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Soil Organic matter
Unconsolidated mineral material The relative proportions of these
at or near the earths surface which constituents greatly influence the
consist of air moisture and other behavior and productivity of soils
organic substance which may be
incorporated therein and which have Mineral Constituents
resulted from natural process such as Various mineral particles (particles
decay, weathering and other chemical of weathered parent material)
o Sand
o Silt
Natural solid mineral matter
occurring in large masses of fragment o Clay
Broken Rock angular fragments Different mixtures of these result
of rock which will be retained on in various soil textures
a 75mm (3) sieve
Organic Matters
Soil Aggregates Wide range of carbonaceous
Natural or prepares mixtures substances including living
consisting predominantly of stone, organisms, remains of organisms
gravel or sand containing silt clay and compounds produces by
(0.075mm or passing No. 200 sieve) current and past metabolism in the
material. soil.
Organic matter is lost to the soil
Other material over time as CO2, which is
Binder (Soil binder) produced by microbial respiration
o Portion of soil passing The influence of organic matter in
0.425mm (#40) sieve soil properties is far greater than
Silt-Clay materials its low percent by weight and
o Fine soil particles which will volume would suggest.
pass the 0.075mm (#200)
sieve. Importance: Engineering Medium
Most structures rest on soil, most
Soil Composition construction projects require
Air excavation into the soil.
Some soils not as stable as others