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*The next exercises are to be done individually.

1) The word actually is not the same as atualmente in Portuguese, it is a false cognate.
Actually is also a discourse marker it helps establish a connection between main ideas.

Look at this example from the text and mark the option that exemplifies the use of actually.

I made the decision at a time when life seemed too much actually, there was nothing
worth going into here, just a story of a teenage angst.

(A) confirmation, as in: Are you John? Yes, I am, actually.

(B) in fact, as in: Are you Portuguese? Actually, I am Brazilian.
(C) really, as in: Ana ran the Boston marathon. I cant believe she actually did it.
(D) rethinking, as in: Do you have a pen? No, sorry Wait! Actually, I have one right here.

2) In the sentence In the beginning, deleting Facebook seemed to be a way to reclaim

some sort of simplicity there are false cognates. What are they?

(A) deleting; seemed

(B) deleting; reclaim
(C) reclaim; sort
(D) sort; simplicity

3) Read the text again quickly and find others false cognates. What do they mean in

5) Based on your previous knowledge of discourse markers, identify in the text words that

Adding ideas Contrasting Condition Giving Sequencing Summarizing

ideas reasons ideas

6) Complete the following fragment with the most appropriate form of the verbs.

() I pulled up the site (Facebook), but before I could properly articulate my post, I noticed a
guy I ______ (meet) briefly five years ago ______ (post) hiking photos from the same place I
_____ (go) hiking last week. We had both been in Oregon! What a coincidence! I _______
(click) on the photo and saw he ______ (be) there with a woman I knew from high school. Well,
how do they know each other? I clicked on her photo and came up a profile pic of three tiny
children, all adorable. The youngest had a Brown University shirt on. A little bit of digging
revealed that, in fact, her husband _______ (get) a job at my alma mater and they had all
moved to Providence. I _______ (learn) so much in just five minutes, but what did I really want
from Facebook in first place?
Adapted from: <
actually-like/> Accessed on: October 23, 2015.

- How many tenses are there in the text? Identify them.

- Which tenses are the most common in the narrative? Why?

Follow-up *Sts may discuss in pairs.

- Do you agree with the reasons the writer gave to leave her social connection? Why? Why not?

-What are the pros and cons of having social networking accounts? Thinking about the reasons
you gave and the writers point of view, would you delete any of your account(s)?

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questes so na lngua estudada. No entanto, seu uso no totalmente obrigatrio, uma vez que
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