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MODEL REF: AMA240BT Autoclave - Qty 1

Astell Scientific Ltd
TO: Ehab Mohamed 19 - 21 Powerscroft Road
COMPANY NAME: Marcyrl Pharma Sidcup
DA14 5DT, UK
FROM: Jasna Peari Email:
TELEPHONE: +44(0)208 309 2032 Web:
ISSUE DATE: 08/10/2014 Tel: +44(0)208 309 2031
Fax: +44(0)208 300 2247
QUOTE VALIDITY: 30 days from issue date

63 Litre Compact (Autofill)


No water supply/drain/plumbing required


- And the ability to easily program many more


- Just top up an inbuilt tank every 15-20 cycles


- With low water indicator


- Ideal for drying pipette tips/small plastic items

This model also includes:

Electro polished stainless steel pressure vessel

Swiftlock rapid access safety closure
Over temperature cut out
Thermocouple entry port
Cool lock protection (fluid cycles)
Automatic timed air purge system
Pressure gauge
Safety valve testing
Reservoir Drain
Ideal for most laboratory applications, including Liquids (media), Discard, Glassware & Laboratory Instruments


All of our autoclaves come with a 5.7" colour touch screen as standard. These
controllers are easy to use but packed with features for more advanced users.
Users can create new cycles, view tutorials on the screen, view previous cycle
data and more - with over 30 standard features.

In summary, our controllers provide all the information and flexibility you might
need for modern sterilizing. For further information please visit our website for a
full list of features.

This Quotation has been compiled based on the information you have provided us. As such, additional options may be available to
those within this quotation. Please see for further details. Where we have been unable to offer
an item to your exact specification we have offered our closest equivalent. Please ensure this matches your requirements before
ordering. Due to product improvement and development, Astell Scientific reserve the right to make changes without notice. E&OE
Pricing Schedule for your AMA240BT

AMA240BT As specified - Compact Autoclave with:

Astell Autoclave Fan Assisted Cooling (Free Upgrade)
Automatic Water Fill System and Colour Touch Screen Controller
63 Litres Capacity
$9,170.00 Less 15% = $7,794.50 Qty = 1 $7,794.50

Support Plate The AAN074 Load Support plate is a circular plate located in the base of the chamber.
AAN074 The unit comes with one plate as standard, but additional plates can be purchased.

$315.00 Less 100% = Free of Charge Qty = 1 Free of Charge

Total price for the above autoclave and listed options (Ex Works): $7,794.50
SUMMARY Export Packaging Charge: (For 1 Units) $165.00

TOTAL PRICE: $7,959.50

Based on the information you have provided, we have listed below several additional
TO CONSIDER options that may be of interest to you:

LSP Timing Load Sensed Process Timing controls the sterilization cycle timer via a flexible armoured
AAR014 chamber probe in the centre of the load. Ideal for use with fluids to ensure the correct
temperature is reached before sterilization begins.
$220.00 Less 15% = $187.00 Qty = 1 $187.00

IQ/OQ Documents The IQ/OQ documents package provides the user with technical documents for them to
IQOQ verify and complete. Full details of what is included can be found on the last page of this
$1,200.00 Less 15% = $1,020.00 Qty = 1 $1,020.00

UKAS Calibration Carried out as per the requirements of ISO17025 2005 pre-delivery. Temperatures
UKAS required must be specified at point of order. First temperature price below, additional
temperatures charged at $50.00 each.
$280.00 Less 15% = $238.00 Qty = 1 $238.00

Two Chamber of Commerce Options are available (POA): 1.Full Set of NON - Legalized Documents (Stamped by Local Chamber of Commerce) includes EU
Certificate & certified Invoice, 2. Full Set of Legalized Documents (Stamped by relevant Embassy) includes Certificate of Origin & Legalized Invoice.
Warranty, Validity and Payment Terms

Final Destination: Egypt

Validity of Offer: 30 days from the date hereon
Availability (Based on 1 - 2 Units): 6 - 8 weeks from a receipt of a firm order, Proforma payment or L.C
Currency: US Dollar
Commodity Code: 84 19 20 00
Country of Origin: UK
Warranty: 12 months parts only (non consumables) from date of shipment

Payment: Orders up to $18,000.00: Payment prior to despatch* (If L.C. is presented for less than
said value then Astell reserve the right to impose a $600.00 surcharge). Orders over.
$18,000.00: Irrevocable Letter of Credit*, confirmed by first class London Bank 100% AT
OF 10 DAYS FOR PRESENTATION. Payment in full 100% at sight, all charges to
openers account. *Unless alternative payment terms have been previously agreed.

Where we have been unable to offer an item to your exact specifications we have offered our nearest equivalent. Please ensure
any such items meet all your requirements before ordering.

We reserve the right to amend prices against orders for quantities less than those quoted.

Please note: Astell Scientific Limited is fully supportive of the Bribery Act 2010. It is our policy to conduct all of our business
in an honest and ethical manner. We take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting
professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate and implementing
and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery. We seek to ensure that all those we conduct business with have the
same commitment.

Technical Details
Power Requirements Single phase + Neutral & Earth 230 volts, 13 Amps, 50/60Hz.
Water Requirements Tap/Softened water with < 50 ppm / PH neutral.
Approximate Nett Weight 130Kg
Overall Dimensions 530 x 1040 x 700mm (w x h x d)

Shipping Weight 147Kg

Shipping Dimensions 87 x 138 x 65cm (w x h x d)

Overall Capacity 63 Litres

Chamber Diameter 350 (mm)
Working Depth 575 (mm)

Operating Range 100 - 138oC (0.2 - 2.4 bar)

Duran Capacity

The information below relates to this specific model and indicates the
number of a particular size of Duran bottles that the unit can hold.

Duran Size Duran Capacity Standards Compliance

500ml 16 Pressure Equipment Directive (EN/97/23/EC) ISO 17025:2005 (UKAS)
1000ml 12 Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EC & 2007/47/EC) IEC 61010
2000ml 6* ISO9001:2008
* Will hold 8 x 2000ml if baskets are not used (requires
additonal load support plate)
Options and Accessories
The basic model quoted is manufactured to the highest standards. It will be fully calibrated and tested prior to despatch, and will be
suitable for a wide range of sterilization procedures. Please note however, that the following factory-fitted options are available for the
above model. For certain applications, these options can provide increased flexibility and improved performance.


Integral Printer Built into the fascia panel, the ink printer provides a permanent and traceable record. It
AAR130 can also report cycle settings & servicing info. Has provision for an operator signature at
the end of every cycle.
$980.00 Less 15% Discount $833.00

RS232 Interface Adding the RS232 option allows cycle progress to be monitored on an external computer
AAR120 equipped with suitable software (e.g Windows HyperTerminal).

$185.00 Less 15% Discount $157.25

Ethernet Allows connection of an ethernet cable between the autoclave and a computer. PLEASE
AAR122 NOTE: You must specify you require this option at the time of purchase, otherwise no
ethernet will be fitted to the autoclave.
$185.00 Less 15% Discount $157.25

USB Interface A USB port conveniently located for easy access which enables an operator to download
SPL400 critical data such as cycle logs. The cycle logs can then be inputted into a computer for
storage and can be read as a text file.
$185.00 Less 15% Discount $157.25

S/Steel Basket Stainless Steel wire basket - 310dia x 270h (mm). Especially useful in circumstances
AAN340 where the user has multiple items to sterilize. This autoclave is capable of holding 2 x
AAN340 Stainless Steel Baskets.
$535.00 Less 15% Discount $454.75

Discard Con. Morrison Discard Container - 310dia x 270h (mm). Especially useful for catching
AAN342 debris/fluids off of items being sterilized. This autoclave is capable of holding 2 x AAN342
Morrison Discard Container.
$745.00 Less 15% Discount $633.25

Spares Kit A consumables spares parts kit. This kit contains all the recommended parts you would
MTK001 require for 2 years maintenance based on average usage. This kit is for Non Vacuum
$290.00 Less 15% Discount $246.50

3G Connection Remote access works by installing a small Wireless 3G router on your autoclave at the
WRA001 point of purchase. We can remotely control your Autoclaves software if and when
required. (Subject to 3G coverage and contract)
$1,399.00 Less 15% Discount $1,189.15

Designed to PED97/23/EC Overheat protection Insulated safety door

Cooling locks: In accordance with H.S.E. PM73 preventing opening of the autoclave above 80C. (for fluid & discard cycles)

Alarms: For Cycle Fault - Cycle Interruption - Sterilize Failure - Water Low - Door Unlocked

Door Seal: Self Energising / Service independent

Door: The door release is interlocked by both temperature and pressure to ensure all residual pressure has completely
and effectively vented to atmosphere before the doors can be opened. The door will retain its positions in the
event of failure of any service. The door is thermally insulated to prevent the surface temperature presenting a
hazard to operators. The surface temperature will not exceed IEC 61010 requirements. A cycle cannot start until
the door is closed and locked. Steam cannot be applied to the chamber unless the door is closed and locked.

Interlocks: Safety interlocks are provided, and are achieved by hardware, separate from and additional to the control system.
All interlocks are configured to fail-safe and to provide a signal to the control system to indicate that normal
operation has been prevented, and to terminate the current cycle. The interlock system is designed so that its
function can be tested during routine maintenance. The following safety interlocks are provided: If the door is not
closed, the steam supply to the chamber will be isolated If the pressure in the chamber exceeds 0.15 bar the
door will remain locked


All electrical equipment is Safety Tested in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive.
Astell shall perform the following standard Factory Acceptance Tests. The tests are included in the machine costs as per the
quotation prior to despatch:

All Astell autoclaves are fully tested and calibrated before despatch in line with our ISO9001-2000 procedures.


PED EN/97/23/EC /
ISO13485: 2003
Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC
Medical Devices Quality Management System - BS EN ISO 13485:2003

Autoclave Safety

N.B. Please note that all Astell autoclaves are manufactured to the highest standards and in full compliance with the Pressure
Equipment Directive i.e. PED/97/23EC. Whilst all units have the necessary safety features to minimise user risk, and help ensure
long term reliability, it is recommended that:

a) Routine safety checks are carried out in accordance with Astell manuals and in compliance with current pressure regulations
and/or insurance requirements.
b) Autoclaves are serviced regularly by Astell or Astell trained/recommended engineers. (UK only: Please contact us for further
information and costs on our range of Preventative Maintenance contracts).

It is recommended that at least 50cm is allowed on both sides and the rear of the autoclave to allow easy access for servicing and
maintenance. Astell cannot be held responsible for any failed cycles that could occur as a result of non-validation of loads

IQ/OQ Documentation Details (Optional Extra)

IQ Documentation - Details of calibration equipment * Order Acknowledgement * PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) Compliance
* Declaration of Conformity * FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) * Drawing Schedule * ISO 9001:2008 Certification * Pressure vessel
specification * Door safety checks. This is completed by the end user not by Astell Scientific.

OQ Documentation - Chamber temperature distribution (per cycle) * Automatic control test (per cycle)
Please note: This is our standard IQ/OQ Documentation package. If other documents are required, please contact us with details of
your specific requirements. This is completed by the end user not by Astell Scientific.
End of Quotation