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I would appreciate a response to the issues I have forwarded to you. We people really could use some help here. Is there a party that would run on the issue of a public inquiry into the RCMP scandal which leads to the DOJ?
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Attention Ombudsman Janet Ortved

Is there a party ready to act in defense of the people and for the benefit of the people? Is there a party prepared to deal with the issues I have addressed? Is there anyone in Canada prepared to stand up for the individuals Charter rights? Is there anyone with integrity who actually care about the individuals and society as a whole?.

Please forward a copy to the Ombudsman and request that he respond. Your responses have been pathetically incompetent and incoherent to the issues I have addressed to the Ombudsman. Gerry Carlino should be ashamed to sign her name as Investigator. I have narrowed the complaint in hopes that your office can keep focused on the particular issues mentioned in the 32 page document attached beginning page 13 headed “Cover letter to the Ombudsman” but read it all which you may determine to be new to you as I have covered.it fairly extensively. For some reason you people seem to be of the opinion that your investigations are intended to find a way to cover the government’s ass and if so may I say you are extraordinarily incompetent to the task.. I have no idea how often such issues as I have addressed to the Ombudman have been presented to you to respond but I presume many and if so you would be confident enough to deal with them on your own and you wouldn’t have to give too much thought as to what is expected of you. I would imagine when you first started out in your career you would have thought that it didn’t make much sense what you were required to do but eventually you understood what was necessary to further your career and you really never gave too much thought as to how your responses affected the people you refused to help when they had no where else to turn. You wouldn’t have given too much thought as to what is morally right nor would you have put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

You would have said to yourself, you don’t make the laws and they must be fair and what the heck it’s a decent job and the quicker you fall in and toe the line the quicker you’ll get to where you want to be. Right? It’s understandable. I can relate .to that. I was a surveyor with the Department of Highways of Ontario back in 1964 where I rose through the ranks from Technician 1-3 and went on course and passed to be Technician 1, Legal Surveys at the top of the class and became management all in less than 4 years. One of our jobs was to expropriate people’s property for highway purposes and most often I was the first to tell the owners why we were surveying on their properties. Some didn’t much care and some cried. Occassionally I had to call the police because the owner objected but it is a matter of law that surveyors had the right to go on anybody’s property in performance of their duty for obviously you can’t survey land without going on it and you can hardly widen a highway uniformly if every other property owner refused to relinquish the 10 or 20 foot frontage needed so it was expropriated. The government simply registered an expropriation plan and the property was theirs and the compensation was argued out later but there was nothing stopping the construction to go ahead. I remember often feeling sorry for some of these people who weren’t so receptive to the idea. Some times we had to take the whole house because the new highway limit ran right through the middle of it and sometimes the owners were little old ladies whose husbands had recently died and they had grown up in the house and all her friends and everything she knew were near by. I always spent some time with these people trying to present a bright side to the situation but what else could I do? I fully understood both sides of the story and whenever I had a chance I would look in on them to see how they were doing while I was working the area and they all managed to resign themselves to the inevitable. Some came to realize that they would probably be dead anyways before the highway widened and I imagine some even hoped they would be. These things happen when it comes to dealing with the government. It is a two sided affair and I understood then as I do now that the government had to have the right to do such a thing for the benefit of the whole of society. The only problem is they don’t play fair and use the whole system against the little old ladies and anybody who stand in their way. They made some changes to this quite a few years ago for good reason in that they had to prepare a reference plan instead and deposit it in the registry office and the property agents had to put a little more effort into negotiating but after 6 months they could file an expropriation plan as they did before which basically left the argument one sided. The property agents always had that ace in the hole. My parents as a matter of fact were expropriated on Woodbine Avenue on the East side just a half mile north of Sheppard Avenue for the 404 back in 1958 and were offered a ridiculous price by Metro and Dad fought them for years. Towards the end he would start the day with a beer and finish the day the same way. He went to arbitration and the Sheriff was ordered to pick up the keys in thirty days and boot them out of the house.

My twin brother lived there with them because he was sick and dad was in poor shape but as luck would have it before the Sheriff came for the keys the Department of Highways took over jurisdiction of the 404, the Sheriff never came and negotiations started over again. A new property agent was sent out from the Department of Highways who just happened to be a fellow who went on the survey course with me who I knew quite well who took me to dinner and to cut the story short we got quite reasonable compensation for the property. More than twice what Metro was going to pay but still away less than what it would cost to get the same thing. So what was that all about? FAIR: That’s what it’s all about.FAIR I reiterate having been on both sides of the story I have witnessed that there are more than just two sides and the major theme is the individual doesn’t have a hope in hell in any of them however let’s say that a person familiar with the situation and on the inside such as I was, fairs much better than one unfamiliar on the outside. That’s two different perspectives which I know to be true and unfortunately the majority of the people whether they are aware or not get royally screwed. There is only two things these individuals can do and that is to submit and move on or find a way to get the media involved. Let me say I sure am glad that things worked out the way they did with the Sheriff not coming for the keys because dad wanted my brother and I to stand with him armed with our shot guns when the Sheriff came knocking. Who knows what would have happened and stop that wishful thinking. So, as I say things acquiesced but many others then and since have been put through the ringer and hung out to dry. There is somewhat of a dilemma in such situations where as the government purportedly acting for the people know the highway is a necessity to deal with population growth and stuff like that and they have many concerns including the financial aspect and of course the costs of such projects are astronomic as it is and the property agents job is to get the property as cheap as they can as it is the responsibility of the government to hire contractors as reasonable as they can and still produce a quality job. I know as well as you do that there is a lot of corruption involved here where attentiveness to this would save the taxpayers a humongous amount of money. Everybody involved gets a piece of the action and it is in this area huge amounts of money could be saved. Like the RCMP pension fund thing where one company in the middle got a piece of the action by assigning it to another company. Hell, corruption runs rampant throughout the system and it is highly unlikely anyone on the take on either side is going to come forward and alas that’s just the way it is. Those people who know something aren’t about to come forward are they Janet? Too many reasons why not and one of the major reasons is people who have jobs connected with the rip offs on either side need their jobs and perhaps they are even doing better there than they would some where else, so what are you going to do? The point I’m trying to make in this scenario is the government purportedly are doing the highway for the people and they publicly demonstrate their frugality by cheating the individuals of their land and

meanwhile for every project they can get started a huge amount of money is siphoned through corruption. There is also the tax angle for they tax everybody involved including materials, sales tax, gst and so on. It’s bad enough they disrupt the lives of these property owners but to not replace what they had is HIGHWAY ROBBERY. The only difference between the money stolen through corruption paid by the taxpayer, and the person having their houses stolen for half price is the fact the corruption part goes unnoticed because it has been acquiesced into the system unbeknownst to the majority of tax payers and the individual losing his property at a steal has first hand knowledge of it and the ramifications that change their lives forever oblivious to everyone. These people have to live with it in frustration at a loss knowing they have been robbed aware of their helplessness. Perhaps ignorance is bliss. I suppose it is but when you are not ignorant of the fact and have an opportunity to do what is right, wouldn’t the right thing to do be to do what ever you could? I have just given you an example of injustice and corruption but I have no evidence other than if one wanted to bother they may find the records of the Metro Arbitration some 35- 40 years ago and compare it to the final deal with the Department of Highways which would be found at the Registry office, but what’s the point? Quite a lot of work there after and who cares? Corruption runs rampant in many shapes and forms throughout the government and those who deal with them from the private sector, and society loses. It is incalculable to determine just how much the moral majority’s quality of life would change for the better if corruption were to be dramatically controlled but heck, what are you going to do? You’re comfortable, not a whole lot to complain about eh? They did a study on salaries recently and I caught a bit of it on television. I had stated a little about the difference in the survey field between government and private sector salaries in some of my writings I had distributed to the media and government personnel. I had mentioned how I took a job with the City of Scarborough back in 1990 when the economy was experiencing hard times in the private sector which the government personnel are cushioned from. I had been managing a survey office, supervising three survey crews, and three draftspersons, pricing and taking on jobs, putting the files together, searching the registry offices and municipal offices just about daily for survey records and of course our own records and those of other surveyors. Pre: calculate where apropos and assign the jobs with instructions to the party chiefs. Calculate their returns and prepare them for the draftspersons. Check their returns and resolve any issues and so on like that. When I was offered the job with Scarborough I took it with an increase in salary, pension and the security of not worrying about the economy and it was a party chief position looking after one crew one job at a time. Except for one enthusiastic party chief the others were completely pathetic in the realm of surveying and they all made more than me and had more holidays because I started in at the middle of the salary range.

Anyway back to the TV report on comparison of salaries. They supposedly compared Government salaries to private sector salaries and found the average government salary was $55,000 and the private sector $38,000 and that is not half the story because the government benefits are far better, pensions, medical and dental and on average 3 weeks vacation compared to two and no benefits and of course there are the extra statutory holidays and shorter hours. Well, I was attentive to see it again on TV but it was never played. At least I didn’t see it.. I was thinking influential powers from the government intervened. What do you think? The affluent influential powers wouldn’t want to have to raise the private sectors salaries would they? The government certainly weren’t about to lower theirs. Let’s face it. The management of the various departments take great care in their descriptive writings of their staff’s job spec’s and not because they care so much about them of course because by raising staffs salary they raise there own. Right? It just goes on and on. For more than 2500 years the majority of people have been treated like dirt. Confucius say

“Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue”

“To see what is right and not do it, is want of courage, or of principle” It isn’t quite as simple as all that is it? There is just a little more to this which I am quite familiar with.
Time, familiarity, circumstance, opportunity, desire, perseverance, fortitude and conviction.
I’m retired, familiar due to my 40 years with survey law and 24 years in government service with 16 years in the real world with the private sector, all 40 in the same field of endeavor governed by the same survey laws. Before I left the City of Toronto property management surveys I wrote 19 papers in the last 2 years intended to bring the survey section up to speed passing on the knowledge I had gained over my extensive career in an effort to bring some kind of semblance of control to lessen the gross waste of tax payer’s money. I was harassed, suspended for about two minutes until the manager read what I had brought him to read. I have had my survey programs confiscated and my lap top wasn’t replaced as everyone else’s was in the 2k upgrade.

I bought my own computer, laid my hands on some programs and designed a completely new system to take care of the inherent problems with the old system which they called visionary and they checked with the powers that be who declined it because they had wasted so much over the years developing an archaic system which they would have to continue throwing money into. The survey manager said the staff wasn’t up to it which is hard to believe considering the great write up he did about them in their job specs I could have had them up and running efficiently in less than a month and eventually the system could have been operated with less staff which would not require layoffs but reassignments and retirements.To get it moving even quicker we could have commandeered the Control Survey department staff because they were obsolete. I took my papers to Mayor Miller’s office and from there is another story of cover up which remains to be dealt with. It’s in the BLACK BOOK. So there you have it why I am doing what I am doing. I know you never asked. Time, familiarity, circumstance, opportunity, desire, perseverance, fortitude and conviction. I have it all. I see what is right, I have the courage and I have and see the principle and yet something is drastically missing. I think back to Woodbine Avenue and remember the media plan but unfortunately I gave all the guns away long ago. Besides that I wouldn’t mind seeing my efforts to fruition I may be crazy but I’m not stupid and hardly that dedicated. Having said that I am quite aware of the significance of these issues and after all I am an old 65 doing what I have chosen to do which is more worthwhile than anything I have done. I guess it doesn’t get better than that. I can’t help thinking how much easier the challenge would be if there was just one person on the inside with integrity coherent to the true issues with the desire to actually help in the development of a moral society. While I am wishful thinking I may as well include my desire to be able to type faster. Not exactly my forte but in two years I have advanced to two fingering. You know something? I am not even so sure I actually do give a damn about the people so enthusiastically as I would have you believe.

It just seems to be the right thing to do.
For me any ways.


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