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Sexual Harassment and the Mating Game

Now that St. Rina David condemned sexual harassment, citing the case of Guillerma
Castanares who was forced to dance before Education officials in her underwear as condition for
employment, let us, as devils advocate, explore the other sidesexual harassment as part of
the mating game.
What happened to Castanares is malicious mischief, obscenity, public scandal, abuse of
authority and violation of the sanctity of her person, like pimping, woman-beating, mashing and
Any man who takes unconscionable advantage of a woman in need, should be boiled in
Shell oil, and closeted with a faggot who is a cannibal.
But t he Anita Hill testimony at the confirmation hearings if newly appointed US Supreme
Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is something else. Anita Hill accused Thomas of sexual
harassment more than ten years after it happened, depicting him as a boss who pestered her for
dates, talked dirty and boasted about his skills as a lover. Long John Silver is a pun on
Clarence Thomas as Long John Silver the love pirate, not Dong Puno as Long John Silver with
silver bullets and a horse named Silver.
What Clarence Thomas was supposed to have done is part of the mating game, and
happens in every gathering of males and females. A male pesters a female for dates, even if
refused by her, because the femaie is assumed to be coy, demure and playing hard to get. A
male speaks the language of love, hinting of joys unbounded, and what may be a tempting offer
to one woman may be an obscenity to another. A male known to be a skillful lover is attractive
who competes to win what others want: such man should advertise his assets.
Where to draw the line between acts of seduction and sexual harassment? There are no
fixed rules. Most women say, I may not want a man to succeed in getting what he wants, but I
certainly feel flattered if he tried. I want to have to have the option to accept or reject. Corito Fiel
says she wants to be seduced against her will, so that she may enjoy it without feeling guilt, while
her seducer will certainly roast in hell.
Beautiful women who are continually harassed want to be seductive about who will
harass them, encouraging Senators Orly Mercado and Butz Aquino, while accusing any man with
acne, BO or bad breath of unwelcome sexual harassment.
Ugly women, Carito Fiel points out, rarely get seduced, and so they insist on a system of
handicapping, a set of rules that will impede the seduction of beautiful women, and equalize the
odds. Ugly women are the majority in any female group, so they make the rules that make every
working place devoid of love and affection, terrorized by pitiless female inquisition. American
males are being neutered by uglies and dykes.
Where to draw the line? My friend Pontororoy feels the battle line must be re-drawn all
the time like a shifting no-mans land, depending on battle conditions and on every pair of
protagonists in the battle of the sexes.
Good-looking cocks of the walk like Adrian Cristobal, Frank Chavez, Speedy Gonzales,
and ahem, are practically dragged to the haystack to the haystack by women crying, Dont!
Dont! Dont stop! Anding Roces wears a T-shirt captioned, No sex...please!
On the other hand, once casual glance from Jess Estanislao and Joey Cuisia constitutes
an unforgivable indefensible harassment to most women. And a miniskirt will drive both of them
bananas and up the wall.
Vestal virgins like Julie Yap Daza who throws flowers to the moon, and Domini Suarez
Torrevillas who sleeps in Abrahams bosom (Richard III, Act IV, scene 3; Luke 16:22), can take it
and dish it out, without being offended and embarassed.
Virgin Corito Fiel would challenge the Dirty Old Man who propositioned her: If you can
beat me in a race up the stairs (of the Intercon), you can have me.
On the other hand, old-fashioned ladies (pareho sa imo, Inday) feel offended if a man so
much as compliments them on their beauty or sexuality.
In US jurisprudence there is the stub-your-toe test on sexual expletives. As Newsweek
says, If a male stubs his toe, he usually screams, Oh fuck! so that it is permissible and
protected as free speech, but Oh cunt! is not the usual expletive and therefore is forbidden as
sexual harassment contributing to hostile environment.
The Hill-Thomas affair is greeted by women feminists in Europe with hoots and giggles as
proof of American hypocrisy, prudery and naivete, with the battlecry, Lets keep seduction!
Filipino society has always been a matriarchy, with women engaged in BIg Business and
represented in government more than women of the USAa woman president, four Supreme
Court Justices (US has only one), two senators out of 24 (in US, 2 out of 98).
Our women realize that sexual harassment is a legitimate part of the mating game, by
which women must first resist a mans advance, then triumphantly block his retreat.