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In our university there is 2 types of student the first one is the student

that stay in dorm and walk to study and other group of student that use cars

to come to study. So the current problem that we have observed in this

university is the hot temperature from outside and the lack of safety

because of the cars. Motorbike and ETC which make the student feel

uncomfortable to walk in the university. So we create an idea to solved this

problem by building the sky-walk around the Mahidol University to connect

one building to another building, providing safety for our students as long

as the comfort sensation and suitable life for our students so that after we

provide this sky-walk the amount of student who use motorbike and cars

we be decreased which leads to decreasing the amount of pollution from

the cars and the rate of accident form the street so student can be more

comfortable to walk in university. Also in our sky-walk we will providing the

escalator so student can walk there faster and use less of the energy. Also

on top of our sky-walk we will put the solar cell on it which can produce the

electricity for us so we would not need use more electric and also it going

to have left over electric for our university to be use in our category or other


The objective of this project is beneficial for everyone and specially

for elder people. However the essential part is the safety because when
people walks across the street we don't know that he or she will got

accident from the car. Another most important things from this project is

that it can reduce the pollution and also it will reduce the amount of

electricity that need to use in university too. Still it is possible that the

accident will led to the serious injury so we want to prevent this situation by

building the sky-walk which we think that our project would be useful in the

future dates.

Date Plans Locations

21/03/2017 We introduce idea of Skywalk. For MU
22/03/2017 Plan for the building that will have In MU, Public
24/03/2017 Specify the location In the list (Down
28/03/2017 Draw out the map Specific location and
outside MU

1.Education and technology for Learning Building

2.Training Building
3.Asean Institute for Health Development
4.MUIC, Salaya Pavilion Hotel and training center
5. Faculty of engineering and Building
6.MU Library and knowledge center
7.Lecture Theater
8.Faculty of Graduate studies
9.Mahidol learning center
10.Badhanatala Environment Building
11.College of Sports Science and Technology
12.Ramathibodi School of Nursing
13.Faculty of Medical Technology