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what is difference between 4 access modifier





public: Access is not restricted.

protected: Access is limited to the containing class or types derived from the
containing class.
Internal: Access is limited to the current assembly.
private: Access is limited to the containing type.

2)in mvc can view be bound more than one model if yes how

3)is it possible to share view across multiple controllers

4)returns types of control action method types

5)can u tell me the delete and truncate

6)what is strongly named assemblies

7)partial class and what does it mean

1. what is use of message use end point mex

It is a binding that returns metadata so you can build a proxy at the client
side. See here. More here as well.

2. can we call wf service with out creating a proxy class

3. Yes, it is possible to invoke as WCF service without adding a service reference.

4. As a first step, I assume that you have your service contact interface as a separate
class library.
5. Step 2: Create your WCF service and host it in IIS
6. Step 3: Refer your service contract library in the client application and then follow
this code
7. ChannelFactory<IYourServiceContract> factory = new
8. factory.Endpoint.Address = new EndpointAddress("");
10. IYourServiceContract client = factory.CreateChannel();
11. var result = client.YourMethodtoInvoke(serviceArguments);

12. what is system.nullable of type t<>

13. what is an anonymoues type

14. in what ways can application state be managed in

15. what is gac why is it used

16. clusteed index

17. refletion

18. static method

19. identity column in sql server

20. what kind of events can be tracked in ajax

21. how would you do error handling in ssis

22. control flow and data flow

23. value type vs reference type

24. key word var

25. different behaviors available in wcf

26. different instancing modes in wcf

27. cuslterd and non custard index

28. abstract and virtual and interface

29. what is idispoasable

30. what is delegate

31. abstract base class vs interface

32. what are extension methods

33. differnet jquery selecttos

34. how to find 10th highest paid employee in employee table whos attributes are
empid,empname,sal,age,and department number

35. logging in sssis

36. name some types of connection you have worked in ssis

37. as the author of generic class called myclass<t>.how do i ensure that type parameter of t
implements i enumerable

38. how do log messages using wcf

39. what is datetime and timestamp

40. what is app domian and how is different from a process

41. what is mvc

42. different $post and $.ajax methods

43. how do debug ajax enabled applications

44. how to limit action in controller to accept only get

45. will stameent

var x = null compile


union all vs merge join

45 dbcontext and dbset


wcf :binding and channel


developing a hello world wcf service how will i enable the service to communicate over the named pipe


if I want ti use a csharp extension method .it does not show in intellisense what is the most likely cause

sysntax of extension method declaration


difference between traditional function pointer and a delegate

50 factory design patter

51diffrence between process and thread

52 what makes a good unit test

53 what is use of bulk insert task in ssis

54deploy ssis pakcage

55 what is denial of service attack and how do you handle in wcf

56 what is sql injection

57 how do make the queries are not sql injectable

58 select many vs select

Select many selects value from multiple collection

Select means slects from single collection

59 how do you achieve left join in line