REVIEW AND ANALYSIS ON LATEST PROGRESS REPORT OF REGIONAL PLANNING SECTOR Place below is profile of development programme of RP Sector

up to November, 2009. Main features of progress outlay are as under:1. Against an allocation of Rs. 2.40 billion only Rs. 78.0 million were utilized up to November which were 3.07% total allocation. 2. Four major projects of the sector which include Barani Village Development Project (Gen. Sr. No. 1415), Integrated Poverty Alleviation for Southern Punjab PRSP (Gen. Sr. No. 1384. Punjab Poor District Development Programme (Gen. Sr. No. 1417) and TADP (Gen. Sr. No. 1420) were with nil utilization. 3. 4. In three cases even the schemes were not prepared. In case of scheme at Gen. Sr. No. 1384 Integrated (Poverty Alleviation Programme of Southern Punjab) PRSP has not complied with PDWP decisions and the funds were not released. PRSP was paid three trenches amounting to Rs. 295 million up to current financial year. The performance of PRSP was not satisfactory even considering their report in year wise targets were presented. In four activities progress varies from 6.29% to 37% only. It clearly indicates that bulk of amount already released was still unspent. PRSP was not providing utilization report and even cash flow statement. This warrants an early decision on the part of Planning & Development Department whether these activities to be continued or to be stopped.


For CDA there was an allocation of Rs. 908.288 million including block allocation of Rs. 743.137 million. Progress on the part of CDA is highly unsatisfactory. Not even a penne utilized by CDA. Even in their ongoing programme, some irregularities regarding issuance of Administrative Approval were pointed out by MD, CDA. Summary forwarded to CM Office and approval for the same is still awaited. In other projects which includes SLBAP and Continuation of PMU of D.G. Khan Rural Development Project posting of Project Director has not been materialized and thus tempo of work is too slow. Almost in all projects vision action and focus is lacking. Project executers are in confusion regarding their future fate. They are asking about guidance regarding next year allocation and activities but proper response from AD has sill yet to go. In these circumstances, it is submitted that Secretary, P&D



Department may consider to allocate time to review progress of the sector and to provide guidance regarding future line of action and next year activities. (MUHAMMAD ASLAM CH.) CHIEF (RP) 10.01.2009 SECRETARY, P&D

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