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Man Accused of Murder in Mission Hill On Day 3 of His Trial

MISSION HILLA Mission Hill man accused of murder spent his third day in court
being testified against by one of his close friends.
The case, Commonwealth vs. Raymond Arroyo, was recently opened at Suffolk County
Superior Court. Mondays court session served the purpose of disclosing whether or not
Arroyos acquaintance, who had fled to Puerto Rico, was influenced in any way by outside
forces to help Arroyo in the courtroom. The friend, whose name was not disclosed, stood trial
Monday to testify against Arroyo. The majority of the questioning was to eliminate possible
outsider influence to help Arroyo or any other key players in the case.
Raymond Arroyo was indicted March 2015 for the first-degree murder of 44-year-old Jose
Maldonado and possession of an illegal firearm. On March 31, 2014, Arroyo and his accomplice,
Ishmael Douglas, allegedly drove around Mission Hill in a gold Chrysler Sebring looking for
Maldonado. Police say the two men planned to ambush and kill Maldonado in retaliation for a
previous robbery.
As Maldonado was walking on Turquoise Way around 11:45 a.m., Douglas stopped the
Chrysler as Arroyo overtook the victim from behind and shot him four times with a firearm. It
was not disclosed on which area of his body he was shot. Arroyo ran from the scene and was
picked up a few blocks away by Douglas. Maldonado was then taken to a hospital, where he was
pronounced dead. The act was caught on numerous video cameras located at nearby stores and
residences. Many witnesses also identified Arroyo as the assailant. Arroyo made statements to a
few eye witnesses saying he committed the homicide that day.
Two weeks later, Arroyo fled to the Dominican Republic. He was arrested and deported
back to the United States to stand trial nearly a year after the crime was committed. His friend
then fled to Puerto Rico when he heard that Arroyo had been captured, fearing he would have to
testify against his friend. The witness was then also captured and deported back to the United
States to stand trial. He is a friend of the defendant. He didnt want to have to testify against his
friend. So, he fled the country, along with another pal, said homicide detective Michael Devain,
who has thoroughly investigated the case.
The judge presiding is The Honorable Maureen Hogan. Representing the Prosecution for
the Commonwealth are attorneys John C. Verner and Kathryn Leary. Representing the
defendant are attorneys Henry B. Brennan and Mathew Eric Berquist, who were appointed to
represent Arroyo. The jury consists of men and women appearing to be middle-aged, whose
names were not disclosed.
In Arroyos circumstance, he was caught on multiple video cameras committing the
crime. In instances where there is hard evidence, it is often difficult to prove the defendant
innocent. Mark Smith, an attorney for Laredo & Smith, said, Theres usually a high rate of
conviction against the defendant. This case can be hard to find a credible defense...I mean, the
guy was caught on tape. Smith also stated that, despite the credible evidence against Arroyo, he
was still entitled to defend himself. Its his Constitutional right, said Smith.
When questioned about the case at the Suffolk County Courthouse, Officer John
Goodman said, We know things, we know a lot more than the public does. We are told we cant
talk to the media, because of our position.
The trial has been under way for approximately three days and is expected to last a total of two