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Case 2 Page 1

Case 2

Information Processing

Of Operating System


What is the purpose of this case?

This Case is about setting up a new information technology business specializing in printing.

They require my expertise for basic technological services for the business. Theyre want my

recommendations on , potential operating system, computer models/photocopiers etc necessary

to create a business.

What I want to find?

I will want to find the best range of equipment from various buyers that are suitable in their

budget and average quantity equipment. I will want to find out, what are the plans to upgrade

their technology, what business agendas they would want to take up in the future, what are the

purposes and their general audience.

What are my methods?

I would first single out my recommendations in a reasonable form. I will give my citations to the

information, to understand and give my reasons to my choices and I will give my citations. I will

then go to reseller or sellers on the web internationally or locally.

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Case 2

Information Processing

Of Operating System

Question 1
1) Selection for each department.

- Video Productions Video Editing- 20 computers: Mac OSX pc IMAC

The Mac OSX contributes the best high graphics for computer in editing
software such as Pictures and Videos
They give a great amount of threads able to start a video with a great
environment(lighten, surround sound, high processing, great mega pixels)

- Desktop Publishing and Magazine Development- 20 computers: Windows 8 HP

I choose the windows because the great desktop publication application of
Microsoft word
The Microsoft word application has many formats to publish any type of
documents (excel or word)
The HP brand us very v
- Administration Classroom - 20 Computer Windows 7/8

I would use the windows7/ 8 because its interconnected with personal user
systems or public.
The windows operating system allows people to be viewed or monitor without
them breaking certain rules of people.
- Academy Classroom- Training Room

I would choose the MAC OSX mountain lion because the operating system
allows students to interact better, with their graphical user interface
The operating system allows multitasking very easily for student when doing
their tasks.
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Case 2

Information Processing

Of Operating System

Question 2

2) Systems that are used in Video Productions Video Editing

Video Editing and Production is a part of post-production video editing and is directly

leads to non-liner editing system.

The video Production/Editing Software recommendations:

Avidemux (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)

AviSynth (Windows)

Blender VSE (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)


- These soft wares are a combination of the best operating system in the world for
producing or editing
- Each special soft ware has its own unique ability of determining the right graphical

versions to help any computer.

- All of the software ha the systems co-interacting with each others and thus will

involve no piracy and compatibility.

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Case 2

Information Processing

Of Operating System

Question 3
3) The processes involved in desktop publishing
- Word Processing
The typing of words and fonts used to create text
This program will enable the user to write articles, books, letter documents, reports,

word processors for several years usually featured a monochrome display and the ability

to save documents on memory cards or diskettes

- Page Layout
The part of graphic design that deals in the arrangement and style treatment of content on

a page.
The electronic page with the graphical user interface.
This usually includes interactive elements and multimedia in addition to text and still

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Case 2

Information Processing

Of Operating System

Question 4

Computers needed:

IMAC: Price $1,999.00 (US) Free shipping; for Video Productions and Video Editing

and Desktop Publishing

- Intel quad-core processors and the latest NVIDIA graphics. Cutting-edge storage
- The computer will work extremely fast with student
- Mac os x

HP Envy h8- 1500t Desktop Pc: Price $699.00 (US); For administration and IT Unit
- Comes with high processing speed
- Windows 8
- Run at top speeds with AMD and Intel Core processors for your most demanding

applications and games

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Case 2

Information Processing

Of Operating System

Question 5
4) My Recommended printing devices

The Multifunction The HP Office inkjet 8600 copier printer scanner

Prints professional-quality photos and documents quickly
Connectivity options and robust features like an auto-duplexer, cloud printing, and a

legal-size scanning bay.

It touch screen features allows it to be more interact and makes the user more knowledge

on how to use it

There is only on disadvantage which is really minor from the review people say you mus
touch it with more force, than other printers

HP LaserJet Pro P1606dn- Workgroup printer - Laser Monochrome

is easy to set up, and offers rapid printing

The printers have an affordable price.
It is review a profit combination of value and performance for home offices or small

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Case 2
Information Processing
Operating System
Question 6
I would have(recommend) for your i.t buisiness a/an:
- Tower Model Desktop(for traking and multitaking)
Its a computer in which its energy comes from power supply (outlet).
The tower model has motherboard, and mass storage devices which are stacked on top of

each other in a cabinet.

The main advantage of tower models is that there are fewer space constraints
- Mass storage device (external hard drives, flash drive and pen drive)
This will allow your data to be monile any where a usb port are available
They contain a data organise system(file system)
- Computer(information) Security
To protect various malware from attacking your computer
Computer Security warrns you about what files or website are safe
Provides an act of ensuring that data is not lost when critical issues arise.
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Case 2
Information Processing
Operating System
Question 1)
Mac OSX mac osx reviews,
Windows7/8: Microsoft/

Question 2)

Operating system-

Question 3)

Word processing- wikepedia

Question 4)

Question 5)

hp prineers

Question 6) tower models-, and

Mass storage

Question 7/8) Spreedsheet and letter- finicial and technical data gathered from the case
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Case 2

Information Processing
Operating System
This project help showed me the typical buisiness environment that people go into

everyday when planing a technical buisiness, aince this is the new modern era of

technology. How do people with all of their setups the prices of technology included with

high wage paying of vat.

The planing of the services invovled for the computer such as

printing/photocopying, also the 20 computer needed for each department such as; Video

Productions Video Editing- 20 computers, IT Unit- 20 computers, Administration 20

computer,Acadmey 20 computer. Mr. David Smith ask me to give his refrences to all of

The operating system section had given me some trouble but I had to carefull

anylise the operating sytem to suit needs and see the cost in the role of the budget which

$4,000,000 in his buisiness the three operating systems I recommended were lunix mac

osx, and windows 7/8. The data can be seen throught the project and my marked citations

for furthet information , this can be seen in the letter.

The computers like the imac for students in the training room are indeed

expensive but woth great results and insuarance, the printers I have taken the liberty for

you to see the reviews for the advantages.I also put in the letter and spreedsheeet the

security cameras cost. This is the detailes specifications of my project and reviews.