John baptizes Jesus

Jesus had a cousin named John. John was a little unusual. John ate locusts. Locusts are kind of like grasshoppers, and he ate honey. John wore clothes made out of camel’s hair. There were probably itchy and scratchy and not fun to wear. But John had a mission from God.

John’s mission was to tell people about the Messiah and to get them ready for Him. He told people to stop sinning, and to repent. Which is another way of saying, stop doing bad things and to change what you’re doing.

When people repented, he would take them down to the water to be baptized. Baptism is a big deal. It’s one way to let people know you agree with God that you need to change what you’re doing and be saved by Him.

John would tell the Pharisees what they did wrong. When they came out to hear him because that’s what everyone was doing he would say, “You Snakes! Who told you to come out here?” This made the Pharisees very mad, but they were afraid to do anything because they didn’t want to make the people mad.

One day Jesus came out to be baptized by John. John objected, “But you should be baptizing me, I am not worthy to baptize you.” Jesus answered him, “I do this because it is what God wants.” So, John agreed to baptize Jesus.

So John baptized Jesus. As he baptized Him a light shone down from heaven, and a dove descended. And a voice was heard, “This is My Son, who I love, in Him I am well pleased.” God was saying He is proud of Jesus and loves Him.

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