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Tonalli Garcia Rodriguez

October 14, 2016

Period 5

What factors contribute to brain growth?

There are many factors that contribute to the brain growth of a child. The home

environment in which a child is raised in has a tremendous amount on their brain

development/growth. The early stages in a childs life set the tempo of how a child will react

and experience life as they go through life. 1 The amount of affections and attention you show

towards your child affects their brain growth.

The majority of a person's brain growth occurs during their early stages in life. This

means that the type of information you let your child absorb is extremely critical to how they will

deal with situations and deal with social issues/situations in the future. It is important that when

your child is born that you coddle them (not to much) and show them love/affection. 3 This gives

them an idea of what a safe, stable, and loving environment is, this lets them know that they

have a supportive home environment which they could always go to for help and advice. Giving

your kids attention and showing affection towards them lessens your child's chances of showing

aggression towards others. 3 By doing so you lower your child's desire for attention or affection.

This lowers the possibility that they would be aggressive towards others over attention because

they already have a home environment where their parents acknowledge them. 2 Showing

affection toward your children when they are a child helps contribute to their brain growth such

as how well they could comprehend things and analyze situations.

A major factor that contributes to the brain development of a child has to do with how

much attention and affection is given to them by their parents or guardian. The most critical time
for a person's brain development is when they are in their early stages of life. Even though it is

always essential to give your children love throughout their lives it is extremely important to love

them/show them affection as they are in their early ages of life and their brains are still going

through development. In the end there are a lot of things that as a parent you have to do to

make sure that your child lives a good life but no matter what others may think you must alway

make sure that you are there to support them even when they do not think the need your



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