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Trailcam captures bears,

Swamp Sanctuary panthers, otters, and more
The trail cameras were very active
Along the during the first part of June. Wildlife
photographed included two bears
Boardwalk (photo below taken June 4), many deer,
July, 2008 opossums, otters, raccoons, bobcats,
turkeys, pigs, cows, and rabbits.
Florida Panther FP-159 was pho-
New online Nature Store debuts tographed on June 4 and 5, and two
The Corkscrew Nature Store re- uncollared panthers were photographed
cently launched a new version of its on June 9 and 11.
online store. –Ralph Arwood
New products have been added,
and secure credit card checkout makes
shopping at the swamp for gifts or per-
sonal items more convenient than ever.
Online departments include optics,
birding gear, gifts and stationery, books
and field guides, jewelry, media, toys,
and apparel.
All orders in the continental United
States are shipped via UPS ground.
New products are regularly added, and Visit regularly by clicking
the online store will contain many of or by Ghost Orchid buds signal
the products that the brick-and-mortar clicking the Nature Store link on the another spectacular show
store stocks. Corkscrew web page. Buds on the Ghost Orchid colony
past Sign 7 appeared at the start of June.
Quick ID Guide: Then, the first bloom opened June 23,
Adult and immature Swallow-tailed Kites another on June 27, and six more buds
were maturing close by. Buds open in
By the time young Swallow-tailed The tail of a fledgling, left below, succession.
Kites have fledged in mid June and are appears as a soft arc and lacks the sharp, The heaviest blooming months are
seen soaring above the boardwalk in forked tips of the adult tail. typically June and July although last
family groups with the adults, they are The tail of an adult, right below, is year the orchid here bloomed into Sep-
the same size as adults and they fly with deeply forked. tember. One Ghost Orchid in Faka-
equal ease. hatchee bloomed in May this year.
Relative size of the
body or wings, or trying to
find color differentiations
2007-2008 programs
won’t distinguish between reach over 5,000 students
the adult and the fledgling. For the Youth Education Team at
In the air, fledglings do Corkscrew, each year just keeps getting
not display any begging better. The volunteer naturalists and
behavior typical of young staff continue to grow, and they hosted
birds of other species. more students than ever this season.
Instead, look at the tails The team of 15 volunteers and staff
of the birds to distinguish plus FGCU professors and student
between the youth and the naturalists led field trips for classes
adult. from kindergarten through college.
Please visit our website at and click
Why do different birds have eggs of different shapes?
Bird Trivia Discover the answer at
on Education to view a full 2007-2008
Youth Education Year End Report.
Meet the Interns
My name is Ryan Young and I am in Appleton, Wisconsin. I am currently
a junior Environmental Studies major studying for a Bachelors degree in en-
at Florida State University. I live in vironmental science with a minor in
Waterways with my parents in the biology. I plan to continue school for
summer. a Masters degree in an environmental
Some my hobbies are playing field.
rugby, both for FSU and the local During the past several years, I
Naples Hammerheads in the summer, have been involved with the Student
snowboarding when I can, traveling, Conservation Association (SCA),
and anything that is outdoors. I am an through which I have had the privilege
Eagle Scout and have gone on a NOLS of living and working at Ocmulgee Na-
month-long backpacking and sea tional Monument of Macon, Georgia,
kayaking trip in Alaska as well as many the way, and I am really excited. in the redwood forests of northern Cali-
other camping, backpacking, kayaking, I love my internship at Corkscrew fornia, and at Pioneer Mountain in
canoing, and lot of other kinds of out- so far and I look forward to meeting Alaska.
door trips since I was young. everyone and getting to know you all! I am very excited to be visiting
In the fall I will be studying abroad Florida for my first time and working
on a ship that is going around the world I am Dakota Radford, a sopho- in a place as beautiful and diverse as
and stopping in about 13 ports along more student at Lawrence University Corkscrew.

June Sightings

A Yellow-billed Cuckoo gathers Spanish Moss A Butterfly Orchid, Encyclia tampensis, A Swallow-tailed Kite calls from a snag near the
above the observation platform spur (June 10). blooms near the Bunting House gate (June 17). Barred Owl rain shelter (June 20).

Reference Points
• Corkscrew officially opened as a sanc- • Corkscrew currently encompasses • Wood Storks do not breed before their
tuary in 1954. 12,105 acres. When the remaining fourth year. The average life span of
mitigation bank land is transferred to a stork is 10-12 years.
• The United States Department of the Corkscrew, the total will rise to
Interior, National Park Service, des- 13,500 acres. • Female alligators do not breed until
ignated Corkscrew as a National they are 8-10 years old. The average
Natural Landmark in 1964. life span of an alligator in the wild is
around 40 years.
• The current boardwalk was con-
• 50% of baby alligators do not survive
structed from the fall of 1995 through
their first year, and only 5% survive
the spring of 1996.
to become breeding adults.
• The last section of boardwalk between • Adult alligators can stay under water
the sightings board and the wildlife for several hours if not actively swim-
crossing was built in the fall of 1996. ming or hunting.
Ed and crew construct the final section of board-
walk by the wildlife crossing, above.
What it is Types of lightning injury
From over the Atlantic Ocean and
Lightning The most severe is a direct strike,
the Gulf of Mexico, air masses directly either to the victim or an object the vic-
affect Florida’s weather. Warm air is tim is holding like a tripod or umbrella.
lifted high into cool, upper air layers in A side flash occurs when lightning
the atmosphere. The cooling of this ris- hits a nearby object, like a cypress tree,
ing air causes its moisture to condense and jumps to the victim.
and clouds to form. Ground current injures the victim
Moisture droplets that form in the when lightning strikes the ground nearby
upper, cold parts of the clouds begin to and it spreads to the person.
fall earthward when they reach a certain Rarely, people maybe injured or
size, back into warm, uplifting currents killed indoors while using the telephone
where the droplets may again vaporize (copper wires) or taking a shower (cop-
and be lifted even higher into the upper per pipes). Burns may occur from jew-
air layers. trons causes the earth’s surface to ac- elry, clothing or other heated material.
This repeated cycle of warming, lift- quire a strong positive charge. Finally, blunt injury and trauma
ing, and cooling creates tall columns of The strong electric field, being may occur secondary to the shockwave
billowy clouds. While the bases of the somewhat self-sufficient, creates a con- from a lightning strike or from a result-
clouds may be 3,000 feet above sea ductive path between the negative cloud ing fall.
level, the tops of the cloud columns de- bottom and the positive earth surface.
velop upward to levels of 60,000 feet. This leads to cloud-to-ground lightning Types of strikes
Clouds may contain millions and discharges.
Cloud-to-ground, already ex-
millions of water droplets and ice sus- plained, is the most common.
pended in the air. As the process of What it does Ground-to-cloud is same as above
evaporation and condensation continues, More deaths are caused by lightning with the exception that usually a tall,
the rising and falling droplets collide. than any other natural phenomena in- earth-bound object initiates the strike to
The collisions cause electrons to be cluding floods, hurricanes and torna- the cloud. It is less common.
knocked off of the rising moisture, cre- does. More than 100 people die annu- Cloud-to-cloud is also the same as
ating a charge separation. ally in the United States as a result of discussed above, except the strike trav-
Inside the clouds, electrical charges lightning. Serious injuries are caused in els from one cloud to another.
build up and separate into positive and about 1,000-1,500 persons each year. Of
negative centers. The upper portion of those survivors, 74% sustain permanent Types of lightning
the cloud becomes positively charged injuries.
and the lower portion becomes nega- Lightning deaths are less well pub- Regular lightning is already ex-
tively charged. licized than those from other natural plained.
When there is a charge separation phenomena because they are in individu- Sheet lightning is regular lightning
in a cloud, an electric field is created als or small groups and not associated that is reflected in the clouds.
which is also positive in the upper re- with large-scale property damage that tv Heat lightning is regular lightning
gion and negative in the lower region. and other media love to feature. near the horizon that is reflected by high
The strength or intensity of the elec- Lighting has about a 50 yard search clouds; the strike is too distant to hear
tric field is directly related to the amount radius on the ground in an area that a thunder.
of charge buildup in the cloud. As the strike will occur. It can strike as much Blue jet is a blue, cone-shaped burst
collisions and freezing continue to oc- as 10 miles from the rain of a thunder- that occurs above the center of a storm
cur and the charges at the top and bot- storm and occur even when the storm cloud and moves upward, toward the
tom of the cloud increase, the electric appears to be weakening or moving stratosphere, at a high rate of speed. It
field becomes intense. away. Lightning usually seeks the tall- is not visible from the ground.
In fair weather, ground has a nega- est objects in that area, like cypress trees
tive charge. However, the extreme in- along the boardwalk. Additional information
tensity of an electric field in a cloud The current in a lightning bolt can
causes electrons at the earth’s surface to be as high as 30,000 amperes with
be repelled deeper into the earth by the 1,000,000 or more volts. The short du- Good video at the Discovery Channel:
strong negative charge at the lower por- ration of from 1-100 milliseconds lim-
tion of the cloud. This repulsion of elec- its injury but doesn’t prevent it. bcpid1213900614/bctid1346591818
Lightning Safety Lightning Myths
If caught outside in a storm, always MYTH: Lightning never strikes twice MYTH: Metal on the body (jewelry,
look for appropriate shelter. Do not take in the same place watches, glasses, cell phone) or metal
any chances — lightning will use TRUTH: False. Lightning often strikes on structures attracts lightning
people as a path to the earth just as eas- the same place repeatedly, especially TRUTH: False. Height, pointy shape,
ily as it will use any other object. if it’s a tall, pointy, isolated object. and isolation are the dominant fac-
Appropriate shelter would be a tors controlling where a lightning bolt
building or a car. If there isn’t anywhere MYTH: If there’s no rain or clouds may strike. The presence of metal
close by to go, then avoid taking shel- overhead, lightning won’t strike makes virtually no difference to
ter under trees. Most trees attract light- TRUTH: False. Lightning can strike where lightning strikes. But while
ning. up to 10 miles from the thunderstorm, metal doesn’t attract lightning, touch-
Put your feet as close together as well away from the rain or even thun- ing or being near long metal objects
possible and crouch down with your derstorm cloud. (fences, bleachers, vehicles, etc.) is
head as low as possible without touch- still unsafe when thunderstorms are
ing the ground – the lightning crouch. MYTH: Rubber tires on a car protect nearby. If lightning does happen to
Never lie on the ground. After light- people from lightning by insulating hit it, the metal can conduct the elec-
ning strikes the ground, there is an elec- them from the ground tricity a long distance, up to 100
tric potential that radiates outward from TRUTH: False. Lightning laughs at yards, and still cause electrocution.
the point of contact. If a body is in that two inches of rubber! Most cars are
area, current can flow through it. Pow- reasonably safe from lightning, but MYTH: Carrying an umbrella in-
erful current passing through a body is it’s the metal roof and metal sides that creases the risk of being hit.
not a good thing. It can cause cardiac provide the protection, not the rub- TRUTH: True. Increasing height by
arrest as well as burns and damage to ber tires. The metal, being a good any amount increases the chances of
other organs. conductor, directs current and charge being hit. Basically, avoid being the
By making the body as low to the around the car where it discarges highest object anywhere, be it a
ground as possible and minimizing the safely to the ground. Thus, convert- beach, small open boat, pier, board-
amount of body in contact with the ibles, motorcycles, golf carts, and walk, field, yard, or ridge.
ground, the possibility of a lightning- cars with plastic or fiberglass bodies
related injury is greatly reduced. If a offer no lightning protection. MYTH: Wearing a rubber raincoat or
strike were to occur near a person, the rubber-soled sneakers decreases the
current would have a much more diffi- MYTH: A lightning victim is electri- chance of being hit.
cult time flowing through a body in the fied. If anyone touches them, they’ll TRUTH: False. If lightning has burned
lightning crouch position. be electrocuted its way through a mile or more of air,
If indoors, stay off the telephone. TRUTH: False. The human body which is a superb insulator, a few mil-
If lightning strikes the phone line, the doesn’t store electricity. It is perfectly limeters of any insulating material
strike will travel to every phone on the safe to touch lightning victims to give isn’t going to make any difference.
line, and potentially to you if you are them first aid.
holding the phone. If you must call MYTH: A surge protector protects
someone, use a cell phone. MYTH: If outside in a thunderstorm, computers and other electronic equip-
Stay away from plumbing pipes go under a tree to stay dry. ment from lightning damage.
and outlets such as a bath tub, shower, TRUTH: False. Being underneath TRUTH: False. The surge protector
or sink. Lightning has the ability to trees is the second leading activity for isn’t much bigger than a piece of jew-
strike a house or near a house and im- lightning casualties – enough said! elry, and it is just as insignificant to a
part an electrical charge to the metal million-voltage lightning bolt. The
pipes used for plumbing. MYTH: When playing sports and thun- surge protector may be good insur-
This threat is not as great as it used derstorms threaten, it’s okay to fin- ance against problems when the
to be because PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ish the game before seeking shelter. power in the house goes off and is
is often used for indoor plumbing these TRUTH: Sports is the activity with the later restored, but it’s useless against
days. If you are not sure what your fastest rising rate of lightning casu- actual lightning strike damage. To
pipes are made of, don’t gamble – just alties. No game is worth death or life- protect electronic gear, turn it off and
wait until the storm is long over. long severe injury. then unplug it from the wall