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Electrical Engineering
Time Allowed: 1 Hours Maximum Marks: 100

01. Please read each of the following instructions carefully
before attempting questions.
02. Candidates should attempt FIVE questions in all. Question
No.1 is compulsory. Out of the remaining SIX questions
attempt any FOUR.
03. The number of marks carried by a part of a question is
indicated against it.
04. Answers must be written in ENGLISH only.
05. Assume suitable data, if necessary and indicate the same
06. Unless otherwise mentioned, symbols and notations have
their usual standard meanings.
07. Neat sketches may be drawn, wherever required.
08. All parts and subparts of a question are to be attempted
together in the answer book.
09. Any pages left blank in the answer book must be clearly
struck out.

ESE Offline Test
01. (a) If a plane electromagnetic wave traveling in a good
conductor, then show that the wave has same values of
attenuation constant and phase shift constant (5M)

(b) The current in an inductor of 2H is shown below. Obtain

voltage across the inductor VL(t) and plot it. (5 M)

0 2 8 t(sec)

(c) Plot power & energy functions for the above problem(Q- b)

(d) Determine the work done in carrying a q = 2c point charge

from point A(0,3,0) to point B(1,0,0) in a non-uniform

electric field, E 3x y x xy 3z V/m along the shortest
path shown in figure. y
0 x

3 A


EE Conventional1

(e) A coaxial transmission line 5.6 m long has distributed

parameters R = 6.5 /m, L = 3.4 H/m, G = 8.4 mS/m and
C = 21.5 pF/m. If the line operates at 2MHz, then calculate
the end-to-end propagation time delay. (5M)

(f). State and explain millimans theorem. (5M)

(g). Calculate load current i in the circuit below by millimans

theorem. (5M)

2 2 5

2 V + 3V + 5V +

(h) A sphere of radius R has volume charge density given by

= 2 C / m 3 , where r is the radial distance and
k = constant. Obtain electric field intensity inside and
outside the sphere at a radial distance r from its centre.
Assume the medium within the sphere is homogeneous,
having relative permittivity r. (5M)

02. (a) Calculate the attenuation constant and skin depth when the
radio wave of frequency 10 MHz is traveling in a lake water
(assume = 4 103 S-m1 and r = 81) and sea water
(assume = 4 S-m1 and r = 81). Justify whether the lake
water (or) sea water is feasible for better communication.
ESE Offline Test
(b) Calculate the current gain in the circuit shown below.

20 10

is V0 30 5V0 40

(7 M)

03. (a) If Vs(t) = Vm sin t and

V0(t) = A sin(t+ ) derive the expression for A and .
(7 M)

Vs(t) L C V0(t)

(b) Obtain an expression for inductance of a lossless coaxial

transmission line operating at 500 MHz, having length l
with inner and outer conductor radii a and b respectively.

04. (a) A cylindrical rod of length 2a centered at the origin aligned

with z-axis and diameter, d (is much smaller than any other
dimension in the system) carrying an uniform charge density
l C/m. Determine the electric field at a point P(r, , o)
equidistant from the end points of the line. (7M)


EE Conventional1

(b) For the circuit shown in figure, calculate

(i) average power
(ii) Reactive power Ph
(iii) Total power factor
1-, 220V, 50Hz
AC Supply

90+j80 (8 M)

05. (a) Write all the Maxwells equations for static and time varying
EM fields in both differential and integral form. Also write
the word statements of each equation for time varying fields.

(b) The coil of a relay is operated by a 12-V battery. If the coil

has a resistance of 150 and an inductance of 30mH and the
current need to pull up relay is 50 mA. Calculate the relay
delay time. (8M)

06. (a) For the RLC circuit shown in figure below. Find the
complete current response i(t), if VC(0) = 2 volts. When
switch is closed at time t = 0.
6 1H

1 +
2cos4 t V + i(t)

ESE Offline Test
(b) A parallel plate capacitor consisting of two metal plates of 50
cm2 area each, separated by a porcelain layer of thickness
a=1cm(for porcelain r = 5.5 and = 1014 S/m). If a voltage
(t) = 110 2 cos(120 t) V is applied across the capacitor
plates. Find conduction current density, displacement current
density and also find total current through the capacitor. (7M)

07. (a) Derive the boundary conditions at the interface separating

two magnetic media characterized by medium-1 with (1, 1)
and medium-2 with (2, 2). (8M)

(b) Define Tree of a Graph. Mention five properties of a Tree.