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A very good evening, to the to the honourable judges, respected teachers and all
my dear friends. Today Im going to tell you all a story about The Pipit bird and
The King.

There once lived a king who liked to shoot birds with his blowpipe. He and his
men would go hunting every day. Before long, all the birds near the palace were

One day, the king and his men set off to shoot more birds in a nearby jungle. Up
the hills and down the hills they walked. But , they could not find a single bird. As
they were walking, they sang a song;

Singing yai. yai, yippy, yippy, yai2x

Singing [yai yai yippy 3x] yippy. Yai heeeeeeeee.haiiiii..

At noon , they came to a very large meadow, and the center stood a big shady
tree. The king spotted a beautiful little pipit on a low branch. Shoot it! Shoot it!, he
cried. One of his men , quickly shoot a dart with his blowpipe. The injured little
pipit bird fell to the ground, chipppchipppchipppchipppchippp2x

The king handed the bird to his servant to kill. But before the kings servant
could kill the bird, it suddenly spoke out, Ohhhh my good king please do not kill
me. Please! Please!

The king was astonished. What! This bird can talk! Pardon me your majesty!
Pardon me! I have been waiting for you. Really? Why? ,asked the king.

I must tell you of my great grandfathers wishes. Before he died he left a

diamond as big as your majestys toe. He wished that his diamond be given to you.
I must fulfill his dying wish.

Surprised, the king said, Hmmmmm.. if this bird can talk then sure it must be
also telling the truth!
Pardon me, your majesty, pardon me My great grandfather also gave me
these three wise sayings. First, do not listen to sweet words. Second , do not hope
for what is gone. And third, do not think about what you cannot have. Now please
let me go and I will fetching your diamond.

Without thinking, the king ordered his man to free the bird. At once, it flew to the
highest branch. The king waited and waited and waited for his diamond. It grew
late in a day. Finally, the king shouted up the tree, Pipit ! pipit! Where is my

The pipit bird chirped loudly, chirppp 12x and said, Forgive me your majesty,
but you already forgotten my great grandfathers advise? Besides, a wise king
would have known that a tiny creature like me could not carry a diamond as big as
a kings toe. So remember the advice and take good care of your people.

Then, as the pipit bird flew from the branch, it let fall some droppings that
splattered on the face of the kings blowpipe man. Splash! The king was ashamed
of being how smarted by a tiny bird. Now return to your palace, your majesty
before it gets dark, said the bird.
So, they went back to the palace empty handed and from that day onwards, the
king and his men did not shoot any more birds again.

My dear friends, this story tell us that we should not be so cruel and greedy just
like the king who had learn some valuable lessons