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80 Unit 11

11 Hygiene

Scrub up
Test your knowledge of hygiene by doing this quiz.

6 Where do 8 How long should you

staphylococcus wash your hands in hot
bacteria live? water to be sure they
a in noses are clean?
b in soil a 15 seconds
c in toilets b half a minute
1 What is MRSA? 2 In an operating c one minute
a a virus theatre, which of these 7 When Florence
b a bacterium things breaks hygiene Nightingale, founder
c an antibiotic rules? of modern nursing,
a wearing your mask worked in a hospital
2 How do you catch over your nose during the Crimean
MRSA? b wearing your hair loose war (1854-1856), the
a by eating from dirty c wearing make-up death rate dropped
plates from 60% to 2.2%.
b from poor hospital 5 Which of these things Why?
hygiene is most important in a She made nurses wash
c by drinking bad water stopping the spread their hands
MRSA? b She gave her patients
3 Which of these things a Hospital staff should fruit and vegetables to
has nothing to do with wash their hands eat
bacteria? between patients c The ventilation was
a wine making b Cleaners should improved
b yoghurt disinfect door handles
c the common cold c Visitors should wear
d bad smells masks

Hygiene equipment d f h
1 Match each of these items of hygiene equipment
to a picture.
bin __f___ clinical waste disposal bag _____
bucket _____ detergent _____
cloth _____ disposable gloves _____
mop _____ paper towels _____
sink _____ soap dispenser _____


b e j


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Hygiene 81

In this unit
hospital hygiene quiz
talking about the spread of infections
understanding a hygiene inspection report
talking about obligation
Path. lab report

2 Complete the sentences with the words below. Its my job

contamination disinfectant
antimicrobial agent susceptible
1 Before you read, discuss these questions with a
pathogens resistant
swab spotless In the hospitals and clinics you know, how much
time do nurses spend cleaning?
1 An ___________ will kill microorganisms.
What is the best way to make sure staff follow
2 Use a sterile ___________ to get a sample from the hygiene procedures?
back of the throat.
3 Our bodies have ways to kill ___________ such as
2 Read about Harriet Banks and answer the questions.
viruses and bacteria. 1 What is the ward matrons rank?
4 The old, the young and the very ill are most 2 What type of hygiene is Harriet Banks especially
___________ to hospital infection. strict about?
5 Staphylococcus is ___________ to most antibiotics. 3 Why does Harriet have real power in the hospital?
6 There is a risk of ___________ from urine and blood. 4 How does Harriet encourage nurses to follow
hygiene procedures?
7 Wash oors and door handles with ___________.
8 A home doesnt have to be ___________ but it does
have to be clean.
Harriet Banks
Listening 1 I wear a blue uniform because I am a sister, and I am
responsible for ward hygiene and the quality of
A hygiene report
patients food.
1 h Listen to a hospital administrator talking to the My job is to do everything necessary to prevent and
ward nurse about the hygiene report for her ward and control infection. Because a lot of infection spreads by
answer the questions hand, I make sure that everyone follows the cleanliness
Did the ward get a good or a bad score? procedures. For example, hands must be washed before
What reasons ddoes the sister give for the wards and after patient contact, before and after taking off
score? gloves, and after helping a patient use the toilet.
2 h Read through the sentences from the report. Then I am in charge of ward budgets, and
listen again and underline the correct version. controlling the money means I
have real power. Sometimes I
1 The door handles are / are not regularly cleaned.
refuse to pay cleaning and
2 Beds are / are not always cleaned between patients. catering companies if Im not
3 The toilets are cleaned with disinfectant three times / happy with standards.
twice / once daily. But I dont like to be
4 Floors are cleaned four times / twice / once daily. strict all the time. I like
5 The average time for cleaning up spillages of bodily to encourage staff to
uids is 5 / 10 / 1030 / more than 30 minutes. think about infection
and the spread of
6 Nurses knowledge of MRSA is good / fair / poor.
disease, and to lead
7 Nurses always / do not always wear gloves. by setting a good


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