However, the proposer should not
expect that the City will ask for best & finals Therefore, proposer must submit their best offer
based on the terms and conditions set forth in this solicitation
i 28 COST JUSTIFICATION. In the event only one response is received, the City may require that
the proposer submit a cost proposal in sufficient detail for the City to perform a cost/price analysis
to determine if the proposal price is fair and reasonable
i 29 CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS AND ACCEPTANCE. Proposer must be prepared for the City to
accept the proposal as submitted If proposer fails to sign all documents necessary to
successfully execute the final contract within a reasonable time as specified, or negotiations do
not result in an acceptable agreement, the City may reject proposal or revoke the award, and may
begin negotiations with another proposer The City of Mesa will not be responsible for
compensating proposers for any time or effort expended in failed negotiations Final contract
terms must be approved or signed by the appropriately authorized City official(s) No binding
contract will exist between the proposer and the City until the City executes a written contract or
purchase order
i 30 NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD. Notices of the City's intent to award a Contract are posted to
the Purchasing Division's website before 6 00 PM local time on Mondays If Monday is a holiday
observed by the City, Notice will be posted on Tuesday

7/18/2012 7 RFP #2012194


It is the proposer's responsibility to check the City of Mesa's Purchasing website at

www.mesaaz.qov/purchasinq to view Purchasing's Intent to Award notices. This is the only
notification you will receive regarding the City's intent to award a contract related to this

7/18/2012 8 RFP #2012194



S1 INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. It is expressly understood that the relationship of Contractor to

the City shall be that of an independent contractor
S2 SUBCONTRACTING. Contractor shall not subcontract work without the express written
permission of the City If Contractor has received authorization to subcontract work, all
subcontractors performing work under the Agreement shall comply with its provisions Further, all
agreements between Contractor and its subcontractors shall incorporate the terms and conditions
of this Agreement
S3 ASSIGNMENT. Contractor shall not assign this Agreement either in whole or in part without first
receiving the City's written consent Any assignment, either in whole or in part, without such
consent will be null and void and grounds for the City to terminate the Agreement The granting
of consent by the City to any assignment of this Agreement will not relieve Contractor from any of
its obligations and liabilities under the Agreement
S4 SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, BINDING EFFECT. This Agreement is binding upon and inures
to the benefit of the parties and their respective permitted successors and assigns
S5 NO THIRD PARTY BENEFICIARIES. This Agreement is intended for the exclusive benefit of the
City and Contractor Nothing set forth in this Agreement is intended to create, or creates, any
benefits, rights, or responsibilities in any third parties
S6 NON- EXCLUSIVITY. The City, in its sole discretion, may request the Materials or Services set
forth herein from other sources when deemed necessary and appropriate This Agreement
contains no exclusive rights
S7 AMENDMENTS. Any amendments to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both the
City and Contractor No charge for extra work or material will be allowed unless approved in
writing, in advance, by the City and Contractor
S8 TIME OF THE ESSENCE. Time is of the essence to the performance of the parties' obligations
under this Agreement
a General. Contractor shall procure all permits and licenses, and pay all charges and fees
necessary and incidental to the lawful conduct of business Contractor must stay fully
informed of existing and future federal, state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations that
affect the fulfillment of this Agreement Contractor shall comply with all laws, ordinances and
regulations at its own expense Contractor bears full responsibility for training, safety, and
providing necessary equipment for all Contractor Personnel to achieve compliance with this
paragraph prior to the Effective Date Upon request, Contractor shall demonstrate to the
City's satisfaction any programs, procedures, and other activities used to ensure compliance
b Drug-Free Workplace. Contractor acknowledges that the City has adopted an alcohol and
drug-free workplace policy for its employees and those doing business with the City to ensure
the safety and health of all persons working on City contracts and projects Contractor shall
require a drug-free workplace for all Contractor Personnel working under this Agreement
Specifically, Contractor shall notify all Contractor Personnel in writing who are working under
this Agreement that they are prohibited from the manufacture, distribution, dispensation,
possession, or unlawful use of a controlled substance in the workplace Contractor shall
prohibit the use of intoxicating substances by all Contractor Personnel and shall ensure that
Contractor Personnel do not use or possess illegal drugs while in the course of performing
their duties under this Agreement
c Federal and State Immigration Laws. Contractor shall comply with the Immigration Reform
and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) and to permit the City or its agents to inspect applicable
personnel records to verify such compliance Contractor shall ensure and keep appropriate
records to demonstrate that all Contractor Personnel have a legal right to live and work in the
United States

7/18/2012 9 RFP #2012194


(i) Under the provisions of A R S 41-4401, Contractor warrants to the City that Contractor
and each of its subcontractors are in compliance with all federal immigration laws and
regulations that relate to their employees and A R S 23-214(A) (hereinafter "Contractor
Immigration Warranty")
(n) A breach of the Contractor Immigration Warranty constitutes a material breach of this
Agreement and will subject Contractor to penalties up to and including termination of this
(m) The City may inspect the papers of all Contractor Personnel who provides Services under
this Agreement to ensure that Contractor or its subcontractors are complying with the
Contractor Immigration Warranty Contractor shall assist the City with these inspections
(iv) The City may conduct random verification of the employment records of Contractor and
any subcontractor to ensure compliance with the Contractor Immigration Warranty
Contractor shall assist the City with any random verification performed
(v) Neither Contractor nor any subcontractor has materially breached the Contractor
Immigration Warranty if Contractor or subcontractor establishes that it has complied with
the employment verification provisions prescribed by sections 274A and 274B of the
Federal Immigration and Nationality Act and the E-Venfy requirements prescribed by
A R S 23-214 (A)
d Nondiscrimination. Contractor represents that it does not discriminate against any
employee or applicant for employment or person to whom it provides services because of
race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or disability, and represents that it complies with all
applicable federal, state and local laws and executive orders regarding employment
Contractor and Contractor Personnel shall comply with applicable provisions of Title VII of the
U S Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act, the
Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U S C 12101 et seq) and applicable rules in
performance under this Agreement
e State Sponsors of Terrorism Prohibition. In accordance with A R S 35-392, the
Contractor shall not be in violation of section 6(j) of the Federal Export Administration Act and
shall not be subsequently prohibited by the State of Arizona from selling goods of services to
the State or any political subdivision of this State
f No Scrutinized Business Operations in Sudan or Iran. Contractor shall be in compliance
with A R S 35-391 06 and 35-393 06 which prohibit Contractor from having scrutinized
business operations in Sudan or Iran
a Contractor shall pay all taxes including federal, state, and local taxes, and business license
fees related to or arising out of Contractor's Services under this Agreement
b The City represents that it is exempt from paying certain federal excise taxes and will furnish
an exemption certificate upon request The City is not exempt from state and local sales/use
taxes '
S 11 AMOUNTS DUE THE CITY. Contractor must be current and remain current in all obligations due
to the City during the performance of Services under the Agreement Payments to Contractor
may be offset by any delinquent amounts, fees and/or charges owed to the City
S 12 PUBLIC RECORDS. Contractor acknowledges that the City is a public entity, subject to
Arizona's public records laws (A R S 39-121 et seq ) and that any documents related to this
Agreement, other than those protected by another state or federal law, may be subject to
disclosure pursuant to Arizona law in response to a public records request or to a subpoena or
other judicial process
S 13 AUDITS AND RECORDS. Contractor shall preserve all records related to this Agreement for five
(5) years after completion of the Agreement The City or its authorized agent may inspect any

7/18/2012 10 RFP #2012194


records related to the performance of work specified in this Agreement In addition, the City may
inspect any and all payroll, billing or other relevant records kept by Contractor in relation to the
Agreement Contractor shall permit such inspections and audits during normal business hours
and upon reasonable notice by the City The audit of records may occur at Contractor's place of
business or at City offices, as determined by the City
S 14 BACKGROUND CHECK. The City may conduct criminal, driver history, and any other
background checks of Contractor Personnel who will perform Services under the Agreement or
who will have access to the City's information, data, or facilities in accordance with the City's
current background check policies Any officer, employee, or agent who fails a background check
must be replaced immediately
final authority, based on security reasons (i) to determine when security clearance of Contractor
Personnel is required, (n) to determine the nature of the security clearance, up to and including
fingerprinting Contractor Personnel, and (in) to determine whether or not any-individual or entity
may provide Services under this Agreement If the City objects to any Contractor Personnel for
any reasonable cause, then Contractor shall, upon notice from the City, remove the individual
from performing any Services under this Agreement
a Contractor shall be in default if Contractor
(i) Is or becomes insolvent or is a party to any voluntary bankruptcy or receivership
proceeding, makes an assignment for a creditor, or there is any similar action that affects
Contractor's capability to perform under the Agreement,
(n) Is the subject of a petition for involuntary bankruptcy not removed within 60 Days,
(m) Conducts business in an unethical or illegal manner, or
(iv) Fails to carry out any term, promise, or condition of the Agreement
b Whenever the City has reason to question Contractor's intent to perform, the City may
demand that Contractor give written assurance of its intent to perform If Contractor does not
give written assurance within 5 days, the City may treat this failure as an anticipatory
repudiation of the Agreement
S 17 REMEDIES. The remedies set forth in this Agreement are not exclusive Election of one remedy
will not preclude the use of other remedies In the event of default
a The non-defaulting party may terminate the Agreement effective immediately or at any other
date specified by the terminating party
b The City may purchase the services required under the Agreement from the open market,
perform the required work itself, or have the services completed at the expense of Contractor
If the cost of obtaining substitute services exceeds the contract price, the City may recover
the excess cost by (i) requiring immediate reimbursement to the City (n) deduction from an
unpaid balance due to Contractor, (in) collection against the proposal and/or performance
security, if any, (iv) collection against liquidated damages (if applicable), or (v) a combination
of the aforementioned remedies or other remedies as provided by law Costs includes any
and all fees and expenses incurred in obtaining substitute services and expended in
obtaining reimbursement, including but not limited to administrative expenses, attorneys'
fees, and costs
c The non-defaulting party shall have all other rights granted under this Agreement and all
rights at law or in equity that may be available to it
S 18 CONTINUATION DURING DISPUTES. Contractor shall continue to perform its obligations under
this Agreement during any dispute between the parties until the dispute is settled or until
instructed by the City to cease performance, enjoined or prohibited from performing by judicial
action, or otherwise required to cease performance by other provisions in this Agreement

7/18/2012 11 RFP #2012194


S 19 TERMINATION FOR CONVENIENCE. The City may terminate this Agreement in part or in
whole upon ninety (90) days written notice
S 20 TERMINATION FOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST (A.R.S. 38-511). Pursuant to A R S 38-
511, the City may cancel this Agreement within three (3) years after its execution, without penalty
or further obligation, if any person significantly involved in initiating, securing, drafting, or creating
the Agreement for the City becomes an employee or agent of Contractor
CONSTRAINT. Contractor acknowledges that the City is a governmental agency which relies
upon the appropriation of funds by its governing body to satisfy its obligations If the City
reasonably determines that it does not have funds to meet its obligations under this Agreement,
the City may terminate the Agreement without penalty on the last day of the fiscal period for
which funds were legally available In the event of such termination, the City shall provide written
notice of its intent to terminate as far in advance as feasible of the stated termination date
S 22 PAYMENT TO CONTRACTOR UPON TERMINATION. Upon termination of this Agreement,
Contractor will be entitled only to payment for those Services performed up to the date of
termination, and any authorized expenses already incurred up to such date of termination The
City shall make final payment within thirty (30) days after the City has both completed its
appraisal of the Materials and Services provided and received Contractor's properly prepared
S 23 TERMINATION. If the City, as the sponsoring agency of this solicitation and any subsequent
contract, terminates the contract, then Contractor shall have no further right or ability to provide
services with any other East Valley Cities through the terminated contract If the City terminates
the contract, the Contractor will be provided with a written notice that specifies the effective date
of termination If any other East Valley City becomes a user of Contractor's services through
participation in the contract solicited by City, but, upon written notice to Contractor, subsequently
terminates its participation in the contract, Contractor's duties to continue to supply requested
services to the remaining East Valley Cities are not impaired
S 24 NON-WAIVER OF RIGHTS. No provisions of this Agreement may be waived unless such waiver
is agreed to and signed by the waiving party The failure or delay by any party to exercise any
rights or remedies provided under this agreement or by law or in equity, will not constitute a
waiver of any rights or remedies under this agreement and will not release the other party from
any part of this agreement Acceptance of or payment for any services under this agreement will
not constitute a waiver of any part of this agreement and will not release the other party from any
part of this Agreement
a Indemnification, General To the fullest extent permitted by law, Contractor agrees to defend,
indemnify, and hold the City, its officers, agents, and employees, harmless from and against
any and all liabilities, demands, claims, suits, losses, damages, causes of action, fines or
judgments, including costs, attorneys', witnesses', and expert witnesses' fees, and expenses
incident thereto, relating to, arising out of, or resulting from (i) the Services provided by
Contractor Personnel under this Agreement, (n) any negligent or intentional acts, errors,
mistakes or omissions by Contractor or Contractor Personnel, and (in) Contractor or
Contractor Personnel's failure to comply with or fulfill the obligations established by this
b Contractor shall update the City during the course of the litigation to timely notify the City of
any issues that may involve the independent negligence of the City that Contractor believes
is not covered by this indemnification
c The City assumes no liability for actions of Contractor and shall not indemnify or hold
Contractor or any third-party harmless for claims based on this Agreement or use of
Contractor-provided supplies or services

7/18/2012 12 RFP #2012194


S 26 WARRANTY. Contractor warrants that all Services will be performed in a good, workman-like
and professional manner in accordance with applicable commercial standards and the best
practices generally observed in the industry for similar services If any Materials or Services are
of a substandard or unsatisfactory manner as determined by the City, Contractor, at no additional
charge to the City, will provide Materials or redo such Services until in accordance with this
Agreement and to the City's reasonable satisfaction
Unless otherwise agreed, the Contractor warrants that Materials shall be new, unused, of most
current manufacture and not discontinued, shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship,
shall be provided in accordance with manufacturer's standard warranty for at least one (1) year
unless otherwise specified, and shall perform in accordance with manufacturer's published
S 27 THE CITY'S RIGHT TO RECOVER AGAINST THIRD PARTIES. Contractor shall do nothing to
prejudice the City's right to recover against third parties for any loss, destruction, or damage to
City property, and shall at the City's request and expense, furnish to the City reasonable
assistance and cooperation, including assistance in the prosecution or defense of any suit and
the execution of instruments of assignment in favor of the City in obtaining recovery
S 28 NO GUARANTEE OF WORK. Contractor acknowledges that it is not entitled to deliver any
specific amount of Materials or Services or any Materials or Services at all under this Agreement
and acknowledges and agrees that the Materials or Services will be requested by the City on an
as needed basis Any document referencing quantities or performance frequencies represents
the City's best estimate of current requirements, but shall not bind it to purchase, accept, or pay
for Materials or Services which exceed its actual needs
S 29 OWNERSHIP. All deliverables, Services, and information provided by Contractor or the City
pursuant to this Agreement (whether electronically or manually generated) including without
limitation, reports, test plans, and survey results, graphics, and technical tables, originally
prepared in the performance of this Agreement, are the property of the City and shall not be used
or released by Contractor or any other person except with prior written permission by the City
S 30 USE OF NAME. Contractor shall not use the name of the City of Mesa in any advertising or
publicity without obtaining the prior written consent of the City
S 31 CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Pursuant to A R S 38-504, a current or former public officer or
employee within the last twelve (12) months shall not represent another organization before the
City on any matter for which the officer or employee was directly concerned and personally
participated in during their service or employment or over which they had a substantial or material
administrative discretion Further, while employed by the City and for two (2) years thereafter,
public officers or employees are prohibited from disclosing or using, without appropriate
authorization, any confidential information acquired by such personnel in the course of his or her
official duties at the City
S 32 FOB POINT & RISK OF LOSS. All deliveries shall be FOB destination unless otherwise agreed
Freight charged/terms shall be as agreed
S 33 RISK OF LOSS Contractor shall bear all risks of loss, injury, or destruction of goods or
equipment incidental to providing these Services and such loss, injury, or destruction will not
release Contractor from any obligation hereunder
S 34 SAFEGUARDING CITY PROPERTY. The Contractor is responsible for any damage to City real
property or damage or loss of City personal property when such property is the responsibility of or
in the custody of the Contractor or its employees
S 35 WARRANTY OF RIGHTS. The Contractor warrants it has title to, or the right to allow the City to
use, the Materials and Services being provided and that the City may use same without suit,
trouble or hindrance from the Contractor or third parties
S 36 PROPRIETARY RIGHTS INDEMNIFICATION. Without limiting the foregoing, Contractor shall,
without limitation, at its expense defend the City against all claims asserted by any person that

7/18/2012 13 RFP #2012194


anything provided by Contractor infringes a patent, copyright, trade secret or other intellectual
property right and shall, without limitation, pay the costs, damages and attorneys' fees awarded
against the City in any such action, or pay any settlement of such action or claim Each party shall
notify the other promptly of any matters to which this provision may apply and to cooperate with
each other in connection with such defense or settlement If a preliminary or final judgment shall
be obtained against the City's use or operation of the items provided by Contractor hereunder or
any part thereof by reason of any alleged infringement, Contractor shall, at its expense and
without limitation, either (a) modify the item so that it becomes non-infringing, or (b) procure for
the City the right to continue to use the item, or (c) substitute for the infringing item other item(s)
having at least equivalent capability, or (d) refund to the City an amount equal to the price paid,
less reasonable usage, from the time of installation acceptance through cessation of use, which
amount shall be calculated on a useful life not less than 5 years, and plus any additional costs the
City may incur to acquire substitute supplies or services
S 37 CONTRACT MONITOR. The contract will be administered by one or more authorized
representative(s) of the participating agencies All questions regarding the contract shall be
referred to a Contract Monitor for resolution Supplements may be written to the contract for the
addition or deletion of services Payment will be negotiated and determined by the Contract
S 38 FORCE MAJEURE. Failure by either party to perform its duties and obligations will be excused
by unforeseeable circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including acts of nature, acts of
the public enemy, riots, fire, explosion, legislation, and governmental regulation The party whose
performance is so affected shall within five (5) days notify the other party of all pertinent facts and
identify the force majeure event The party whose performance is so affected shall also take all
reasonable and timely steps, promptly and diligently, to prevent such causes if it is feasible to do
so, or to minimize or eliminate the effect thereof The delivery or performance date shall be
extended for a period equal to the time lost by reason of delay, plus such additional time as may
be reasonably necessary to overcome the effect of the delay, but under no circumstances shall
delays caused by a force majeure extend beyond one hundred-twenty (120) days from the
scheduled delivery or completion date of a task
S 39 COOPERATIVE USE OF CONTRACT. Only upon mutual agreement between the City and the
Contractor can any non-participating agency join into this contract The phrase "non-
participatmg" means such agency is not identified as a participant at the time the Agreement is
executed by the Contractor
Payment will be the sole responsibility of each participating agency Mesa is not responsible for
any disputes arising out of transactions for other agencies
S 40 FUEL CHARGES AND PRICE INCREASES. The City will not pay or reimburse Contractor or
Contractor personnel for fuel prices No price increases will be accepted without proper request
by Contractor and response by the City's Purchasing Division
S 41 NOTICES. All notices to be given under this Agreement must be delivered to the parties at their
respective addresses Notices may be (i) personally delivered, (n) sent via certified or registered
mail, postage prepaid, (in) sent via overnight courier, or sent via facsimile If sent by personal
delivery, receipt is effective upon delivery If sent via certified or registered mail, receipt is
effective three (3) days after being deposited in the United States mail If sent via overnight
courier, receipt is effective two (2) days after delivery to the courier If sent by facsimile, receipt is
effective upon receipt
S 42 GOVERNING LAW, FORUM. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Arizona
The exclusive forum selected for any state court proceeding or suit in law or equity arising from or
incident to this Agreement is Maricopa County, Arizona The exclusive forum for any federal
court proceeding in law or in equity arising out of this Agreement is the United States District
Court, District of Arizona, Phoenix Division

7/18/2012 14 RFP #2012194


S 43 INTEGRATION CLAUSE. This Agreement, including all attachments and exhibits hereto, shall
supersede all prior oral or written agreements, if any, between the parties, and shall constitute the
entire agreement between the parties with respect to the work to be performed
S 44 PROVISIONS REQUIRED BY LAW. Any provision required by law to be in this Agreement is a
part of this Agreement as if fully stated in it
S 45 SEVERABILITY. If any provision of this Agreement is declared void or unenforceable, such
provision shall be severed from this Agreement, which shall otherwise remain in full force and
effect The parties will negotiate diligently in good faith for such amendment(s) of this Agreement
as may be necessary to achieve the original intent of this Agreement, notwithstanding such
invalidity or unenforceability
S 46 SURVIVING PROVISIONS. Notwithstanding any completion, termination, or other expiration of
this Agreement, all provisions which, by the terms of reasonable interpretation thereof, set forth
rights and obligations that extend beyond completion, termination, or other expiration of this
Agreement, shall survive and remain in full force and effect Except as specifically provided in
this Agreement, completion, termination, or other expiration of this Agreement shall not release
any party from any liability or obligation arising prior to the date of termination

7/18/2012 15 RFP #2012194


1 PROJECT MISSION. The mission of this project is to identify a vendor who will operate a private
jail facility to house pre- and post-sentenced misdemeanor offenders in compliance with all
federal state and local laws and regulation and all applicable ACA and NCCHC standards for
adult local detention facilities on behalf of the City of Mesa and other identified East Valley
municipalities, hereinafter "Cities"
2 PROJECT GOAL. The goal of this project is to reduce costs and improve services associated
with the housing and transportation of pre and post sentenced misdemeanor offenders
3 BACKGROUND. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) is the only available option for
housing cities' pre- and post-sentenced misdemeanor prisoners The City of Mesa transports
misdemeanants, held on bond, to MCSO pending further court hearings Misdemeanants
sentenced by the Mesa Municipal Court report to MCSO facilities to serve sentences MCSO
does not offer an east valley holding facility, consequently, misdemeanants must be driven a
significant distance to MCSO facilities Prisoner booking and housing fees charged by MCSO
increase annually The City of Mesa, and other East Valley municipalities, are seeking
alternatives to MCSO that will reduce costs associated with current practices
4 SCOPE OF WORK. The facility must be able to house up to 500 prisoners a day and have the
ability to expand to meet growing needs of the area The facility must be able to house prisoners
from the cities of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and Scottsdale Agency jail billings for the
2008, 2009, and 2010 calendar year are attached in Appendix "A" Medical care must be included
in the billing structure as well as compliance with all federal state and local laws and regulations
and all applicable ACA and NCCHC standards for adult local detention facilities
See the Technical Specifications addressing jail operations and related services for specific
facility requirements The City and the awarded vendor shall negotiate and agree upon necessary
project milestones prior to the start of the contract The City reserves the right to require changes
to plans and/or policies submitted in response to the proposal during negotiations and/or prior to
service commencement date
5 MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS. The vendor must have previous experience with successful jail
operations of a similar or larger scope
Contractor shall at all times maintain the following coverage, to the extent available, in connection
with performance of the Contract
a Commercial General Liability must be maintained in the minimum amount of $3 million per
occurrence and $5 million aggregate Such coverage shall explicitly include
products/completed operations and wrongful act coverage Additionally, to the extent
available, Contractor shall maintain law enforcement liability and incidental medical
malpractice coverage
b Excess/Umbrella Liability must be maintained in the minimum amount of $10 million per year
c Vehicle/Automotive coverage must be maintained in the minimum amount of $3 million per
occurrence and $5 million in the aggregate Such policy shall include bodily injury, property
damage, and comprehensive and collision on owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles Any
vehicle used by the Contractor for prisoner transport shall be properly insured for
comprehensive, collision, property, medical, personal injury, theft, and replacement damages
d Workers Compensation insurance must be maintained at statutory limit Contractor shall
carry disease coverage on each employee in the amount of $100,000 00 per employee per
Contractor may obtain the respective coverage required in a, b, c, and d through one policy or
multiple policies Contractor shall name the respective East Valley Cities, their mayors and
councils, boards and commissions, and employees, past and present, as additional insured's
Coverage must remain in effect at all times
Prior to the execution of the Contract, the Contractor shall provide the City with a Certificate of
Insurance (using appropriate ACORD certificate) SIGNED by the Issuer, containing applicable

7/18/2012 16 RFP #2012194


endorsements, and the City reserves the right to request additional copies of any or all of the
above policies, endorsements, or notices relating thereto
When the City requires a Certificate of Insurance to be furnished, the Contractor's insurance shall
be primary of all other sources available When the City is a certificate holder, the Contractor
agrees that no policy shall expire, be canceled or materially changed to affect the coverage
available without advance written notice to the City
All insurance certificates and applicable endorsements are subject to review and approval by the
City's Risk Manager

7/18/2012 17 RFP #2012194


ACA: American Correctional Association
ARS: Arizona Revised Statutes
NCCHC: National Commission on Correctional Health Care
Respondent: Company responding to this RFP
Contractor: Respondent who is awarded a contract from this RFP
Contract Monitor: Shall be identified prior to start of Contract That person or chair of designated
oversight board that is responsible for ensuring the Contractor is compliant with terms of the agreed upon
contract for operating the private jail facility


A. Operational Plan Requirements:
1 As part of its RFP response, Respondent shall provide an Operational Plan that covers the full
range of facility operations including, but not limited to, the following
a) All aspects of facility operations that affect the quality of life of the inmates, employees, and
visitors The following items should be considered when evaluating quality of life within the
(1) inmate recreation facilities,
(2) food quality,
(3) mental health and medical care,
(4) sanitation and hygiene practices,
(5) inmate exercise,
(6) access to mail,
(7) telephone and visitation,
(8) and staff working conditions
b) Continuous self-momtormg by facility staff (Contract Monitor will be given written copies of
self-momtormg reports monthly) It is the Contractor's responsibility to develop the
corresponding procedures and forms, and document self-monitoring activities under the
contract In addition, the City reserves the right to add any reports to be submitted by the
selected contractor during contract negotiation or at any time during the term of any
resulting contract
c) An emergency procedures/security manual
d) Post orders for all facility detention officer positions All post orders must be submitted and
approved by the Contract Monitor Post orders will be reviewed yearly by the Contractor
Documentation of this review and any prospective changes to the post orders will be
submitted to the Contract Monitor
e) Job descriptions for each position, including salary range, education and experience
requirements, certification/licensure requirements, descriptions of job duties, and full-time
or part-time designation All job descriptions will be reviewed yearly by the Contractor
Documentation of this review and any prospective changes to the job description will be
submitted to the Contract Monitor for review and approval Revisions must be approved
prior to implementation
f) Site location and building modifications must be submitted with the proposal Note, the
Contractor may submit additional modifications to the Contract Monitor for approval
g) Any other requested information as stated in the detailed or technical specifications
2 After the contract is awarded, the Contractor shall notify the Contract Monitor in writing of
desired changes in, or additions to, the operational plan with regard to the Contractor's
policies and procedures, emergency procedures/security manual, post orders, and job
descriptions No such changes shall be implemented prior to the Contractor's receipt of written
approval from the Contract Monitor The Contract Monitor shall respond to a request for
changes within thirty (30) days A material breach of the operational plan shall be regarded as
a material breach of this Agreement

7/18/2012 18 RFP #2012194



A. Personnel:
1 The Contractor shall at all times provide a sufficient number of trained staff to provide for and
maintain the security, custody, and supervision of inmates in the facility in compliance with
ARS Title 31, the ACA standards for adult and local detention facilities, NCCHC standards for
health services in jails, Arizona jail standards, applicable court orders, and the awarded
2 Contractor will provide a proposed organizational chart to include all positions within the
facility, identifying basic and mission critical staffing levels
3 Contractor will provide the City of Mesa with a proposed staffing pattern for the facility
Positions will be staffed with qualified employees in accordance with the Contractors staffing
pattern submitted and approved by the Contract Monitor Any modifications to the position
requirements or the staffing pattern must be approved in writing by the Contract Monitor A
Contract Monitor shall be identified prior to the start of the contract
4 Sufficient staff shall be employed at all times to assure that all positions identified as basic and
critical staffing on the approved staffing pattern are manned for each shift, unless a departure
from the staffing pattern has been approved in writing by the Contract Monitor The Contractor
shall be required to fill all staffing positions by using overtime or other staffing members to
ensure the staffing levels do not decrease below established critical staffing levels
5 Contractor will provide a proposed chart for each shift indicating basic and critical positions
required to be filled Contractor shall be required to provide a weekly staffing report to the
Contract Monitor
6 Part-time detention officers may be used as long as they are fully trained in conformity with the
ACA standards for adult and local detention facilities The use of part-time staff in
management positions is forbidden
7 The Contractor shall conduct monthly random drug testing, including anabolic steroids, of all
staff The proposal must indicate how this will be implemented Employees failing the random
test shall be terminated Monthly reports must be submitted to the Contract Monitor Each
report will indicate which officers were tested, date tested, the result, and how the random
sample was selected In any event, all staff shall be tested at least once annually

B. Equal Employment Opportunity:

1 The Contractor shall provide written procedures on recruitment and selection covering both
objective and subjective merit principles
2 Recruitment and selection shall be done without regard to race, color, sex, religious creed,
national origin, political opinions or affiliations, marital status or handicap, except when such
requirement constitutes a bonafide occupational qualification necessary to perform tasks
associated with the position
3 The Contractor is responsible for maintaining records as required by the Federal Equal
Opportunity Act

C. Training:
1 The Contractor will provide training programs in compliance with ACA standards for adult local
detention facilities and NCCHC standards for health services in jails
2 Contractor will provide a monthly report detailing training provided to personnel The training
curriculum must be approved by the Contract Monitor The report will include, but not be
limited to, course title, number of training hours, employees name and position, whether
training was required, and instructors name and contact information

7/18/2012 19 RFP #2012194


D. Non-Discrimination:
1 As set forth fully in the City of Mesa Standard Terms and Conditions, the Contractor shall be
an equal opportunity employer Contractor will utilize e-venfy and provide a written procedure
to ensure employees are legal residents

E. Facility Operations General Requirements:

1 The Contractor shall operate, maintain, and manage the facility in compliance with applicable
federal and state constitutional requirements, laws, and court orders, whether now in effect or
hereafter amended or implemented, and in accordance with the operational plan, terms and
conditions contained in the contract, and any documents referenced therein
2 The Contractor shall be in compliance with all applicable ACA standards for adult local
detention facilities and NCCHC standards for health services in jail
3 The Contractor shall abide by minimum jail standards as set forth by the Arizona Sheriffs
4 In the case of a conflict between any of the standards or requirements listed above, the more
demanding standard or requirement will control
5 Contractor may propose a waiver to a particular rule, policy or procedure that impacts the
ability to establish and maintain cost-effectiveness at the facility Such proposals shall be
submitted to the Contract Monitor who may grant or deny such a waiver in writing to the
Contractor All decisions by the Contract Monitor are final and not subject to appeal or
challenge by the Contractor in any civil or administrative forum, nor subject to any mediation or
arbitration proceedings

F. Sanitation and Hygiene:

1 The Contractor shall provide an environmentally clean, healthy, and safe facility for both
employees and inmates
2 Respondent shall describe in its Operational Plan how the following issues will be addressed
a) Sanitation and hygiene will be maintained All areas of the facility shall be maintained free
of cobwebs, dirt, or dust build-up The grounds will be free of all trash
b) Contractor shall inspect all areas of the facility daily for cleanliness and such inspections
shall be documented
c) Lighting, ventilation, cooling and heating equipment shall be functional at all times
d) No fire or safety hazards shall exist
e) All plumbing, including toilets, sinks, and showers shall be operating at all times
f) All hazardous chemicals shall be inventoried, stored and maintained in accordance with
OSHA's policy and procedures
g) Food service areas shall be clean and in compliance with applicable state health
h) Copies of inspection reports, including internal and reports from governing agencies, will be
submitted to the Contract Monitor Corrective action plans and a timeline for correction will
be submitted within thirty (30) days to the Contract Monitor for any items found not to be in

G. Access to the Facility:

1 The Contract Monitor and all designated representatives from contracting municipalities shall
have full and immediate access at all times, with or without notice, to inmates, detainees, and
staff and to all areas of the facility


A. Security Services:
1 The Contractor shall provide security services designed for preventing escapes, maintaining
order, providing care, custody, control and managing the inmate/detainee population
2 A successful program depends heavily on staff training, effective administration, and the
establishment of inmate programs
3 The organization, staffing, and administration of the security program are vital to the facility

7/18/2012 20 RFP #2012194


4 The direction provided by a well organized and clearly articulated operations manual, and
emergency planning provide a solid base for successful administration
5 Respondent shall provide proposed security services in the proposal This plan will be
reviewed annually and updated as needed Documentation of review will be provided annually
to the Contract Monitor

B. Security Operations:
1 The Contractor shall provide all security operations in accordance to ACA standards for adult
local detention facilities and Arizona jail standards
2 Respondent shall provide a proposed security operations plan in the proposal This plan will
be reviewed annually and updated as needed Documentation of review will be provided
annually to the Contract Monitor Changes to plan require written permission from the Contract
Monitor The City reserves the right to require changes to plans submitted in response to the
proposal during negotiations and/or prior to service commencement date

C. Emergency Plans:
1 The Contractor shall create and establish detailed emergency plans that are in accordance to
ACA standards for adult local detention facilities, NCCHC standards for health services in jails,
and Arizona jail standards
2 The emergency plans will address the items enumerated below Plans will be provided to the
Contract Monitor for approval and updated annually with documentation of the review provided
to the Contract Monitor
3 Changes to plan require written permission from the Contract Monitor The City reserves the
right to require changes to plans submitted in response to this proposal during negotiations
and/or prior to service commencement date
4 Respondent shall provide proposed emergency plans in the proposal that addresses the
a) Bomb threat
b) Escape
c) Evacuation
d) Fire
e) Hostage
f) Riot or Disorder
g) Hazardous Material
h) Medical Emergencies
i) Coordination with Local Agencies for Emergency Assistance


A. Classification:
1 The Contractor shall provide a prisoner/detainee classification program that is in accordance
with all applicable industry standards

B. Orientation of Inmates:
1 Contractor shall conduct an orientation for newly assigned inmates with a program meeting
ACA standards
2 Contractor will provide a copy of the proposed orientation materials and associated form the
inmate is required to sign documenting facility orientation
3 All required plans will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary Documentation of
review will be provided annually to the Contract Monitor Changes to the plan require written
permission from the Contract Monitor

C. Transfer/Transportation of Inmates:
1 Certain circumstances may require an inmate's transfer out of the facility
a) Contracting municipalities will be responsible for routine transfers such as court orders
and for protective management

7/18/2012 21 RFP #2012194


b) The Contractor may be required, and must be capable at all times, to transport non-routine
transfers such as emergency medical and emergency mental health Contractor shall
document non-routine transfers and provide the Contract Monitor with a weekly report
2 The Respondent will provide a fee schedule for transportation from local holding facilities to
the Contractor Facility as well as to and from various municipal courts
a) Contracting municipalities may or may not require transportation services
b) Vehicles must be readily available for inspection by the Contract Monitor
c) The Contractor will be responsible for transporting inmates to the hospital or outside
medical appointments

D. Release of Inmates:
1 Contractor shall have written procedures to address proper identification of inmates to be
2 A monthly report of inmates released shall be provided to the Contract Monitor

E. Inmate Discipline:
1 The Contractor will provide a policy outlining the system for inmate rules and disciplinary
procedures in compliance with ACA standards
2 Disciplinary hearings will be conducted by the Contractor's staff and reported to the Contract
Monitor on a monthly basis
3 All required policies will be reviewed annually and updated as needed
4 Documentation of review will be provided annually to the Contract Monitor
5 Changes to policy require written permission by the Contract Monitor

F. Inmate Visitation:
1 The Contractor shall provide all space, furniture, equipment, and supervision necessary to
implement a visitation program in compliance with ACA standards
2 Contractor will provide a written visitor policy
3 All policies will be reviewed annually and updated as needed
4 Documentation of review will be provided to the Contract Monitor
5 Changes to policy require written permission by the Contract Monitor

G. Inmate Mail and Telephone:

1 The Contractor shall provide for mail and telephone services in compliance with ACA
2 The telephone system must allow remote access to monitor inmate's telephone calls

H. Inmate Personal Property:

1 The Contractor shall develop and implement a policy and procedures for handling, storing, and
disposing of inmate property
2 The Respondent shall include a proposed policy with its offer
3 All policies will be reviewed annually and updated as needed
4 Documentation of review will be provided to the Contract Monitor
5 Changes to policy require written permission by the Contract Monitor


A. Food Services:
1 The Contractor will provide a food service program in compliance with ACA and NCCHC
2 The Contractor shall provide all food, staffing and supervision of preparation for the total
delivery of food service at the facility
3 Records must be maintained indicating daily menus and number of meals served
4 Substitutions (religious, diet, allergies) must be clearly documented and the Contractor must
ensure that substitutions made are of equivalent nutritional and caloric value to the original
item Those records may be reviewed by the Contract Monitor at his/her discretion

7/18/2012 22 RFP #2012194


B. Health Services:
1 As part of its submission, the Respondent shall include its proposal to provide medical, dental,
and mental healthcare services with related pharmacy to inmates/detainees
2 Access to and provision of all services outlined herein will be in accordance with minimum
constitutionally adequate levels of healthcare regardless of place of assignment or disciplinary
3 The Contractor is required to provide on-site healthcare services twenty-four (24) hours a day,
seven (7) days a week at the facility
4 The Contractor shall arrange for security and transport of inmates requiring off-site medical
services Emergency medical services shall be obtained from the nearest appropriate hospital
5 The Contractor shall provide a written policy that complies with healthcare and healthcare
services as outlined in ACA standards for adult and local detention facilities and NCCNC
standards for health care service in jails
6 Costs associated with healthcare will be included in booking and housing fees
7 Contractor will notify the Contract Monitor in the event an inmate requires extensive and costly
services The Contract Monitor may elect to release the inmate/detainee depending on the
nature of the required health services
8 The Contractor shall be responsible for all medical costs associated with injuries sustained
while incarcerated at the facility

C. Inmate Laundry, Clothing, Toiletries:

1 The Contractor will furnish uniforms, including shoes, for inmates that will be properly sized
and fitted, climatically suitable, durable and presentable The Contractor will provide laundry
services, clothing and toiletries in compliance with ACA standards to include but not limited to
a) Regular changes of clothing,
b) Toothbrush and toothpaste,
c) Disposable razor (except where prohibited),
d) Bath soap,
e) Toilet paper,
f) Specialized clothing for inmates involved in activities such as food service and
g) Clean bedding and linen

7/18/2012 23 RFP #2012194


1 BEGINNING AND END DATE OF INITIALTERM. The initial term of this contract shall be for five (5)
years from the start date, as negotiated with the awarded vendor
If the commencement of performance is delayed because the City does not execute the contract on
the start date, the City may adjust the start date, end date and milestones to reflect the delayed
2 EXTENSION. The City reserves the right to extend the term of this contract, provided however, that
the City shall give written notice of its intentions to extend this contract no later than thirty (30) days
prior to the expiration date of the contract
3 RENEWAL. At the end of the initial term of this contract, the City may initiate renewal(s) as provided
The decision to renew a contract rests solely with the City The City will give written notice of its
intention to renew the contract no later than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration
J_Five-Year renewal possible at the City's option, per bid documents
4 PRICES. All pricing shall be firm for the initial 2 years except where otherwise provided by the
specifications, and include all transportation, insurance and warranty costs The City shall not be
invoiced at prices higher than those stated in any contract resulting from this bid
After the initial 2-year period during the 60- day period prior to each annual anniversary of the
contract effective date, the Contractor may submit a written request that the City increase the prices
in an amount for no more than the twelve month change in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban
Consumers (CPI-U), US City Average, All Items, Not Seasonally Adjusted as published by the U S
Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (http //www bis qov/cpi/home htm) The City shall
review the request for adjustment and respond in writing, such response and approval shall not be
unreasonably withheld Price increases outside the CPI-U will be subject to negotiation
No price increases will be accepted without proper request by Contractor and response by the City's
Purchasing Division
a Evaluation Process, Contract Negotiations and Contract Award - September 6, 2012
through December 10, 2012 During this time, East Valley Cities will be contacted to obtain firm
commitment in writing If City determines that sufficient response was not received, it will cancel
the RFP at this time
b Identification of Real Estate - In final Contract If suitable real estate has not been identified at
this time, City will cancel RFP
c Zoning and Use Permit Approvals - Acquire within 6 months of Contract Award City reserves
the right to extend additional time based on substantial progress made or cancel RFP after
deadline passes
d Real Estate Purchase Contract - Complete within 60 days of zoning approval City reserves
the right to extend additional time based on substantial progress made or cancel RFP after
deadline passes
e Construction of Facility - Calendar years 2012 through 2013 If at the time construction
commences City believes it is commercially unreasonable, based on plans prepared by
Contactor, for construction to be completed so as to allow for prisoners to be received by March
1, 2014, City will cancel the RFP Construction may be extended into Calendar year 2014 so
long as Facility is ready to receive prisoners on or before March 1, 2014 Any required
certificates of occupancy or final inspections must be completed twenty-one (21) days in advance
of opening
f Begin Operations of Facility - March 1, 2014 This the Official Start Date of the Contract and
will not be extended

7/18/2012 24 RFP #2012194


1 PROPOSAL SUBMISSION - Submit signed original plus 8 copies of the offer in a sealed
Electronic Format Requested Yes
In addition to the hard copies, proposers shall also submit five (5^ electronic copies of their
proposal on compact disks (CD) The submitted CD's shall contain electronic file copies of all
proposal text and attachments included in the hard copy submission Proposers shall present the
electronic file copy in Adobe PDF format The CD version of the proposal shall not be
restricted or protected in any way. Acceptable formats of the electronic files shall be up to the
latest release of these programs In their proposals, proposers must certify in writing that the CD
provided is an exact duplicate of the hard copy In the event that the hard copy differs from the
CD copy, the City shall consider the hard copy to be the official proposal

In order for your proposal to be considered, the following should be included and referenced with
index tabs DO NOT use spiral binding or comb binding for your offers - 3-ring binders are
preferred for large proposals.
Table of Contents: Identify Materials by Tab and Page Number
TAB 1 - Letter of Transmittal - A brief letter of transmittal should be submitted that includes the
following information
1 The Respondent's understanding of the work to be performed
2 A positive commitment to perform the service within the time period specified
3 The names of key persons, representatives, project managers who will be the mam contacts
for the City regarding this project
TAB 2 - Qualifications (Abilities, Experience and Expertise) - The following information should be
1' A statement of your qualifications, abilities, experience and expertise in providing the
requested services
a A description of what qualifies your company to provide the requested services to the
b References - From a minimum of three references, preferably from other public entities
within the State of Arizona, including Contact Names, Phone Numbers, E-mail
Addresses, Mailing Address
c Experience -
i A Listing of all contracts entered into within the last three years, including a
description of contract, contact names and numbers, contract dates and value of
ii A Description of prior experience of a similar or related nature, providing the names
and dates of entities with which services were provided
2 Identification of senior and technical staff to be assigned to this contract Staff named in the
proposal may not be substituted without permission of the City
a Resumes, including relevant experience may be included
b Describe Policy regarding confidentiality in regards to employees who will be assigned to
this contract
3 Dun & Bradstreet Report
TAB 3 - Program Description, Operational Plan and Method of Approach - Clearly define the
program offered to include, but not limited to, the following elements
1 A thorough Proposal including but not limited to all sections and elements listed in the
Technical Specifications (beginning on page 17) (Operational Plan, Jail Operations, Security,
Inmate/Detainee Management, and Food, Health and Laundry Services

7/18/2012 25 RFP #2012194


2 Method of Approach including but not limited to any identified location(s) for facility and
whether Respondent currently owns subject property or will need to acquire it
3 Timeline for facility completion (including acquisition of property, present zoning and plan for
zoning change if necessary, and any construction)
TAB 4 - Pricing and Compensation Forms - The cost portion of the proposal should include the
following elements
1 Completed and Signed Pricing and Compensation Forms
2 A Listing all any and all additional charges not specifically listed on the Pricing and
Compensation Form
3 Sample of Billing
TAB 5 - Forms - Completed and Signed - The forms portion of the proposal should include the
following elements
1 Exceptions, Confidential and Additional Materials Form
2 Contract Form and Signatures
3 Vendor Information Form
4 W-9 Form All responses should include a fully completed, most current W-9 form Failure to
include the W-9 will not disqualify your bid
5 Proposal security enclosed

7/18/2012 26 RFP #2012194


Pursuant to all contract specifications enumerated and described in this solicitation, we agree to furnish
Private Jailing Services to the City of Mesa, and other participating cities, at the fee schedule listed

Describe and Detail all fees to be charged if awarded this contract.

(If you need additional room, you may attach a separate Fee Schedule to this form and mark this
area as "See Attached". Be sure to list all fees associated with this Proposal as the City will not
consider any fees not listed.)

Booking Fees

Housing Fees

Transportation Fees

Additional Fees not listed above

Respondent complies with S 9 "Compliance With Applicable Law"? Yes No

Proposers are responsible for verifying receipt of any addenda issued by checking the City's website at
www mesaaz qov/purchasmq prior to the bid opening (see i 2) Failure to acknowledge any addenda
issued may result in a response being deemed non-responsive

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Addenda (initial for each addenda received, if applicable):

Addendum #1 Addendum #2 Addendum #3

Addendum #4 Addendum #5 Addendum #6
Addendum #7 Addendum #8 Addendum #9

Vendor Name Date

7/18/2012 27 RFP# 2012194


Respondents shall indicate any and all exceptions taken to the provisions or specifications in this
solicitation document Reference the page number and section or paragraph number you are taking
exception to All exceptions must be clearly identified and include a justification for the exception as well
as a proposed alternative Attach additional pages if necessary

Exceptions (mark one):

No exceptions
Exceptions taken (Detail and descnbe-attach additional pages if needed)

Confidential/Proprietary Submittals (mark one):

No confidential/proprietary materials have been included with this offer
Confidential/Proprietary materials included Respondents should identify below any portion of
their offer deemed confidential or proprietary (see Standard Terms and Conditions, section
S 26) Identification in this section does not guarantee that disclosure will be prevented but that
the item will be subject to review by the Respondent and the City prior to any public disclosure
Requests to deem the entire offer as confidential will not be considered Respondent
acknowledges that offers deemed responsive by City may be shared with East Valley cities prior
to award and waives any rights to keep that information confidential East Valley cities will only
review and use the information provided for purposes of their respective internal review and
evaluation of Respondent submissions

Additional Materials submitted (mark one):

No additional materials have been included with this offer
Additional Materials attached (descnbe-attach additional pages if needed)

Vendor Name Date

7/18/2012 28 RFP #2012194



Bidder is a(n) LLC, Corporation or Partnership as indicated on your W-9
Bidder is a(n) Individual or Sole Proprietor as indicated on your W-9

ARS 1-502 requires that any Person who applies to the City for a Local Public Benefit (defined as a
Grant, Contract or Loan) must demonstrate through the presentation of one (1) of the following
documents that he/she is lawfully present in the United States (See section 110 of the Instructions)
Please place a check mark next to the applicable document and present the document to the City
employee. If mailing the document, attach a copy of the document to this Affidavit. (If the document says
on its face that it may not be copied or you know for reasons of confidentiality that it cannot be copied,
you will need to present the document in person to the City for review and signing of the affidavit)

1 Arizona driver license issued after 1996.

Print first 4 numbers/letters from license
2 Arizona non-operating identification License.
Print first 4 numbers/letters
3 Birth certificate or delayed birth certificate issued in any state, territory or
possession of the United States.
Year of birth Place of birth
4 United States Certificate of Birth abroad.
Year of birth Place of birth"
5 United States passport.
Print first 4 numbers/letters on Passport
6 Foreign passport with a United States Visa.
Print first 4 numbers/letters on Passport
Print first 4 numbers/letters on Visa
7 I-94 form with a photograph.
Print first 4 numbers on I-94
8 United States Citizenship & Immigration Services Employment Authorization
Document (EAD).
Print first 4 numbers/letters on EAD
9 Refugee travel document.
Date of Issuance Refugee Country
10 United States Certificate of Naturalization.
Print first 4 digits of CIS Reg No
11 United States Certificate of Citizenship.
Date of Issuance Place of Issuance
12 Tribal Certificate of Indian Blood.
Date of Issuance Name of Tribe
13 Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Affidavit of Birth.
Year of Birth Place of Birth
In accordance with the requirements of Arizona Law, I do swear or affirm under penalty of perjury that I
am lawfully present in the United States and that the document I presented to establish this presence is

Signature Business/Company Name

Print Name Verification of Attachment by City Staff Member

Date Signature Date

7/18/2012 29 RFP# 2012194


Company Legal/Corporate Name

Doing Business As (if different than above)


City State Zip

Phone Fax

E-Mail Address Website

Taxpayer Identification Number DUNS#

Remit to Address (if different than above) Order from Address (if different from above)

Address Address

City State -Zip City State -Zip

Contact for Questions about this proposal:

Name Fax

Phone E-Mail Address

Dav-to-Dav Proiect Contact (if awarded)

Name Fax

Phone E-Mail Address

Sales/Use Tax Information (check one)

Proposer is located outside Arizona and does NOT collect Arizona State Sales/Use Tax (The
City will pay use tax directly to the AZ Dept of Revenue)
Proposer is located outside Arizona is authorized to collect Arizona Sales/Use Taxes (The
Proposer should invoice the applicable sales tax and remit to the appropriate taxing authorities)
State Sales Tax Number
City Sales Tax Number City of , AZ
Sales Tax Rate
Proposer is located m Arizona (The Proposer should invoice the applicable sales tax and remit
to the appropriate taxing authorities)
State Sales Tax Number
City Sales Tax Number City of , AZ
Sales Tax Rate

Certified Small Business Certifying Agency

Certified Minority, Woman or
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certifying Agency

7/18/2012 30 RFP# 2012194


By signing and submitting this Proposal, the Vendor certifies that:

a) It is under no legal prohibition on contracting with the City of Mesa
b) It has read, understands, and is in compliance with the specifications, terms and conditions stated herein, as
well as its attachments, and any referenced documents
c) It has no known, undisclosed conflicts of interest
d) The prices offered were independently developed without consultation or collusion with any of the other
respondents or potential respondents or any other anti-competitive practices
e) No offer of gifts, payments or other consideration were made to any City employee, officer, elected official,
or consultant who has or may have had a role in the procurement process for the services and or
goods/materials covered by this contract
f) It grants the City of Mesa permission to copy all parts of this response, including without limitation any
documents and/or materials copyrighted by the respondent, for Mesa's internal use in evaluating
respondent's offer, or in response to a public records request under Arizona's public records law (A R S
39-121 et seq) or other applicable law, subpoena, or other judicial process, provided that Mesa agrees not
to change or delete any copyright or proprietary notices
g) Under the provisions of A R S 41-4401, respondent hereby warrants to the City that the respondent and
each of its subcontractors ("Subcontractors") will comply with, and are contractually obligated to comply with,
all Federal Immigration laws and regulations that relate to their employees and ARS 23-214(A)
(hereinafter "Contractor Immigration Warranty")
h) Under the provisions of A R S 35-392, respondent certifies that they are not in violation of section 6(j) of
the Federal Export Administration Act and barred by the State of Arizona from selling to the City
i) Under the provision of A R S 35-391 and 35-393, respondent certifies that they do not have Scrutinized
Business Operations in Sudan or Iran
j) It will provide the materials or services specified in compliance with all Federal, State, and Local Statutes
and Rules if awarded by the City
k) It is current in all obligations due to the City
I) It will accept such terms and conditions in a resulting contract if awarded by the City
m) The signatory is an officer or duly authorized agent of the respondent with full power and authority to submit
binding offers for the goods or services as specified herein


Company Name


Printed Name



7/18/2012 31 RFP# 2012194


Jail Billing for 2008 (i)

Booking Days Housing Days

Agency Net Billing >; Full ' % 1/3 ' Total FUII x i! i/3 ] Total Housing j Other

Booking Fee j
.'i ..
i. .
I Fee i

I Chandler 1 ,$2,017,738 ; 2,342 ; J 35 1 ' $458,170 lf 20,598 , 1,565 r 19V '$,l359;568 | $657 :

r ^ - ,< ij " r 1 r ' - !

Gilbert i $1,836,984 !' 2,233 ^ 43 ; *VA 1 $437,752 ! 18,384 ! 1,635 N/A $1,399,232 'j $6,680
... . ' . ' J l: : .... . ' . . ! t ! i i;
1 Mesa * , i . $5,926,063 i 4,985 ,, 120 . , 1) $978,941 , 67,957 : 4^16 51 1 $5,120,966; $26,363,
'1 .** 'J . \ n " *3

Scpttsdaie " $2,468,465 2,349 91 $465,075 ji 24,968 ;j 5,002 11 $2,003,390 $1,442 j

1 Terhpe | J $2,168,991 2,699 1 44 0 ! $527,905 , 22,108 808 ,i, 10'! $1,641,086 ,. $697 !

TOTAL $14,418,241 , 14,608 : 333 , 3 i! $2,867,843 154,015 [I 13,526 91 || $11,724,242 ; $35,839

JL .
Full J4 1/3
L. 1 '
FY 07/08 Bkg Fee j! $189.23 j $94.62 $63.08 i
\ I. Housing Fee , , $72.33 : $36.17 $24.11,' "l

FY 08/09 j Bkg Fee $199.35 J $99.68 $66.45 I T" 'Netbillmg after debits/credits are applied-$173,844

! Housing Fee $73.46 ^ $36.73 $24.49

(*, 'l
WGajendatYear Data

7/18/2012 32 RFP# 2012194


Jail Billing for 2009

Agency Net Billing Full 1 Vi 1/3 Total
Full ; 34 i 1/3 i Total j, Other !
Booking Fee : 11 ii Housing |: i
i| -i. i I! " !
,1 1 i j i Fee ;
j!. i -. _ i; . i
Chandler $2,008,956 2,411 43 0 $476,246 20,255 ] 228 36 $1,532,990 $278

Gilbert $2,362,866 'l 2,337 i 49 N/A; $462,810 j 25,166 1 2,069 I; n/A r $1,899,4361 j

1 ~ ^ it. f I
JL. : JJ i i
; Mesa * $5,669,760 4,541 , 107 8 $900,811 64,820 1. 4,814 29 . $4,879,021 ; ' $24,690 1
. _1
I Scottsdale $3,153,352 i 1,969 ' 124 1 $398,329 : 33,996 f 8,283 2 j $2,747,561 $1,442
:i I' 1
L 'L.
Tempe $2,262,165 2,827 50 0 $559,194 22,934 1,026 10 ' $1,702,031 $940
r TOTAL $15,457,099 ; 14,085 ; 373 9 :
$2,797,390 : 167,171 !ii 16,420 : 77 j $12,761,039 j; $27,970 ]
i i 1! : ..
i. _ _. . _ - - -i
1 Full % 1/3 : j j
t 1 | .. -
i i
FY 08/09 Bkg Fee $199.35 $99.68 $66.45 >. '' i ji i
i' 'i . -1 u-
Housing Fee $73.46 $36.73 $24.49

FY 09/10 Bkg Fee ,j $192.26 ! $96.13 $64.09 j; * Net billing after debits/credits are applied - $134,761 i
Housing Fee $71.66 $35.83 $23.89 W Calendar Year Data

7/18/2012 33 RFP# 2012194


Jail Billing for 2010 (i)

Agency Net Billing ' Full i * 1/3 Total ;| Full ii 1/3 Total Other
, H Booking Fee ; Si Housing
i ' .i i
i i i. Fee
^ Chandler - $1,732,369 2,306 51 0i $444,151 16,569 2,010 491 $1,288,218 $0.00
1 1
i1 I
i s
.Gilbert $2,121,445 1 2,194 i1 28 o ii $420,770 .J 22,656 1,556 [ 0 $1,700,675 $0.00;
1 iJ
,1 !\ II
r !L . . .. 51 .K. i!
) Mesa * $5,545,102 , 4,620 101 6 $889,339 1 63,626 4,007 ! 46 : $4,787,011 $19,242
J ' i
Scottsdale $3,050,938 ;j 1,945 | 130 ; 0 ii $382,746 i 32,731 8,010 115 $2,669,528 i $1,533
ii ! ! j__
1 , 1' .. .1. . . . JL i* _ _
Tempe $1,981,337 , 2,621 46 o; . $503,811 19,872 ! 1,194 . 26 $1,485,768 '1 $368 !
!_ i i

TOTAL $14,431,191 13,686 il 356 o;! $2,640,817 i 155,454 r i^777' ; 678 $11,931,200 |; $21,143
ii M 'i 1] i 1 ,
i 1 1
1 ' i ^ 1i Full , * 1/3
; i i i J/
-L. . .

11 1 II ?
FY 09/10 Bkg Fee I $192.26 $96.13 ' $64.09 i| ? ii

; i!i j- . . . Iii 1
- n. -
Housing Fee $71.66 $35.83 $23.89 ; i i'(Ii ' !
i - . i i | >

j iI ' j
FYlp/11 Bkg Fee | $188.48 j $94.24 '' $62.83 .j * Net billing after debits/credits are applied -$131,248
i -
Housing Fee $73.54 : $36.77 1 $24.51,, i W C&lendarYear Data 1

7/18/2012 34 RFP# 2012194


For US Mail

Submitted by:
Company Name-
City, State, Zip:
RFP # 2012194 Private Jailing Services
Due Date: September 6, 2012, at 3:00 p.m.

City of Mesa
Attn: Purchasing
PO Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211-1466

For US Mail

For Hand Delivenes, FEDEX, UPS or Other Couner Services -

Submitted by:
Company Name
City, State, Zip:
RFP # 2012194 Private Jailing Services
Due Date September 6, 2012, at 3:00 p.m.

City of Mesa
Attn: Purchasing
20 E. Main St., Suite 400
Mesa, AZ 85201

For Hand Deliveries, FEDEX, UPS or Other Couner Services

7/18/2012 29 RFP #2012194