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Advantage and Disadvantage of theory


Rosemarie Parse

 Differentiates nursing from other training techniques
 Provides a good guide for action
 Is useful in education


 It does not utilize the nursing process/diagnosis from the primary stand point
 There is no one way to follow the theory

Madeleine Leininger

 Model was developed in a logical order to demonstrate the interrelationship
of the concepts
 Theory is essentially parsimonious in that the necessary concepts are
incorporated in such a manner that the theory and its model can be applied
in many different settings.
 It is highly generalizable; concepts and relationship that presented are at a
level of abstraction which allows it to be applied in many different situations
 Highly commendable that she was able to formulate a theory which is
specified to a multicultural aspect of care


 Theory and model are not simple in terms
 Instilling new ideas in a different culture might present an intrusive intent,
culture is a strong set of practices developed over generations which would
make it difficult to penetrate
 The whole activity of immersing yourself within a different culture is time
consuming for you to fully understand their beliefs and practices
 It will be costly in the part of the nurse
 Too much was given to the culture concept per se, that she failed to
comprehensively discuss the function or role of nurses
 It was not stated on how to assist, support or enable the client in attuning
them to an improved lifeway

Key differences:

Rosemarie, general focus of the theory

a. Guides nurses in their practice to focus on quality of life as it is described and
b. Quality of life from each person’s own perspective. (“Human Becoming

This information allows for the identification of similarities and differences or cultural universality and cultural diversity.c. The net focus is on generic or folk system. Example: a client who smokes cannot be told to simply quit smoking because he/she is the ultimate decision maker. This knowledge provides culturally specific meanings and expressions in relation to care and health. Where in. families. professional care system(s). and nursing care. It is here that nursing care is delivered. Information about theses systems includes the characteristics and the specific care feature of each. Emphasizes how individual choose and bear the responsibilities for patterns of personal health d. groups. communities. Next are nursing care decisions and actions which involve cultural care preservation/maintenance. Madeleine general focus was cultural world view that flows into knowledge about individuals. and institutions in diverse health care systems. . cultural care accommodation/negotiation and cultural care re-patterning or restructuring.