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The graph shown plots the volume of hydrogen gas c) pressure of reactants
given off when magnesium ribbon is added to d) volume of reactants
hydrochloric acid. At which point is the speed of the
reaction greatest? 8. 5 g of zinc were placed in a beaker. Which one of
a) point P b) point Q the following would you add t produce 100 cm3 of
c) point R d) point S hydrogen gas as quickly as possible/
a) 100 cm3 of 2 mol dm-3 sulphuric acid
b) 400 cm3 of 1 mol dm-3 hydrochloric acid
c) 500 cm3 of 0.5 mol dm-3 sulphuric acid
d) 800 cm3 of 0.1 mol dm-3 hydrochloric acid

9. the main reason for using catalysts in industry is to

a) increase the yield of products
b) reduce the working temperatures of the
reaction so it is safer
c) reduce possible pollution effects as the
catalysts absorb impurities
d) speed up the rate of formation of products

Questions 10 and 12 refer to the apparatus used to in

shown below which investigate the change in mass
during the reaction between marble chips (CaCO3)
2. In many chemical reactions, a 10oC rise in and hydrochloric acid(HCl)
a) halves the rate of reaction
b) doubles the rate of reaction
c) halves the mass of reactants used
d) doubles the time for the reaction to complete

3. A gas is flowing through a pipe. Which is the

fastest rate?
a) 50 cm3 in 5 minutes
b) 10 cm3 in 50 seconds
c) 40 cm3 in 4 minutes
d) 100 cm3 in 8 seconds

4. A pipe is carrying sulphuric acid. The rate at which

it corrodes can be decreased by 10. The purpose of the plug of cotton wool in the
a) raising the temperature neck of the conical flask is to
b) using a narrower pipe a) prevent any liquid from escaping from the
c) painting the outside of the pipe flask as the mixture fizzes
d) diluting the acid b) prevent any air from entering the flask
c) stop dust particles from entering the flask
5. Which of the following properties of a catalyst will d) trap the carbon dioxide gas given off in the
never change during the reaction it is catalyzing? reaction
a) appearance b) surface area
c) physical state d) chemical composition 11. Which one of the following will start reacting the
6. There is a high rist of explosions occurring in coal a) 1 g of marble chips in 50 cm3 of acid at 30oC
mines because b) 1 g of marble chips in 100 cm3 of acid at 40oC
a) there is plenty of reactants c) 1 g of powdered calcium carbonate in 100 cm3
b) ventilation is very good of acid at 30oC
c) coal dust is fine particled d) 1 g of powdered calcium carbonate in 50 cm3
d) the temperature is much higher of acid at 40oC
7. Which of these factors will not affect the speed of
a chemical reaction? 12. Which of these graphs best shows how the mass
a) concentration of reactants of the contents of the flask changes with time?
b) particle size of reactants