10-100 REQUIREMENTS FOR CAPACITY of the ratio of specific heats kp cp /cv (see Fig.
Kp coefficient of discharge (see AR-523)
(a) The capacity of a safety or safety relief valve
Ap actual discharge area of the safety valve, sq in.
in terms of a gas or vapor other than the medium for
which the valve was officially rated shall be determined
Pp (set pressure × 1.10) plus atmospheric pressure,
by application of the following formulas:1
psia (kPa)
For steam: Mp molecular weight
Tp absolute temperature at inlet (°F + 460)
Ws p 51.5 KAP
These formulas shall also be used when the required
flow of any gas or vapor is known and it is necessary
For air: to compute the rated capacity of steam or air.
(b) Molecular weights of some of the common gases

M and vapors are given in Table 10-100.1.
(c) For hydrocarbon vapors, where the actual value
of k is not known, the conservative value k p 1.001
where has been commonly used and the formula becomes:
Cp 356
Mp 28.97
Tp 520 when Wa is the rated capacity
W p 315 KAP
For any gas or vapor:

(d) When desired, as in the case of light hydrocar-
bons, the compressibility factor Z may be included in
where the formulas for gases and vapors as follows:
Ws p rated capacity, lb /hr (kg/hr) of steam
Wap rated capacity, converted to lb /hr (kg/hr) of air

冪 ZT
at 60°F (15.5°C), inlet temperature M
Wp flow of any gas or vapor, lb /hr (kg/hr)
Cp constant for gas or vapor which is a function

Knowing the official rating capacity of a safety valve which is Example 1
stamped on the valve, it is possible to determine the overall value
of KA in either of the following formulas in cases where the value
of these individual terms is now known: GIVEN: A safety valve bears a certified capacity rating
Official Rating in Steam Official Rating in Air of 3020 lb /hr of steam for a pressure setting of 200 psi.

Ws Wa T
KA p KA p
51.5P CP
This value for KA is then substituted in the above formulas to
determine the capacity of the safety valve in terms of the new gas PROBLEM: What is the relieving capacity of that valve
or vapor. in terms of air at 100°F for the same pressure setting?


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000 lb /hr of propane from a pressure vessel through a safety valve set to relieve at a pressure of Ps.5 51.5 For propane: For air: 冪T M W p CKAP 冪 M Wa p CKAP T 冪 460 + 100 28.5 KAP 3.5) Air 28.12 Hydrogen Sulfide 34.04 Refrigerant 114 170. and with an inlet temperature of 125°F.48 Ethane 30.09 Refrigerant 12 120.48 Acetylene 26.02 p 4.020 p 51.5 KAP PROBLEM: What total capacity in pounds of steam per hour in safety valves must be furnished? 3.9 Sulfur Dioxide 64.01 Methane 16.1 CONSTANT C FOR GAS OR VAPOR RELATED TO RATIO OF SPECIFIC HEATS (k p cp / cv) TABLE 10-100.02 Ethylene 28.08 Carbon Dioxide 44.05 Oxygen 32.07 Nitrogen 28.97 p (356) (58.97 Value of C is not definitely known. psi.04 Chlorine 70.020 SOLUTION: KAP p p 58.371 Propane 44.91 Methyl Chloride 50.97 Refrigerant 22 86.1 MOLECULAR WEIGHTS OF GASES AND VAPORS 冪 560 28.03 Hydrogen 2. SOLUTION: For steam: Ws p 51.06 GIVEN: It is required to relieve 5.90 Ammonia 17.750 lb / hr Butane 58. Use the conservative p 356 KAP value C p 315: 396 COPYRIGHT American Society of Mechanical Engineers Licensed by Information Handling Services . 10-100 2001 SECTION VIII — DIVISION 2 10-100 FIG.00 Example 2 Refrigerant 11 137. 10-100.

Cp350: 冪 460 + 150 p 2.33.5) (17.1.200 (2.10) PROBLEM: What is the required total capacity in pounds of steam per hour at the same pressure setting? p 880 lb / hr 397 COPYRIGHT American Society of Mechanical Engineers Licensed by Information Handling Services . From Ws p 51.10 GIVEN: It is required to relieve 1. lb/hr/in.09 SOLUTION: 5.790 lb / hr set to relieve at Ps . 10-100 APPENDIX 10 — MANDATORY 10-100 24 (70) 20 (58) Flow Capacity × 10 –4.3) (11) (13.7 M W p CKAP For steam: Manufacturer and user agree to use k p 1.1 FLOW CAPACITY CURVE FOR RATING NOZZLE TYPE SAFETY VALVES ON SATURATED WATER (BASED ON 10% OVERPRESSURE) 冪 460 + 125 44.600 2.03 1. 10-101.000 2. psi 17.000 p 315 KAP For ammonia: 冪T KAP p 57. Ws p 51.000 lb of ammonia For steam: per hour from a pressure vessel at 150°F. 10-100.5) (8.400 2. psig ( × 103 kPa) FIG.000 p 350 KAP Example 3 KAP p 17. kg/hr/m2) 16 (47) Saturated water 12 (35) 8 (23) 4 (12) 0 0 400 800 1.800 3.8) (16.5)(57.3) (22) Set Pressure.5 KAP p (51.5) (19.8) (5.2 (Flow Capacity.5 KAP p (51.200 1.7) Fig.

7 psia (atmo. 10-100 2001 SECTION VIII — DIVISION 2 10-101 Example 4 For steam: Ws p 51. the valve shall be continuously subjected to saturated water. and Inspector are all cautioned that for the following rating to apply. the following applies only to those valves that have a nozzle type construction (throat to inlet diameter ratio of 0. and read horizontally 28.0766 changes to quality steam.7 psia) p 0. after initial relief. Valves installed on vessels or lines containing steam–water mixture shall be rated on dry saturated steam.0766 × 60 p 45.80 with a continuously contoured change and have exhibited a SOLUTION: coefficient KD in excess of 0.000 × 0.5)(546) GIVEN: A safety valve bearing a certified rating of 10.1.960 p 356 KAP the relieving capacity.25 to 0. NOTE: The Manufacturer. This capacity is the theoretical. isentropic value arrived at by assuming equilibrium KAP p 546 flow and calculated values for the critical pressure ratio. Enter the graph at the set pressure of the valve. the flow media Weight (of dry air at 60°F and 14.200 lb / hr spheric pressure). (b) To determine the saturated water capacity of a valve currently rated under AR-520 and meeting the Wa p 10. move vertically 冪 460 + 60 upward to the saturated water line. NOTE: Before converting the capacity of a safety valve from any gas to steam. No saturated water For air: rating shall apply to other types of construction. 398 COPYRIGHT American Society of Mechanical Engineers Licensed by Information Handling Services . the valve shall be rated as per dry saturated lb /cu ft steam.5 KAP p (51. the requirements of AR-511 must be met. refer to Fig.97 45. 10-101 Nozzle Type Valves PROBLEM: What is the flow capacity of this safety valve in pounds of saturated steam per hour for the same (a) Since it is realized that the saturated water capac- pressure setting? ity is configuration sensitive. p 28.90). user. If. 10-101.000 cu ft /min of air at 60°F and 14.960 lb / hr requirements of (a) above.