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Approved: WPS No.: 403 Rev.

: 2
Date: March 7, 1994 Revision Date: September 8, 1995
Supporting PQR No. (s): W/O PWHT 12369 (PRN039) With PWHT 4B (PRN042)
Welding Process: GTAW Type(s): Manual

Refer to WPS No. GEN for typical joint designs. This WPS may be used with or without backing.


P-No.: 4 Group No.: ------ to P-No.: 4, 3, or 1 Group No.: ------

Thickness Range:
1/16 thru W/O PWHT
Base Metal: Groove 3/16 thru 2.840 With PWHT Fillets All

Maximum Deposit Thickness Per Pass Shall Not Exceed Inches

Spec. No. (SFA): 5.28
AWS No. (Class): ER80S-B2
F-No.: 6
A-No.: 3
Size of Filler Metals: 1/16, 3/32, 1/8 5/32
Weld Metal:
Thickness Range:
Groove: 3/8 Maximum W/O PWHT
Maximum With PWHT
Fillet: All
Consumable Insert: Not Permitted

Position(s) of Groove: All Condition (1): As-Welded

- or -
Welding Progression: Up: XX Temperature Range: Condition (2): Stress Relieved
Down: ___
Time Range: N/A(WPS Not Allowed for ASME III)
Position(s) of Fillets: All

PREHEAT (QW-406) GAS (QW-408)

Preheat Temperature Minimum: o
300 F Composition CFH
Gas(es) (Mixture) Flow Rate
Interpass Temperature Maximum: ______ Shielding Argon 100 15 min

Preheat Maintenance: None Required Purge None

WPS No.: 403 Rev.: 2


Current: AC or DC: DC Polarity: EN

Tungsten Electrode Size and Type: 3/32 or 1/8 2% Thoriated (SFA 5.12, EWTh-2)
Pulsed current: Neither required nor prohibited

Weld Filler Metal Amp. Volt Travel

Layer(s) Process (Note 2) Range Range Speed Other
(Note 3) (IPM)
Class Dia.

GTAW ER80S-B2 1/16 60-250 10-18 --

Root Pass
GTAW ER80S-B2 3/32 60-250 10-18 --
GTAW ER80S-B2 1/8 60-250 10-18 --
Fill & Cap
GTAW ER80S-B2 5/32 60-250 10-18 --

String or Weave Bead String or Weave
Orifice or Gas Cup Size Diameter Minimum
Initial and Interpass Cleaning As Per WPS No. GEN
Method of Back Gouging As Per WPS No. GEN
Multiple or Single Pass (per side) Multiple
Multiple or Single Electrodes Single
Peening Not Permitted

Note 1: This WPS must be used in conjunction with WPS No. GEN.

Note 2: All passes shall be made with the addition of filler metal.

Note 3: Voltage ranges are not required by ASME IX and are given for reference only.