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ISSUE # 34


Friday Bulletin Weekly Publication for Middle School Parents

MAY 22 TO 26

Inside this issue:
Dear Parents,

Following last week’s Touch Rugby event at Jakarta Intercultural School, we are delighted
Athletics & Activities 3
to share that the girls under 15 team and the boys under 13 team both won gold! Our
girls under 13 team and boys under 15 team both won bronze. The Touch Rugby Coaches Operations & Security 5
(Diana van der Merwe, MJ Durkin and Kat Govier) were delighted with the students
efforts and how they came together as a team to both on and off the pitch. Check out
our rugby Bearcats below: Treasury 6
GIRLS Under 15 - Won Gold!
Athletics & Activities (ATAC)
Clinic 7
Saiya Zulberti (captain)
Sabine Go
Silvana de Dios 8
Admissions & Advancement
Norbu Dorji
Janna Hillard
Annabelle Daniels ISM Upcoming Events 9
Bianca McKeown
India Stephenson
Katya Zobel de Ayala
Mariana Po

BOYS Under 15 - Won Bronze
Joel Huber (captain)
Diego Lorenzana
Xavier Dearberg
Emilio Tambunting
Daniel Araya
Ethan Douglas
Diresh Roshan
Yuki Uenishi
Louis Vium
Marco Dyens

GIRLS Under 13 - Won Bronze
Kiana Hudaya (captain)
Raina Hwang
Mercedes Zobel de Ayala
Chloe McAlister
Riho Kasai
Risako Otsuka
Soraya Rizzuto
Olivia Borzi
Dylan Hahn
Jacqueline Yu-Banos
BOYS Under 13 - Won Gold!
Rand Santos (captain)
Roma Tuisolia
Max Borgers
Chandler Stephan
Malthe Madsen
Marc Huber
Cameron Hawke
Akira Hawke
Ozod Musaev
Elijah Georgy

THIS WEEKEND: pathway.
Friday, May 19th:  We respectfully request that all students come
MS Party - Bearcat Idol: to school on Monday, August 7th with all of
 Where: ES Field + Playground these items.
 Cost: 100 pesos + signed permission slip  Parents are welcome to purchase the items
 Time: 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. wherever they choose. However, please be
 Please remember to pick your child up at 8:00 aware that the PCA arranges for National
p.m. sharp. Bookstore to set up a temporary ‘School Supply
Store’ here on campus should you find this op-
MS MANMUN Conference: tion more appealing.
 What: MS Manila Model United Nations Con-
ference Kind regards,
 Where: ISM’s Middle School Rachel Harrington, Middle School Principal
Amanda Pekin, Assistant Middle School Principal
 Who? Students who have been participating in
the MUN after school club.
 Guests: Other schools in Manila will be sending
student delegates
 When: Friday, May 19th (3:30 - 8:15 p.m.) and
Saturday, May 20th (7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. )
 Dress: Friday - formal dress is not re-
quired. Saturday - Formal dress is required.

 There are no MS specific events this week!

MS Music Finale Concert:
 Date: Wednesday, May 31st
 Location: FAT
 Time: 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
 Come and join us as we celebrate the wonder-
ful MS Music program!

Supply Lists for Next School Year:
 School Supply Lists for the coming academic
year are now posted on the school website.
 Please see last week’s Parent Bulletin for the

May 29 – June 7: Summer borrowing available in the MS Library
Practice schedule for S4 sports is posted to ATAC blog sched- Next Sat May 27th is the final day for
ules page and is on notice boards at school. S4 runs from our Saturday community tennis program, thanks to our
week of April 17 to June 2nd and is designated as pre season coaches and to the students and ISM parent community who
training for S1 teams and other sports offered by coaches. have utilized our facility for tennis lessons and play during
Current Grade 8's who will enter grade 9 next year should this school year. The community tennis program will be up
attend HS training sessions offered. and running again next year during Sept/Oct and again in
semester two from mid Feb until end of May.
We are also running a MS Baseball and Softball development
program at the HS field. Any MS students from grades 5-7 are To find out details of all the Bearcats matches mid week and
welcome to join. Softball is Mon/Tues and Baseball is Wed/ on weekends go to the ATAC game schedule page- link is pro-
Thurs. If you have questions talk with Coach Tim Benford and vided below and follow the instructions to find out when and
Coach Angela Respecki. where our Bearcat teams will be playing. The ATAC(Athletics)
Game schedule is housed within the parent portal to ensure
Thanks to Sailfish coaches and parent volunteers and all par- secure access for ISM parents
ticipants for your work to host the final Aquathon of the year schedules/
last Saturday morning. A great event with a wonderful family
atmosphere especially in the relay section with Mums and Please take the time to navigate the ATAC blog http://
Dads teaming up with their own children and others to com- as it is our one stop shop for all infor-
pete together. An excellent end to another great year for mation related to the competitive ISM sports program.
For our All Year Round teams- Wall Climbing, Chess, Judo,
A big well done to our ISM Mixed Touch team and coaches for TKD, Aikido, Table Tennis -As these programs are year round
a wonderful weekend in Jakarta. A great weekend of excel- it is possible for students to join during the year as long as
lent touch on show at the annual JIS MS Touch tourna- space is available. See link to information and schedule to
ment. Results were great for our Bearcats teams with two attend and meet the coaches. All year round sports teams See
Gold and two Bronze medals and all teams making the schedule for our All year round teams program here…
playoffs round. Well done to all players involved especially
our ISM team coaches led by Coach V, Coach Kat and Coach Please note the practice times for ATAC programs for SY 16-
MJ. 17 are as follows: ATAC all year round teams- 3:15-4:30. For
our Sailfish swim team program please check the Sailfish blog
This past weekend we hosted the ISM Judo meet. Competi- for information
tion was held at the MS gym and it was excellent to see the
variety of Judo competitors in action from the younger ES ATAC Gymnastics team practices 3:10-4:50 M/W/F
aged children in the u28kg class through to the HS aged boys All HS seasonal teams practice from 3:05- 4:50pm on their
and girls competition. Big thanks to ISM Coach Freddie for his respective practice afternoons. MS seasonal teams practice
help pulling this event together with the local judo clubs/ from 3:15-4:45pm.In order to clear the campus prior
schools the the support we received from the Judo Associa- to 5pm all after school programs will conclude by 4:50pm or
tion of the Philippines to officiate the meet. earlier. The last bus is 4:55pm this is due to the ever increas-
ing traffic concerns in our area.
ISM team medal results-Nicholas O, Gold medal, Aidan BB
Silver, Isabella TS Silver, Carl H Bronze , Noah P Parents and students please take some time to peruse the
Bronze, Alexander H Bronze. ATAC blog it has a wide variety of information and links to our
sports and activities program. If you have any questions re-
Upcoming events- (full match schedule available at ATAC garding the competitive program of sports at ISM after read-
Game schedule) ing the information on the blog please send an email
 May 25 MS Baseball game vs Antipolo team 4pm HS field to and I will endeavor to assist you as
 May 30 Sailfish Awards evening at ES gym best I can.
 May 29 - June 2 All year round teams end of year break-
ups at final training session Bearcat Den- drop by our fantastic spirit store. There is a a
 May 27 Final day of community tennis range of products and items to purchase including items from
 Last week of ATAC training for this school year is week our service partners. Bearcat Den hours of operation- 7am-
ending June 2nd 4pm Mon-Fri.
 1st season tryouts SY 17-18 HS Aug 7-9, MS Aug 9-11, ES
Rifa soccer tryouts Aug 9-11 Best Regards,
Mark Pekin
Director of Athletics/Activities
A MESSAGE FROM completed vehicle sticker form. Applications for
THE OPERATIONS AND SECURITY DEPARTMENT vehicles registered with companies or other insti-
tutions should be supported by a letter of assign-
1. IDs for the New School Year ment.

Parent IDs Each ISM family will be issued one vehicle sticker
The previously issued black and white parent IDs free of charge. Any additional stickers will be is-
will continue to be valid for the new school year. sued following payment of P100 to the cashier’s
Standard parent cards are issued free of office.
charge. Parents may, however, elect to apply for
a smartcard ID which will be usable with the cash- I would like to thank all members of the ISM community
less payment system introduced into the school for their cooperation across this school year in helping us
for SY 2013-14. There will be a fee of P250.00 for maintain ISM as a safe and secure environment for our
a smartcard. children.

Applications for parent IDs can be processed MIKE FLYNN
through the Security Office. Director of Operations and Security

Student IDs
All students will be issued with new ID cards at the
beginning of the new school year. The cards will
be compatible with the cashless payment sys-
tem. There will be no need for returning students
to visit the Security Office as we will be utilizing
the photographs taken for the yearbooks.

School Passes
School passes issued to parent’s employees and
representatives need to be replaced for next
school year. As of August 31st, 2017
(Thursday) the light green bordered passes will be

The security office is now accepting applications
for new school passes, however the cards will not
be available for collection before July 1,
2017. These passes will not be compatible with
the cashless payment system.

Each family will be given two free school pass-
es. Additional school passes may be obtained
after paying a processing fee of Php100.00 each to
the Cashier’s Office.

2. Car Stickers for the New School Year

The car stickers for school year 2017/2018 will be
available from the security office beginning July 1,

To obtain a new vehicle sticker please submit a
To: All Parents and Company Sponsors
In anticipation of the year-end clearance for SY2016-2017, we would like to inform you of the following matters:

1. All school charges will be FINAL on May 24 , 2017 for GRADUATING while June 06,2017 for NON
GRADUATING students. Please check the online billing for your final outstanding balances and settle
remaining balance for clearance of SY2016-2017.
2. Only students with fully paid SY2016-2017 school fees will have their clearance forms signed by the
cashier and will have access to school documents such as report cards and transcripts.
3. For incoming SY2017-2018 Pre-School 4 - to Grade 4 (old students), Section cards will be released by
the Accounting Office on June 8, 2016 only if current school year (2016-2017) fees are fully settled.
4. For the purpose of clearing the accounts of students for SY16-17, please observe the following school
CUT-OFFS on accepting checks from parents and sponsors :

Dollar Checks:
Dollar Check - not cleared within US territory (with corresponding fee for clearance with
Grade 12 - March 27, 2017

Other Dollar checks ( cleared within US check territory)
Pre – School to Grade 12 – April 17,2017

Peso Checks:
Grade12 – May 5,2017
Pre- School to Grade 11 – May 22,2017

This is to allow enough time for the checks to get cleared by the bank in time for the student clearance in June.
Please also note that US dollar coins are not accepted by the cashier, however, the same can be converted to its
peso equivalent to settle the remaining fees.

Other Note(s):

- Pursuant to the endorsement of the Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC), please be informed
that any peso check that shows or indicates on its face any erasure or alteration shall no longer be eligible or
acceptable for clearing. The cashiers will therefore will only accept peso checks without any alteration and only
checks with complete details.

- Check acceptance cut-off applies to current school year SY2016-2017 only. Payment of tuition fee in checks for
SY2017-2018 are not affected and accepted at ISM cashier’s office.

-For wire transfer and other payment related queries , kindly send a copy of the bank confirmation payment to
Cashiers ( or

-For billing, Rhoda Villa at 840-85-22 and email address, or Marissa Dulay at 840-85-06 or email

ISM Treasury

Mark the Date: ISM Vaccination Day
Wednesday, May 31 from 7:00am to 4:00pm in the Clinic

Last day to sign up/pay – Monday, May 22

PHP - 700.00 for Quadrivalent
FLUQUADRI (Sanofi-Pasteur)

To be protected against influenza you should get vaccinated annually, since the circulating strains of the virus
change, hence the composition of the vaccine is always kept up to date. The Quadrivalent influenza vaccines

provide broader protection as they include both co-circulating B lineages. Vaccination is especially important
for people at high risk for serious flu complications (persons 60 and above, with chronic health condition and

women getting pregnant during the flu peak season) and their close contacts.
Fill in and sign one Influenza Vaccination Consent Form per person: DOWNLOAD HERE

Forms are also available from the cashier’s office or the clinic and can be downloaded from the ISM website.
Present both documents on the vaccination date.

M Y !!
(tetanus/lockjaw, diphtheria and pertussis/whooping cough)

Y A P!
PHP – 900.00 for TDap booster ADACEL (Sanofi Pasteur)
A TDap booster is needed every ten years, and it is usually prescribed within 24

hours after the slightest scratch acquired outdoors, if a person is not protected.
College freshmen are generally required to have an updated immunization record,

also for TDap.

Fill in and sign one Tetanus Vaccination Consent Form per person: DOWNLOAD HERE

Forms are also available from the cashier’s office or the clinic and can be downloaded
from the ISM website. Present both documents on the vaccination date.

Everyone with a valid ISM ID, teachers and their children may are eligible to be vaccinat-
ed. Please complete the vaccination payment form (available at the Cashier office
and the Clinic) and make your payment to the Cashier (open Mo – Fr 7:00am – 3:15

pm). Payment must be made not later than Monday, May 22. The vaccines will then be ordered and no further
registrations can be accepted.

If you have any questions please contact Jowell Custodio or Dorothee Binsfeld at the clinic:
Clinic numbers: 840 8581 (Dorothee)/82 (Jowell) Clinic email:

Please note:
 Influenza and Tetanus (Tdap) vaccines can be given simultaneously.
 The Flu shot will not give you a 100% protection even the strains included in the vaccine
 Influenza virus shots do not protect against common cold, sometimes also referred to as “flu”.
 The minimum age for the vaccination in school is 3 years. Infants 6 month and older may be vaccinated by
their pediatrician.
 Children (9 years or younger) with no prior flu shot will need a second shot after 28 days.
 Pregnant women can get both shots from the second trimester onwards.
 Please refrain in case of egg protein allergy.
 Vaccines will be solely administered at the clinic and cannot be handed out. All unused vaccines will be for-

Important Information on Re-Enrollment for SY 2017-2018
Dear Parents:

Online Re-Enrollment for SY17-18 is now open. As before, parents will have to log into PowerSchool in order
to do this. Below are instructions to help. If you are not sure of your PowerSchool log-in or need support,
please contact your divisional office.

Please note that you must register online by 4PM on Friday, May 26 at the latest. PowerSchool will close on
that date and will not re-open. We have over 500 students on our waitpool, and we will assume that your
children are leaving if you have not registered online by 4PM on Friday, May 26.

If your child/ren will not be returning for SY17-18, you MUST follow the Withdrawal Procedure and submit a
Withdrawal Notification Form on or before Friday, May 12.

How to Register Online – Deadline: 4PM on Friday, May 26

 Visit and click on Parent Portal under the Community drop-down menu. Log-in to the
Parent Portal and click on PowerSchool.

 Look for the Re-Enrollment Clearance icon on the left hand panel. Click on the icon and update:
 Parent/Guardian Contact Information
 Health History & Immunization Status

Once complete, you will receive a confirmation message and an email notification verifying that you have
been successful in registering online. The email will outline instructions for the remaining steps of Re-

You MUST complete the entire Re-Enrollment process before the start of SY17-18. Upon completion, you will
receive your FINAL CLEARANCE NOTIFICATION, which is necessary for your child to attend class on August 7,

To check status of Re-Enrollment, please visit the Parent Portal page.

Dear Parents,
The ISM Philippine Cultural Club (PCC) is launching a "Yaya Ap-
preciation Day" on Thursday, May 25, 2017.

What is a Yaya?
"Yaya" is common term for nanny. In our Filipino culture, they
are considered more than hired help—a yaya is treated like
family, or a very trusted member of the household.
Please send your Yayas on May 25th:
So, to honor the yayas who take care of and do so much for us,
we've decided to host this event which will be held at the Little
Theater from 4:00pm onwards. There will be food, movies, and
games for the yayas to enjoy.
Please pass the word on to your yayas! We are excited to see
them there :)
Maraming salamat!
PCC- Philippine Cultural Club Council
International School Manila