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Is gentrication ruining everything? A Venice LGBT history primer Remembering Roostersh


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Homophobic dirty tricks mar race for Dem Party chair

Whispering campaign who constructed these triple-straw man
arguments: Either Bauman put this out
equates pedophilia
there himself because no one else has
with homosexuality seen it or Bauman knows who it is and for
some reason, doesnt want to tell who it
By KAREN OCAMB is, maybe because they know that its true. This is on the Internet!
The tactics then shifted to attacking
Watergate was a scandal in which dirty Bauman as a Jew in a delegate chat
tricks were used by Republicans against room after the campaign posted a loving
Democrats to win an election. Today, in the YouTube tribute from Andraychak called
case of the homophobic attacks against #TheEricIKnow.
Eric Bauman, longtime out chair of the Los They post this image described as a
Angeles Democratic Party, the attacks are 16-year-old Palestinian girl laying dead in the
apparently coming from supporters of his street with an Israeli ag stuck in her back and
Democratic opponent in the race to be the the Star of David is replaced with a swastika,
next chair of the California Democratic Party. Bauman says. Really? This is an election in
Issue attacks are one thingsuch as the Democratic Party. And as somebody
what Bauman calls a blatant whopper I thought the only way to stop it is to get out in front of it and stop it, who has fought for 30 years to build and
that his support for the universal said ERIC BAUMAN strengthen this partythis is insane!
healthcare bill, The Healthy California PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BAUMAN CAMPAIGN Kimberly Ellis, Baumans top rival,
Act (SB 562), is less than stellar. Bauman denounced the tactics. These rumors
is a registered nursefollowing in the of pedophilia come out; the accusations can become dangerously viral. So I are despicable and theres no place in our
footsteps of his late mother, an unmarried that were promiscuous; the accusations thought the only way to stop it is to get out politics for such outrageous behavior and I
lesbian nurse. He met his husband of that we have drug problems. I mean, its in front of it and stop it. denounce any such type of cruel maligning
more than 30 years, Michael Andraychak, an old saw that plays over and over and He decided to send out an email to of someones character, Ellis said in her
in 1983 in the ICU ward during the AIDS over again. Ive watched it dozens and every delegate entitled I can no longer own email to state Democrats, the L.A.
crisis. Bauman has worked toward dozens of times in my political career and stay silent! The email, Bauman said, Times reported. Though theres certainly
securing a single- payer healthcare law its despicable! fumed: This is despicable! This is not the a lot of passion on both sides, Im proud
with then-Insurance Commissioner John Bauman wrestled with how to respond, Democratic Party! These are Trumpian of the mutual respect and courtesy weve
Garamendi, out former State Sens. Sheila thinking the false rumors were conned to tactics and it has to stop! shown each other in our interactions.
Kuehl and Mark Leno, and more recently, a small group of people. Im a pretty tough guy and I can take Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality
SB 562 co-authors Ricardo Lara, and Toni But then a light bulb went o, he says. the attacks, lies, distortions, and mud that California, is among those disgusted by the
Atkins to make, in his words, California a What theyre accusing me of is being a has been slung at me pretty well, Bauman dirty tricks. Just as we are at the precipice
healthcare sanctuary state! child predator! And I lost it. I started crying wrote in the email. But to accuse me of of breaking a glass ceiling with the ability
But it is the blatant homophobia used uncontrollably. Michael put me on the child abuse, especially of this nature, is to elect a gay man to the highest ranking
as a bazooka in the politics of personal phone with my uncle. Then he put me on beyond the pale and 100% unacceptable. position ever for any LGBTQ person in the
destruction that has shocked many in the the phone with [his best friend, former Bauman was heartened at the massive nation in any major party, I am sickened
Democratic Party. Assembly Speaker] John Perez. There was positive response, including from his that there still are people in Californias
When Bauman rst heard from volunteer no consoling me. And nally Michael did the opponents supporters. Democratic Party who would resort to
phone bankers about outlandish rumors proverbial scene from the movie Airplane But there were peopleand this these false smears to favor their preferred
that he had engaged in inappropriate where the nun slaps the guy in the face. He happens to rape victims all the timewho candidate, Zbur told the LA Blade. We call
behavior with 14- and 16-year-old boys, didnt slap me in the face but he said, Damn accused me of doing it myself, Bauman on Democratic Party leaders to investigate
he blew it o as an old saw used against it, stop this shit now. Lets go for a walk and says. There were a good number of people who launched and participated in this
gay or lesbian candidates. lets get past this. And that worked. that posted that in Facebook groups. That despicable campaign and assure that
Right away, when the other side But it made Bauman think: how many was disgusting! And then there were other anyone who participated is removed from
doesnt feel like theyre running away with people are accused of things or are victims people who said, Well if Bauman wont positions of leadership in the party.
it, the next thing you know, Bauman told of abuse and they hide in shame and so expose the person who said it, then why The election for California Democratic
the Los Angeles Blade, the accusations it continues?noting how cyber-stalking is he hiding it? Then you had these people Party chair happens on May 21.
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06 MAY 19, 2017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE SB L A D E . C O M LO CA L N E W S

Heilman sworn
in as WeHo mayor
The City of West Hollywood has sworn in longtime
activist and City Councilman John Heilman as mayor.
Heilman has served on the majority openly gay City
The cast of What Happens at The Abbey poses after the red carpet
Council since West Hollywood was incorporated in 1984. premiere of the new reality show, held at The Abbey.
Now in his eighth term, Heilman is one of the longest- LOS ANGELES BLADE PHOTO BY JOHN BOATNER
serving openly gay elected ocials in the U.S.
Heilman, who served as mayor previously in 1990, 1995,
1999, 2001, 2006, and 2010, outlined his agenda for the New Abbey reality show debuts on E!
future of the city during his swearing in Monday.
Looking ahead to 2050, he indicated a desire to combat David Cooley celebrated the premiere of his new show What
poverty (15% of the citys population, about 5,400 people, live Happens at The Abbey with a party featuring the shows cast at
below the poverty level), overhaul the parking in residential The Abbey on Sunday night. The Abbey sta and budding reality
areas, build a new re station, a new sheris station, a new stars featured in the series walked the red carpet before watching
City Hall building, and continue his ght against conservative the rst episode in the crowded bar that remained open to the
policies initiated in Washington, D.C., many that impact the public. Cooley appears in the show with an assortment of his
LGBTQ community in West Hollywood. hottest sta, including Nick the Gardener of Ellen DeGeneres
First and foremost, we must do everything we can to fame, whose real name is Billy Reilich.
oppose and resist the reactionary policies that are coming I am excited to show what [The Abbey] brand is, that I had a
out of Washington, D.C., Heilman said in a speech after dream 26 years ago to open a small coee house and now here
being sworn in, adding, We must serve as a strong counter we are with a show on E!, Cooley told The Blade on the red carpet.
example in the city of West Hollywood. The show, airing Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on the E! network, is as
A native of Cleveland, Heilman is a graduate of Northwestern much a behind-the-scenes look at the personal lives of The Abbey
University and the University of Southern Californias employees as it is a narrative of what is happening at The Abbey.
(USC) Gould School of Law. He earned a masters in Public The show promises naked hard bodies, gay drama, straight drama
Administration and in Real Estate Development from the Price and characters with evolving sexual identity, many of whom are
School of Public Policy at USC. He currently teaches law at following dreams while slinging and sometimes throwing drinks.
Southwestern Law School and USCs school of law. Previews of upcoming episodes show gaymous West Hollywood
Heilman has historically helped found the citys rent couple Murray Swanby and Cory Zwierzynski getting into a
stabilization decree and has been acknowledged for his particularly heated alcohol induced argument and a drink being
longtime eorts on behalf of people with HIV and AIDS. thrown. We dont know what fueled the martini baptism yet but
When we started the City of West Hollywood, some people its safe to say it was probably one of them irting/kissing/sleeping
said that a city built on rent control, and populated by gays and with another, possibly someone of the opposite sex.
lesbians, seniors and immigrants would never survive. These Zwierzynski told the Blade his family is thrilled for him to be
critics said that businesses would not want to locate in our city and on the show but he is nervous for them to see him doing a lot of
eventually we would be bankrupt. We proved these naysayers shots, yelling and saying a lot of things he shouldnt say.
were wrong, Heilman was quoted saying on his website. Asked what makes a good reality show star, Swanby said, You
The position of mayor rotates yearly among the ve City have to be likeable obviously but I think you have to be able to
Council members. Heilman will serve a one-year term that bring a little bit of drama and excitement to the show. A boring
ends in May 2018. character is never very fun.
Also sworn in was John Duran as West Hollywoods Some critics argue shows like What Happens at The Abbey and
Mayor Pro Tempore. The mayor pro tem lls in for the Logos recently debuted Fire Island portraying gays living a party
mayor when he is not available. lifestyle undermine the gay community by ignoring rights abuses
Duran is a native of Los Angeles, and a West Hollywood the LGBT community faces from the Trump administration and
resident since 1990. He has served on the City Council since 2001, atrocities like the murder of gays in Chechnya.
and is a national leader on HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ equality issues. Asked to respond to this criticism, Cooley said, The news is all
REBEKAH SAGER about Donald Trump, we need a break; we need some laughs; we
need some hope.

Trump blasted for silence on atrocities in Chechnya

If the president will not do
this, then we will
do it ourselves


The anniversary of the massacre at the

Pulse nightclub in Orlando is just weeks away.
Presidential candidate Donald Trump
and more recently, French presidential
candidate Marine Le Pen, used the murder
of 49 and the wounding of 53 mostly gay On the steps of Los Angeles City Hall LORRI JEAN, CEO of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, Los Angeles
Latinos on June 12, 2016 by an American City Council member PAUL KORETZ, Los Angeles City Council member MITCH OFARRELL (at the
podium), Los Angeles City Council member MIKE BONIN, and United States Rep. ADAM SCHIFF,
killer sympathetic to ISIS as campaign speak out on the atrocities against LGBT people in Chechnya. May 12.
fodder to get gay votes, suggesting theyd PHOTO BY JOHN BOATNER

be tough on anti-LGBT terrorists.

And yet since assuming the presidency, The chilling prospect of a brutal, deadly populations around the world. We must
Trump has remained silent about the purge of gays from Chechnya was revealed recommit ourselves to protect and promote
government-ordered atrocities against the in late April when gay Conservative Sir the human rights and dignity of all persons,
LGBT community in the Russian Republic Alan Duncan, Minister of State for Foreign said Schi, ranking member of the House
of Chechnya. And some Los Angeles and Commonwealth Aairs, told the Intelligence Committee.
leaders are calling him out. British parliament: Human rights groups Trump is completely tone deaf, said
With the shocking revelations report that these anti-gay campaigns and OFarrell. The Trump administration must
about Trumps ties to Russia, the killings are orchestrated by the head of the act and act now, and world leaders must
anti-gay pogroms have been largely Chechen republic, Ramzan Kadyrov. He speak in one voice. If the President will not
overshadowed. The crackdown started in has carried out other violent campaigns in do this, then we will do it ourselves.
early April, reported by the independent the past, and this time he is directing his And thats happening through a new
Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, after eorts at the LGBT community. Sources Twitter hashtag - #EyesOnChechnya, with
the Moscow-based applied have said that he wants the [LGBT] news of rallies and other events.
for Pride parade permits in four Caucasus community eliminated by the start of After the news conference, OFarrell,
cities, sparking religious protests. Ramadan, which begins May 26. Bonin and Koretz introduced a Resolution
At least three gay men were reported On May 12, Rep. Adam Schi, Los condemning Putin and calling on the Trump
killed, according to Human Rights Watch Angeles City Council members Mitch administration to take action beyond the
one died during his torture with the other OFarrell, Mike Bonin and Paul Koretz statements issued by the State Department.
two dying at the hands of relatives as and LA LGBT Center CEO Lorri L. Jean After all, British Prime Minister Theresa
honor killings upon release. About 100 gay held a news conference at LA City Hall to May condemned the gay persecution as
men were arrested, tortured and locked in highlight the dire situation, condemn the utterly barbaric. and foreign ministers
concentration camps. The Russian LGBT violations of human rights, and call on the from Germany, Britain, the Netherlands,
Network later said as many as 20 men may Trump administration to take action. France and Sweden sent a joint letter calling
be victims of extrajudicial killings. Life, liberty and security are fundamental on Russia to investigate the atrocities. On
Once they bring you there, a survivor human rights that we are all entitled to, May 2, German Chancellor Angela Merkel
told Ekaterina Sokirianskaia, project regardless of who we are, or who we love, stood next to President Vladimir Putin at
director for Russia and the North Caucasus and the United States must speak out a joint news conference in Sochi and told
at International Crisis Group about the against these attacks on fellow human reporters she had called on the Russian
secret prison, they immediately start the beings. We cannot be silent and look government to investigate, as well.
beatings and electrocutions, demanding the other way the United States must
information about who you were dating. serve as a beacon of hope for vulnerable CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
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Lesbian visibility shines through in memoir by federal prop 8 plaintiffs

Ordinary lesbian couple the witness stand. I suddenly thought,
came to represent same- Enough. Enough coping. Enough settling.
Enough making me easier for everyone
sex couples everywhere else, Perry writes.
I could picture the three-year-old me,
By KAREN OCAMB the eight-year-old me, the sixteen-year- old me, every one with a huge weight on
her shoulders, she continues. Keeping
A joyous celebration occurred May 13 a secret she didnt know or understand,
in Highland Park as lesbian and straight afraid of losing the love of her family, of
women artists and performers launched an being rejected by her friends. By ghting
exhibition of archived work from the historic to be unseen and unheard, I didnt grab
Womens Building, the one-time feminist love when others did. I didnt hold my head
mecca for womens culture in downtown highI looked down. I didnt see a future
Los Angeles. Already marginalized by with my children and spouse; I thought Id
mainstream society, the artists refused to always be single and alone.
be invisible even unto each other. Perry couldnt even imagine what
Kris Perry and Sandy Stier would have was possible. I had covered up my
loved it. One of the most famous couples embarrassment and humiliation for years,
in LGBT history as plaintis in the historic and it was painful for my loved ones to hear
federal Prop 8 trial, they have nonetheless KRISTIN PERRY and SANDRA STIER, San Francisco Pride 2013. these experiences without censoring or
had their share of lesbian invisibility, even, PHOTO BY INSAPPHOWETRUST; COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA sugarcoating, she writes. I felt like a huge
as they reveal in their new memoir, Love weight had been lifted from mebut I knew
on Trial: Our Supreme Court Fight For the I answered truthfully. I performed well she writes. Love and acceptance are what well there was still so much more to come.
Right to Marry, unto themselves. under oath, and, frankly, I have nothing to matters and are worth ghting for. Love on Trial is a kind of catharsis for all
In Love on Trial, Perry and Stier hide. Yes, I dated men, or rather, boys, in For Perry, pre-trial preparation was LGBT people who havent realized the pain
emerge from behind their famous odd high school and college. Wonderful guys. tough as she was forced to come face of internalized oppression. Additionally, it
couple lawyers Ted Olson and David Yes, I cared about them. Yes, I married a to face with coping mechanisms after humanizes the Prop 8 plaintis.
Boies and trial leader Chad Grin, now man in my mid-twenties. Yes, I had loved her beloved sisters death and how Its as if we werent people until the
President of the Human Rights Campaign, him. All true. The other thing that was true those fed into an endless cycle of self- trial, Perry tells the Los Angeles Blade.
and sidestep their fellow plaintis Je was that I now loved a woman, and I wanted protection from perpetual discrimination The world projected a lot onto us. We
Zarrillo and Paul Katami to share how to marry her; I was in love with Kris. as the other. That included the pain and were one dimensional. But we knew we
this ordinary lesbian couple came to Raum asked for intimate details. Stier humiliation of knowingly refusing to even have very complicated lives.
represent same sex couples everywhere. would only say they were romantic. He think of being happily married because, as The case was no way the hardest thing
But unbeknownst to them, the couple started using baseball terms: What base a lesbian, it was not available to youand weve ever done, says Stier, noting the
would each be forced to face unsettling was reached in each of those relationships? everyone else knew it. diculties theyve faced and the losses they
deep dives into their own lives when that she writes. We have more of our parents After we had meandered around the suered. Blending families is hard, for
lawsuit was led in May 2009. in us than we may realize. I gave him my core question for hours, Perry writes, Ted instance, especially when her two sons didnt
Perry shares that she always felt best Iowa deadpan stare and restated that asked me, How does it feel to be dierent? accept their parents divorce and rejected
dierent but didnt know why until her the relationships had been romantic. And I I burst into tears. All that heartache was Perry. It got better when Kris took her foot
late teens; Stier had always been straight stopped there. My people dont talk about closer to the surface than I had thought. o the gas and wasnt so authoritarian,
until, inexplicably, she fell in love with bases to lawyers. Its not dignied. Id tried to put distance between myself becoming more like an aunt than a parent.
Perry. That would be a point Brian Raum, Stier understood that she was being and Bakerseld and how I felt there, but Television station KQED led a motion
the attorney for the Alliance Defense probed for the immutability argument. it hadnt worked. I told Ted that I knew April 28 with the U.S. District Court
Fund, would harp on until turning red with She nds the argument oensive. Being who I was, and it had made me stronger, for Northern California to unseal the
frustration deposing the former church- gay is not wrong and its not bad. Its not. but I didnt like that I had been forced into videotapes of the Prop 8 trial. It might
going Iowa cheerleader. Love is not harmful; hate is. Rejection is. being strong by building walls or hiding my be useful to read Love on Trial rst to
I was not the lesbian he expected to Growing up immersed in religion and feelings. Hiding was a necessity, and it had understand how much Perry and Stiers
see, Stier writes, as Raum pummeled her spending most of my career in the eld of changed me, permanently. love story matters in shedding light on
for answers about her relationships. human services, nothing could be clearer, The awareness hit her even harder on lesbian visibility everywhere.
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 0 9

LA Pride, #ResistMarch kick into high gear

Hundreds of thousands
expected at events
June 10-11


While #ResistMarch organizers ramp

up their planning eorts for a mega
march that will stretch from Hollywood
and Highland (the launch point of the
rst Pride Parade in Los Angeles) to Santa
Monica Boulevard and San Vicente, LA
Pride has put together a stellar line up for
2017s LA Pride Festival.
The festival, a paid entry event, will be
held in West Hollywood park on June 10
and 11 and Erika Jayne is just one of the
big names.
The Festival will feature a collection
of Pop artists sponsored by Blue Shield
of California, including Young M.A, Erika
Jayne, Brooke Candy, Kat Dahlia, Aaron
Carter, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Spencer
Ludwig, Starley, Tish Hyman, Leon Else,
Connell Cruise, and Jesse Mntana.
Erika Jayne seems to be the one talent
that already has tongues wagging. Youre
either a megastar or a genius if you can rack
ERIKA JAYNE, Chromeo and Brandy are among LA Pride performers this year.
up nine #1s on the U.S. Billboard dance club
charts without major label support. PHOTO COURTESY OF LA PRIDE

On Saturday, CHROMEO will ll the

Festival with an electro-funk beat. The duo, lineup will make for a fun weekend-long organizations on June 11, will begin at lead in organizing the march, told the Los
Dave 1 and P-Thugg have been turning out celebration of our community, he said. 8 a.m. at the intersection of Hollywood Angeles Blade, We are really proud of the
their signature uniqueness since 2002. On The weeklong LA Pride hosts both free and Highland. That intersection marks plans we are putting together and ne-
Sunday, after the #ResistMarch, Brandy and ticketed events starting Monday, June the very intersection where Christopher tuning everyday. We have some of the best
takes the stage as the evenings headliner. 5 and continuing through Sunday, June 11. Street West, the organization overseeing minds in the event-organizing world working
The award-winning singer, songwriter, Events like the annual LA Dodgers LGBT LA Pride, began more than 47 years ago. to ensure our success.
recording artist, and actress will rock LA Night (in partnership with LA Pride) and The march is open to the public and Pendleton has the Rolodex for just such
Pride with her R&B hits. other community events will lead up to the will progress through LAs streets until an eort. He spent most of the last decade
This is our 8th year producing LA Festival on Saturday and the #ResistMarch reaching West Hollywood Park on San building an events company that raised
Prides celebration and I have to say that on Sunday. Vicente and Santa Monica Boulevards. billions of dollars for charities, companies
this is one of my favorite lineups of talent Organizers are referring to the #ResistMarch will have a fair share of that include Palotta Teamworks (AIDS Bike
for the festival, said Je Consoletti of JJLA. #ResistMarch as a Human Rights glitz and glam, too, with an unannounced Ride organizer) and at his own company
This lineup is edgy yet balanced with March and Rally. That event, expected stage lled with A-list celebrities and noted Causeforce, a large scale, non-prot
established hit makers and, much like to draw hundreds of thousands of community activists from around California. fundraising events company.
the community itself, is very progressive. intersectional marchers from a variety of Brian Pendleton, the Christopher Street The Los Angeles Blade is a sponsor of
I think people will love how this years civil rights concerned communities and West board member who has taken the Christopher Street West.

Will Trump, govt agencies recognize Pride month?

Would be rst GOP
president to issue
such a proclamation


Picture it: President Trump enters the

East Room of the White House on a warm
D.C. day in June to the sound of cheers from
adoring members of the LGBT community
holding up their iPhones to document the
occasion with videos and photos.
With his daughter Ivanka Trump and
son-in-law Jared Kushner at his side, Trump
welcomes guests and commemorates
June as Pride month by recognizing the
LGBT communitys accomplishments in
recent years.
A scene from last years White House Pride reception. Will Trump host one this year?
Having trouble with this image? It could
be because of the anti-LGBT positions BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY

and actions Trump and his administration

have taken or perhaps because such feel so badly what happened [in Orlando]. Conversations are ongoing. Its too soon speakers atthe Pride events and delivered
an event would anger anti-LGBT groups And we have to do something about it. to comment further. remarks in solidarity with LGBT people. Its
that supported his election. It could be President Clinton started the tradition of Given Trumps predilection for photo certainly hard to imagine Attorney General
because instead of cheering him, LGBT issuing a proclamation to recognize June as ops such as the pictures hes taken Je Sessions addressing LGBT employees
people angered by his policies would boo Pride month. Although President George with business leaders and presidents of at the Justice Department.
Trump out of the room. W. Bush discontinued that tradition, it was historically black colleges one possibility The Washington Blade reached out to
It might also be because recent reports renewed by President Obama, who also for Trump recognizing Pride is a shot of him multiple anity groups for LGBT federal
Trump may have abused executive power in each of his years in oce held a White in the Oval Oce with Angelo and high- workers, but perhaps in a sign of fear
or committed obstruction of justice raise House reception to celebrate Pride with prole LGBT people who supported him like of reprisal they were largely silent on
questions about whether Trump will even members of the LGBT community. Peter Thiel, Caitlyn Jenner or Ric Grenell. plans for Pride celebrations with June just
be president in June. If Trump were to continue the Its not just whether Trump will a few weeks away. FedQ, the umbrella
Assuming Trump remains in oce, it recognition of June as Pride month with recognize Pride that remains in question. organization for the groups, didnt respond
remains to be seen what steps hell take, either a proclamation or a reception, he In years past, the anity groups for LGBT to multiple requests forcomment.
if any, to recognize June as Pride month. would be the rst Republican president workers at federal departments hosted John Elias, president of DOJ Pride, was
Kelly Love, a White House spokesperson, to do so. It would also be consistent Pride celebrations. the only head of an LGBT anity group to
said via email when asked if Trump with his claims during the presidential Some of those celebrations were newer respond to the Blades request and would
wouldissue a Pride proclamation or host campaignthat hes a bigger friend to LGBT than others. The Pride celebration at the say only that plans are underway for some
a White House Pride reception, We will people than his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Pentagon only came about after Dont Ask, kind of Pride recognition.
let you know as soon as we announce our Gregory Angelo, president of Log Dont Tell repeal in 2010, but celebrations at The Departments LGBT Pride Month
June proclamations. Cabin Republicans, said his group the U.S. Justice Department occurred even Observance Program is in the planning
During the 2016 election, Trump in an largely alone among LGBT organizations during the Bush administration and former phase, Elias said. I expect the format will
interview with ABC News Jonathan Karl thatsupport and interact with the Trump U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey remain as it has been in recent years.
said hed look into whether he could issue administration has proposed the addressed LGBT employees in 2008. By Elias didnt respond to a follow-up email
a proclamation as president recognizing idea of Trump recognizing Pride, but no the end of last year, virtually each of the on whether that meant Sessions would be
June as Pride month, essentially dodging commitments weremade. departments had some kind of celebration. invited to speak at the event and if he planned
the question. The suggestion has been formally Under the Obama administration, the on attending as Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch
I would look into it, Trump said. And I made to the White House, Angelo said. heads of the departments were featured did under the Obama administration.

Trump extols religious freedom

at Liberty University
In a commencement speech at a school with an anti-LGBT reputation, President
Trump extolled a recent executive order he signed in the name of religious freedom
that opponents say could lay the groundwork for anti-LGBT discrimination.
Trump made the remarks during his commencement speech Saturday at Liberty
University, saying in reference to the executive order he did some very important
signings recently for religious freedom.
America is better when people put their faith into action, Trump said. As long
as I am your president, no one is ever going to stop you from practicing your faith
or from preaching whats in your heart. BRANDON BOSTIAN was charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and
risking a catastrophe.
It wasnt clear whether Trump was referencing the issue of clerks refusing to
marry same-sex couples in his remarks, although he has endorsed religious
freedom legislation known as the First Amendment Defense Act that critics say
would allow anti-LGBT discrimination.
Although the religious freedom executive order on its face doesnt allow
Gay engineer charged in 2015 Amtrak crash
discrimination against LGBT people, the measure instructs U.S. Attorney General
Je Sessions to as appropriate, issue guidance interpreting religious liberty An Amtrak engineer who was operating the train that derailed outside Philadelphia in
protections in Federal law. Some LGBT advocates have said that language will 2015, killing eight people and injuring more than 200 others, was charged on May 12 with
empower Sessions to nd ways to discriminate against LGBT people, such as involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and risking a catastrophe.
allowing workers at federal agencies to refuse to process paperwork for same-sex The Pennsylvania Attorney General led the charges against Brandon Bostian, 34, whos
couples in the name of religious freedom. gay, after a Philadelphia Municipal Court judge overruled a decision by a local Philadelphia
Other observers dont read the executive order the same way. The American prosecutor not to le charges against Bostian on grounds that there was insucient
Civil Liberties Union had threatened to sue Trump over the executive order, but evidence of criminal intent.
laterdeclined to take that action on the basis that it was an elaborate photo-op According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Judge Marsha Neield agreed to accept a private
with no discernible policy outcome. complaint against Bostian led by members of the families of 32 victims in the deadly train
The religious freedom executive order reference was a small component of derailment under a little known Pennsylvania law that allows private citizens to request
a commencement speech in which Trump encouraged graduates to look to the that charges be led against someone accused of one or more misdemeanor oenses.
future and emphasized the importance of faith in America. On the day before Philadelphias local District Attorney sent the case to the state Attorney Generals Oce
Mothers Day, Trump invoked the idea of his late mother smiling down on him after announcing it would be a conict of interest for him to prosecute the case because
from heaven and the late Rev. Jerry Falwell smiling down on his son, Jerry Falwell he initially determined that no charges should be brought against Bostian.
Jr., whos president of Liberty University. The National Transportation Safety Board has determined that Bostian was responsible
Trump also during his speech belittled critics when encouraging graduates to for the derailment after accelerating the train to a speed of 106 miles per hour as it
pursue their dreams. approached a curve in the tracks with a 50-mile-per-hour speed limit. NTSB ocials said
Nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic, because theyre people their investigation found that Bostian was not impaired by alcohol or drugs and had not
that cant get the job done. But the future belongs to the dreamers, not to the been using his cell phone at the time of the derailment.
critics, Trump said. The future belongs to the people who follow their heart no Bostian, who sustained a head injury during the crash, has said he has no memory of
matter what the critics say because they truly believe in their vision. what happened from the time the train approached the sharp curve and the time he was
Trumps commencement speech marks the rst time since President George treated for his injuries by rescue workers. His lawyer and NTSB investigators have said
H.W. Bush spoke at Liberty University in 1990 that the school has hosted a sitting operators of a nearby commuter train using the same tracks broadcast a warning a short
U.S. president. The speech is also the rst commencement address Trump time before the crash that rocks were being thrown at the commuter train. NTSB has
delivered as president. speculated that the rock throwing alert and the possibility that rocks were thrown at the
A Baptist school, Liberty University has an anti-LGBT reputation. The university locomotive that Bostian was driving could have distracted him. But no denitive evidence
has a policy of prohibiting sexual relations outside of a biblically ordained marriage of such an occurrence has been found, NTSB ocials have said.
between a natural-born man and a natural-born woman, which prohibits intimate People who know Bostian have told news media outlets in New York, including the New
relationships with LGBT people. York Times, that Bostian was involved in LGBT rights activities in New York City, where
CHRIS JOHNSON he lived at the time of the fatal derailment. The Inquirer reports that he currently lives in
Boston and had yet to return to Philadelphia to face the charges against him.
1 2 MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM I N T E RN A T I O N A L N E W S

Cuban activist prevented from meeting U.S. counterparts

Mariela Castro leads HAVANA An independent Cuban LGBT rights advocate claims authorities prevented
him from traveling to Havana late last week to meet with a delegation of U.S. advocates.
LGBT march in Havana Nelson Gandulla, president of the Cuban Federation for LGBTI Rights, told the Washington
Blade he received a summons that ordered him to report to police headquarters in the
HAVANA The daughter of Cuban President Ral Castro on Saturday led a city of Cienfuegos at 8 a.m. on May 12 for an interrogation. The meeting between more
march through the Cuban capital that commemorated the International Day than a dozen independent Cuban activists and their U.S. counterparts who included
Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Equality Florida CEO Nadine Smith began in Havana at the same time.
Mariela Castro, who directs Cubas National Center for Sexual Education that is Gandulla told the Blade the police called him and told him he wasnt able to go to work
known by the Spanish acronym CENESEX, and more than 2,000 people marched because the director of the citys local health oce was going to be visiting. Gandulla also
from the Havanas oceanfront to a pavilion that is near the Habana Libre hotel in said they told him he could not leave Cienfuegos Province or the country.
the Vedado neighborhood. Gandulla said police on May 3 detained his partner in the street while working as an
She noted to her supporters after the march that CENESEX rst commemorated independent journalist and interrogated him for two hours. He told the Blade the agents
the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia which is May 17 who interrogated his partner took his camera, cell phone and tripod.
in 2007. They wanted to send him to prison for illicit economic activities, Gandulla told the
This years International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia campaign Blade. They wanted to say that he receives money from abroad, which is not the case. He
will feature events in Havana and in the city of Santa Clara that highlight anti- has never received money. They threatened him that if they saw him on the street lming
bullying eorts in Cuban schools. Mariela Castro told her supporters the or with a camera he would go directly to prison without a trial.
International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia commemorations help Gandulla has told the Blade in previous interviews that authorities have previously
promote acceptance of LGBT people on the Communist island. detained and harassed him.
Each time more people understand that homosexuality is not a sickness, but He said ocials at Havanas Jos Mart International Airport prevented him from
phobias . . . continue to be, she said, referring to the previous International Day boarding a ight to Panama City in order to travel to the Colombian city of Cartagena for
Against Homophobia and Transphobia events that have taken place in Cuba. a workshop that focused on documenting human rights abuses. Gandulla said security
People understand that homosexuality is not dangerous, but homophobia and agents visited his home ahead of then-President Obamas visit to Cuba in March 2016.
transphobia are. Gandulla and two independent LGBT activists were detained for several hours at
CENESEX on Friday honored Rev. Troy Perry, who founded the Metropolitan Jos Mart International Airport in 2015 when they returned to Cuba after attending a
Community Church, at a gala in Havana. He is among those who rode alongside workshop in Colombia. Authorities searched their luggage and conscated their cameras
Mariela Castro in 1950s-era cars and joined her on stage at the pavilion as she spoke. and USB drives for 30 days.
New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Gender Rights Maryland Mariela Castro, director of Cubas National Director of Sexual Health who is Cuban President
Executive Director Dana Beyer, representatives of the British Embassy in Cuba and Ral Castros daughter, spearheads LGBT-specic eorts in the Communist country.
Freedom to Work President Tico Almeida are among those who also attended the Mariela Castro on Saturday led an LGBT march in Havanas Vedado neighborhood in
march. Several Cuban LGBT rights advocates who work independently of CENESEX commemoration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia that
and have publicly criticized Mariela Castro were also walking alongside march drew more than 2,000 people. LGBT-specic events are scheduled to take place in Santa
participants and listening to her speech. Clara and other cities across the country in the coming days.
Im here to just lend support, solidarity, to build bridges with the community, to Gandulla and other independent advocates many of whom met with the U.S.
let them know that they have support from the diaspora abroad, Mark-Viverito, advocates on Friday are critical of Mariela Castro on a host of issues. These include
who is In Havana with a delegation of more than a dozen Latino leaders from the marriage rights for same-sex couples, trans Cubans access to sex-reassignment surgery
U.S. and Puerto Rico, told the Washington Blade during an interview before the and the countrys human rights record.
march began. It was an honor to meet more than a dozen brave, Cuban LGBT advocates who are
Reynaldo, an activist from Havanas Playas del Este area who works with part of organizations and campaigns that are independent of the Cuban government,
CENESEX, told the Blade as he and a handful of his colleagues were standing Smith told the Blade on Monday after she returned to the U.S. Despite the specter of
along the march route before it began that it is important to commemorate harassment and intrusive government surveillance, these leaders have organized in favor
the International Day Against Homophobia in Cuba because it is a Socialist, of marriage equality and given voice to LGBT issues.
machista and sexist country. I learned a great deal in our lengthy discussions and they expressed deep appreciation
We have the need to make our ght against all types of discrimination, whether and a desire for greater engagement from the U.S. LGBT movement, she added. Florida
it is because of sexual orientation, because of gender identity, more visible, said has a unique connection to Cuba and I will eagerly continue to assist their eorts to secure
Reynaldo. We have this need to be recognized socially. equality and dignity for LGBT people.
MICHAEL K. LAVERS The Blade has made repeated requests to interview Mariela Castro in Cuba. The Cuban
government has not responded to them.
T:10 in
S:10 in

2017 Cedars-Sinai
Sometimes I self-diagnose.

Sometimes I just ignore it.

B:9.5 in
S:9.5 in
T:9.5 in
Sometimes I overreact.

Sometimes I underestimate.

Sometimes I search it.

Sometimes I put it off.

Sometimes I freak out.

But, I trust my Cedars-Sinai doctor every time.


V E N I CE PRI DE W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 1 7

Is gentrication killing everything good about Venice?



If you havent visited Venice in a few

years, you most likely wont recognize it.
The bohemian beach community that
has drawn freedom seekers for more than
a century, with its diversity, acceptance,
creativity, art, surf and overall excellent
good vibes is being threatened with
extinction thanks to the encroachment of
big money, which is driving out longtime
residents and businesses alike.
Tech giants like Google and Snapchat
have been making land grabs in Venice
for a while now, but in recent weeks the
pace has quickened. Snapchat is a favorite
villain among critics (which is nearly every
long-term Venice resident). The company
has taken over once funky local storefront
spaces and historic beachside buildings
and lled them with corporate drones
coding within.
Why Venice? Why not some oce park
designed for those purposes?
It all has a tangibly sinister air about it, Once a local hangout, this space is the new upscale home of Adidas.
especially when you consider that Venice PHOTO BY CJ GRONNER

is (was) truly the last beach community

where regular people could aord to live. the same as everywhere else. to the demise of the last aordable urban The charming Mom & Pop shops on Abbot
Where diversity, acceptance, and freedom The Venice Freak Show recently lost its beach community in America? Kinney Boulevard have almost all been
have always been the driving ethos of this lease on Ocean Front Walk to make way The writings about Venice are extensive, kicked out, replaced by sterile, homogenous
American Dream of a town. for even more tech oces. Venice has and almost always poetically hyperbolic mall brands that lack even a semblance of
That was Abbot Kinneys vision when he always been a bit of a Freak Show for about how wonderful the place is. character, or even a taste of the fun avor
created and founded Venice Of America all the tourists to come and check out Venice of America: The American Dream that has always dened Venice.
in 1905 a place of fun, entertainment, how the uninhibited people of the world Come True, the 1973 book by Sweet The not even open new Adidas store that
and creativity that would draw revelers work and play. To have the actual Freak William, shows that this struggle between is replacing Venices beloved Hals actually
from around the world. Venice has been Show forced out of its perfect boardwalk greed and doing whats right is nothing had the audacity to claim Dening Venice
that dream realized ever since, and is tied location merely to increase the square new. Its just much more dire now. on its storefront a move that was met
with Disneyland as Southern Californias footage of the tech footprint is a travesty. Sweet William wrote, Theres only one with such derision in the neighborhood,
top tourist destination. What tourist comes to the Venice beach in the United States of America the German conglomerate removed the
With the recent inux of chain stores and Boardwalk to stand and look at a corporate where poor people live by the sea, oensive words within a week.
tech corporations attempting to turn our oce building? Exactly no one. They lined and theyre being moved out as fast as That shows you that the real Venice
beachfront paradise into Silicon Beach, up to see the Bearded Lady, Larry the Wolf possible. Only one place in America exists people are still here, and still care deeply.
its clear the people doing the buying Boy, and Asia the Sword Swallower, not a where old Jews and pensioners can sit As Sweet William wrote those decades
and selling (and renting) are aware of the sealed o, guarded oce campus. and watch the sun-on-the-water, where ago, The spirit of Venice will never die, for
conundrum that as they succeed, the very The cost gentrication forces are asking welfare children can play in the surf, and it lives in the hearts of brave and beautiful
reasons people want to be part of Venice residents to pay is the loss of one of the most thats Venice Beach. men and women who are striving for
are disappearing the eclectic place historically cool places on Earth. How do they People of Venice fought to preserve that freedom at the edge of America.
everyone knows and loves is becoming sleep at night, knowing theyve contributed but now we face an onslaught of change. Resist!
1 8 MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM V E N I CE P RI D E

Venice of America, a gay history primer



The Rocky Twins, LEIF and PAUL ROSCHBERG, legendary 1930s performers on Venice Pier.

Venice, California! It has always been a in that world. Or possibly you were just the gay community to Venice, from the are restless, said Marvin Camp. There are
place for seekers of fun, freedom, diversity gay and thought that it would be easier various bars (Blackies, Van Goghs Ear, Big more gay people in Venice than in most
and acceptance. to live in a welcoming place like Venice. Brothers, The Pink Elephant Saloon, and our neighborhoods in LA and nothing at all to do.
People of every color and stripe have Whatever your dream, Venice has always beloved The Roostersh) to the gay beaches But the community has coalesced in
made their way to this bohemian beach been there for you to give it a go. called Chi Chi Beach and The Speedo Lido. several ways after the closure of The
enclave for more than a century, since With all the unique things to see and do Divine even moved to Venice in the 1970s. Roostersh.
it was founded in 1905 by Abbot Kinney in Venice, its no surprise that Venice has 2017 nds Venice still a welcoming bubble, The Venice Pride sign lighting and
to fulll his dream of having a Venice of always been a safe bubble for gay folk. but things have changed. There is still an area dance party, the enormous impromptu
America. They were brought here by the In the 1930s, there was a beloved drag of Will Rogers Beach (dubbed Ginger Rogers) outpouring at the Windward Circle vigils
stories of ethnic, economic and cultural act called The Rocky Twins, where brothers that is known as a gay gathering spot, and there after the nightclub shootings in Orlando,
dierences all coming together to prove Leif and Paul Roschberg would perform to are gay nights at The Circle Bar on Main Street, the gathering of Venices LGBT and allied
that those from all walks of life can live delighted audiences at The Ship Caf near and The Birdcage (upstairs in The Victorian in communities under the rainbow-lit Venice
together not only peacefully, but happily. the Venice Pier. Santa Monica), but thats not much. sign, were powerful examples of the
Maybe you came to Venice to play guitar Drag legend Gene Malin, the Mayor With the closing of The Roostersh strength of the local LGBT community.
and roller skate down the boardwalk. of Venice, gave his last performance at last year, there really is no gay place This is why things like Venice Pride
Perhaps you set out to be The Worlds The Ship, before dying in a freak accident to socialize. Russell Cletta told the Los matter, and this is why we will all once
Greatest Wino. You might have just when his car plunged o the pier, killing Angeles Blade, We just dont go out at all. again gather together under the Venice
wanted to surf and live out of your van. him instantly. Thousands of local residents Indeed, a local network of house parties Sign on June 2 to show that we stand
You heard this was where all the artists mourned his death. took root over the past year. People hung out together for social justice and human
lived, and wanted to make your own mark The passing decades continued to invite together in their homes, and at parties. People rights for all. See you there. Proudly.
V E N I CE PRI DE W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 1 9

Reclaiming our space, one beach at a time



The famous Venice Sign is just one of the many icons transformed by the rainbow.


Building upon last years success, Venice Blade this marks only the second time in but with the Trump administration Angeles Blade, Venice has always been
Pride organizers have added a special LA County history that permission has threatening to undo much of the progress, about doing whatever you like, and
component to this years Venice Pride been granted by county supervisors to its evident that the entire movement Pride is a hub for everyone to celebrate
festivities that will show the whole world alter the appearance of any lifeguard and the people that love them need to the diversity of Venice. Brunt added,
how colorful and proud the Venice LBGTQ tower. LA Countys Beaches and Harbors remain vigilant. We want everyone to come to our
community is. Department has a longstanding policy Events like Venice Pride can certainly help. party Gays, friends of gays, parents
And they are doing it in a way that is dating back to at least 1975 that forbids Marston and Brunt stressed that Venice and teachers of gays, children of gays.
perfectly Venice. any public alteration of a lifeguard tower. Pride is open to ALL, and that the events We all love each other, so lets come
The stretch of Venice sand from Park to In addition, the rainbow tower at Brooks are free of charge (other than the $10 together to celebrate each other and
Breeze Avenues will be dedicated on June Avenue will serve as a physical Pride ag all cover for The Birdcage Gaywatch after- our inclusivity. There is no agenda, just
1 as the Bill Rosendahl Memorial Beach, in summer until Sept. 4. Its about visibility, party, but those proceeds come back to a celebration for everyone.
honor of our rst openly gay person elected Brunt said.Visibility brings safety, it brings the Pride Board, so all good). The Brooks Avenue lifeguard tower will
to City Council. It will be marked by both a self-condence, and it brings action, The hope is that Venice Pride can grow begin its transformation in late May and is
permanent plaque ocially naming it Bill Brunt added. to a level where it doesnt have to raise set for a beachside press unveiling on June
Beach, and also by a beautifully painted All important when you are sometimes funds just to put on the event, but to raise 1 to coincide with the rst day of national
rainbow lifeguard tower at Brooks Avenue. talking about someones very survival. In funds for the organizations that need our LGBT pride month.
Venice Pride Board members and the 80s, there was a phrase often used help, like The Trevor Project, a 24-hour All information regarding Venice Pride
partners of 16 years, Patrick Marston and around the AIDS epidemic, that Silence hotline for suicidal LBGTQ youth. can be found at
Michael Brunt, residents of Venice, are equals death. Marston is an artist, and is creating All of Venice looks forward to celebrating
spearheading the Pride Lifeguard Tower Pride back in the day really was often the lifeguard tower likeness to be both our diversity and inclusivity this June 2-3,
project, and their enthusiasm is both about survival, as people were persecuted a brand logo and a stencil that will be and beachgoers will be able to enjoy the
touching and inspirational. for their sexuality. As time has passed, plastered all over town in advance of rainbow lifeguard tower all summer long
Marston and Brunt told the Los Angeles Pride has transformed into a celebration, the June celebration. He told the Los as a symbol of our community pride.
2 2 MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM V E N I CE P RI D E

Sponsors line up to support Venice Pride



The Los Angeles Rams and Google have signed on as sponsors of Venice Pride.

Venice Pride 2017 has lined up a number of LGBT community. Its great for Venice, draft an openly gay player, Michael Sam. the pursuit of equality is authentic and its
mainstream corporate supporters, including for the Rams organization and for the The St. Louis Rams picked Sam in the integrated into our overall organizational
the Los Angeles Rams, the new-but-native LGBT community. Hopefully this is the seventh round, the 249th of 256 players strategy. We value diversity and believe we
NFL team in town, will help light up Venice beginning of even bolder outreach eorts selected in the 2014 draft. He became are a stronger team because of it, she said.
with rainbow colors alongside Google, BCG to our diverse community the NFLs rst out gay player, an event Venice Pride kicks o on June 2, and
Digital Ventures, and others in June as part We are proud to work with Venice Pride so important that even President Obama thousands are expected to attend the two-
of the month-long Venice Pride Sign display. and to stand in alignment with the LGBT hailed the decision. Congratulations to day event.
The team has joined Venice Pride as a community that is such an important part Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for Google also recently joined Venice. The
bronze-level sponsor and has adopted 14 of the fabric of Los Angeles, said Los taking an important step forward today in tech giant, one of the many transforming
blue lights in the letter C of the famous Angeles Rams Vice President of Community our Nations journey he said. From the the beach community will join the LA Rams
VENICE sign, heralding the start of the 2nd Aairs Molly Higgins. Inclusion has always playing eld to the corporate boardroom, in helping light up the Venice sign.
annual Pride celebration on the beach. been a valued part of our organization and LGBT Americans prove everyday that you Leave it to Google to put it best.
Grant Turck, co-founder and executive we see this as a unique way to publicly should be judged by what you do and Google is over-the-rainbow happy
director of Venice Pride, said this is the celebrate the diversity that makes this not who you are. St. Louis Rams jerseys to support Venice Pride and our shared
rst time an NFL team has ocially community so special. bearing his name became a top seller. commitment to inclusion and diversity, said
sponsored an LGBT pride event. We are The team, before relocating to Los Last fall, in a report on, Rebecca Prozan, Googles Head of Public
thrilled the Los Angeles Rams has chosen Angeles from St. Louis, already had a Higgins declared the teams support for Aairs for California. Other sponsors include
our celebration to make this welcome groundbreaking track record in LGBT LGBT inclusive diversity. As a member of the Human Rights Campaign, Keller Williams
and historic overture of inclusion to the rights, being the rst team in history to the LGBT community, I know our interest in Realty, Townhouse Venice and more.
V E N I CE PRI DE W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 2 3

Roostersh closure gave birth to Venice Pride



The Roostersh is still an empty store, more than a year after it closed, a haunting reminder of
Venices changing landscape.


Venices beloved gay bar, The Boulevard. No one cared what or who you were, just watering hole by the sea. Walter Schneider
Roostersh, closed on May 22 last year, Many here thought someone cool with that we were all there to celebrate an iconic and B.M. Alexander were business
creating a massive void for the LBGTQ all this new money in Venice would swoop part of our beach towns history. partners and pioneers of what would
community on the Westside. Massive. in at the last minute to save The Fish, but it I interviewed owner and manager Gary become West Hollywood, opening both
Its been almost a year since that last, never happened. Mick for the Free Venice Beachhead a The Gallery Room and The Up Disco in the
poignantly festive night at The Fish, and Dannys Deli and The Canal Club briey few years back. I asked him at the time if 1960s. When they moved to Venice, they
the space remains empty, a run-down tried to ll the vacuum left behind by it bothered the gay regulars that straight saw a need for somewhere gay to go, and
shell of a once lively headquarters for our the loss of The Roostersh, with gay Venice also had a soft spot for The Fish, a friend found them the spot that now still
towns community, gay and straight alike. promotions and the adoption of the as it was one of the very few places where sits vacant on Abbot Kinney.
It was a watering hole for the people, famous Margarita Wednesdays, but you could still get an actual drink at a price They loved sport shing o the coast of
whatever their sexual preferences. it didnt take. People just wanted their that allowed you to have more than one. Cabo San Lucas, and their favorite sh was the
Diversity was not merely accepted here, Roostersh back. There was no pretension. roostersh, so they named their new place
but celebrated. Thats what was special The entire Venice Pride movement yes, Mick responded that everyone was after it and a legendary venue was born.
about The Roostersh. movement was born out of the closure welcome at The Roostersh, but it was rst Im sure everyone in Venice who ever
Serving up the stiest drinks in town of this historic bar. The loss produced a and foremost a gay bar. If that fact was crossed the threshold of The Roostersh
since 1979, this extra-special dive bar mixture of sadness, anger, and pride that respected and it always was everyone has a good tale to share about it. From
held a strong place in the hearts of Venice, swells up within all good people who still was welcome. He explained that the gay bar Halloween, to birthdays, to street fairs, to
and is sorely missed each day, especially feel displaced for nothing but the kind was a very important part of the coming out just drowning your sorrows, many, many
when you pass by the ghostly faade that of greed that has resulted in warehoused process and should be a safe place and milestones were enjoyed and countless
remains so eerily untouched. storefronts awaiting trustafarian wealth. to basically just chill. Besides, he told me memories were created within the walls of
Gentrication takes a strong toll on a Venice is the new East Village or Tenderloin laughing, everyone knows who is gay and this kind of dumpy, but incredibly awesome
neighborhood, but this hit was one of the a neighborhood with bohemian roots straight pretty much at a glance anyway, so spot. Oh, if those walls could talk.
hardest. There was simply no other option and traditions that is being bastardized into there was really nothing to sweat. Were now coming up on the second
for the LBGTQ brothers and sisters. Its a produced and commercial version of itself. It was always just a place that really did annual Venice Pride festivities, and The
closure was like the death of a community, Cool is being repackaged. practice One Love, and man, do we miss it Roostersh is still being mourned a year later.
or at least it felt that way. Im thinking back now to the last heroic here in Venice. The silver lining is that from that end,
And for what? night at The Roostersh last May, when all of The Roostersh was always meant to the new beginning of a Pride movement
Few can aord the astronomical rents Venice came together to bid a fond farewell. be a kind of gay center for people living at in Venice was born and our community is
on the now unrecognizable Abbot Kinney It was so sad, but so fun at the same time. the beach, a place to meet and socialize, a once again claiming the beach.
2 4 MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM V E N I CE P RI D E





Grant Turck is one of those people who asks

questions like, Tell me what I can do better,
something he asked of his fellow Venice Pride
board meeting recently.
That sums him up. He is not someone who is
eager to please, as the question might suggest,
but someone who truly does strive hard to do
his best, both professionally in his media and
technology consulting work and for the work he
does for the communities he loves, particularly the
LGBT community. How long have you been out and pop culture moment of your
In Venice Pride, Turck has spearheaded the who was the hardest person to tell? lifetime? What would you walk across hot
creation of a high-style event on a shoestring 17 years. My mom. Attending Michael Jacksons memorial coals for?
budget, spending nearly every waking hour service at The Staples Center. To protect those I love.
ensuring the most minor details are impressive. He Whos your LGBT hero?
has done it with the single-minded aim of restoring Ellen DeGeneres for being a lifelong On what do you insist? What LGBT stereotype annoys you
the visibility of the LGBT community in Venice. trailblazer. From breaking through The Golden Rule. most?
And that has paid o, handsomely. the rainbow ceiling in the 90s to The denial of femininity in the gay
This year, Venice Prides second year, has voluntarily serving as a positive role What was your last Facebook post community.
garnered the corporate support of the Los Angeles model insideand outsideour or Tweet?
Rams, Google and Yahoo as well as an impressive community on a daily basis for more NPR review of the new Broadway cast Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
array of Venice-area businesses and politicians. than 14 years, she has done more recording of Hello Dolly starring Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but I
And attendance is expected to reward the beach than most to move the needle of Bette Midler. Its a wonderful score. LOVE the musical.
community handsomely. public perception in our favor.
Ask Pepperdine University about Grants If your life were a book, what would Whats the most overrated social
tenacity. When the conservative Christian, Malibu- Whats Los Angeles best nightspot, the title be? custom?
based university said no to an LGBT student past or present? I havent had time to read a book in Any social custom that requires a
group, saying the group is not supportive of Roostersh, of course! Westside is the quite a long time.:( person to do something for another
the universitys traditional Christian teachings best side. person based solely on their gender
regarding homosexuality, Grant, who formed the If science discovered a way to alone is overrated in my book.
group, rallied an alliance of national leaders to help Describe your dream wedding. change sexual orientation, what
change the policy. An intimate aair surrounded by would you do? What trophy or prize do you most
The universitys decision will adversely aect family and close friends at the El I would remain the way I was created. covet?
the quality of student life on campus for some Encanto. A Tony Award.
students, he said at a rally that drew national What do you believe in beyond the
press. It sends a clear message of ignorance to What non-LGBT issue are you most physical world? What do you wish youd known at
both the student body and those outside the passionate about? Jesus Christ, my lord and savior. 18?
university. It was through SAH that I had hoped to Aordable, universal health care. I wish Id known it would be OK.
stop the silence and bring about positive change Whats your advice for LGBT
for all students at Pepperdine. What historical outcome would you movement leaders? Why Los Angeles?
Insisting on visibility and positive change for all is change? A journey of a thousand miles begins Where does Los Angeles begin and
the thread that seems to run through his character The genocide of gay men in Chechnya. with a single step. Its important to end, really? The beach cities are totally
and is the hallmark of what Venice Pride is all about. Whats been the most memorable remember that change is a process. dierent and I love everything about it.
W WW .L OS A NG EL ESB LADE .CO M MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 2 7
5455 Wilshire Blvd #1505, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Los Angeles Blade, LLC
tracking more than 130 anti-LGBTQ bills in in the race for California Democratic Party
Resistance is now 30 states, including Texas. This is the most chair with supporters of out Eric Baumans
a patriotic act number of specically anti-LGBT bills that weve opponent accusing him of pedophilia.
310-230-5266 x8080 (o), 917-406-1619 (c)
ever faced, Chuck Smith, president of Equality What theyre accusing me of is being a SALES & MARKETING
Texas, told USA Today about the 24 anti-LGBT child predator! And I lost it. I started crying ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE
bills introduced this session. Its an all-out uncontrollably, Bauman told me about
assault on LGBT people. hearing of the false rumors. 310-230-5266 x8095
What is surprising is that some Democrats This is despicable! This is not the Democratic PALM SPRINGS ACCOUNT EXEC
BRAD FUHR, 310-230-5266
seem to be backtracking on LGBT equality for Party! These are Trumpian tactics and it has to NATIONAL ADVERTISING
the sake of political expediency. stop! The reaction in the LGBT community has RIVENDELL MEDIA, 212-242-6863
For example, North Carolina Gov. Roy been swift: I am sickened that there still are MARKETING DIRECTOR
Cooper, a Democrat elected with a lot of help people in Californias Democratic Party who STEPHEN RUTGERS
from the LGBT community furious over the would resort to these false smears to favor, 202-747-2077 x8077
KAREN OCAMB is senior contributing writer for hateful HB2, told the Center for American their preferred candidate, Equality California NATIONAL EDITOR
the Los Angeles Blade. Progress 2017 Ideas Conference on May Executive Director Zbur told the LA Blade, KEVIN NAFF
16 that he had a choice about signing a calling for an investigation., 202-747-2077 x8088
compromise repeal bill. But ghting back, resisting is not enough, MICHAEL K. LAVERS
The center of American power, the seat of Cooper said, Do I continue to make a Lorri L. Jean, CEO of the L.A. LGBT Center,
democracy, is in chaos. statement and pound on the table and nothing told the crowd at An Evening for Women in KAREN OCAMB
The world watched Donald Trump destroy happen, or do I take a positive step, make Hollywood May 13. No matter the obstacles
civility as a campaign sideshow; now his progress, and continue to ght. I chose the we faced, no matter who was in power, we CONTRIBUTORS
bullying narcissistic ineptitude is threatening to latter for my state because we got rid of the NEVER accepted the status quo or settled ROSHAN, HOLLY HUGHES, KIT WINTER, BRAD LAMM,
destroy civilization. Lord of the Flies as a reality birth certicate requirement, we opened up for crumbs. And we certainly have not been DAVID EHRENSTEIN, STEVEN ERICKSON, LILLIAN
TV show. the ability of local governments to provide satised with simply trying to limit the damage FADERMAN, ORIOL GUTTIEREZ, SETH HEMMELGARN,
But the White House is not an island unto some protections now, and some in the future. being done to us, she said. We cannot allow JOHN PAUL KING, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MELODY
itself and the latest breathtaking revelations Im gonna issue an Executive Order pretty soon, timidity or fear or even the prospect of short- MUNDY, ROBERT WILLIAMS, DAN ALLEN, BRAD FUHR,
that Trump leaked highly classied intelligence that is comprehensive, that helps with LGBT term failure to reduce our expectations or our MACKIE, JOEY DIGUGLIELMO, CHRIS JOHNSON, LOU
about ISIS to Russian ocials during a protections, and were going to keep working demands. That kind of determination has been CHIBBARO JR., MARIAH COOPER, ABBY DEES, REBEKAH
meeting in the Oval Ocethe sharing every day. the key to our movements success thus far. SAGER, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MIKE CIRIACO
of which was not agreed to by the Israeli The CAP audience applauded. But LGBT And it is key to our future. BOB KRASNER, JON VISCOTT, MICHAEL KEY
sourcehas caused feverish concerns about politicos on the ground felt betrayed by the Jean pointed out that Los Angeles and CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
compromise, which Cooper hastily signed to California have enormous power, and will AZERCREATIVE.COM
his competence and credibility. DISTRIBUTION
Meanwhile, despite claims from the State meet a deadline imposed by the NCAA. The exercise it. We will set the example for our CHRISTOPHER JACKSON, 562-826-6602
Department that they are deeply disturbed ACLU of North Carolina called the repeal a nation, continuing to make real progress while All material in the Los Angeles Blade is protected by federal copyright
law and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Los
about the abuse and murder of gays in disgraceful backroom deal that uses LGBT holding fast to the values we cherish: inclusivity, Angeles Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers,
writers and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor
Chechnya, the issue never came up in the rights as a bargaining chip. diversity, acceptance, she said, organizing implied. The appearance of names or pictorial representation does not
necessarily indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons.
meeting between Trump and the Russian Important provisions of HB2 are still in everywhere. We will speak up and expose Although the Los Angeles Blade is supported by many ne advertisers,
we cannot accept responsibility for claims made by advertisers.
foreign minister. The fact that Trump promised eect until 2020, including prohibiting cities wrongs and hold the perpetrators accountable. Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the Los Angeles Blade, but
the paper cannot take responsibility for its return. The editors reserve
to protect the LGBT community to get LGBT from passing nondiscrimination ordinances And in 2018 and 2020, with regard to those the right to accept, reject or edit any submission. A single copy of the
Los Angeles Blade is available from authorized distribution points, to
votes, only to roll back Obama-era protections regarding private employment or public who would have us regress to an America that any individual within a 50-mile radius of Los Angeles, CA. Multiple copies
are available from the Los Angeles Blade oce only. Call for rates. If
and turn a blind eye to the anti-LGBT atrocities accommodations nor are transgender citizens was never great for people like us, we will send you are unable to get to a convenient free distribution point, you may
receive a 26-week mailed subscription for $195 per year or $5.00 per
in this region of the Russian Federation only allowed access to public bathrooms that them packing! single issue. Checks or credit card orders can be sent to Phil Rockstroh
at Postmaster: Send address changes to
goes to shred the last wisps of his credibility. match their gender identity. Cooper signed In fact, Jean said, the LGBT community is the Los Angeles Blade, PO BOX 53352 Washington, DC 20009. The Los
Angeles Blade is published bi-weekly, on Friday, by Los Angeles Blade,
Some of the changes that were seeing that bill in March but no executive order has inspiring. Fighting for justice, and winning, is LLC. Rates for businesses/institutions are $450 per year. Periodical
postage paid at Los Angeles, CA., and additional mailing oces. Editorial
should seem small, but they matter a great yet been oered. what we know how to do. Its one of the things positions of the Los Angeles Blade are expressed in editorials and in
editors notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are
deal if youre the person aected, former Sec. Nor has the Democratic Governors we do best. In these dicult times, its critical to those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of
the Los Angeles Blade or its sta. To submit a letter or commentary:
of State Hillary Clinton told an audience at the Association called o plans for a September remind ourselves of that fact. Letters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length, and
New York City LGBT Center last month. Others meeting in North Carolina, despite several We must remember not only that we are must include a name, address and phone number for verication. Send
submissions by e-mail to
carry historic signicance, like the future of the states, including California, upholding a on the right side of history, but that we are
Supreme Court. travel ban there until LGBT citizens receive erce and resilient and inspiring. We must use
Or the future of a state. full equality. that power to ensure we do more than simply
The Human Rights Campaign says it is And then theres the ugly homophobia weather the storm. We must BE the storm!
V I E W PO I N T W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 2 9

Trump to LGBT Elders: DROP DEAD

required to undertake before erasing least some in Washington are listening. far too often forces LGBT elders who need
Standing with our pioneers, an entire population from an important On April 27, a bi-partisan group of 19 U.S. care and services back into the closet
#WeRefuseToBeInvisible federal program. The Public Comment Senators led by Susan Collins, Republican in order to protect themselves from
period for the survey exclusion ended on chair of the Senates Special Committee mistreatment. Weve made progress on
May 12 and resulted in more than 8,000 on Aging, publicly demanded a reversal of that front in recent years, as SAGE has led
By MICHAEL ADAMS letters making their way to Washington. the Trump Administrations plans to erase eorts across the country to use training
Many organizations, LGBT and allies LGBT elders. to improve treatment of LGBT elders by
Four months into the Trump alike, have joined the cause. As Dr. Yanira The deadline for the Public Comment care providers. It will require extraordinary
administration and its become clear Cruz, President and CEO of the National period for the survey exclusion has already vigilance to ensure the Administrations
that LGBT elders and their advocates are Hispanic Council on Aging, put it: We passed, and now we await a nal decision drive to elevate religious voices fueled by
in for a big ght, with the new regime in know that Donald Trump and [Health & from the Trump Administration on LGBT right-wing evangelical Trump supporters
Washington seemingly determined to Human Services Cabinet Secretary] Tom inclusion in the elder services survey. But does not erase that progress.
erase the progress toward LGBT inclusion Price wont change their minds on their while we wait, we will not back down in And the threats dont stop there. On
in federal aging policies and programs. own, which is why were joining forces with our opposition to the erasure of our older the very same day the religious freedom
Given the erasure of LGBT issues SAGE to raise our voices in demanding LGBT community, because unfortunately, Executive Order was signed, the House
from White House and federal agency that HHS add LGBT questions back into its there is every indication that more battles of Representatives in a party-line vote
websites within hours of Donald Trumps survey of older adultsBecause everyone, are looming on the horizon. succeeded in passing a slapped-together
inauguration, we at SAGE were alarmed at every stage of life, deserves to be The so-called religious freedom bill that would replace Obamacare with
but not surprised when we learned of counted, heard, and treated with respect. Executive Order signed by Donald Trump a disastrous approach to health care
plans to eliminate LGBT elders from the A broad array of organizations from early in May lays the groundwork for that favors the wealthy and dumps on
annual survey that determines how $2 national and local LGBT leaders like the Attorney General Je Sessions, a long-time everybody else. Among the many groups
billion in publicly funded elder services Human Rights Campaign, the National opponent of LGBT equality, to authorize that would be hurt by Trumpcare, older
gets distributed. This outrageous move LGBTQ Task Force, and Fenway Community religious-based discrimination across people face the threat of health insurance
sends a clear message to our LGBT elders, Health to aging sector leaders like Justice federally supported programs. Given premiums that are ve times higher than
many of whose very lives depend upon in Aging and the Leadership Council of the history of religion-based, anti-LGBT premiums for younger people. Here again,
federally funded services, that the Trump Aging Organizations have mobilized their teachings, and the fact that faith-based we must ght as hard as possible to ensure
Administration doesnt care whether they constituents to express opposition to the organizations make up more than 70 that this terrible rollback in progress is
receive those services or not. erasure of LGBT elders. A recent analysis percent of the long-term care providers stopped in its tracks.
As the leading voice for LGBT elders published on Storify demonstrates the upon which older Americans are forced Through all of these battles, and those
nationally, SAGE responded quickly with degree to which #WeWillNotBeInvisible to rely, LGBT elders have every reason to to come, SAGE will continue to stand with
the #WeRefuseToBeInvisible campaign has caught on via social media, touching a be deeply concerned that they will pay a and for our LGBT elder pioneers. We will
a grassroots eort to mobilize a strong powerful nerve across LGBT communities high price for the Trump Administrations not back down. We refuse to be invisible.
response to the Public Comment period and with allies. determination to favor religious voices
that the Trump Administration is legally There are emerging indications that at over all others. Tragically, discrimination MICHAEL ADAMS is CEO of SAGE.
3 0 MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 WWW. L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M

Marvelous, sad and blisteringly

funny. A brave and rewarding drama that
speaks to us all. - The Guardian The
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for the
app store





JUNE 8 - JULY 9, 2017

The Promise is a watershed moment for LGBT Armenians
New film creates bridge for thousands in Los Angeles


M A Y 1 9 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 0 1 I S S U E 0 5 A me r i c a s L G B T N e w s S ou r c e L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M 3 1

Christian Bale stars in The Armenians.


When Henrick Vartanian invited Vic arose last month, taking his pal Vic has a in the U.S. He says he in particular as an Hes so visible and, frankly, so well
Gerami to the Hollywood premiere of no-brainer. Armenian from Iran who came to the U.S. liked within Southern Californias LGBTQ
director Terry Georges, The Promise, a It was important to me to bring a in the mid-1980s shortly after the Islamic community that its hard to imagine him as
watershed moment was in the works. friend with whom I have more than a revolution feels particularly lucky to have an outsider. Nevertheless, thats a description
It is a very significant film since its the few thingsin common, he told the Blade escaped the threat of persecution that with which he says hes most familiar.
only...big-budget production which brings during a recent interview. regularly results in murder back home. Sometimes I feel like cress or celeriac in
the story of the Armenian Genocide to mass One commonality he shares with Gerami The concept and practiceof persecution a salad where I have to constantly explain
audiences, finally and truthfully, Henrick is a longing to simply hear and see the story anddiscrimination is sadly familiar to us in who I am, he said. For the most part, the
Vartanian, 46, told the Los Angeles Blade. his family and his countrymen shared: that more ways than one, he said. world doesnt know who we are, where we
Nearly 200,000 Armenian-Americans of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-18, of Gerami, manager of events at the West come from or other specifics. Sometimes
out of about 460,000 in the United which the world has too many Armenians Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, has they think were Middle Eastern,
States overall live in Los Angeles County, almost willfully unaware for a century. been an out-front member of this regions sometimes Russian; but were neither.
according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Deep inside, as Armenian- LGBTQ business community for more For the record, Armenia according to the
making L.A. one of the largest Armenian Americans, we both wanted to see than a decade. CIAs World Fact Book, can be accurately
communities outside of Armenia. the story of our ancestors told in our Im a zero-generation Armenian- classified as a republic in either Europe or
Vartanian works as a media producer lifetimesjust like our great grandparents American, Gerami told the Blade. I the Middle East because it straddles both.
at Brave New Hollywood, an independent wished to, but never did. arrived in the USA on my 15th birthday. My The same source notes that Armenia was
production company in Glendale. When Vartanian says he and Gerami are mom passed almost 20 years ago, but my
the opportunity to attend the premiere fortunate as gay men to have grown up dad and two sisters live in Los Angeles. ContinueS ON page 39
3 2 MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM THEATER

Archduke makes an auspicious premiere at the Taper



tutored by Apis in the history of Serbian

oppression and the appeal of martyrdom.
In a mad dinner scene with a hilariously
large map of the region as a backdrop,
we watch Apis seduce the hapless young
men with dreams of posthumous glory.
The parallels to ISIS and other fanatical
groups are clear and present, even as the
outrageous comedy soars.
The production is a world premiere of
a CTG commission, and the smart script
will likely be ne-tuned from here. During
the Act Two train ride to Sarajevo (in a
gorgeous sleeper compartment courtesy
of designer Tim Mackabee), the three
young men consider ways out of their
monumental task, with sex and food
being the primary reasons not to embrace
martyrdom. The universally human desire
to survive and endure is compelling and
could use deeper examination. That the
eventual assassination was more or less
an accident only adds to that point.
But this premiere is a grand one,
with splendid production values and
wonderful performances. Stocking
pulls o physical comedy with aplomb
while imbuing the doltish Gavrilo with a
soulful yearning. Monsef, so excellent in
Josephs Guards at the Taj, again proves
himself a deft interpreter of the writers
L-R: STEPHEN STOCKING and TODD WEEKS in the world premiere of Rajiv Josephs Archduke. Directed by Giovanna Sardelli, Archduke plays through
June 4 at the Center Theatre Group/Mark Taper Forum. boisterous humor, while Bania brings
PHOTO COURTESY OF CENTER THEATRE GROUP charm and endearing innocence to the
guilt-ridden Nedeljko. Page dominates
That a new play about the young Serbian entertaining examination of patriotism, and when the imposing and intimidating the proceedings, both physically and
men tasked with the 1914 assassination identity, martyrdom, and destiny. Captain Dragutin Apis Dimitrijevic philosophically. Best-known for Broadway
that sparked World War I could be If we remember anything about WWI, (Patrick Page) visits, it is to not-so-gently musical villains, the accomplished classical
alarmingly relevant is one thing; that it is it is probably that the assassination of convince the doctor to send several theater actor fully embraces the theatrical
also surprisingly funny is a testament to Archduke Franz Ferdinand triggered lungers (boys with TB) his way. Turns out extravagance of Apis, and we miss him
the darkly comic imagination of playwright the worldwide conagration. Joseph the mad Serbian nationalist is looking to when he disappears.
Rajiv Joseph (Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad introduces us to Gavrilo Princip (Stephen recruit some doomed young men to carry Director Giovanna Sardelli steers the
Zoo, Guards at the Taj). Stocking), the innocent and inept young out his plan for Serbian independence actors along the razors edge of Josephs
As he has done to varying degrees man who would carry out that fateful from the suocating and corrupt hand of sardonic and sometimes broad humor,
in other works, Joseph deftly combines deed, as he is being examined by Dr. Leko the Austro-Hungarian empire. stopping on a dime when necessary and
historical events and individuals with his (Todd Weeks) for tuberculosis. Leko is Gavrilo eventually joins Trifko (Ramiz allowing for moments of quiet power in
own unique invention, resulting in an known for oering free exams to the sick, Monsef) and Nedeljko (Josia Bania) to be this auspicious premiere.
F I LM W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 3 3

Director Vincent Gagliostro on After Louie



Filmmaker Vincent Gagliostro is a has a biographical background that

relative newcomer when it comes to parallels your own in many ways. How
making movies. He is, however, no much of what we see in the lm is
stranger to activism or the many questions autobiographical?
about identity he deftly grapples with in Gagliostro: I have to laugh a bit here.
his lm After Louie. Talk about a generation gap- sitting
After building a career as one of the with my co-writer Anthony Johnston, he
most sought-after art directors in the New commented on how so much of this lm
York fashion world of the 70s and 80s, he is so meta, I excused myself to the toilet,
became enraged (like so many other gay to look up what that meant on my phone.
men and their allies) at the indierence When I returned I enthusiastically agreed.
with which his city and country were Well, Sams visit with his gallerist, Rhona,
meeting the AIDS crisis so he put his is lifted from my visit with my gallerist.
impressive skill set to work for ACT UP, Surprisingly it turned out to be one of the
creating for them a host of now-iconic ALAN CUMMING (R) and ZACHARY BOOTH (L) star in After Louie, a story about a man desperate to hardest scenes to write. Who knows?
understand how he and his community got to where they are today.
graphics as well as actively organizing PHOTO COURTESY OF VINCENT GAGLIOSTRO Sams circle of friends Jerey, Maggie,
and participating in demonstrations. (In William are very much spooled from mine.
New York, he worked as art director of Los Vincent Gagliostro: Two self-imposed Jean-Luc Godard once remarked, It is not I was always telling Anthony, wait till you
Angeles Blade Publisher and Editor Troy questions sparked the making of my lm. a matter of making political lms, but meet the real Jerey.
Masters QW Magazine, the nations rst What happened to us/me? And, how does rather making lms politically. This freed
glossy LGBT news magazine.) one generation connect to the next? There the telling of the narrative for me. Blade: The scene you mentioned, with
Subsequently, his career in commercial is a tense generational tension in the gay At one point in the process of writing Rhona, actually sparked my next question.
art continued to expand and evolve, and male community today. I found myself, along with much of my Sam is also making a movie about AIDS,
after moving to Paris in 2005 (with his A divide, so to speak, between two immediate community, reeling from the and is met with resistance from those
partner, Richard Nahem) he experienced generations of gay men coming to this so- death of our friend Spencer Cox, it hit around him. Does this reect your own
a sort of artistic rebirth that has yielded called post AIDS society from opposite us all like a brick. Peter Staley put it so experience in making the movie, and did
several installations at Galerie NEC and the ends who just arent getting each other eloquently in his eulogy, titled, Grief is a such feedback have an inuence over the
blossoming of an interest in lmmaking. those of us who lived through the eye of Sword While many of us, through luck ultimate direction it took?
The memories of his experiences on the the storm of the 1980s and early 90s and or circumstance, have landed on our feet, Gagliostro: To some extent, yes. When
front lines of protests have never left him, those who entered into a sexual life with all of us in some way have unprocessed one sets out to tell a story around/about a
though, and now, three decades later, they HIV no longer a death sentence.. grief, or guilt, or an overwhelming sense friend with mutual friends, in this case, my
lie at the heart of his latest movie project: The lm the character of Sam is of abandonment from a community that friend William Wilson and his short story,
After Louie, which premiered earlier this making, at rst glance, situates the AIDS turned its back on us, and increasingly After Louie, ownership issues surface. I
year at Londons BFI Flame Film Festival crisis in the past; he is paying homage to stigmatized us, all in an attempt to pretend was scolded by a very close mutual friend
with three sold-out screenings. those whom he has lost (specically one that AIDS wasnt its problem anymore. for using William. This had a big inuence
Directed and co-written by Gagliostro, of his activist comrades in arms, William That is Spencers call to action, and we on the direction I ultimately took. There is an
After Louie tells the story of a 50-something Wilson); but- and a BIG BUT- is he looking should take it on. explosion that occurs over Chinese take out
former AIDS activist, Sam, who is struggling for closure or looking to reactivate the It was time to start talking to each at the apartment of Jerey and his husband
to make a lm that expresses his still-potent activism of the past into the future? He is other again, time to tell the truth. And for Mateo, along with Maggie and her husband
feelings of outrage to a world that no longer struggling with the past, mourning, and myself, the only way to do this was to keep Mark. Jerey, egged on by Mateo nally tells
seems to care. closure, but not-as his friends suggest he it personal. Many of my friends thought I Sam how he feels about his using Sam. This
do trying to get over it, to move on. Move was making a documentary. That seemed leads to an emotional indictment of Sam, his
Los Angeles Blade: After Louie on to what? Thats where we meet Sam. Its limiting. Selective memory seemed a more white-male privilege, and a questioning of
confronts the lingering pain left by the like he says to his gallerist, Rhona as she potent way to get at the truth. what good his art does.
AIDS epidemic among its survivors. looks for new paintings, he is trying to get
Why this subject, and why now? back to doing something important again. Blade: The central character, Sam, CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
3 4 MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM T RA V E L

Long Beach its the other queer city



The streets were smoking the weekend

my girlfriend and I visited Long Beach but
it wasnt because Long Beach was hot. It
was due to the Formula Drift, a car event
that allows competitors to legally spin out
in designated areas on the citys streets for
a weekend.
That was in advance of the recent Toyota
Grand Prix, where cars raced through
downtown Long Beach streets.
While racecar lovers were burning
rubber in Long Beach, my girlfriend and I
were burning rubber on the soles of our
shoes and with bikes from Long Beach
Bike Share to explore the city during our
36-hour jaunt.
We ew into Long Beach Airport
Friday night and settled into the Hilton
Long Beach to rest up for our weekend
Long Beach is not just a great place to celebrate Pride (on the beach!) but also one of the top California cities for LGBT families.
Our hotel was located downtown, which PHOTO BY MITCH; COURTESY OF FLICKR
allowed us to easily hit all the happening
neighborhoods and sites Long Beach has
to oer. Possibly the best way to get a sample of what Brunch oered a buet ranging from
We walked everywhere from the Aquarium Long Beach has to oer is to check out Taste standard American breakfast to Chinese, GET FESTIVE
of the Pacic to Rainbow Harbor to Fourth of Downtown and Stroll and Savor. Foodies Italian, Mexican, seafood, and, of course, There are many reasons to go to Long
Street and Pine Avenue the rst day. We delight as they stroll along Pine Avenue and dessert, all washed down with champagne Beach, but festivals, especially now that
found that Long Beach was very walkable, Waterfront downtown and along Second that magically continues to appear in your spring will soon give way to summer,
at least in the downtown and within specic Street in the Belmont Shore neighborhood, glass. We also enjoyed breakfast at local also transform this city into a destination
neighborhoods. The following day we rolled tasting the best of what the citys restaurants favorite, the Breakfast Bar, which serves up worth visiting.
through the citys bike boulevards and bike have to serve up. Taste of Downtown takes a variety of favorites, including American, The season kicks o with Long Beach
lanes all the way up to Belmont Heights and place in May and August. Stroll and Savor Southern, and Mexican-American. Pride, which is May 20-21, and ends with
back before brunch. takes place monthly May through August. Our only regret was Georges Greek QFilms Long Beach, the LGBT lm festival,
Long Beach, with a population of about We still cant get the avors of Lolas Cafe. We had to refresh our palate from September 7-10.
510,000, is the seventh largest city in Mexican Cuisine, a popular funky the overcooked food and bad Greek wine Throughout the summer, Long Beach
California and the 36th largest in the U.S., restaurant, out of our minds. The menu with a visit after dinner to District Wine. celebrates the beach and sea with a variety
according to our host, Bob Maguglin, from features recipes from Guadalajara, Reviewing our list of restaurants, we of events by the Long Beach Sea Festival,
the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Mexico handed down to the restaurants wished we had gone to Cafe Sevilla for including the Original Lobster Festival, the
Bureau. A native, he has a deep passion namesake from her grandmother, as well Spanish tapas, but we wouldnt have largest lobster festival outside of Maine,
for the city. as modern Mexican fare. Theres indoor explored bustling Second Street and which wraps up the season in September.
and outdoor seating; the back patio has the Belmont Shores neighborhood if we Golfers will enjoy the annual Long Beach
PICK YOUR FLAVOR a cute, colorful atmosphere featuring had. However, we are quite sure that Golf Festival that features a womens and
Long Beach boasts 112 neighborhoods. Mexican artwork. The restaurant has there will be more than a handful of new mens city championship among nine
Restaurateurs have been spicing up the a second location in the Bixby Knolls restaurants to add to the list we created tournaments that attracts more than
citys culinary scene and its diversity is how it neighborhood along Atlantic Avenue. that will beckon our taste buds to return
got its new nickname, the International City. The Queen Mary Champagne Sunday to Long Beach soon. CONTINUES ON PAGE 35
TRAVEL W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 3 5

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 34 across the street from Harvey Milk Park on Eastside are generally considered the especially the behind-the-scenes tour we
the Promenade. gayborhoods and lesbihood, respectively. went on. They will also enjoy the Diana:
Along Ocean Boulevard, the historic Our new friends, Tara Frazier and Legacy of a Princess exhibit, haunted and
1,500 golfers from around the United Club Ripples that has been a bastion in Marisol Pathaco, a 30-something lesbian historic tours, and other events aboard
States and the world May 17-19. the Belmont Shore neighborhood since couple we met during brunch at the Queen the Queen Mary, a luxury passenger ship
Craft brew lovers can explore Beer 1972, is one of the citys 13 gay bars and Mary, told my girlfriend and I that there built in 1936 with a glamorous past.
Camp on Tour, Americas largest craft beer nightclubs. The nightclub also hosts one is never a dull moment in Long Beach The Diana exhibit is educational and, at
festival, which will be in Long Beach at the of the citys only lesbian nights, Syrens because here is always something to do. moments, sad and uplifting, and includes
Queen Mary Events Park June 24. Ladies Night. Frazier added that Long Beach is a the achievements of Princes Harry and
In July, Long Beach will celebrate artists We were surprised that Long Beach, romantic city too, as we continued hanging William of England.
at the annual Pow! Wow! Long Beach. The which has a reputation for having a large out on the ships deck sipping champagne. The Queen Mary has called Long Beach
weeklong festival, July 11-17, celebrates lesbian community, doesnt oer much for Located on the Pacic Ocean with 11 home since 1967 when it ended its nal
art, culture, and music with daily events lesbian nightlife. Its something that hasnt and a half miles of sandy beaches and 345 voyage at the popular cruise ship port,
and a competition with internationally gone unnoticed by local queer women days of sunshine that is when the fog isnt where it is now a oating hotel and popular
known artists creating large-scale mural who spoke with the Bay Area Reporter. around Long Beach has plenty of things event and wedding venue. Today, the port
instillations throughout the city. Lesbian scene or not, the city is clearly to do. Couples and families enjoy outdoor is also home to Carnival Cruises, which is
Music lovers can enjoy the Long Beach dusting itself o under the direction of activities, such as beach volleyball, biking, expanding its cruises to Hawaii and Mexico.
Jazz Festival, August 11-13. its rst young gay Latino mayor, Robert boating, golf, tennis, and walking along
Garcia. The founder and publisher of Long the beach or Rainbow Harbor Esplanade WHERE TO SLEEP
POLISHING UP Beach Post and an immigrant from Peru, or even a ride aboard Gondola Getaway We stayed at the Hilton Long Beach,
One of the major reasons is that for Garcia was elected in 2014. through the canals of Naples Island. It also however, there are plenty of lodging
the past decade Long Beach, which had a The changes that started in 2007 appear has a robust arts and culinary scene. options, such as the Queen Mary. The ship
reputation for being rough around the edges, to have been kicked into high gear within My girlfriend and I enjoyed gliding is not only a place to dine, drink, and have
has been working on cleaning itself up. the past couple of years since Garcia through the canals of Naples Island at a good time at any one of its many events,
The city is alive with creative innovation. stepped into the mayors oce. Hes on sunset aboard one of the gondolas. As we it also has 320 hotel rooms.
Everywhere you go new restaurants and a mission to raise Long Beachs prole, admired the unique array of architecture Another luxury boat lodging option
shops are opening. Many of the new attracting several industries such as and learned about the history behind is the Dockside Boat and Bed, where
boutiques and eateries in downtown Long high-tech and brand name stores to the buildings by our gondolier, a former guests sleep in yacht accommodations in
Beach along Pine Avenue and Broadway revitalize the beach town. teacher, we also saw friends enjoying a Rainbow Harbor.
sprouted at Made by Millworks, a gift and Its working. Garcia has attracted young dinner set up on the boat, couples getting More moderate and funky boutique
art gallery that features more than 150 people, who are bringing a new vibrant engaged, and party boats celebrating options from the Hotel Maya to the
local brands, and was founded in 2014. energy to the city, while retaining its birthdays oat past us. historic 1920s Varden Hotel are also
Some of the businesses such as laidback beach vibe, diversity, and family- Art acionados will love the galleries and located downtown.
the Crepe Crafters, Pie Bar, Romeo friendly atmosphere. Its the perfect museums, such as the Museum of Latin
Chocolates, Saints and Sinners Bake Shop, concoction for a hip city. American Art, along with the bars and GETTING THERE AND AROUND
and lesbian-owned Wide Eyes Open Palms restaurants in the East Village Arts District. We ew in on JetBlue, for which Long Beach
started at Made by Millworks and have SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Shoppers will enjoy Second Street in is one of its hubs. The Long Beach Airport is
opened nearby. Long Beach oers something for Belmont Shores, Pine Avenue, the Pike about a 20-minute drive from the city.
Then theres the historic favorite on everyone. Its a very queer city with gay- Outlets, and Retro Row, with antiques The downtown is very walkable, as
Pine Avenue, Hamburger Marys, where owned businesses new and old residing in and second-hand shops. Another great we discovered, but there are shuttles
Jamies T Girl Saturday and Brunch with many neighborhoods, from Pine Avenue shopping destination is Fourth Fridays at available: the Passport buses, Aquabus,
the Brunchettes draw the community out downtown to Fourth Street and Broadway the Pike. The event showcases more than and the Aqualink. Passport buses are
to eat and laugh. to Retro Row where The Center Long Beach, 80 vendors, food trucks, and local artists free downtown and aordable for longer
Taking a break from walking the LGBT community center, is located. and is open to the public every fourth distances. Fare-based Aquabus, will take
everywhere, my girlfriend and I enjoyed There is more than one gay neighborhood Friday of the month from 5 to 10 p.m. you to the aquarium, and the Aqualink, will
local brews at Beachwood Brewing, right too; Alamitos Beach and Signal Hill and Families will enjoy the aquarium, take you to Alamitos Bay and Naples Island.
3 6 MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM CA LE N D A R

E-mail calendar items to 6th Annual Voice Awards,May 20 @ 6 MAY 23 Village at Ed Gould Plaza - (1125 North PM - 9 PM. JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE McCadden Place ). Please join LAWN with
two weeks prior to your event. Space is
limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic (900 W Olympic Blvd). The Voice Awards Networking Event with CIA LGBT community partner Outfest for a Memorial
events or those with LGBT participants.
Recurring events must be will be presented on May 20, 2017 at JW Division, May 23 @ 6 PM - 8 PM at West Day Weekend mini-lm festival featuring
re-submitted each time. Marriott. Last years Voice Awards raised Hollywood Library (625 N. San Vicente the steamy Below Her Mouth, made by
over $500,000 to support GMCLAs Outreach Blvd.). Please join us for a special screening an all-female crew, and the celebratory
LOS ANGELES Programs. The Voice Awards honors those of the CIA documentary ANGLE of Ascent Womens Voices Shorts Showcase with
who advance our world, refute silence, lend followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. Hosted Bar. Tickets (includes Outfest
MAY 19 a voice to the oppressed, exhibit leadership networking on Tuesday, May 23rd. ANGLE Crew Level Memberships - $50 value)
and give hope. of Ascent is an intriguing 45 minute General $25.
Pride Week Events: Pride Rally - The Drag Daze: Amateur Drag Competition documentary created by the Central Honey Pot - 10 Year Cancerversary
Ocial LB Pride Kicko P, Fri, May 19 @ for Charity, May 20 @ 7 PM. Hamburger Intelligence Agency (CIA). It provides a rare Celebration- Goodboy & Lily Khuu!,
7 PM - 2 AM. Long Beach Gay Pride (386 Marys WEHO -(8288 Santa Monica Blvd.). glimpse inside the CIA. May 27 @ 9 PM - 2 AM. The Other Door
E Shoreline Dr). The ocial kick o party, Drag Daze: Amateur Drag Competition (10437 Burbank Blvd). Were celebrating
formerly known as the Pink Party, will for Charity! 50% of Proceeds benet APLA MAY 26 Sarah Woodwards Birthday and 10 years
be held on the North Promenade near HEALTH. To participate email Kim Weekes of remission as an ovarian cancer survivor!
Broadway and Third Street. ( $125 Cash AARP Listening Session at Triangle Donations will be collected at the door
RUBBER F*CKER, May 19 @10 PM - 1 Prize for 1st Place $50 Prize for Best Square, May 26 @ 1 PM - 3 PM. Triangle for cancer non-prots of Sarahs choice!
AM. Eagle LA (4219 Santa Monica Blvd). The Dressed Up To 8 Contestants have one Square (1602 Ivar Ave). AARP is interested Queertainment Presents... HONEY POT
hottest party for men into rubber, latex hour to get into drag and compete to win in your opinions about the livability of Los w/ GoodBoy, Megatronic/Miss Meg (DJ/
and Fetish gear is back! Come dressed in amazing prizes. Angeles. Join us for a special community Producer), Lily Khuu, and GoGo Hoop
your hottest gear (head to toe) and we will The SHE Spot: Prosperity, Money listening session. Parking is available Dance Star Madison Orange! ...LICK HONEY.
let you into the sexy abyss of kinky men & You, May 20 @ 7 PM - 9 PM at Inspire across the street at Big Wangs Restaurant Precincts 2-Year Anniversary, May 27
for free! $6 cover otherwise. Spiritual Community - (9056 Santa Monica (cash only). Provide your receipt and AARP @ 9 PM - 2 AM. Precinct -(357 S Broadway
Blvd.). The S.H.E. Spot is an evening will reimburse. Light refreshments will be St). Come join us in celebrating 2 years
MAY 20 dedicated to empowering and uplifting served. Please RSVP by calling Tanya. See at the corner of 4th and Broadway in
LBTQ women and allies. May is all about for details. Downtown Los Angeles! Hosted by The
LA Pride Community Service Event, living the GOOD life. More than just CalComMen Spirituality Camp -- Boulet Brothers (with special guest host
May 20 @ 10 AM - 1 PM. Pets Are Wonderful nancial freedom (but were gonna talk OPEN for Registration, May 26 @ 4 PM Shawn Morales) and music by DJs Omar
Support Inc - (2121 S Flower St). Come join about that too), well discuss how to live 2 PM. Camp Round Meadow - (41011 DiJou and Mateo Segade. Brought to you
the LA Pride family as we help out our with a sense of abundance and well being. Jenks Lake Rd W). Welcome to CalComMen by Jeremy Lucido and FurrTrade! $5 cover
furry friends! DILF Los Angeles Underwear/Jock Spirituality Community Camp! May 26- after 10pm.
2017 Long Beach Gay Pride Parade Party by MAN UPP & Joe Whitaker, May 29, 2017 (Memorial Day Weekend) Camp
and Festival, May 20 @ 11 AM - 10 PM. 20 @ 9:00pm-4 AM. Los Globos -(3040 Round Meadow, Angelus Oaks, CA Just MAY 28
Long Beach Gay Pride (386 E Shoreline Sunset Boulevard). DILF LOS ANGELES One Hour from Palm Springs; Two from LA
Dr). Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc. UNDERWEAR/JOCK PARTY is coming BACK & San Diego ~~~~ What an inspirational, Community Visioning, May 28 @ 1 PM
Invites you to our 2017 Pride Celebration. MAY 20! Join us for another HOT NIGHT engaging & unique way to spend Memorial - 4 PM. Inspire Spiritual Community (9056
The Long Beach Pride Parade and Festival with LA DADDIES, PUPS, BOYS & MEN Day Weekend, in the company of 99 other Santa Monica Blvd.). Come join us and
are scheduled for May 20-21, 2017 in having fun in their JOCKS ...DILF STYLE! beautiful men! participate in our visioning event - this is
Long Beach, CA the entertainment lineup MUSIC this month will be by the SMOKING Derby Dolls Moonlight Skate Night!, an exercise to align and ground ourselves
includes artists like Chaka Khan, Jody HOT DJ J WARREN of Boston and SUPER May 26 @ 6 PM - 8 PM. Moonlight Rollerway to see whats going on next for Inspire.
Watley, Ty Herndon, Kat Deluna, Bre-Z, SEXY DADDY DJ MAX BRUCE of Los Angeles! (5110 San Fernando Rd). Be your own hero It will be the 4th Sunday of each month
Mann (rapper), Ana Victoria and more! with the L.A. Junior Derby Dolls! Wear your directly following service. This is FREE and
EYES ON CHECHNYA RALLY - LOS MAY 21 best super hero gear and skate with some open to all.
ANGELES, May 20 @ 1:30 PM - 4 PM. of the toughest girls around! Friday May Masterbeat Basic Training 2017, May
Pershing Square - (532 S Olive St). Never Long Beach Pride Parade 2017, May 21 26 from 6:00-8:00 pm Admission: $20 and 28 @ 6 PM - 6 AM. The Mayan (1038 S Hill
again? *Notice: trigger warning!!!! With the @ 9:30 AM - 1 PM. Long Beach Gay Pride includes skate rental Proceeds for the St). Check In For Some Training Masterbeat
kidnapping, abuse, torture, and murder of (386 E Shoreline Dr). AVER will be joining the night will help keep the LA Derby Dolls is excited to announce the return of one of
gay men and trans women in the Russian VA Long Beach to once again lead the Long rolling! our longest running holiday events, Basic
republic of Chechnya, at the hands of their Beach Pride Parade. In these trying times, it Training. For this years special edition we
government, it is past time for our country is even more important to show ourselves MAY 27 return to Masterbeats exclusive home
to take a stand. Other cities are having in public at the head of this parade.
their rallies, and now its our turn! Her Cinema, May 27 @ 1 PM - 6:30 PM. CONTINUES ON PAGE 37
CA L E N DA R W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 3 7

ETHYLINA CANNE returns to host the fourth annual Queen of the Desert So-Cal Lip Sync competition on May 31 at the Renaissance Palm Springs. Proceeds will go to the Desert AIDS Project.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 36 the work of twelve American women artists David will base much of the program on
JUNE 1 active in New York City and the San Francisco his popular book,A City Comes Out - How
Bay area in the late 1940s and 1950s. Celebrities Made Palm Springs a Gay and
at The Mayan, one of LAs greatest night June Mixer at US Bank West Tiki 9 Caliente, May 18 - May 21 @ 11 Lesbian Paradise.
clubs, for a very special edition of Training. Hollywood, Jun 1 @ 6 PM - 8 PM. U.S. AM - 11 PM. Caliente Tropics (411 E. Palm Pinkie and Friends, every Sat @ 10 PM
Bank Branch (8901 Santa Monica Blvd.). Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA.). Tiki - 11:30 PM. The RetroRoom Lounge (125
MAY 31 In honor of Pride Month, US Bank will be Caliente is an annual event that creates E. Tahquitz Canyon #102, Palm Springs,
celebrating the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian the aura of island living, but transports CA) 10:00 PM to 11:30 PM. Join Pinkie and
HIV Criminalization, May 31 @ 9:30 Chamber of Commerce as well as the it to Palm Springs, California. It brings her headdresses, and a rotating cast of
AM 3 PM. APLA Healths Gleicher/Chen West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, together the best music, art, cocktails and entertainers, for an evening of music, fun
Health Center (3743 S La Brea Ave). Los Angeles LGBT Center, West Hollywood people to create a celebration dedicated and fabulosity! Reverse Happy Hour 9:00
Overview of HIV Criminalization, current Community Housing Corporation and Gay to Tiki culture PM to Midnight.
laws/changes in the laws (SB239), impact Mens Chorus of Los Angeles. Babes and Bears Fridays at Toucans
on public health, intersections of racism Tiki Lounge, every Fri @ 10 PM - 2 AM. MAY 26
& HIV criminalization HIV in the Trump PALM SPRINGS (2100 North Palm Canyon, Palm Springs,
Era Working with Clients in SUD & MH CA.) Toucans Tiki Lounge is mixing things Memorial Day Weekend at CCBC, May
Treatment and dealing with anxiety about MAY 19 up with its Friday night dance party, 26 - May 29. CCBC Mens Resort Hotel
criminalization. putting babes and bears on pedestals. (68300 Gay Resort Drive, Cathedral City,
Exploring International LGBT Rights Joshua Tree Music Festival, May 18 Thats right, the go-go dancers will be of CA) Join in the fun at CCBC over Memorial
in China & Abroad, May 31n @ 7 PM - 9 PM. May 21 @ 10 AM - 1:30 AM. The Joshua the female and husky male persuasion. Day Weekend.
West Hollywood City Council Chambers Tree Lake Campground (2601 Sunfair
(625 North San Vicente Boulevard). Join Road, Joshua Tree, CA.) 15th Annual MAY 20 MAY 31
the City of West Hollywoods Human Spring Joshua Tree Music Festival is a
Rights Speakers Series for Exploring family-friendly global music experience in The Gay & Lesbian History of Palm Queen of the Desert May 31 @ 6 PM -
International LGBT Rights in China and the magical Mojave, with continuous live Springs, May 20 @ 4 PM - 5:30 P:M. The 9 PM. The Renaissance Palm Springs (888
Abroad. The discussion will examine LGBT music, yoga from sunrise to sunset. LGBT Community Center of the Desert E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs,
rights in China as well as other countries Women of Abstract Expressionism, (611 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 201, Palm CA). Ethylina Canne returns to host the
and the growing diculties activists, non- May 19 - May 28 @ 10 AM - 5 PM. The Palm Springs, CA). Join David Wallace, nationally fourth Annual Queen of the Desert So-Cal
prots, and others face when trying to Springs Art Museum (101 Museum Dr., recognized author and historian, as he Lip Sync competition. The fun begins with
provide aid to LGBT individuals. Palm Springs, CA). This exhibition presents traces the LGBT history of Palm Springs. cocktails at 6 PM and showtime at 7 PM.
3 8 MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM P RI D E LI ST I N G S

Celebrating Pride


MAY 22 4th @7pm (press preview); Sun, June 11th

One City One Pride Kicko / Harvey @10:30pm; Sun, June 18th @1pm; Fri, June
Milk Day, May 22, 5-9 PM (The Abbey, 23rd @7:30pm; Sat, June 24th @8:30pm.
692 N. Robertson Boulevard) Join the Tickets required.
City of West Hollywoods One City One
Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival as we celebrate JUNE 7
Harvey Milk Day with an artist-led protest Outfest WeHo Screening of Pride
sign-making workshop. Comments from Under Fire @ 7:30 PM (West Hollywood
the West Hollywood City Council will take City Council Chambers, 625 N. San Vicente
place at 7:45 p.m. Blvd) The City of West Hollywood through
A performance work written by deceased author and historian Stuart Timmons (The Trouble WeHo Arts partners with Outfest for a
MAY 23 With Harry Hay, GAY L.A.) and directed as a performance art piece by Jason Jenn is an invigorating screening of Pride Under Fire.. which
celebration of Stuarts legacy and his lifes work.
29th Annual Lambda Literary Awards PHOTO COURTESY OF ONE CITY, ONE PRIDE takes us to Louisville, Kentucky, following
Finalists Reading, 7 PM (West Hollywood the Pulse Night Club Shooting. In this
City Council Chambers, 625 N. San Vicente energy of the decade. This exhibit tells the written by acclaimed author/historian Stuart documentary we see a nation divided,
Blvd.). Readings by the Los Angeles area stories of LA queer women from groups Timmons (The Trouble With Harry Hay, GAY personied in the town of Louisville, lled
nalists for the annual Lambda Literary like ACT UP LA, Queer Nation LA, Dyke L.A.) and directed as a performance art piece with those celebrating Pride and reclaiming
Awards. Free admission. March LA, the United Lesbians of African by Jason Jenn, this tour dazzled audiences their parade, and those deeply embedded
Heritage (ULOAH), Los Angeles Asian in 2015 and 2016. Go West (Hollywood) in gun culture and exclusion. After the
MAY 25 Pacic Islander Sisters (LAAPIS), Lesbianas and join us for the adventure! (Tours last screening, there will be a discussion about
LGBTQ Historic Places in L.A., May Unidas (LU) and other organizations. It between 90-120 minutes). where we are as a community one-year
25 @ 6:30 PM (Plummer Park, Great Hall, also features The Lesbian Avengers: 25th Reel In The Closet, @ 5 PM (West after the Pulse shooting Tickets required.
7377 Santa Monica Blvd.). Join the Los Anniversary traveling exhibition. Free Hollywood City Council Chambers, 625 N. San
Angeles Conservancy for a screening of admission. Vicente Blvd.) Reel In The Closet is a feature- JUNE 8
three short lms spotlighting signicant length documentary. Free admission. Hollywood Fringe / One City One Pride,
LGBTQ spaces: The Black Cat, The JUNE 3 Jun 8 - 25 (at various times and venues) The
Womans Building, and Great Hall/Long One City One Pride Day of History, JUNE 4 Hollywood Fringe Festival is an open and
Hall. Admission is $5 with proceeds June 3 -30: As in years past, One City One Vox Femina: Woman Rising, A Taste uncensored community-derived event. The
helping fund future activities highlighting Pride provides an entire day of history on of Season 20, @ 3 PM (Congregation Kol Fringes western border is usually Gardner
more of L.A.s LGBTQ historic places. the Saturday prior to Christopher Street Ami, 1200 N. La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, Street, but through a special collaboration
Wests LA Pride Festival. CA 90038.) This free concert combines with the City, LGBTQ shows can take place
JUNE 2 Drag Queen Story Time @ 11 AM. (West repertoire from VOX Feminas 20th throughout West Hollywood as part of One
Lesbians to Watch Out For: 90s L.A. Hollywood Library Community Meeting Anniversary season, a snapshot of the City One Pride. Visit www.hollywoodfringe.
Activism, Jun 2 - @ 7-9 PM. Opening Room, 625 N. San Vicente Blvd. ) Organized organizations past, present and future. org/weho_2017 to nd shows taking place
reception for on view through June 30 by RADAR productions (the same folks Free admission. in WeHo.
(Plummer Park, Long Hall, 7377 Santa who rst brought Drag Queen Storytime #LastDance @ 7 PM (McCadden LAAA Out There, Fri Jun 9 - Jun 16
Monica Blvd.). This year marks the 24th to San Franciscos Public Library) join the Place Theatre, 1157 N. McCadden Pl.) Its @ 10 AM - 5 PM (Gallery 825, 825 N. La
anniversary of the National Dyke March in City of West Hollywood through WeHo BOYS IN THE BAND with a little PARIS IS Cienega Blvd.). Out There is an all media
Washington DC and the 25th anniversary Arts and the West Hollywood Library for BURNING thrown in! #LastDance will exhibition at Los Angeles Art Association
of the founding of the Lesbian Avengers. childrens stories and crafts. Free. make audiences rethink what really is during One City One Pride. Opening
These two events inspired national activist Stuart Timmons LGBTQ History Tour @ behind the wigs, makeup and heels and Reception on Friday, June 9, 6-9 pm.
eorts and a legacy of Dyke Marches 11 AM to 1 PM. (Shuttles depart every 15 nd out queens are people just like them. Gallery hours 10am-5pm every day except
across the country. From protest and street minutes from 11am to 1pm. from the West Written and directed by Miss Barbie Q and Monday through June 18. Free admission.
activism to grassroots community groups, Hollywood City Council Chambers, 625. N. Cinnamon Rivera for One City One Pride/
90s activism in LA and WeHo reected the San Vicente Blvd. ) A performance work Hollywood Fringe. Show dates: Sun, June CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
A R T S & EN TE RTA I N MENT W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 7 3 9

LGBT Armenians embrace The Promise

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 31 largest known LGBTQ and allied Armenian- For Gerami, theres a clear connection
American organization in the U.S. between the struggle for LGBTQ equality
the rst nation in the world to formally The Promise depicts the enduring and the denial of the Armenian Genocide,
adopt Christianity. power of allies as witnesses who eventually though hes quick to note theyre on
Moved by the experience of seeing champion a story to nd ears and eyes dierent scales.
The Promise, a lm about the unwanted willing to hear and see trutheven if it The LGBTQI communitys refusal
crucible of Armenian identity, Gerami takes 100 years. to accept anything less than marriage
waxed emotively on social media after To have someone like Vic to share this equality, and not settling for domestic
he got home the night he saw the lm, an experience with, in a big theater, full of partnership or same-sex union, is
uncharacteristic act for the notoriously people from all walks of life, while the two of important, he said.
mild-mannered 43 year old. us share a closer connection to each other, Similarly, the Armenian communitys
I was thrilled and shocked, he said. I and the story unveiling on that silver screen insistence on Armenian Genocide,
did not expect to have that reaction. was an emotional, complicated experience dismissing evasive phrases such as,
Anticipation. Thats the word that I am still digesting, happilyand one I will Armenian massacres, or great atrocities
may best describe both Geramis and never forget, Vartanian told the Blade. of World War I are absolutely crucial to
Vartanians feelings about seeing Christian President Obama broke his campaign making sure crimes against humanity are
Bale play the role of an Associated Press pledge to accurately and unequivocally not allowed to happen in the future.
reporter involved in a love triangle with recognize the Armenian Genocide, As reports of concentration camps
two Armenian lovers played by Charlotte Gerami said, referring to the 44th emanate from the Russian Federations
Le Bon and Oscar Isaac during the waning presidents calling the Armenian genocide Republic of Chechnya now, GALASs
days of the Ottoman Empire. They feel like a mass atrocity during his meeting with president is keen to stay vigilant.
theyve been waiting a lifetime for this lm. authoritarian president Turkish Recep Whats going on in the Russian province
The Promise also portrays the events Tayyip Erdoan. of Chechnya is, quite frankly, atrocious,
that gave rise to modern-day Turkey. It This was a huge disappointment for me Abelyan said. The LGBTQ community is
was an advent that caused the slaughter as an Armenian-American who considers under siege. Undoubtedly its a tragedy,
of as many as 1.5 million Armenians and [President Obama] one of our greatest but we have to respect the gravity of the
ethnic-Armenian Turks. presidents. He succumbed to threats and word genocide and not use it liberally.
The lasting pain of the genocide has Los Angeles Armenian LGBT community leader bullying by the Turkish government, a so- Personally, I am not aware of accounts
been a generational one, passed down to VIC GERAMI called NATO ally, and played politics as usual. of treatment of the Armenian LGBTQ
the children, Vartanian said. Its almost PHOTO COURTESY OF GERAMI In remarks delivered while accepting community by The Young Turks during the
imprinted on our DNA. the prestigious ANCA Freedom Award genocide [of 1915-18].
The Promise had more for him and who are also are members of gender and presented by the Armenian National The term Young Turks is a troublesome
for his friend Vic Gerami because of who sexually diverse communities. Committee of America, author and one, having been recklessly used for decades
they are, not just as Armenians, but also GALAS, as an inseparable part of the international human rights activist, Fethiye as vacuous shorthand for antiestablishment
as Armenian men who happen to be gay. Armenian community, held a private etin included gay men and other gender upstarts or radical outsiders.
Addhomophobia andthe mistreatment screening of the lm on its opening night and sexually diverse minorities, as well as As several news organizations, including
thats often found in both of our uber- to a sold-out theater of 130, said Armen women and Kurds living in the crosshairs the Cal State Northridge Sundial, have
macho societies, American and Armenian, Abelyan, president of Los Angeles-based of Turkish president, as most vulnerable reported lately, a progressive media outlet
which I think now is creeping back into Gay and Lesbian Armenian Society. Erdoans regime. called The Young Turks founded by Cenk
the fabric of our society today, and you Our members and allies felt obligated The Republic of Turkey, which bases its Uygur, who was once a conservative and
easily identify the familiar sting of an old to unite with the greater Armenian foundation on the atrocity and violence of who twice denied the Armenian Genocide
wound, Vartanian said. In our case, for community over a shared tragedy, he the genocide, sustains itself by producing (but who now says hes not sure what to
Vic and I, Id say its a [lm] with a multi- said. The Medz Aghet, as Armenians call fear and threats and by creating expendable call it), is feeling pressure to, at minimum,
angled meaning. the genocide, has been a rallying call to and disposable lives, etin said. change his outlets name.
It turns out that the two buddies were unite Armenians around the world for Yesterday the expendable lives were Id like to highlight the unimaginable
not the only Armenian-Americans in LA over a century. those of the Armenians, she continued. insult that the organization The Young
to recognize a special signicance among Claiming a core membership of just under Today, Kurds, women, LGBT people and Turks, or TYT, is, said Abelyan. TYT is the
the intersections of ethnic minorities and 150 members, but a broader outreach to members of the opposition meet the name of the Turkish political party that
people within the Armenian Diaspora about 2,300 friends and allies, GALAS is the same fate. orchestrated the Armenian Genocide.
Pride is On!
March With Us // Then Party!
Instead of parading this year, were
getting back to our roots by marching
TOGETHER for LGBTQ+ rights.
And oh yeah, there will be a HUGE party after!

Sunday, June 11TH Hollywood & Highland 8am

In West Hollywood, well rally

for our rights and party with PRIDE.