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GENERAL (See Plan) VTS/RADAR: Mandatory vessel reporting system Adriatic Traffic for
vessels carrying dangerous and/or polluting cargoes; and all tankers (loaded
or in ballast).
GEO-POLITICAL: TUGS: Four tugs available (22,000 h.p., 14,100 h.p. and 15,440 h.p.).
Capital City: Ljubljana. Additional tugs on request. Minimum number of tugs required for berthing
Nationality: (noun) Slovene, (adjective) Slovenian. and unberthing depends on regulations, fire fighting tugs available.
Population: 2,007,711. BERTHS:
COMMUNICATIONS: General Cargo Terminal:
International Direct Dial Code: 386. Six berths with annual terminal capacity of 800,000 tons.
Number of Internal Airports: 6. Quays: Length 833 m., draft from 5.6 10.0 m. Alternatively at bulk cargo
Major Languages Spoken: Slovenian 91.1%, Serbo-Croatian 4.5%, other terminal 11.9 12.8 m.
or unspecified 4.4% (2002 census). Equipment: 320 ton shore cranes, 5 mobile cranes (220/40 tons,
ECONOMY: 135 tons, 150 tons and 163 tons), 602 25 ton forklifts, 16 tractors.
Currency: 1 Euro (EUR) of 100 Cents. Storage: Roofed warehouses 106,000 sq.m. Special warehouses for cotton
Exchange: (as of May 2008) and hides 37,800 sq.m. for hides and 1,800 sq.m. for fish meal.
US$ 1.00 EUR 0.64
EUR 1.00 US$ 1.56 Fruit Terminal:
Exchange rates under licence from There are three berths.
Main Industries: Ferrous metallurgy and aluminium products, lead and Quays: Length 427 m., max. draft 8.0 11.0 m.
zinc smelting and electronics. Storage: Air-conditioned warehouses, with a possibility of moisture and
ENVIRONMENT: temperature regulation from 0 20C, 13,000 sq.m. Refrigerated store rooms
Territorial Sea: 12 n.m. (020C) 2,000 sq.m. ripening facilities for bananas 950 sq.m.
Coastline Extent: 47 km.
Climate: Mediterranean climate on the coast, continental climate with mild Livestock Terminal:
to hot summers and cold winters in the plateaus and valleys to the east. Quays: Length 86 m., max. draft 7.0 m.
Natural Resources: Lignite coal, lead, zinc, building stone, hydropower Storage: Stables for 1,300 heads of cattle.
and forests.
Natural Hazards: Flooding and earthquakes. Timber Terminal:
Terrain: A short coastal strip on the Adriatic, an alpine mountain region Terminal area covers 25 ha., with annual capacity of 650,000 cu.m.
adjacent to Italy and Austria, mixed mountains and valleys with numerous Storage: Sheltered storage area 60,000 sq.m.
rivers to the east. Equipment: 242 8 ton forklifts, 24 18 ton loaders, seven tractors, two
lines for binding and edging of timber packages, a drying and irrigation device.

BULK FACILITIES: Ores, Coal and Coke: Berths: Two berths length
KOPER: 45 33' N 013 44' E (See Plan) 400 m., max. draft 16.7 m., or 17.2 m. subject to Harbour Masters written
permission. Maximum granulate size 200 mm.
LOCATION: In the North Adriatic, within the Gulf of Trieste. Storage: Open storage 700,000 tons.
CHARTS: Slovenia Charts No. 1 and 3. Equipment: 215 ton ganrty cranes, 220 ton shore cranes handling
BA Charts No. 1471 and 1426. 500 tonnes/hr. (at outreach 36 m.), 232 ton bridge crane handling
PORT LIMITS: East of Long. 13 40' E and south of Lat. 45 35' N. 1,200 tonnes/hr., three caterpillar 988F and two Volvo L160.
DOCUMENTS: Capacity: Unloading 1,500 t.p.h. Loading 900 tonnes/hr. 12 or more railway
Bill of Lading dispatches daily. Yearly throughput of the terminal is 4 million tons.
CLC Certificate Additional services are screening, blending and crushing of coal.
3 Cargo Manifests Phosphates, Fertilisers, Alumina, Soyabean Meal in Pellets, Bauxite
2 Crew Effects Declarations and Other Bulk Cargoes: Berths: Three berths length 523 m., max. draft
5 Crew Lists alongside 12.8 m.
Derat (Exemption) Certificate Storage: Sheltered warehouse 52,000 tons for soya, 12,000 tons for
Freighted Cargo Manifest fertilisers, 50,000 tons for other bulk cargo. 70,000 tons open storage.
IOPP Certificate Equipment: 320 ton capacity shore cranes (15 tons at outreach 24.0 m.)
Maritime Declaration of Health and 125 ton shore crane (16 tons at outreach 45.0 m.). The quay is
5 Passenger Lists connected to the warehouse by a closed conveyor system with capacity of
Ship Draft Statement 340 tonnes/hr.
2 Stores Lists. Cereals and Oilseed - Silo Terminal: Berths: One berth length 200 m.,
ISPS COMPLIANCE: PFSO: Nevijo Frank. Tel: +386 (5) 665 6930. max. draft alongside 13.5 m.
Fax: +386 (5) 639 5011. Email: Web: Storage: 60,000 tons.
Capacity: Discharging/loading capacity for vessels 500 t.p.h.,
MAX. SIZE: Bulk: Draft 17.2 m., subject to Harbour Masters permission. discharging/loading capacity for wagons 500 t.p.h.
Chemicals: Draft 11.0 m.
Containers: Draft 11.2 m. CONTAINER FACILITIES: Container and Ro-Ro Terminal: Three
Dry Cargo: Draft 12.8 m. berths and three Ro-Ro ramps. Container terminal area covers
Tankers: LOA 200 m., draft 12.5 m. 191,000 sq.m., capacity 300,000 TEU. Car terminal total area 400,000 sq.m.
Largest Vessel: LOA 315 m., 184,050 tons of iron ore discharged. handling 300,000 cars annually.
Also see Shipmasters Report dated October 2001. Quays: Length 450 m., max. draft 9.5 11.2 m.
DENSITY: 1015 1025. Storage Container Terminal: Storage capacity 11,500 TEU.
RESTRICTIONS: All vessels enter port throughout 24 hours, except for Storage Car Terminal: Storage for 25,000 units (open air) and 4,000 units
oil and chemical tankers when visibility is less than 400 m. and wind greater (covered). Full range of services offered in order to provide completed
than Force 4. (prepared) goods for market delivery.
Container Equipment: 200 reefer points, 445 50 ton Panamax container
Bridges: None. cranes, five reachstackers, 535 ton transtainers. 72.5 25 ton forklifts,
ARRIVAL: Vessels are considered to have arrived when crossing port 17 towing units and 3671 m. railway tracks for loading/unloading.
APPROACHES: IMO adopted traffic separation scheme established in OTHER FACILITIES: See Container Facilities.
the North Adriatic Sea.
PILOTAGE: Compulsory for vessels of 500 g.t. and over. Pilot station may TANKER FACILITIES: Jetty: Max. LOA 200 m., max. draft 12.5 m.
The jetty is well lit and tankers normally berth throughout 24 hours.
be contacted on VHF Channel 8 throughout 24 hours. Pilot boards 1 n.m. 310 in. (gas) and 312 in. (diesel) chicksans. Usually, ships with two
from entrance in roads or at anchorage (usually 1 n.m. west of Fairway Buoy). grades of gasoline commence with unleaded first. Each line is separated and
Definite notice to be sent by telex 24 hours before vessels arrival in port must be reconnected after finishing the first grade. Maximum allowed rate is
area through Agent in Koper. Confirm Pilot service directly 1 hour before ship 1,500 cu.m./hr. with back pressure 10 kg. Shore pipeline from terminal to
ready for unberthing on VHF Channel 8, or Tel: +386 (5) 630 0160. tanks is 16 in.3 km.
Fax: +386 (5) 630 0161. For anti-pollution boom, contact INPO doo, Vojkovo Nabrezje 38,
Fairway Buoy in position Lat. 45 33.9' N, Long. 013 42.0' E. SI 6501 Koper. Tel: +386 (5) 665 6702, 665 6285. Fax: +386 (5) 665 6406.
ANCHORAGES: Port area, depth 17.0 19.0 m., sandy bottom. Safe Tanker Berths: Berth: Length 170 m., max. draft 11.0 m.
anchorages in case of SE wind near Rt Vilizan and in case of NE wind near Capacity: Chemicals 17,000 cu.m., phosphoric acid 7,500 cu.m.
Debeli Rt (Punta Grossa). Berth: Length 200 m., max. draft 14.0 m.
PRATIQUE: Vessel must have Maritime Declaration of Health. In the event Capacity: Vegetable oil 20,604 cu.m., palm oil 4,710 cu.m.
of any suspected disease or fever on board, Master must advise Agent or Berth: Length 165 m., max. draft 12.0 m.
Harbour Master by VHF Channel 16, Fax: +386 (5) 663 2110 or Capacity: Wine 2,930 cu.m., Latex 1,320 cu.m.
Email: Tanker Berth: Depth 12.5 m.
PRE-ARRIVAL INFORMATION: ETA: Notice should be given Alumina Terminal (Sandy Type): One berth, capacity 400,000 tons annually.
7 days, 3 days and 2 days prior to arrival and 24 hours confirmation of ETA Berth: Length 250 m., max. draft 13.0 m.
to be sent by Master or owner to Agent. Vessels carrying dangerous goods Storage: 20,000 tons.
must report ETA 48 hours prior to arrival through any coast radio stations to Capacity: Unloading 220 t.p.h., cart loading 100 t.p.h.
the Slovenian Maritime Administration. 24 hours prior to arrival, ISPS Also see Bulk Facilities, Restrictions and Shipmasters Report dated
pro-forma, Vessel Generated Waste Declaration, Crew List and Dangerous October 2001.
Cargo Manifest to be sent to the Slovenian Maritime Administration. LPG/LNG FACILITIES: None.
Fax: +386 (5) 663 2110. Email: STEVEDORES: Luka Koper provides all necessary services. Orders
Vessels not fulfilling requirements of sending pre-arrival information are should be made through Agent by 1030 hrs. for the next day. Orders for
not berthed. Saturday, Sunday and holiday work should be made on the preceding working
VHF: Port of Koper Harbour Masters Office MRCC Koper Channels 16, day.
7, 8 and 12 and Koper Pilots contacted on Channel 8. Normal working hours are Monday to Friday and Saturday 1st shift.

See guidelines for compiling and submitting information (page xi) 2475
1st shift: 0600 1400 hrs. SHIPMASTERS REPORT: October 2001 Updated 2002.
2nd shift: 1400 2200 hrs. Vessel: Product tanker, 37,000 tonnes d.w.t., 175 m. LOA, max. draft
3rd shift: 2200 0600 hrs. 11.0 m.
Gangs may be ordered from Luka Koper by Agent and forwarding Agent Berth: Instalacija Terminal.
in Koper. Cargo: 22,800 tonnes gas oil, unleaded gasoline.
BALLAST: Ballast Report required. Location: The tanker Terminal is located in position Lat. 45 33.58' N,
POLLUTION: Payment of all relevant expenses for removal, cleaning, Long. 13 44.0' E.
crews, penalties, etc., to be paid prior to vessel leaving port. Pollution to be Port Limits: The vessel is considered an Arrived Vessel when 2 nautical
reported to Environment Manager. miles from the Fairway Buoy (Lat. 45 33.88' N, Long. 13 44.00' E).
Also see Shipmasters Report dated October 2001. Documents: The following documents are required on arrival for Clearance
WASTE DISPOSAL: Garbage collection compulsory. Service is Inwards:
available each day from 0700 1500 hrs. Special plastic bags are provided 5 Crew Lists
on board each day. Charges depend on vessels tonnage and/or passengers 2 Stores Lists
and payable in USD. Larger collections and other service arrangements can 2 Crew Effects Declarations
be made. Ships Register (all certificates to be in date)
SLOPS DISPOSAL: Waste oil is collected by truck. P & I Certification
Contact: INPO doo. Tel: +386 (5) 665 6702. Fax: +386 (5) 665 6406. Civil Liability Certificate (CLC)
Derat (Exemption) Certificate.
MEDICAL: Medical assistance and hospital available. Izola General Pilotage: Compulsory for all vessels over 500 g.r.t. Vessels to contact the
Hospital, 7 km. Pilot Station 24 hours prior the vessels Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). The
FRESH WATER: Available from any pier at a rate of 15 t.p.h. Pilot boards the vessel near the Fairway Buoy, whether the vessel is
Contact INPO doo. Tel: +386 (5) 665 6702, 665 6285. Fax: +386 (5) proceeding directly inwards or from the anchorage. The Pilot boards from a
665 6406. pilot boat, having blue hull and superstructure, displaying the standard Pilot
Also see Shipmasters Report dated October 2001. International Code of Signals signal.
FUEL: Obtain through Agent in Koper or OMV-Istrabenz. Products Max. Size: LOA 180 m., draft 12.5 m.
available: Fuel oil 380 cst, all IFO from 30-380 cst, gas oil, diesel oil, ships VHF: The pilot boat and pilot station operate on Channels 16 and 8.
engine and lubricant oils. Guaranteed specification according to
MA-100 British standard and/or AGIP specification. Delivery by barge,
Mooring Operations: Mooring/unmooring conducted throughout 24 hours.
Tankers are always moored port side to. For mooring, the Pilot requires 3 tugs
max. 2,000 tonnes/day, 24 hours service (weather permitting), 24 hours
(forward/amidships/aft) if the vessel is more than 20,000 g.r.t. The fore and
notice required.
aft tugs are secured using ships lines and tugs line for the tug amidships.
OMV-Istrabenz. Tel: +386 (5) 663 3300. Fax: +386 (5) 663 3392.
If the vessel is less than 20,000 g.r.t., only 2 tugs are required. For unmooring,
Telex: 34780. Email:
only 2 tugs are required. The tugs have adequate power for the operation.
CHANDLERY: Olmar Ship Supply, Port zone. Tel: +386 (5) 6273, (41) Berthing: Only one berth for tankers (see Plan).
661639. Fax: (5) 639 5004. General ship supply, laundry service, boat service The approach to the jetty must be conducted with caution, and transversal
available on request, international telephone service. speed be kept to a minimum. This is due to the jetties 2 lateral supports
OMNIS - General Ships Supply Ltd. Port zone. Tel: +386 (5) 628 5000. having many weak points. The berths fenders are in a poor state of repair.
Fax: +386 (5) 628 5001. Mobile: +386 (41) 367576.
Loading/Discharging: The Instalacija Terminal has three chicksans.
SERVICES: Disinfecting, disinsecting, derat, etc. Fumigation available Starting from aft (see Plan), they are 10 in., 12 in. and 10 in. The
upon request. loading/discharging operations can be conducted by connecting any one of
Contact: DDD. Tel: +386 (5) 630 0480, (5) 627 3228. Fax: +386 (5) the chicksans to the ships manifold, due to the chicksans all connecting to
639 3602. Email: Web: the same shore pipeline.
DRY DOCK: Floating dock available at Izola, 3 n.m. Vessels up to Upon the first grade being completed, the shore installation needs at least
20,000 d.w.t., LOA 160 m. 2 hours to flush the shore line, after which the vessel can proceed to discharge
REPAIRS: Small repairs can be carried out at Koper. The repair service the next grade of cargo.
for containers is in the port of Koper. The shore tanks are approximately 2,500 m. from berth. With back pressure
SURVEYORS: Adria Control, Agroinspect, ASA, B&B, Bureau Veritas, of 7 kg. at the ships manifold, the discharging rate achieved was
Contrade, DDD, EMS, Inspect, Intermar, Jadroinspect, SGS Slovenia and 1,200 cu.m./hr. Vessels are required to provide an inert gas blanket if the
Government inspectors. vessel is fitted with an inert gas plant.
There is no shore steam facility or vapour return line available.
POLICE/AMBULANCE/FIRE: Police Tel: 113. Ambulance and Fire
Tel: 112. Communication Centre Tel: 112. Gangway: There is no shore gangway available.
EMERGENCY RESPONSE CENTRE: MRCC Koper VHF Channels Pollution: There is only a floating barrier available to combat oil spills.
7, 8, 12 and 16. Tel: +396 (5) 663 2106/8, Fax: +386 (5) 663 2110. Fresh Water: Available. Delivered by hose connected from the jetty at
Email: 20 cu.m./hr., costing USD6.00 per ton.
FIRE PRECAUTIONS: Usual precautions. Fuel: Available from Trieste (Italy) at the anchorage.
SECURITY/GANGWAY: Watchmen available through Agent. Services: The port of Trieste is 10 km. from the port. Most items can be
supplied at the anchorage.
TIME: GMT plus 1 hour. GMT plus 2 hours in summer (end March to Shore Leave: Permitted, but crew members must have a Shore Pass that
end September).
is provided on arrival at the port. All Shore Passes must be returned to the
LOCAL HOLIDAYS: 1, 2 January (New Years Days), 8 February ships Agent prior to the vessels departure.
(Slovene Cultural Holiday), 27 April, 1, 2 May (May Day), 25 June (State
Holida), 15 August (Assumption), 31 October (Reformation Day),
Transport: A taxi from the vessel to the city costs USD6.00 one way.
1 November (All Saints Day), 25 December (Christmas Day), 26 December AUTHORITY: Ministry of Transport, Slovenian Maritime Administration,
(Independence Day). (Uprava Republike Slovenije za pomorstvo), Ukmarjev Trg 2,
All services to be arranged on a normal working day prior to holidays, SI-6000 Koper, Slovenia. Tel: +386 (5) 663 2100. Fax: +386 (5) 663 2102.
special rates apply. Telex: 34235 UPPOM SI. Email: Web:
Also see Stevedores Local Office: Port of Koper - Luka Kopa, Vojkovo Nabrezje 38,
WEATHER/TIDES: Prevailing Winds: Winter: N NE (Buria), S SE SI-6501 Koper, Slovenia. Tel: +386 (5) 665 6100. Fax: +386 (5) 639 5020.
(Jugo). Summer: westerly (Maestral). Email: Web:
CONSULS: Italian Consul in Kober. Tel: +386 (5) 627 3749. Harbour Master Office: Tel: +386 (5) 663 2106. Fax: +386 (5) 663 2110.
All others in Ljubljana. Contact Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Consular
Section. Tel: +386 (1) 478 2317. Email:
TELEPHONES: Available.
Contact: Olmar Ship Supply. Tel: +386 (5) 6273, (41) 661639. Fax: (5)
639 5004.
Public telephone also available.
NEAREST AIRPORT: Venice International Airport, 130 km.
BANKS: Banka Koper. Tel: +386 (5) 666 1000. Fax: +386 (5) 666 2019.
CUSTOMS: 200 cigarettes for each member of crew and one bottle of
spirits per week and reasonable quantity of wine per person per day.
REPATRIATION: By bus, by railway from Koper or by air from the airports.
IDENTIFICATION CARDS: Shore pass (without photograph) issued by
local police.
SEAMANS CLUBS: None. Part-time activities organised by Olmar Ship
Supply, Port Zone. Tel: +386 (5) 627 3237, (41) 661639. Fax: +386 (5)
659 5004.
DEVELOPMENTS: Besides investment in modern equipment and
mechanisation, the port is also investing in:
a) additional parking warehouse
b) enlargement of the capacity of the terminal for alumina
c) enlargement of the capacity of the terminal silo for cereals and
d) extension of existing container terminal to 500,000 TEU. Construction
2004 2011
e) investments in modern information technology
f) VTS to be installed at the port (work in progress)
g) Passenger terminal planned for 2008.

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