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Maneuver: May move units from 1 undisputed Banner by 1 Setup

RISK EUROPE territory you control to:

another undisputed territory you control,
New ability in effect at start of next round Select color for mercenary army
Randomly select 2 Gold Crown City
Black text: 4-player rules connected by supply lines, or Siege Assault: select 1 undisputed territory you
Blue text: 3-player rules control w/> 1 siege weapon(s) and adjacent
territory in dispute w/your units (before 1st City: place castle and 10 footmen
undisputed target territory
Round maneuver), connected by supply lines 2nd City: place 10 footmen
Roll 2 dice per siege weapon
max 2 territories away Set aside for mercenary army:
Each player selects 2 cards from hand, placed face- For each die > 3, opponent removes 1 army
down in stack on table in chosen order Must stop if entering: 5 silver coins + Tax Value of 2 starting
unit of his choice
Reshuffle as needed disputed territory cities
no return fire
territory w/enemy units City Bonus tiles
Players bid for control of mercenary army not across sea lines
Not into territory in dispute by 2 other Each player selects color and takes:
Place coins in hand, reveal together. Tied players Resolve battles in disputed territories, in order Army figures
players roll dice to break tie. May not drop off or pick up units chosen by 1st player. War Banner
Winner pays bid to mercenary army Must leave > 1 unit behind when leaving Dice of both sides rolled simultaneously. Reminder card
starting castle/city territory Army owner chooses own losses after each 8 Kings Order cards
Starting w/1st player, then clockwise, flip over 1st
(top) card, select and resolve order Rank fires 5 silver coins
Rank 1: Siege Attack 1 crown/2 crowns
Starting w/1st player, then clockwise, flip over 2nd Footman, cost 1
Roll 2 dice per siege weapon, hits on 3+ 1 castle
(remaining) card, select and resolve order Archer, cost 2
Rank 2: Archers Place near board remaining:
Cavalry, cost 3
Mercenary army always last Roll 1 die per Archer, hits on 5+ Coins
Siege weapon, cost 10
Turn over top card of mercenary army deck Rank 3: Cavalry Crowns
Constantinople: add 4 Footmen w/new
Controller decides action for army Roll 2 dice per Cavalry, hits on 3+ Castles
siege weapon
Reshuffle as needed Rank 4: all units Each player bids to go 1st: Place coins in hand,
Place in controlled, undisputed city/castle
territories Roll 1 die per unit, max 3 for attacker, max reveal together. Tied players roll dice to break
Card actions may be done in part or not at all 2 for defender
Kiev: may place in controlled non-city tie.
card still discarded Pair highest opposing dice, higher value
territory connected by supply line to Kiev Winner pays bid, takes 1st Player marker
Supply lines: undisputed territories you control, scores 1 hit, ties to defender. Max 2 hits for Starting w/1st player, then clockwise:
Castle, cost 12
connected by shared borders and/or sea lines Rank 4
Place in controlled, undisputed territory Select 1 Gold Crown City, place your crown
(dashed lines) Defender w/castle in battle territory may reroll and castle there
Max 1 per territory all dice of 1 Rank of 1 side, each time Rank
Expand: move any no. of your army units from 1 Never destroyed Take City Bonus tile
order repeated
territory you control to adjacent, undisputed Berlin: -3 to cost Collect tax per city Tax Value
If both armies still have units there, back to
(before movement) territory Place War Banner on 1st space of Crown
Tax: Select 1 undisputed city territory you control Rank 1, etc.
track (place on 2nd space if Rome chosen)
Split Expand: move any no. of your army units Collect Tax Value of that city territory, and of Battle won in other players territory
Place 10 footmen/5 footmen, divided at
from 1 territory you control to < 2 adjacent, undisputed territories connected to that city Stockholm: +4 silver coins
will, between starting city territory and 1
undisputed (before movement) territories territory by supply lines City territory: adjacent non-city territory
Non-city, named territory Tax Value = 1 Move War Banner forward on Crown Starting w/1st player, then clockwise:
Must leave > 1 unit behind
London taxed: add 2 Archers there track
Not into: Select 2nd Gold Crown City, place your
Paris taxed: add 1 Cavalry and 1 Footman there Move opponent War Banner backward crown there
territory you control on Crown track
enemy-controlled castle territory w/out Madrid taxed: add 4 Footmen there Take City Bonus tile
Both armies eliminated in city territory
siege weapon(s) Collect tax per city Tax Value
Bonus card actions (may be done before or Crown there back to reserve
Into empty city territory: after, and in addition to, regular card action): Place War Banner on 2nd space of Crown
Place crown from reserve into territory End of Round: Player w/no city territory and no track (place on 3rd space if Rome chosen)
Collect Tax Value of city Fortify: Crown card out of game. Remove all his army Place 5 footmen, divided at will, between
Add 3 footmen to 1 city territory you control units, City Bonus tiles, coins 2nd starting city territory and 1 adjacent
Gold Crown City: take City Bonus tile
(may be disputed), or non-city territory
Move War Banner forward on Crown track Player w/no city territory and > 1 Crown card has
Add 4 footmen to 1 castle territory you control Shuffle Crown cards, place face-down
Into enemy territory: 1 more round to reclaim city territory
(may be disputed) Shuffle mercenary Kings Order cards, place
territory now disputed face-down to left of 1st player
Any player w/> 7 crowns/> 8 crowns wins game.
you are attacker King Me: take 1st Player marker. Takes effect at
Tiebreaker: most territories controlled, then most
not if in dispute by 2 other players start of next round
money, w/1st Player marker counting as 10 coins
May move out of own controlled, disputed Draw 2 Crown cards, choose 1, return other to
Mercenary army cannot win
territory: deck bottom
Unnamed islands are not territories
must leave behind [units] = [attacker units] Place mission face-down
Berlin: free maneuver When mission completed, reveal, advance War Revealed cards discarded