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MGRP: Original Poem

Directions: Ponder a single idea related to your topic. The purpose of your poem is to praise
your subject, so the specific topic as well as the tone should reflect your admiration. You may
want to consider creating a poem that expresses the gift behind your subject’s talent.
(Examples: A poem about B. B. King’s guitar; a poem about Ronald Reagan’s ranch; a poem
about Judy Garland’s voice.)

Your poem must be no less than 16 lines and no more than 20. In addition, your poem
must include a minimum of five poetic devices (alliteration, rhyme, couplet, rhythm,
enjambment, hyperbole, understatement, imagery, synesthesia, personification, simile,
metaphor, onomatopoeia, symbolism, or synecdoche).

Identification and explanation of each device must follow your poem.

Original Title

Wonderful, fantastic, stupendous poem
Belongs in these 16 -20 lines…
Hours upon hours of training for this
If success it's a bliss
Billions on billions watching this live
All i want to do is survive
And live to tell this story
Of a view out of this world
Craters and white dust but there's no wind
I stare at Earth and it stares back at me
While he comes so company
Hey! Buzz
Isn't it just like our dreams
A flag i grab and i stab it into the ground
No noises no presence no one is around
But that will no longer be
I'm not the last
But now i need to dash
Before my optinuity will pass
So goodbye this view
That i'll never see again
Poetry Technique Explanation

Type your explanation of what literary techniques you used in your poem and why.

Line 3: hyperbole- exaggerating how many people were watching him land on the moon
Line 7: pun- because it says “the view is out of this world” even though it really is
Line 8: imagery- created a mental picture of the Moon's surface
Line 9: personification- giving human qualities to the moon saying it's staring back
Line 12: simile- comparing the view from the moon to their dreams

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