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21 May 2017

collected and spent by a of his citizenship last June,

senior cleric in the interests sparking fears his trial
of the needy. would see him deported
The case had ratcheted up from the Shiite-majority
Bahrains top Shiite island.
cleric gets one year tensions in the Western-
suspended jail sentence allied Gulf Arab state where Bahrain gives Shiite Qassims followers had
the U.S. Fifth Fleet is based. cleric 1-year suspended urged protesters to gather
A court in Bahrain on sentence in Shiite mosques across
Sunday convicted the The kingdom has been the tiny island nation ahead
spiritual leader of the convulsed by occasional A Bahrain court sentenced of his sentencing, but there
countrys Shiite Muslims unrest since authorities a prominent Shiite cleric to was no immediate turmoil.
of collecting funds illegally crushed 2011 protests a 1-year suspended prison
and money laundering and mainly by Shiites sentence Sunday and seized The sentence avoids
sentenced him to one year demanding a bigger share assets belonging to him authorities attempting
in jail suspended for three in running the country. and his ministry, part of to raid Qassims home,
years, local media reported. The Arabic-language al- an ongoing crackdown on surrounded for months by a
Wasat said the court also dissent in the tiny island sit-in. Police have besieged
The court also ordered kingdom. Qassims hometown of Diraz
Ayatollah Isa Qassim, who ordered the confiscation of for months as well, tightly
is in his mid-70s, to pay 3.367 million dinars found Sheikh Isa Qassim controlling access. But he
100,000 Bahraini dinars in a bank account in the faced charges of money still could be deported at
($265,266) in fines over clerics name. laundering and fueling any time in theory as he is
the charges, which emanate read more extremism in the Sunni- now stateless.
from the collection of an ruled kingdom, allegations
Islamic tax called Khums, rejected by his supporters. read more
which in Shiite Islam is Authorities stripped Qassim

without naming Qassim, very long-term relationship.

adding they were each fined I look forward to it very
100,000 dinars ($265,140) much - many of the same
and that the court ordered Trump says ties with things in common.
the confiscation of the Bahrain wont be Trumps White House
Bahrain Shiite cleric gets funds they raised. strained anymore decided this year to pursue
suspended jail term It said in a statement U.S. President Donald a $5 billion sale to Bahrain
A Bahraini court on carried by the BNA state Trump said on Sunday of 19 Lockheed Martin
Sunday sentenced revered news agency that it was Washingtons relations F-16 aircraft and related
Shiite cleric Isa Qassim to considering appealing the with Bahrain were set to equipment, which was held
a suspended one-year jail sentence. improve, after meeting with up last year by human rights
term for illegal fundraising Qassim, 76, remains at his the king of the Gulf Arab concerns.
and money laundering, a residence in the village of state during a visit to Saudi With help from some
judicial source said. Diraz, outside Manama, Arabia. other Gulf Arab states,
The criminal court handed where supporters have held Our countries have a Bahrain crushed a 2011
down the same verdict to a sit-in since June when wonderful relationship uprising inspired by the
two of the clerics aides, he was stripped of his together, but there has been Arab Spring led by its
Sheikh Hussein Mahrus citizenship. a little strain, but there Shiite majority, which
and Mirza al-Obaidli, the wont be strain with this demanded more rights and
source said, adding the administration, Trump representation.
sentences were suspended read more said during a photo session
for three years. with Sheikh Hamad bin Issa
al-Khalifa in Riyadh. read more
The prosecution also
announced the sentences Were going to have a very,