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Mineral Engineering Program

University of Toronto

MIN250: Surface Mining
Winter 2017

Instructor: Kamran Esmaeili
Email: (include MIN250 in subject line)
Office: Galbraith Building, Rm413 (only by email appointment except office hours)
Lectures: Tuesdays 1pm-2pm, Fridays 12noon-2pm
Tutorials & Communication Module: Tuesdays 2pm-3pm

Tutor: Thomas Bamford (thomas.bamford LMB405

1. Course Description
The course aims to provide an introduction to the operational aspects of surface
mines planning and design. It will present students with sufficient basic
knowledge and skills required for design and planning of surface mines. It covers
a broad range of topics in surface mining methods including: design of pit limits
and pit optimization; long term and short term mine planning; materials handling;
equipment selection and optimization; mine safety and mine regulations; mine
waste management; surface mining and the environment.

2. References
Hustrulid W., Kuchta M., Martin R. 2013. Open Pit Mine Planning and Design.
3rd edition, Vol.1-Fundamentals. CRC Press.
Kenedy B. (edit.), 1990. Surface Mining, 2nd edition. Published by Society for
Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME).
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3. Composition: Lecture hours : 3 hrs/week
Tutorial hours: 1 hrs/week
Office hours: 1 hrs/week+ by email appointment
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

11:00-12:00 OH
12:00-13:00 LEC
13:00-14:00 LEC LEC
14:00-15:00 TUT
OH: Office Hour; TUT: Tutorial; LEC: Lecture

4. Marking Scheme

Item (%) of Total Mark

Assignments (Four)1 25%

Communication Module 10%

Mid-term Exam2 25%

Final Exam 40%

Total 100%

1: Assignment #2 is 10% and the other three assignments are 5% each.

2: Mid-term Exam: Friday March 3, 2017

Note: All exams are closed book

5. Course Objectives
At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to:
Develop basic skills to undertake the engineering design of surface mining for
metallic and non-metallic ore deposits.
Develop basic skills to undertake planning and scheduling of surface mining
Calculate the cut-off grade and stripping ratio for open pit mine projects.


Perform economic analysis for a surface mining project.
Use GEMS to develop a 3D block model of a metallic ore deposit and estimate
the resource and reserve.
Understand the principles used in the process of mining waste management;
Calculate fleet requirements for a surface mining project,
Explain and quantify the environmental effects of surface mining
Be aware of the regulations regarding the surface mine closure.

6. Important Notes
Turn off or silence cell phones
Lecture notes, design project information, and many of the course handouts
will be available on the course web site (Blackboard).
Assignments handed in late will be subjected to a 20% penalty per day.
It is the students responsibility to be familiar with the Universitys Code of
Behavior on Academic Matters. Plagiarism will not be tolerated; any
suspected violations of the code will be treated according to established