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Concrete Cooling
Ice Water and Cold Water Plants
Ice Water and Cold Water Plants
Up to 55% less power consumption
compaired to air cooled systems due
to the use of evaporative condensers
Containerized Ice Water Plant CIWP.4 (4th Generation) Cold water production from 45C
down to less than 1C
4 stage cooling system (cooling tow-
er effect, 2 stages shell & tube eva-
porator, ice bank)
High quality semi hermetic screw
PLC controlled with touch panel for
Compact containerized design
Plug in Unit: Just water supply and
power supply to be contected
Product range from 32m3/d to
450m3/d available
Subcooling facility to maintain the
temperature inside the cold water

Prefabricated Cold Water Tanks

<1C Range of cold water tanks from

58m3 to 150m3
Prefabricated and insulated
Including support for discharge
Containerized Cold Water Plant CCWP.4 (4th Generation) screw conveyors or pumps
Support base for chillers or ice


6High efficiency shell & tube 6Pressure control valve for 6Containerized Cold Water Tank
evaporators (insulated) freezing protection insulated 57 m3; chillers to
< 4C
2nd & 3rd stage cooling be installed on top

High-tech semi-hermetic screw 4

compressors made by BITZER

Inside view of Containerized

Ice Water Plant CIWP.4-128
Inside view of Containerized
Ice Water Plant CIWP.4-312
6Evaporative condenser inside 6Insulated cold water tank 150 m3 inside steel frame for
6High-efficiency copper-coil heat exchanger CIWP.4 (1st stage cooling) 6Water flow control support of chillers or ice storage and flake ice plant
6Electronic expansion valve
for ice bank system (4th stage)
Flake Ice Plants
Benefits of Flake Ice
Prefabricated and mobile Fastest melting time of Flake Ice
compared to any other ice
3Flake Ice Shortest mixing time as Flake Ice
melts rapidly
Longer lifespan of the Batching Plant
equipment and cost saving due to
the short mixing times
The cooling energy is 100% or even
higher as the Flake Ice is sub-cooled
Due to the dryness, the cooling input
of Flake Ice can be accurately calcu-
lated and its effects on the mixtures
temperature is quickly apparent
Flakes remain crisp and do not stick
together nor do they form blocks
Flakes are free flowing
Easy to be stored and leveled inside 5Arabian Cement, Saudi Arabia 4x FLIP 86; 2x MIS 75 for
a refrigerated ice storage with a fully up to 4500 m3/day concrete production
automatic ice rake system
Easy to transport via screw convey-
ors or blowing system
No defrost losses as subcooled
Flake Ice is sheared from the freez-
ing surface by the ice removal tools

6Inside view machinery container

5Jirau Dam, Brazil

32 Collapsible Ice Storages

MIS 75 with 2 Flake Ice
6Electrical switchboard with PLC control and touch panel for indication of ice Plants (FLIP 150) installed
level and all other relevant plant performance values 6Ice outlet of discharge screw in Subansiri dam project,

6Prefabricated ice storages 6Flake Ice Maker

6Stainless steel gauge panel with
Ice maker (inside view)
6 pressure transducers
Ice Storages
Air cooler Ice rake Steel frame Power cable Bin door closed position
reel assembly
Ice inlet Inspection hatch Opening for
ice inlet Bin door open position

Ice level

Removable and
insulated wall

Max. ice height

Belt conveyor
to batching
plant or etc.
Access door Access door

Double discharge screw conveyor

Level control
Partition wall Air circulation within Insulation hopper
Ice chute
Double pull walls and floor Double discharge
hoist assembly Slide gate for ice discharge screw

Transportable & Semi-Automatic Fully Automatic

Automatic loading Mobile Ice Storage for 19 to 90 tons
Manual discharge Integrated ice rake for automatic ice
Insulated ice storage with cooling room discharge
Mobile 40ft container Patented air circulation and room
Integrated discharge screw conveyors cooling system
Power generator optional

3Collapsible Ice Storage MIS 75 under


5Back view MIS.4-75

62x FLIP 280, MIS 200

3End section of
ice rake
5Inside view MIS.4-60

6Dubai Airport 280 tons ice production

per day with 250 tons ice storage

Inside view MIS 26 sa


3Ice rake drive unit with

flexible slip clutch
Ice Delivery Systems
Weighing & Dosing
Ice delivery screw conveyors for a
efficient and fast delivery
H  ot dipped galvanized screw conveyors
Double discharge screw conveyor for
simultaneous ice delivery to 2 diffe-
rent locations
Blowing system for ice delivery espe-
cially long-distance
Exact dosing of ice by integrated
weighing system

5Ice weighing hopper

Ice discharge and delivery screw with

metering hopper 6Blower outlet 6Blower for pneumatic ice delivery

35Galvanized screw conveyor

6Blower for pneumatic ice delivery 6Cyclone reciever 6Diverter valve

6Loading for transportation Metering hopper 5

6Blowing station
under construction
Dam Projects & Mass Concrete
Aggregate Cooling for Dam Projects
Wet belt cooling by Ice Water
Silo Cooling by flooding with Ice Water
Aggregate cooling by Air
Maintenance Post Cooling of Concrete after pouring
Sand Cooling equipment
Ice Water Chiller for Wet Belt Cooling
producing water of less than 1C
Flake Ice Plants4
6Concrete Batching Plant Falling film evaporator insensitive
against mud and scale
Mobile Ice Storage4
Evaporator easy to clean during
Ice Water Plant4 operation
3Air Cooler Falling film evaporator made of stain-
Aggregate less steel
Cooling High efficiency due to an excellent
3Aggregate Belt Conveyor
Ice Water Storage4 heat transfer between Water and
Environment friendly refrigerant:
5Karun Dam, Iran
Latest Screw Compressor Units
Turnkey design
Containerized Plants to achieve the
shortest delivery time

Wet Belt Aggregate

5 3Sediment Settling Tank
Cooling Tunnel

6Screw compressor unit for

Falling film heat exchanger
6 6Water distribution for falling film evaporator aggregate cooling

5Al Wehda Dam, Jordan

6Plantanovryssi Dam, Greece 6Subansiri Dam, India

5200 t Flake Ice Plant, Jirau Dam, Brazil

6Stainless steel heat exchanger plates
6Wet belt for aggregate cooling
Falling film evaporator

6Water chiller for aggregate cooling

6Compressors and flooded belt conveyors
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