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Item / Source Astell PROHS Systec DE LAMA

Origin England Portugal Germany Italy

URS Compliance Yes Yes Yes Yes
12,043.75 $ (From them)
Initial price 11,364.00 35,008 45,240
9925 $ (From agent)
91,992.57 EGP (From
Initial price in Egyptian pound 94,213.20 EGP 290,244.33 EGP 364,756.55 EGP
75,809.14 EGP (From
6 - 8 weeks from a receipt
Approx. 6 8 weeks after
of a firm order, Proforma
Delivery time To be determined later. our order confirmation, 5 - 6 months till FAT.
payment or L.C
subject to prior sales.
2-3 months (from agent)
Agent in Egypt Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reference to ask Yes Yes

1- 75 liter. 1- 75 Liter. 1- 157 Liter.

2- No Ethernet 2- Has an Ethernet 2- Has an Ethernet
1- 63 liter. connection. connection. connection.
Notes 2- Auto fill option. 3- No vacuum pump & 3- Has a vacuum pump & 3- Has a vacuum pump &
3- No steam generator. vent filter. vent filter. vent filter.
4- Has its steam 4- Has its steam 4- Has its steam
generator. generator generator

1- Need to confirm 1- Need to confirm

execution of IQ & OQ. execution of IQ & OQ.
1- Need to confirm
2- Need to confirm all 2- Need to confirm all
execution of IQ & OQ.
options needs as options needs as
Points to clarify in offer 2- If will delivered from
mentioned in URS-Gab mentioned in URS-Gab
agent, need to confirm
analysis. analysis. 1- Need to include cost
all options needs.
3- Need to confirm 3- Need to confirm of IQ & OQ execution.
option of autofill. option of autofill.

Ordering of them in my opinion (ehab Mohamed):

DE LAMA then Systec then Astell or PROHS