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English Abstract

In today's scenario the best way banking and transaction system has been
evolving across the world, the validation, authentication and confirmation
of consumer were necessary and really it should be on priority.
Authentication and verification is simply the part to consider the safety
and confidentiality belonging to the consumers. During the rapid
changing environment it is not possible to keep integrity and authenticity
of consumers. If we lose our ATM PIN, there is much risk of losing our
money and identity. If your identity is hacked by someone then you can
easily lose entire money. In order to avoid most of these frauds we should
start to use some foolproof security solution which you can easily use
with the current available technology. Biometric is among the most
appropriate technologies which you can easily combine with our present-
day technology. We are able to use fingerprints, iris scan, palm scanning
with the PIN authentication and verifications. Even you can easily use
voice recognition also. By combining such technologies we can control
the ATM frauds and so can improve the safety of other financial

Introduction and research problem:

An identity of an individual might be referred as personal identification.

We'll relate it using a person. Therefore we may utilize it for recognition
on the person for verification purpose[1]. Much identification,
verification methods are around to recognize the identity on the person.
But up to the ones for verifications and identifications are available
almost same task is in the fraud techniques. There are various techniques
offered to forge with people. Because of the innovations of ATM
machines, consumers were provided an classy and convenient way, 24x7,
to bring about various transactions like what is account balance,
withdrawal involving, deposit money and later features included
providing customers payment of bills, transfer involving etc. With the
introduction of ATM machinery giving customers and business
personnel's to bring about the transactions with the use of an ATM card or
even a debit card or even a credit card. You will find there's magnetic
strip in each kind of card who has all the info relating to the customer. An
ATM machine reads and authenticates the card and after verifying the
magnetic strip, card number, expiration date, as well as other details
customer may carry out their transaction. Using the progress in
technologies there's also the advancement in hackers and criminals in
planet who are responsible for frauds.

Biometric security option would be the good way of authenticating

physical characteristics of one's person e.g. fingerprints eyes and hands to
find and authenticate a man or woman and therefore the products used
during this system that also includes fingerprint readers and retina
scanners. For everybody who is moving towards biometric security
solutions, you will have physical characteristics that are stable and
unchanged after some time and are generally very challenging to fake.
Using biometric identity verification and authentication procedure we
will get a lot more monetary security and defense against many of the
theft and fraud personnel's. Passwords and PIN numbers are the
straightforward and key targets that should be stolen or discovered in any
respect and after it may be exploited by people with criminal mindset via
the internet as well as other business places. Moving towards biometric
security out of your traditional PIN code access controlling may reduce
the odds of frauds and it could also eliminates the need of multi password
authenticity system. We are able to get entire access control with the
finger touch, iris scan or palm touch.
We can split biometric technology into two broad categories according to
what they determine:

Devices dependent upon physiological characteristics of everybody (e.g.

the hand geometry or fingerprint) and Systems dependent upon
behavioral characteristics of everybody (e.g. signature dynamics) [18].

Biometrics techniques can be simply adopted plus the traditionally used

associated with financial organizations including banks, at retail
locations as replacements with smart cards, ATM machines, credit cards
and debit cards, and anywhere you'll be able to perform financial
transaction. It may are standalone or in conjunction with the PIN to
securely identify user as the real owner of the cardboard and the one who
has permission to exchange the money.
Research methodology:

The process which is used to collect data and information when it comes
to making business decisions. The methodology can sometimes include
publication research, interviews, surveys as well as other research
techniques, and might include both present and historical information. In
this paper we have used existing research papers as well as surveys to get
detailed understanding about the problem. We have studied the research
papers and articles to get the clear idea about the existing system and use
of biometrics to secure the ATM transactions.
Main results:

Conclusion and recommendations:

As we can easily make it a point security concerns have risen to quite

high levels as terrorism besides other unseen dangers remain which cause
huge harm to human life and intellectual property. To safeguard against
these high-quality technical attacks and intrusions we want equally
sophisticated biometric security systems. Biometrics security measure has
revolutionized the best way people generally perceive security. Really the
only hurdle to deploy these seemingly fool-proof securities is people's
acceptance. Once issues and objections like invasion of privacy, undue
physical harassment etc. are sorted out, biometrics security products will
present more acceptance from people all of which will come up with as
the perfect security measure ever. Biometric systems as well as the
existing systems and technology can certainly produce a very properly
protected system where consumer might have rest from their worries
related for the money theft, identity theft etc.

Keywords: Biometric technology, biometric security, biometric ATMs,

securing our money