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Madison Sanabria
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Governor Jerry Brown

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To Whom It May Concern:

We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the
tormentor, never the tormented. This quote by Elie Wiesel reveals the action that must be taken in
order to solve an issue that may seem unsolvable. My name is Madison Sanabria and I am a student at
Antelope High School. I was born and raised in Sacramento, California and I am writing this letter to
you for an English project discussing the issue of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. I personally believe
letting Syrian refugees into California is the right thing to do.

The civil war in Syria is causing destruction and creating hardships for those living in the war-torn
country. For those living in Syria life is extremely dire and harsh, one can never be sure of his life and
whether or not they will stay alive. Over 470,000 people have died because of the war and 11.5% of
the population has been either hurt or killed (Jews' tale plays out again as Syrian refugees find
resistance to U.S. entry). Although, all may not die, chances are, the ones does live to see another day,
become injured. As a result, many are fleeing the country but have nowhere to go. The displaced
refugees do not have the proper sanitation, food, or water to provide sufficient living conditions.
Consequently, forcing them to live in undesirable conditions until death or the highly probability of
acquiring a deathly disease.

The Syrian refugee crisis is similar to that of the Jewish crisis in World War 2. The Jews were fleeing
from hardships and oppression to make their lives better such as the Syrian refugees are today. The
Jews wanting to escape the nightmare that was in their country, again showing the comparison
between Syrias circumstances. However the US turned them down because of fear that they may be
disguised as German spies (Jews' tale plays out again as Syrian refugees find resistance to U.S.
entry). Similarly, Syrian refugees are fleeing from the horrors that are occurring in their country,
however other nations are refusing to aid in their desires despite their words that helping everyone is
the right thing to do. The same is thought of them, that the Syrians are terrorists and could harm
innocent citizens. The same mistake, of not letting refugees into the US is recurring, and the same
mistake should not be made again due to the past that has shown the many Jews who were turned
down and later died in horrible manners (Jews' tale plays out again as Syrian refugees find resistance
to U.S. entry). These details show that there are major similarities between the Jews in World War 2
and todays Syrian refugees.
4635 Elverta Road, Antelope, CA 95843
Antelope High School
Home of the Titans
Principal, John Becker
Phone: (916)782-6565 ext. 1047

I understand that the current decision to let Syrian refugees is undecided and I agree with those of the
position to allow the refugees in. Those living in comfortable and safe places, should try to understand
and imagine the pain of those who arent as fortunate with such luxuries like a home, food or clean
water. The US should be a place where the oppressed can come to find shelter and security. Also, due
to most refugees being elderly or young children, they are more likely to who obey the law and live as
honest citizens. Letting these refugees into California would be morally correct because of the history
that is presenting itself giving the US a new opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of
many, freeing the lives of innocent people who are "chained" by man's evil actions.

The Syrian refugees are going through severe horrors and we as Americans should understand how
they feel by letting them into California. These refugees are only looking for a safe haven for their
children to fall. For these reasons, I believe the government should allow Syrian refugees into

Thank you for your time.


Madison Sanabria
Antelope High School Student
Respectful. Responsible. Proud

4635 Elverta Road, Antelope, CA 95843