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Agile Coaches Dojo

Rachel Davies
with David Hussman &
Dave Rooney
My background

Background in software development

Started using XP in 2000
Working as independent agile coach since
Co-author of Agile Coaching with Liz
Who here is an Agile Coach?

Whos interested in
improving their
coaching skills?
What ways have you
tried to learn to be a
better agile coach?
The Challenge

Many people are moving into Agile Coach roles

They want to improve their skills
Can we create a safe place to practice?
The Coding Dojo

A Coding Dojo is a meeting where a bunch of coders get

together to work on a programming challenge. They are
there have fun and to engage in deliberate practice in
order to improve their skills, by coding in front of others.
A safe place to learn

Coders need table, projector + computer plus a kata to work on

What would an Agile coaches dojo look like?
Agile Coaches Dojo

Agile Open Holland,

June 2010
Code Kata

Write a program that solves word chain
puzzles (cat -> cot -> dot -> dog).

Coding Dojos focus on the way you solve

the problem.
Example Coaching Kata

A challenge faced by an agile coach in her own words.

Agile Coach Dojo Roles

2 x Observers

3 x Coaches

1 x Facilitator
1 x Seeker
shares her Coaching Kata with the group
explores the Kata with the Seeker
(one at a time, silent when not your turn)
listens and watches how the Coach works with the seeker
watches over the process
Demo Round

Seeker - Rachel Davies

Coach - David Hussman & Dave Rooney
Observers - All of you!
Example Coaching Kata:
CTO thinks agile teams are wasting the time of
business stakeholders and wants to stop their
involvement with agile teams.
Now you work in rounds

Form groups of 5-7 people

Pick roles
Propose a Coaching Kata 10 mins
Seeker takes Kata to next group
Coaches take turns < 5 mins each
Observers share what they noticed 10mins

What was the experience in your group?

What did you learn as Agile Coaches?
What did you like about the Dojo format?
What are your ideas for improvement?
Any Questions?

Or contact me:
Twitter: rachelcdavies
Open Jam session at 5:15pm in Safari
area (upstairs) to explore:
How can we become better agile coaches?

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