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Blogpost 02, leisure

Tessa Gielen, ILS1G
Festivals and events
In recent years, many new festivals have taken place in the Netherlands and
probably in the future the number of festivals in the Netherlands will only
increase. Besides, the total number of visitors for a festival will continue to grow.
However, the market is not saturated yet (Spui25, 2016).
Festival organisations, new and old, are looking for ways in which they can
distinguish themselves from other festivals. They try to respond to the specific
audience needs. They want to create a unique experience, but due to the growing
number of festivals, this is becoming increasingly difficult. Festival organisations,
but also museums and shops, dont just offer concerts, objects or products
anymore. Nowadays, they offer an experience for visitors (Spui25, 2016). The
question is what kinds of special experiences do they create?
Festival without gravity
Desperados, a beer brand, has organised a festival without gravity. The event
took place in October in Las Vegas. Along with neuroscientist Daniel Levitlin and
Barong Family, an insane experience was built where people could party and
hover at the same time (BALLINNN, 2016).
This festival clearly wants to be distinguishable from other festivals. The
innovation that has been added at the event makes it much more interesting for
visitors. It is also a good advertising for the beer brand because the brand gets
more positive media attention.
what is also remarkable in the music industry is the band AquaSonic. This band
gave a concert under water. This is another example of adding something
distinctive to an event. This Danish band has experimented a lot with the
technique and the first concert has already taken place in Rotterdam. They are
making use of air bubbles as a technique. Of course, the singer must regularly
come up to breathe (Onderwater, 2016).
Burning Man
Maybe you have already heard about this festival. Much has been written and
said about this festival, Burning Man. It is a festival where the most crazy, bizarre
things can be seen. This year, the scenery was very special. A Boeing 747 was
transported into the desert (where the festival takes place) to use that as a
lounge area. This shows again how much effort is made nowadays to make a
festival so distinctive. The plane weighed at almost 15,000 kilos and was almost
25 meters long. Roads had to be closed and special transport had to be arranged
(Keulemans, 2016). The festival has existed for a long time, but this extreme
decor is new.
Festival without gravity (BALLINNN, 2016). AquaSonic (Onderwater, 2016).

Burning Man (Keulemans, 2016).

The trend festivalisation is very positive, cities for example will get a positive
name because of this trend. A festival can make an unattractive place in the city
more attractive and popular. This trend also provides more jobs in the festival
industry (Opdam, 2015).
Virtual reality
The appearance of virtual reality (VR) also has much influence on the event
industry. It has the capacity to send people to a world of maxed-out imagination
and endless possibilities. The potential uses of VR in events are limitless (Nguyen,
2016). People do not have to go to an event anymore, the event will come to the
people. Virtual reality makes it possible for people all over the world to attend
and experience an event without physically being there (Nguyen, 2016). Events
may be using Virtual reality to distinguish themselves from other events and
because of the increasing popularity of Virtual reality, this will be very successful.
Future vision
I believe events and festivals are going to show more and more extreme things.
The reason why I think this will be very successful is because many people start
to think that festivals are boring (Spui25, 2016). I hope it will not become a
"contest" for who can organise the strangest event since I think that fun and
being together must be paramount at a festival. I think and hope that
togetherness and experience will come together in de festivals of the future
because I think people find this a good combination for a festival. What I do not
hope is that virtual reality takes over. Virtual reality has an unsocial side, which
actually does not belong to a festival I think. A combination with Virtual Reality
seems innovative and impressive to me.

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