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Good morning Siri good morning sir of us is perfect okay and this morning's review it is May

the 11th 2017 live above and the dictation seems to be working quite accurately we're very
pleased and happy about this thank you sir and the pun also for the review and
discussion the subject that always possible run your dictation so we have a transcription as
much as we could of all to do with the actions and descriptions and accounts of all and all
that has and does transpire with every day that passes by in these times what reason was
and causes and cures that we have put forward to share and to protect and serve areas of
life and God type of kind of plan and with a Divine like intervention type sad tired not really
optimism to hope for that has reportedly taking place and so as we proceed and tried out
the new dictation software.

Now with this new dictation software which is working pretty good we are encouraged to
protect and serve as we would giving an effort to try and try as we may two protect as we
did share with new ideas come forward to survey overlay and undertake integrate from old
ideas and so saying a few individuals that seem to be also flight navigate type among many
of the rest of us that have cable or apt or capable or no the individuals we have up now and
new developments to Sharon to side that if you recall Will Williams and Sir Steve Steven
and the Royal chauffeur your efforts are efforts protect and serve as we said and shared the
interests of even the cemeteries of life especially that.

So the cemeteries of Life were in our danger very very badly and so it's been shared stated
talked about that the no mistake about it the type of behaviors associated with terrible and
I'm becoming are not to be really be taken lightly and are to be protected and served all that
anyone that had a grandparents or parents and grandparents and anyone had a decent
regard for the last thing in the world anyone would ever want to see your side is a very very
very veryTest one two as we were saying we're not to really side or share a think for one
iota a bad thing in any regard and respect towards other people innocent and other people
even to share and side.

So when the subject of bado and Danny had been the ones that had been near this scene
or the situation with flight navigate ready diss 2 intervet intervene as well about three or four
or five or six months ago 8 months ago for that 6 months ago when the sword of dreaded
type scenes came to be and came about .

as we were saying about the left for five months about exactly and so using availabilities
that were ready and good to go and jumping to the point too if possible use their Discuss us
a flight aperture capability or so it seemedhave the individuals that were first spied out at
acting unusual that psychiatric areas of way long ago should have been reclassified and in
that regard very much suspicious behaviors that if I told you the individual we have up here
was one that will Williams answer himself had brought to me in a dream in an
impeccable army suit attire for something reason I wished never two try to put together had
to be for something you said made him look really really good and it was it like a dream
of that why in the world would have all the things so and after trying to look around and they
haven't lost anything to do with people that were friends are friendly as a result of being like
a divine intervention like go-between even as if to take it kind of like a little bit like a profit
with Sistine Chapel like fingers braces braces braces and and so surprisingly Steve wonder
some of my side or even be depressed about the adages of qualifications that came to that
subject word that Steven murdered and Steven that been anything to do with the real bad
pervert and wanted to go with Kenna women like type thing love them and not really hardly
too much or anything to do anything to do other than that.

and life could be challenging these days when in the time and all the individuals who seem
to gun very very but much Wayside the very very very very evilest to Even Stevens a little
bit liberal too much but what we see you or what Steve and what appeared to be can't even
compare with the all to do with everything or everyone keeps murdering like it's going out of
style everyone or everything in one would think a firefighter 6-foot person could never be a
cosmic one this and disguise a cosmic one this type Superior so strong so Fierce that if I
ever thought of stepping out of sunlight and being a real bad wanted to fight somebody all
the time or anytime not really want to go there so.

and signing and signing your sharing and couldn't figure out for the life of me not for the life
for me who could be a pretty good candidate for this kind of endeavor and wondering who
where and not to waste any time we talk again bado and Manny Manny who seem to be a
PSC at Telecare and a very odd peculiar picky one which they all are and maybe
deservingly so if one was rightfully very much very much of Mentos and had disorders it
was untruthful about anything to do with being a decent person towards specially
challenges that we see you're here today and that being again like all the people very much
all let's just say all what's up box herself in have become soul to the devil like super energy
people pretending to be regular Society and by using me Steve as a decoy from the get-go
who did not know these things who even this is much to say inside or shared the image
shown and talk to us and told us that.

so good morning sir there it is we're back with testing this new dictation software we want to
be sure and certain if we could May that the words don't skip when we click on it a
window and certifying Lee accurate the man you knew as Steven a royal Steven Van show
for A2 that you see here in your view and your window too has become a inter planetary
and interagency Chaos Some kids say but even worse than that every single lying police
judge there's this phone see who that might be oh that's Quinn that's a PSC the PSC is not
a good sign because the PSC wants to disrupt and to act in every way in regard like I see
you're doing and I'm dictating and telling a lie that it isn't it every regard to any regard to
whatsoever consider anything to do with divine intervention Global telepathy and every year
of lying every judge every PSC every judge that sent you here who by saying shoot dead on
site and not minding even you Quinn that you're not to mind being shot dead on sight I say
and writing or whoever whatever told you to come over here and pose as a lying PSC
treating someone nothing to do with all to do with the most serious violation of comely
understood F over that what we want to say or call it capital crime so serious to say even
serious as a word my book my cab vakitlo cabulary or anybody vocabulary and anyone that
says differently is a liar and that is fighting words by the way you didn't notice so we are
fighting and I'm trying to have you killed face to face and anyone like you you don't
mind because anyone that come about lying that there's no such thing as telepathy this far
along with cartoon phenomenon maps of Africa like defense secretary Ashton Carter is
scoping out with evil intentions that I don't allow YouTube you call yourself a general the
worst General there's ever been by ever seen someone that's a worst has ever been and
that would be joint Chief chair and saying shoot dead on sight not minding and then need to
mind let you what you want to say about it now please we are passing a baton area of a few
individuals that we want to see and have tried in the driver's seat to replace bado and
Manny who seem to think nothing to do with anything to do with the law goes and there
offsides first of all abusive flight aperture that make no mistake about it then pal things that
are tolerable things that are intolerable in life and who would know..

so by lying all the way where they like it or not we're going to try it out hopefully you know
how about will tryThat's one to two put in there in the driver's seat so to say that what we
saw her try to put Mike Baldwin somebody said they didn't have anything to do with
anything or what you're talking about I know I'm right whatever have us none of your
business my business Arby's somebody's business to business so with the stress and the
little bit too much of the homo queer or Mike's undercarriage but it's mostly the stress and
he getting married it might hope to be working out and still keep them up as when someone
might lead to expected when the coast is clear he is still on our hopefully to be payroll that
somebody wants to forget to pay the guy and I didn't say it's okay to do that no right leave
then to identify a little bit more with your Caucasian his side of this matter if you would
Steve with shared so the first thing Quinn got something to say right here to my face and
interject in my face and shoot dead on sight and anybody doesn't mind like I say they do
whoever sent her and her it clearly stated clearly registered and Ledyard at know why I say
it know why who Center need to be shot dead can't even describe killed is my side to
defend at know it right pal so in my invisible room and in my room area as we speakso want
to be a bad asses though all this is about right Lonnie or somebody and I'm not going color
people to be in a 19 campu I'm going to pick a bone with other people aren't what matter a
matter what are you trying to say excuse me a moment please I don't get off going out of
my way trying to pick on color people got enough worries and grapes and life's challenges
to if we would excuse a moment please thank you so we're going to look as we may shoot
dead on sight the confused are you confused now who's going to shoot dead inside how's
that going to happen to record this recording make no mistake about why to record this is
courtroom evidence I do dead and are suggesting a lot more than suggesting is something
to a higher court record my book when I know I saw I said never use nuclear weapons when
you were supposed to talk things over about whatever subject however if we could or would
especially on your own continent and you're on said to be people pal is that an order is that
an asinine attitude to shake a stick at why would somebody be offended did somebody use
nuclear f****** weapons on us you little m*********** and tell a different story it's a lying ass
mother f****** his however whoever come tell differently when who it was that restored your
f****** s*** I say atmospheric Integrity Time After Time After Time so the b******* me and
keep blowing the f****** over atmospheres with your f****** attitude indifference never to
say abuse Define aperture all the way as well abuse a f****** flight aperture jump pass that
you didn't hear those others those and we're going to also indoctrinate to Peter Schumacher
and also and dr. Mr. 10 it George said it before those immediate flight after church service
and that is police like defense service at once love love love and if any reason thank you 6
a.m. May 11th 2017 over and out sir thank you..

Show Buy giving an effort to access the photos of these individuals to identify the flight
aperture to their corresponding photography is where we're at again to make no mistake it
Manny and beta the worst you've ever could imagine at nothing to do with decency and
regard from fair this regard for anyone go about murdering someone else or sodomizing
you're doing a very very bad thing to someone else before you took it upon yourself to
abused flight aperture doing what....

so sometimes the dictation search skipping if we click on another window we need to figure
that out so that's why there's a few laws here voice vocalizing speaking as I say I know the
principles said to be leaders of f*** over is that supposed to be f***** over Clapper little
m*********** twerk YouTube General Secretary defense your f****** m*********** know all the
people Netanyahu your a f****** Goofus I've ever seen one never that I'm afraid
Clapper every time I saw you shouldn't be a f****** Goofus m*********** know why the
heck which TV we see we share and post leadership to specially are not supposed to be all
to do with soul to the devil so bad all they live for and deal for I'm get I got your dealing
Belle it up the butt and he'll everything everyone not just anyone or everyone everything in
every:y of space and if I divulge too much information but every living thing all I got to say is
f*** you dead first pal change the subject no murdering no raping no it's all thing no
emulsifying no Cemetery Dunder no coming after Steve and the god figure together and
their proxy use asking ordering insisting to hear an affirmative sir whether it be in the local
police station's who breaks like a son of a b**** I don't know to the higher echelons of never
f****** murder a****** c********* who's got a problem with it other side and site care about
them to cemeteries of life and that you're not the ones that trying to say nobody ever went
to heaven is going on you dare something somebody that can't be acceptable are
allowed that can't be acceptable are allowed be right back thank you up before we leave
though let's make no mistake about this the man you know is Don Trump Donald John
Trump president and so saying reported reportedly The Entity no such thing as intended to
use it right no such thing as a image that can talk that how many X intercepts intercepting
right now and laughing in my face and ask you mental health to lie about it laughing in my
f****** face the mother f***** done Trump who is a nuclear magician murder arsonist killed
you all even you right there that we're trying to put it to work a little bit to save us all it would
never even have survived f****** minute or it was 10 minutes or 20 minutes 20 minute 20
minutes at megatonnage he's you know what a Megaton achievable like a softball pitcher
might be as far as anatomical combustibility so if you thought that just one individual could
be a nuclear Arsenal and that the Arsenal's no such importance in life that we heard talked
about 30,000 this that the other all b******* nowadays compared to how many days are
nuclear Arsenal powerhouses football pass is a Megaton Edge laughing in your f****** face
about it all they live for is f*** your ass and hell every way they possibly can if your don't f***
ass do sins worse than them an internal matter of m*********** is upset somebody's upset
about it shouldn't be the worst he's ever been to to qualify laughing in my face rufus's if you
want to call yourself at it..

Omnipotent Creator like I said again that you're giving me lip doesn't exist that you can't
hear when you can here in fact you're even tracking my f****** typing you little
m************ so it's a lot like a mother f***** about it all and try to classify it as a mental case
to stick it up my ass and everyone else's ass cuz I'm like a profit and that is the worst thing
you ever wanted to see if you're real real real real the worst bad guys ever in Disguise cock
f****** suckers at what I was growing up younger to get in trouble for way less than thing
ever even match table for being even remotely close to being bad is all that. my book

what do you want to say to it pal no we're going to try to make waves let's go get her or
guys go get her and let's go get a fix on them usually guys we want to pick give me
try anything to do with not bathe or not Manny not Hispanic to lead remember we're asking
all right so by sharing the story of Danny was very very more sober straightforward then
Tom and his brother Kelly were headed right but very very nice and very decent disregardful
between the two of them would be very very good candidates may be a little older but
healthy getting his blood type so we're going to go try there see if I can and if anyone
accepted none of my anybody business at what I see if something comes up from the sky it
starts enforcing the right way a little bit better than so disgusting and Despicable we saw
these others to go out out okay or what okay so also with Peter Schumacher and George
Tenet being good candidates also at what was missing with the picture is your only using
one or two flight police navigate police types and you user you are using all to do with
everything to do with flight aperture abused every police station what I thought you do what
kind of lip you gave me this morning last night at your big big big secret only getting worse
and bigger rectally inseminate all you can you kill everything in creation you're not too
pleased you're not know nothing about this I see nothing hear nothing anything to do with

as would want care for oneself when's W so when Steve sizes sites between the two of
them the brothers and also between Arthur Langley shoot dead on sight they're
better between the two of us and between even if George Tenet and mother f******
gay clear all of a sudden don't worry about anybody trying to pull rank on you and also a
couple of good candidates let's see and one of my peter Schumacher it going to be my
father made all the right mother f***** and as a mother f***** did I say that and be like
thatWhy would at War be what you call it pal something or someone from a psychiatric point
of you would want to share just the just closed did they talk about understand better love
them let me tell you all about it then confused for the feeble the poor innocent elderly better
become victims and doobie come pick them so bad so terrible

hen's gets all the swell so seeing if we can get some photos and knowing I caught you
laughing in my face as if it's funny to do I told you not to classify this mental this far
along but f*** you fight about it let's pull a fast one on you f*** you fight about it let's pull up
f****** fast one on you because I saw you and Steve use invisible realm safety screen and
avoid how many times you tried to kill us me together thousands you mother f***** a day
even is getting upset is that a right I'm not going to sit around and wait for buckhead's
murderers to answer am I think that their mental health I need and that's not what I ever
ever needed and you know it wasn't I needed to be funded the right way not for the wrong
side of it
The Delano picture of lips look around now that looks like an older picture not delay no
picture of lips look around got that typo it might be more like him that would not don't let you
look and we'll find him that it does well this might be could be at Sons that's the 14th it's got
a lot going to be difficult if I am at work and we have to put her mind to it and we might have
to take off and take off from the dictation so what we want to do is actually go to
Carmel he's looked like older pictures no not really that may not be it let's move along so
the for it we're going to let it we get that the saucer up then that's not too much a saucer of
flight flight aperture at Wise Guys want to make comments please if you don't want to get it
in or nothinghey you can always say that I had declined you can always decline no but
maybe let me try to see if I want to feel like I'm so big so I overdo it power so much not like
anything when you get this type of job so the capability and not like the regular fighter that
you might ever be able to do without this type of arrangement and to do it do it on his mind I
didn't and you are not anymore by the way I director you're so it sucked you're such a f******
piece of s*** garbage anyway and it sucked it made all those people sucking his f****** his
garbage you ever did see and hear that did more damage than good between the two of
them is why I get a new flight aperture like I said write your mother f***** both of you lying
together and court now what you want to say to me push that's not what I want to see I want
to see you turn around about face and go inside your cell where you belong that is the right
bus teacher thanks that's where cuz I'm coming to learn to say why or what and what to tell
me you little f****** m*********** at all the f****** chances in the world that gave yet my little
survey but on the other hand illusion because here it now whatever the f*** you here you
just lied all the f*** about come on pal easy easy thank you..