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News Flash November-December 2000, Nepal
Celebration of December 5
. Authentic Friends' Society, Lalitpur organised a 'Khir Bhojan' (Rice Pudding feeding) programme to the aged, orphan people residing in the Pashupati Bridhashram, the shelter inside the Pashupati temple complex on Dec 5, 2000. More than the 200 aged people enjoyed the special food on the occasion of IYV 2001. The NGO had also produced T-Shirt that contained the name of the NGO on the front side. The Back of the T-shirt was marked with the big IYV logo with the four objectives of IYV in national language. The main sponsors for the programme were the Reiukai Nepal, the Himalaya Dairy and the Lalitpur Municipality. Contact Address: Mr. Shiva P. Amatya, President, Phone: 977 1 528 197, Email: afs107@hotmai.com . SHAPARD, national NGO and Asian Volunteer Organisation, Sindhupalchok jointly organised a celebration programme in Chautara town on December 5, 2000. They conducted talk programme on IYV for the students of class 9 and 10 in the Shree Krishna Higher Secondary School, Chautara town, Sindhupalchok district. Then 200 students from the 10 schools rallied with slogan " 1 hour for volunteering works'. The rally went through the town and collected paper, plastics for sanitation purposes. Contact Address: Mr. Saiman Ale, ViceChairman Chautara-8, Sindhupalchok, Phone: 977 11 20067 Email: alelove440@hotmail.com . ENRUDEC, Banke based local NGO organized one-day interaction programme on “Role of Social Workers on IYV 2001” on December 5, 2000. 20 participants (4 women) took part in the programme. The Same NGO also produced a fresco on the wall of the office facing the East-West Highway of Nepal by mentioning slogan (in the national language): “Serve genuinely, make success IYV 2001”. It was published in the Express local paper published on December 1, 2000. Contact Address: Mr. Dhan B. Rokaya Phone: 977 81 40105, Fax: 977 81 40120 . The Refugee Women Forum (RWF), Jhapa district organised the IYV celebration programme. There were 200 hundred volunteers from the RWF completed their 5 years of voluntary services in Sanishare, Timai, Goldhap, Kudunabari, Beldangi I, II, and Beladangi Extension. The volunteers were provided with certificates in recognition of their valuable service participated by UNHCR, WFP, CARITAS, LWF, NRCS and OXFAM.

Celebration of December 5, 2000 in Jhapa.

The day long program, the first time organised IVD program for the refugees residing in the camps in Jhapa and Morang districts in the Eastern part of Nepal, which includes a meeting, debate competition, sports was held inviting all camp committee members, teachers, government representative to judge the activities. The day was celebrated in befitting manner and carried out a program along with prepared banners and playcards. The IYV 2001 message was given along with printed materials to the participants. The prize and award distribution has taken place at the end of the program for those young and aged volunteers. The program was

I Y V 2 0 0 1 I T S O U R T I M E

supported by UN Volunteer Mr. G. B.A. Gunasingha and by UNHCR and WFP. Contact Address: c/o Mr. G.B.A. Gunasingha, Phone: 977 23 80082

IYV 2001 Launch through The Volunteer Exhibition
Hon’ble Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Surendra P. Chaudhary launched IYV 2001 in Nepal by opening a Volunteer Exhibition organized by IYV 2001 National Steering Committee for Nepal, on 17 December 2000 in the Bhrikuti Mandap hall, Kathmandu. A brief report is given in the annex # 1. For details: IYV National Coordinator Phone: 977 1 262570, Fax: 977 1 226 500 Email: unv.nepal@undp.org.np

3. Live Discussion on the Kantipur FM Radio: On December 14, 2000, the popular programme- Mayos Taremam- of the Kantipur FM Radio organized live discussion programme on “IYV 2001”. Mr. Hem Subedi, the host of the programme discussed with Mr. Bhuvan Silwal, IYV National Coordinator during the programme 8-9am. 4. Meet the Press on IYV Launch: Meet the Press programme occurred immediately after the IYV 2001 launch. The 18 journalists representing the National daily news papers- Gorkhapatra, the Kantipur and Kathmandu Post, Space time, Himalaya times, Nepali Samachar Patra, Lokpatra, Spotlight Journal, FM Radios-Sagarmatha and Kantipur and Space Time TV Channel, attended the programme.

Hon’ble Minister Mr. Surendra P. Chaudhary cutting the ribbon to launch IYV on December 17, 2000, flanked by UN Resident Coordinator, Member of National Planning Commission, President of FNCCI and the Japanese Ambassador.

‘The Meet the Press’ programme immediately after the IYV launch.


Media coverage
1. Press release and News: On December 4, 2000, press release was jointly released by IYV Secretariat and UNV Nepal. With the heading of "Annan: Increase efficiency of public service", the Rising Nepal, national English daily covered news about IYV on December 5, 2000. 2. “Goodwill ambassadors” was the heading of the full- page coverage by the national weekly ‘Nepali Times’, mostly read by donors, expatriates and national professional people in its issue for December 8-14, 2000 period on of UNV Nepal and IYV Nepal.

Dr. Jagadish Chandra Pokharel, Hon’ble Member of the National Planning Commission and Chair of the IYV 2001 National Steering Committee was the key respondent to the programme. He was accompanied by Mr. S. M. Shrestha, Member-Secretary of the National Planning Commission and Member of IYV NSC, Dr. T. Pokharel, Member-Secretary of the Social Welfare Council and Member of the IYV NSC, Mr. M. R. Pandey, Joint Secretary of the National Planning Commission and Member of the IYV NSC, Dr. P.P.Upadhyay, Director of the National Development Volunteer Service and the Member-Secretary of the IYV NSC, Mr. Simon Forrester, UNV Programme Officer for Nepal and Mr. Bhuvan Silwal, IYV National Coordinator for Nepal.

I Y V 2 0 0 1 I T S O U R T I M E

5. Live Discussion on the Sagarmatha FM Radio: Dr. P. P. Upadhyay, Director of the National Development Volunteer Service and Member-Secretary of the IYV 2001 National Steering Committee for Nepal (IYV NSC) took part in the popular hard talk programme of the Sagarmatha FM studio. Mr Shobhakhar Budhathoki, a recently returned UNV from Koshovo also took part in the discussion through the phone line. 6. Coverage of IYV 2001 Launch in Nepal: On December 18, 2000, the press coverage following the IYV launch by opening of the Volunteer Exhibition included the following:
Newspaper Status Language The Gorkhapatra National Dailly National The Kathmandu Post National Daily English The Himalaya Times National Daily National The Kantipur National Daily National Nepal Samachar Patra National Dailly National

2. RUNVAN produced a range of Greeting Cards in using the art that won prizes in a contest organized for IYV celebration. 800 cards were purchased by the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to use officially over the festive season. 3. The National Planning Commission/the National Development Volunteer Service (NPC/NDVS) has advertised for the recruitment of a new batch of NDVS volunteers. At this moment, the target is to recruit about 120 technicians for rural areas in Nepal.

Gorkhapatra national daily (national language) published an article entitled “Volunteerism: A Way for Social Unity” written by Mr. Bhuvan Silwal. Similarly, an article entitled “An Introduction of IYV 2001” by Mr. Rajesh Koirala appeared on The Kantipur national daily (national language) published on December 20, 2000. Spotlight, English Weekly (Dec 22-28, 2000) contained an article entitled ’87 Nepalis Serving As UN Volunteer’ by Henning Karcher, Resident Coordinator of UN Agencies in Nepal. Haka Haki, monthly journal published by NEFEJ published notice for the celebration of IYV 2001 in the 3rd issue of the year 2057 B.S.

Hon. Minister Mr. Surendra P. Chaudhary observing the exhibition stall of NDVS during the Volunteer Exhibition on December 17, 2000.

4. Bank Account of IYV 2001 Secretariat has been established. Current Bank Acct. # 1255-11, Nepal Bank Ltd., UN Building, Lalitpur

Contact Details
IYV National Coordinator IYV Secretariat NPC/NDVS Office APPROSC Building, Ram Shah Path PO Box 2274, Kathmandu, Nepal Tel. (977 1) 262570 Fax. (977 1) 226500 Email unv.nepal@undp.org.np UNV Programme Officer United Nations Volunteers UNDP, UN House PO Box 107 Kathmandu, Nepal Tel. (977 1) 523200 Fax. (977 1) 523991 Email simon.m.forrester@undp.org http:\\www.iyv2001.org Jan.2001

1. On October 23, Interview with Mr. Gopal Shrestha, Ex- UNV in Indonesia and now UNV in Indonesia was aired through the programme called Achel (i.e. literally Nowa-days) of the National TV. He was asked about his experiences in the country and lessons learnt from there.