Prologue 14 hours after the fight in Mexico (MMD), the third meeting of Amalgam leaders continues. Mr.

Au asks about status of Mr.Ag (Leonard), and Mr.K (Kalinin) replies "It's serious" without any signs of feelings. It's observed that, after a few months of conversations with him, he's just an ordinary, loyal soldier without interest upon politics and money. H eeven doesn't pay notice to the thing that Mr.Au had used "Reinforcements" as the excuse to send units to attack Leonard, or the fact that Amalgam is now becoming more desperate. Probably he also know that most of the people around are now on Mr.Au's side by threatening or flowing words. Kalinin continued that Leonard is being treated in an hospital in Acapulco (Mexico), and even he got saved it may lead to other consequences, like he may not stand up anymore. Mr.Au feels regret about this news. The leaders are still scattering around the world, and Mr.Au is a Japanese living in Tokyo. (His flat got strong anti-bullet glasses, and it's positioned in the north of Tokyo Harbour) It's described that he is still a patriot despite he wields great power, and will limit the terrorist attacks in Japan whenever he can.Though he allows the usage of Benemoth for A21 to wreck havoc, he never allows nuclear attacks, and he had actually prepared a self-destruct system within it, so that if the Benemoth is moving towards centre of Tokyo he'll take it out. After the "negligible" terrorist attack last year, he gained more influence over the Japanese safety departments. Let the loyal, helpful guys to do the rest, set up stages for those easily-controlled to suscced his place, flaming about the external threats and label moderates as traitors------they're indeed traitors since the world is made by cheating and marauding each other. As an island country with scarce resources, it's a miracle for the country not to involve in major conflicts and continue to prosper, and he had to prolong this miracle. That's why he's using Amalgam. After some discussions about Kalinin's further actions (regroup to guard Leo and gather info of remants of Mithril), Mr.Na mentioned that TDD will show up eventually after Mr.Au said that they seem escaped trackings from US Navy, and said that they can't be ignored now. Mr.Au said only Codarls will be enough for the trheat is just teh white AS, and Kalinin said "you understand military affairs so well" (the actual meaning is the reverse). Mr.Au responds by saying the core of a problem are alike in other affairs, of which he and Leo had misunderstood upon. Kalinin agrees, but he continues by saying that he and himself had tolerated their evil minds for too long. At the same moment, Mr.Cu, Mr.Sn and Mr.Na were being attacked, with Cu and Na being shot, and it seems that Sn's bring was smashed and stuff within spilled upon the desk. Then 3 people shows up upon the line and reports "Suppressed", and it's revealed that those 3 killed people had planned to kill Leonard along with Au. Mr.Au was shocked, but Kalinin was sneaking up his back already, and throws aside the communicator he used. He then said that the security forces are suppressed already and no one will help him. It's shocking that he knew his living place and real identity, but what's more is that he shouldbe definately in Mexico half a day ago,

and travelling to Japan will need 20 hours of flight. Soon after a short speech, Kalinin pushed his head onto the desk and breaks his

head by an arm attack. Mr.Au dies in an instant.

Afterwards, Kalinin picks up the mic on the desk and said that it's teh retailiatio against the act of plans to kill Leonard. The rest of the leaders had calmed dow already, and some of them had even predicted such thing will happen, so the didn't object to his action. But then he asks "soemone" to respond------he had neve appeared in the meetings, but he's always there. If conflicts within leaders ha become a state like this, he'll definately show up Amalgam had no actual leader as mentioned before, since their form is in network-like organization. But without an Administrator the organization can' tighten it. He never shows his thoughts, never shows up, but only giving a place fo others to gather, acting as the Regulator, gather all sort of elements to for Amalgam. Kalinin calls Mr.Hg once more or they will reconsider the level of trus towards him, and he finally show up, using a voice change and speaks "Seems tha something has gone wrong" Chapter One: Wall of san Major Martin Estis (my crappy translation, see Engage Six Seven for details) ha received a bad news: Enemy forces had been approaching this base built upon ruin from Sulalah al—Mariniyyin era, 30 MBTs and 4 2ndGen AS, and probably more wil come. Obviously these are from Amalgam forces in Morocco, and they finally com to destroy those surviving, gathered Mithril remants, who're waiting for a chance t counterattack Their place is within the desert right between the borders of Morocco, Mauritania Western Sahara and Algeria, no hills around and it's so hot. Tents and barracks ar camofluged within the ruins, the runway is an open ground with cracks, so though i can escape from the views of satellites, but it's far from being called as a base: onl <100 people, just a few 2ndGen AS and some incomplete M6 parts. Though it' surprising for them to find this place, but is that necessary to send such a hug force? Sergeant Gima (my crappy translation, see Engage Six Seven an Confronting Festival) comments that it may due to they didn't know how muc forces they had left In the past in Belize (Central America), there was a training camp of Mithril unit that gather all mercenaries around the world, and pick out suitable candidates fo Mithril, which accounted must of the fighting force of it, including the Trio of Pacifi Battlion. Because of Amalgam's attack in the beginning of the year, they're force to escape within the wetland in Belize, abandoning stuff like armour vehicles and A and after 3 weeks of escape they finally arrived to Columbia from air transport i Honouras. After they arrived to Medellin, most of the trainees had gone back t their hometown as well, leaving just <20 officers and some trainees. With just les than 20 men they can't do much, so they started a small civil military company i North Africa and gathers information of teh allies. Months later, all doesn't gone wel except about 10 former Mithril men gathered there, and it seems that others ar also holding small groups for observation, but it's almost equal to impossible fo them to find them all out, for those who they can find are also pessimistic and

choose not to team up. Even Martin and his gang had less hope for reforming the force, and thought they can just run like a small civil military company...... Until the event in San Fransico breaks out. News reported that it's "explosions in the port", but by just seeing the few photos they considered that it isn't a normal explosion, but caused by AS fights. As such, Martin led a few men and flies there and gathered information from local workers, surveilience cameras and other stuff, soon they concluded that it's a black M9 fought with a Codarl, and with a Cruise Missile from nowhere the Codarl is destroyed single-handedly by the M9. They know about the M9 is probably piloted by Clozort, and the missile was fired from TDD with a dareful commander. Their delight of knowing this is more than just happy, since the South Pacific Battlion had survived and hit Amalgam hard once. This event seems to spread among former Mithril men, and more and more people comes to contact him for revenge as they're inspired by this fight. 2 months after that, the size of the whole unit had tripled and can set up a base in teh current position. They tried hard to retrive funds from European banks for the training camp and buy necessary stuff, but as they're preparing for the actual expansion of fighting force, enemy comes to attack them. It doesn't matter how they find them, but their forces are overwhelming. Even they try to escape, they'll still being caught, and it's impossible to hold on until the transports arrive at this place, which need at least 2 hours. As Martin and Gima are preparing to defend the place in this despearate battle without any signs of fear, they spotted a 4WD is rushing towards them regardless how rough the ground is. As they decided to observe, the car is so close that the driver's face can be seen. It's "him" (Yen), the Korean who passed the training 2 years before, but they just can't call his name correctly. ("The one that complete all tasks perfectly even he looks so weak" by Gima, "The strange one who passed the training unnoticed even he isn't that noticible" by Martin. Yen, you're so unnoticible from others from teh beginning to the end. Duh.) The car arrived without being shot from this side, and the driver jumps down and runs towards them. After some tricks by Gima to get Yen's name correctly (also, we noticed that even Yen is a Sergeant now. Sousuke, what's your purpose in the SRT now?) by ordering him to report his name and ranks, Martin observes that Yen must have know that enemy are coming. And they did as Yen is speaking. The first shell from artilleries had destroyed Yen's car already. But it's just a testing shot and teh artillery units will fix their aim for a few times before starting the actual barrage. They have no time to idle, and teh three retreats back to the line. Enemy barrages from artilleries and tanks poured upon the Mithril base, though men are mostly unscratched thanks to trenches, their exposed resources and vehicles are mostly being blown up. In the meantime Yen wants to speak with Martin for a few times, but are rejected all the times as Martin is still trembling with the despearate situation. The tanks are approaching in a few directions, and facing

them are 12 modified M60 MBT, probably more. Though they can reduce them to under half strength, it's still meanless as they'll be annihiliated by the rest......

BLAM.Then another BLAM, BLAM, BLAM. The approaching tanks explode one by o e, by probably Sniping Cannons and High-speed Missiles which Martin and the rest can't see. Yen orignally wants to tell Martin that "reinforcements will arrive in 15 mi utes" and which they had come early, but Martin had rejected to hear it from him... ..And when he wonders where the reinforcements are, a M9 lands just above him with ECS disabled. Martin immediately recalls that it's Mao piloting, and which is ca rying a K-1 "Javelin" High-speed Missile Launcher. But Martin is still worried about i , for only AS as reinforcements will be troublesome since deserts are troub esome terrains for them.Elsewhere, "he" is receiving more and more information about the situatio . The TDD Battlion has fully reinforced the base, but their ammo starts to run l w and enemy fire are so concentrated and massed. But despite how dire the situatio are, the communications are just as calm as ever, just like himself------a machin . AL, boarding ARX-8 Laevatein, is processing the all the electronic data rec ived. Laevatein is still standing by elsewhere within Pave Mare (ECS on), and by TAROS he can feel that the controller is nervous for some reason. He won't commit aults due to pressures, but in order to make sure the LDS is functional it's necess ry to make him more relieved, so he suggested to play some music, which is rejec ed by the controller Sousuke. By the conversations we know that AL treated all so ts of "shut up" as normal replies fro him.In fact, even in normal battlefields an AS can't confront a MBT directly an win, because of their weaker armour, inability to destroy one by Assault Rifle shot upon the front and their size differences, not to mention they have to fight i such difficult battlefield, so their AS must use the trenches around the base to ma imuze their mobility, meanwhile destroying approaching threats by AT weapons. n the other hand, because of the terrifying offensive power of Laevatein, it better ho ds in reserve and pose an indirect threat to enemy forces (of which they must etain some reserve forces to deal with this serious threat), and can act as a obile defender since, if it shows up early, enemy may just escape or pour all po er to destr y it.As teh partners are guessing if the commander is Kalinin or not, it's reveale that the enemy force indeed hold some reserve force in southwest, and are us d now due to the strong resistance. After a short dissussion it's decided Laevatei will intercept these folks, but as Pave Mare is flying to the interception point Kurz suddenly tell them to check for a suspicious small hill nearby, and tell Sous ke to look out for sniping fire. Laevatein lands before the enemy column, and by using Gun-Howizter Mode of 165mm Demolition Gun, he fires a shot. Misse , but predicted. By receiving the data given by Pave Mare, they adjusted the ang es of fire while reloading, but the enemy has already fired upon them adn hit wice, shaking the whole unit. AL suggests to change firing position for safety ut is rejected. It's revealed that Sousuke has left out of hesistation in decision mak ng as when piloting Arbalest, being supported by a "strong will" behind, and also AL is knowing human emotions despite he's a machine, and has an indep ndent personality growing up------sometimes ago Kurz and a few other people

suggested to change AL's voice into a female one "to make others feel loving towards AL", but was rejected by AL and Sousuke because both thinks that it's disgusting and humilitating to change the voice of "a veteran like me" into a soft female one. Enemy shells are landing accruately upon Laevatein, but by the action of TAROS it's now in a defensive stance and LDS activilates, vaporising the shells like it's a casaul run. Then Sousuke responds by firing the cannon to destroy the tanks while blocking incoming fire, and enemy retreats gradually from all sides because the reserves are being drained so much. They're winning this fight-----NO. Sousuke suddenly controls the unit to dodge a 1km/s sniping fire among teh rocks, as the shot PENETRATES teh LDS barrier and passes its left shoulder, if Sousuke dodges any 0.5s later, Laevatein may well being halved by the shot. Undoubtfully the shot is supported by Lambda Driver, and though Sousuke can't see the enemy he attempts to fire back. A shot seems to land near to the enemy, which Fairy's Eye detected a strong interference of LDS systems. The enemy unit still makes a fast decision and retreats with haste in ECS. They decides not to pursue. Kurz said "It finally comes", and Sousuke comments it's all because of his notification beforehand------he always pay attention to that position after Kurz mentioned that, so his reaction was faster than AL, who still can't separate Idea and Sense by their "backward" method of calculation. Clozort wonders why he doesn't show up as soon as he's present: His position can cover half of the battlefield, and should be able to destroy one if it shows up, but instead it stays silent even their tanks are being destroyed. Mao concludes that it's all because of Laevatein: It's waiting for ARX-8 to show up but not to attract its attack from nowhere even if it can destroy a few M9. At least Laevatein shows up and it tries to nail it by one shot, but it's dodged by Sousuke so the chance to destroy it is lost, and there're no reason to stay. AL reports that enemy had retreated, and Sousuke tells him to use ECCS and stay alert, who said it doesn't have it in return. Sousuke then replies that he almost forgot it's a piece of junk, but AL responds by saying that his injury in the past had limited his choice of intakes, and commented that "Someone said one's life has been lost by half without alcahol". Then he gradually starts to explain 38 reasons for ARX-8 isn't junk, and as soon as the first one is being said Sousuke roared at him to keep slient. (||||) In a few hours, Mithril's forces had left, leaving just some containers, old materials and lots of empty beer cans. Valbelm Casper (my crappy translation, looks something around 30 or 50), upon his Eligor, is staring at the empty base as a soldier got blasted by triggering a trap on the ground. His forces are just gathered around the world so their quality isn't assured, and the commander of the attack force (who is a bribed officer of local army) roared at him for not getting anything useful after paying a heavy cost. He then get out of the AS after moving for a bit,

searching for the ground pattern of enemy AS shooting, and recalls him------who doesn't move much while shooting, trying to take down as many enemy as he can and without any sense of self-protection. He comments that "he" is still too unskilful, but undoubtfully the one who tells the white AS is "him" so that the lethal shot can be dodged in a few seconds. Kalinin then calls him, asking about if any results are achieved. Casper replies that because of his student that shot is dodged, and in return he comments that he can do so because of his student as well. Kalinin then said that Kurz WAS a nice sniper, and Casper wonders why using past tense as he's still alive, but Kalinin replied that "Soon it'll become past tense" without much emotion. The soldiers are rioting for not gaining much, and the officers seem looking upon the Eligor as "reward", so Casper holds Kalinin's line and takes out an old .308 Rifle within the cockpit, loading a bullet and without adjusting the scope (just about 200m apart), he fires at an officer, who then painfully lays on the floorm one of the nuts got blasted. No one try to shoot back. Kalinin asks what happened, and he

replies that it's just some crowd control.

The primary target Laevatein wasn't destroyed, and that resistance force escape . No rea on to stay anymore. The Plan is going, and they can't just keep tracking Mithri .But then he and his student will face each other, an onc both have tasted the anxiety of hunting, he'll embrace his beautiful death.---he prisoning are more restrictive than before. Since she left Mexico, Chidori was being brought around the world------a farm in Texas, Swiss, Belgium, Denma k, North Italy, Turkey, Libya------and during the journeies the accomodation/foo supplied are just way worse than she was in Mexico, and such frequent travelling mad her start to feel sick. Though she stayed in a high-class hotel in Las Vegas for a week, but then she was brought to Sri Lanka, at which she finally fell sick. his place is the worst place she stayed so far, not just because of garbage dumps round, and there're so much noise around to keep her from taking proper res , BUT also there're large bugs lurking or wandering around (for once, a poi onous catapillar of about 50cm went into her clothes). She wanted to cry, but she restrained herself from doing so since she knew they want to weaken her, both body a d mind. As a civilized girl lived in modern cities, t is kind of torture are more effective than other ways and eventually she'll obey.Leo ard seems to be alive but she didn't show up since that incident. Still s e don't know if these are ordered by him, as when she asked Sabrina (the maid who ollowed her around) she just tell her "He's alive". She did see Kalinin for a few tim s, but rather than visiting her, it's more alike "checking the prisoner". She has also suffered from numerous nightmares, such as seeing a silver AS des roying the school and kills her classmates, being held by men whose arms becoming ca apillar's feet and told her Sousuke is dead (when she called for his hel , being treated badly by the schoolmates at a point that she want them die, etc. On a morning, her fever seems to be recovered. She tries to stand up from the bed but instead fell onto the floor, attracting Sabrina to go into the room. She asks h r to give her a cup of water, but Sabrina ignored her and checked her temperature irst (which indeed fell back to norm) before handing a cup of water to her, which the up is still somehow dirty. Chidori asks if Sabrina hates her and other questions, bu she just said that it's be best way to keep her alive since many want to capture he . She also asks if it's Leonard's order to do so and even "if she loves him", and sh replies that Leonard had just recovered recentl and so she can't get any orders from him while the original order didn't change Then Chidori wants to make her angry for some reason, and when she teases he at a level, Sabrina went berzerk and pushes her onto the floor, teh hand helding hards of teh just-broken glass cup in her hand, saying that she can't accept such teasin towards Leonard before she start to tell her origin------lived in a small, awful town around Lodz (Porland) and killed her mom who sold her to an officer (who was obvio sly killed by her as well), she started to kill as a job before and after she wa taken by Mafia in Warsaw, and never expected being treated like a human until he

picked her up. She believes that he'll make her feel like reborn, and she'll work for him until she became useless, even though he doesn't love her. She even wanted to call those men around to rape her, but held back because he doesn't want so, though her pride is unbearable that she's going to kill her for that.After finishing these speech, she stabs teh shard of glass into her throat, and stabs her face so many times taht others can't recognize it's her. (Below are the most weird part) But then, Sabrina's image and other awful stuff mixed together and formed another image of Chidori, whose face stay close to teh destroyed face, saying taht "It's time to change the person", "Don't think that it's time to follow my will?" Chidori bolts awake from teh bed. The place is still Sri Lanka, but what happened afterwards are just alike what she saw in the dream------until Sabrina shows her the temperature, she asks her if she know about Lodz, and while Sabrina said that it's her hometown, she wonders how Chidori know about it but she didn't answer. Elsewhere, in a lone island within Carribean (which acted as a temporary supply base for TDD), Mithril units are now transporting stuff from the island to the exposed TDD 2km away. Sousuke started fishing at a point (rod borrowed from someone else), which he didn't do it for about a year since that short but happy fishing time with Chidori in Melida (at the end of ITB), still he tries not to think about her disappearance, since doing so will just make him more unhappy. He reads a famous military magazine (forgot the name) when he stabs the rod into the ground, which he knows that no fish will be caught and they have to leave in about an hour, but still enjoys these little time of leisure. In fact, Mao and some other female members (who're all wearing bikini made from the city camofluge cloths left behind in the ship) in TDD are sunbathing not too far away. (It seems that the death of the female pilot sometimes before [COMO] has strengthen the already-strong bond among the already-few-in-number female members.) They talks about some female stuff and their presence attracted some soldiers who're working nearby. Still, Sousuke don't understand why they have to sunbath at a place near to him------This island has 3 beaches for leisure but are all occupied by males who're enjoying a beach picnic or training their shooting skill, and while Sousuke had got a rare chance to stay alone, Mao and others went to this place saying "thank us for seeing these" or even "you already have a lover so you won't care", etc. Probably because of those conversation after the battle in Mexico has been spread and since then, Sousuke was treated like a more casual friend or even ignore him to start a conversation about love affairs upon TDD. (Too long and too complicated, so I won't write down. If interested, I'll try to reveal) As the conversations continued, Sousuke (who still can't even understand a bit) feels taht he was treated as a roadside statue. The conversation then turned towards serious affair, especially Tessa's part------she was too busy to join them (while her swimsuits are prepared as well), and they

concerned about her overworked status right now. Sousuke immediately senses that Mao is using the tone of comforting the subordinates to tell the rest of teh girls that Tessa is OK------even though he has told others about his past days, he has never talked with her properly since Mexico's fight. He can understand what she has to do: Reorganizing teh nearly-destroyed Mithril, and how must stress she suffered after seeing her weak side for a few times. In the past when he was transferred to TDD, she hasn't even being trusted fully by the men aboard, but just 2 years she became the most important part of the organization, both militarily and mentally------she's a genius, unique charisma as a leader and a great leader (others treated her nothing but "somebody special"), but she's still a 17-year-old human. When an organization has to rely upon the mind of such a person, what's different to the organization is dead? Those know her all avoid saying so because she doesn't want to. Alert. Hostile forces are approaching this island, and the signals told all units to evacuate immediately, TDD stops being supplied, those supplies left behind are being destroyed to avoid counter-planning from the enemy. Sousuke also takes

away his rod, but there're just unknown seaweeds.

After some time, teh alert status within TDD was lowered. It's predictable that suc a "base" will be detected and atatcked, but it's just faster than normal. There'r some stuff left behind but those important had been transferred. After this disregarding the fatigue of men aboard, TDD can travel around unsupplied for months, and in this meantime no one can know their course except those in th bridge Mardurkas and Tessa have both understood something: It's unnatural for Amalga to send forces with this haste, both this time and in West Africa, and which mean one thing: The organization within Amalgam is changing, making it more active an effective. It's hard for TDD, but it's not totally bad------it means that the leadershi of Amalgam has changed, making its attacks from slow-decision making to a stat of doing so with haste. Does it mean that Amalgam's organization ha become a pyramid-shaped, or more close to that than before ? Still "the top and "how much it has changed" are unknown. But it seems taht a strong giant ha shown a weakpoint, though it's unknown for its location, proving that their action start to have some insignificant-but-present effects. This is a good sign Just as Tessa and Mardurkas are about to leave the room, Lemon the Lolicon sent coordinate of Yansk11 from Moscow to TDD via teh unmanned intelligenc submarine near the sea surface. (He should leave Moscow soon enough t Hungary). Such message is predictable but faster than predicted. After confirmin the destruction of the message, Tessa leaves the bridge Since the fight in Melida 8 months ago, the organization has been recovered to certain level. The Base workers start to rebuild the link with the resource supplier like $ and intel network, Hunter and Wraith are also working to collect intel aroun the world. Scattered Mithril members are also regathering and expanding thei fighting power. The top class commanders are probably dead or hiding, but fro what Hunter said teh Intel Officer (forgot teh name) has transferred most of th capability of Intel Dept to other place and are still collecting intel. They can't contac with him nor knowing if he's still on their side, but Hunter and Wraith obeyed thei own will to serve TDD even though the General banned their actions. The 2 had als contacted with teh Research Department and built Laevatein------a machine wa built secretly in teh past already but was abandoned due to numerous problems but now with the help of Miller and AL recovered, ARX-8 was finally completed. Still it doesn't have the multipurpose capability as teh plan suggested in teh past sinc its parts are just using scraps/prototype parts/etc to build it, like the rumour in th past that Lockheed Martin used scraps/reserved parts to build most of the earlies Stealth Aircraft "Have Blue", so others called Laevatein "Have Red". They als wanted to buy more other stuff, but they had run out of $ since the men's salar and buying stuff right now are just scuttling/selling "shell companies", present stuf and scattered reserves Now tehre're >2K people working to rebuild Mithril, and they start to damag Amalgam even these damages are insignificant, with the overall command of al operations is in TDD. But still, otehrs are worrying about putting such important job

upon Tessa, even though otehrs can't take over the job (Mardurkas can do it, but he lacks charisma as a leader and is better left for "annoying" others, and no one can rule Mithril at this state other than him). Kalinin may be a good choice as the second-in-command and will lower the job of her and subordinates, but now he went for Amalgam (which made a great impact upon her and the battlion due to his importance). Though he spoke little, he's working upon warrior's pride in the past, but then who he went to Amalgam? He must be the one prepared supplies for TDD, so his shifting side will happen after the battle of Melida (of which he showed some unusual signs). Brainwashed? Forced to do so due to captives? Under Amalgam already since he entered Mithril? Or any other reasons? But the one sure thing is that a troublesome opponent had joined Amalgam. Or is he following not Amalgam but Leonard? If so, things can become clearer. The meeting continues as Tessa was called back from her thoughts. The Maintainence Department Head, Edward, repaoted ALL 3 M9s------all AS forces available to TDD now except teh recently-joined Laevatein------are at a critical state of broken down. Since their spare parts can be easily traced so they can't get some, and they're at least half years since their last full-scaled maintainence, but still they're keep using them. He continued that they can endure at most 3 battles, afterwards anything can happen. Before he suggested to scuttle one M9 in order to provide parts to help other 2, Mao rejected this idea since they can't fight on properly if one more is lost (now they're planning their deployments by 3+1 at this state rather the norm of 6 M9s). Tessa added that they may get some spare parts during 3 battles, but in fact she doesn't have any plans to do so since she can just depend upon Hunter and others, rather than putting this issue as a troublesome one to all. In addition, after 3 battles the result will be decided, and if teh situation is dragged to force them to fight more battles, they'll lose. Kurz then raised the issue about Leonard, who is needed for intelligence about Amalgam. Tessa admits that no info was heard about his state, but she feels that he's still alive by "her instinct". Still they don't know where he is due to teh weak intel network, and about teh "Virus" issue raised sometimes ago (MMD04), no results are heard from AL or Darna (who're both discussing this issue, of which AL are always raising difficult questions to Darna). This raised the interest of all around, some suggested Darna is more powerful AI, and some said that AL's chess is so horrible that he lost to Friday (AI of Mao's M9) 9 out of 10 times. Tessa heard about it for the first time, but then she started to laugh since many problems are solved. AL seems to be weak, but he didn't use the thinking ways upon equal footing, instead he used teh way how normal human will play chess and even managed to win a game by this way------Mardurkas called this as "the instinct": Thinking from the ending, and in this kind of thinking logics are just explainations, making AL "seems to able to see the future" and thinks about the way for achieving victory. This issue was then left for discussion later by Tessa's signalling, and instead they talked about Amalgam's status: Faster decision-making, sharp and clear actions but start to be confused------their guerilla warfare starts to work, but it maybe some other factors such as Leonard or Kalinin started to grab hold of the organization

after some infighting, but why there're infighting for power? She said that Lemon helped her for a bit to get some traces, so that they can start the investigation a few days later: Far East, a ruin within Soviet Union. Because tehy're now in Alantic Ocean and it's impossible to bring all units, she chose Kurz and Sousuke to be her guard, while Clozort heads for Urakline to prepare for "that", and Mao will lead an expedition to South America to destroy enemy strategic point. As this is announced, they're all dismissed.

----Below 14R----

Once Mao got up from her sleep after the meeting, she found that she made a very serious mistake. Compared with it, stuff like friendly fire, stepped on friendly i fantry or talking classified intelligence in open channel are negligible faults.It' a single room for teh officers (which is the privliage for Mao using this roo m alone for her increased word-based work and being the second-in-command of the forc ), and in teh single bed within this room......Kurz slept beside her without a y clothes. Emitting a sound not sighing nor scream ng, she kneels on the bed and double-checked: she's really not wearing anything.It d dn't happen due to alcohol, but nevertheless she hopes that it's all a dream: I midnight, she was dealing with documents about supplies, and then Kurz come an ask her to sign on another document. Then both of them start to talk from stuff a out PRT (since Kurz need to take care of inexperienced PRT members), but then it became a long chat. As they continued she took out some Perrier for him, but her h nd slips and some of those spill upon the floor. After they cleaned up the mess, bo h of them drink ginger ale and talked about "these lives are so heavy", "want to enjoy some sort of romance in resorts", soon the prevert caught her shoulder a d asks her if she wanted to enjoy some romance with him from that point, and she ries to beat him away. But the room is so small and the ground is wet and so he slips, then Kurz give her a hand but also falls down. Because of teh head had lammed upon the wall for a little so she feels dizzy for a few seconds, and when s e became conscious again she saw his serious face, asking her if its OK af er an apology. And because of these, she doesn't know ehy she cries due to being mo ed------or it should be said taht she doesn't actually cried, but wanted to: Why he's in this submarine? What is this guy caring about me? Perhaps it's something fil ld up has been released since the destruction of Melida, and she feels so lonely taht she wanted to shre her feelign with him. He stunned for a little, but after staring with each otehr for a few seconds......They started the kissing. (GAH, I consider this as an accident)S e felt very bad about all these stuff, and she's so ashamed that she can't share these with the females, but if tehy knew about it they'll ask her about her feeling of thi . She may want to deny it, but on the other hand she feels it's quite fantastic and her joints are so achy because she was so devoted into that. (DAMNI GATOH, WHAT ARE YOU WRITING!?) Besides, she thought there won't be much problem s nce the room is well sound-proofed.......Thinking about the last night, her fac grew between white and red from time to time, and as she does Kurz wakes up (as e doesn, she uses the sheet to cover her breast), after some moments of pause as he looked at her, he sighed for what he did as well. But as Mao asked him why he ehaved like that, suddenly he laughs and stated taht he played with her just th teh moment before. Afterwards there're some fightings between the two just lik that in usual situations (and we knew that they did that for 3 times durin the conversations......FOR GOD'S SAKE WHY BOTHER TO WRITE THAT OUT?) but in th whole progress Kurz is smiling. Mao finally fell upon the bed due to exhausion, mea while Kurz stared at her face at the side, saying that she must had felt better.And it' right, that kind of dull feeling------which can't even be solved by sunbathing, just

like another self with dull eyes staring at her and pressurized her feelings------is fading, and she's surprised that all had achieved just in one night, just like all sorts of problems of human can be solved by their own respective ways. Suddenly she thought that if a girl can have a partner......Sousuke is the best choice (AHEM, GATOH WE DON'T WANT ANOTHER HAREM ANIME!) but he's so dedicated to Chidori and this kind of good quality may sometimes made him being hated. Still, seeing Kurz seems to expect something, she pointed at the exit and told him to forget all these stuff. He said taht it seems that her reaction likes that she can go with anyone though he just feel happy about that, but Mao then has mixed feeling about that......Then he gave her a sudden and long kiss. Afterwards, Kurz said that he won't speak to anyone, while staring at the clock------one hour before change of guard. He asks if they can do it once more, then Mao asked softly at his ear that if only just once. Result: Twice. Just on time for teh change of guard on 8am. ^THESE CONTENTS ARE THE MOST FAIL ELEMENTS FOR ME. EVER. Wait for Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: On the journey A married electricial enginner named Michell Danpiere (my crappy translation), worked in Renault, who just paid visit to World Exhibition Centre along a river in Moscow (note: doesn't exist in reality) which's holding a car show. As well as their honeymoon vacation, the newly-married wife followed as well, but their dreams were broken due to Russians' treatments, so in order to please the unhappy wife they're travelling back to Paris in a hurry...... ------That's the present identity of Lemon. They're now in Sheremetyevo International Airport (in Moscow), and as they sat downat a corner he groans for a bit. His wife-----who is Wraith in fact-----scolds him about doing so, but her tone and actions are so softthat she's speaking these near to his ear, so that others will think that tehy're just having a little chat among lovers. (As a side note, her appearance doesn't make her looks like an Asian at all, and these kind of makeup will just spend ten minutes or so everyday, so god knows how she'll look like if she really wants to do so). Lemon replied taht he hasn't have a good rest for 5 days: at day he has to pretend as a tourist, but at night he has to sneak into every libraries in Moscow. Wraith corrected that it's her who did the investigations, and Lemon said it's because he doesn't know any Russian. They're sent by Tessa to investigate all kind of written stuff related to the experiment happened in Soviet Union 18 years ago, and since those kind of files aren't electronified, they had no choice bt to come to Moscow in person. During the

chat, it's found that Wraith had just lived in Moscow for a period in the past, possibly in Russian People's Friendly University (sort of), which is famous to take students from Communist states of Third World. There're also some people, which all intelligence agents will know this fact, that are trained as a spy using teh name of oversea study in this place. He still can't find her real name (especially teh name Lemon is also an alias), though he asked her about it during the journey, but she replied that she won't tell him since he has a Japanese friend, and as he tried to ask more she became angry about it. Still, she's so beautiful even without makeups, well-educated, and when compared with "Spies using Brains" Lemon, her physical abilities are far more superior. She has got certainly something taht will interest him as a man, but in these 5 days as couples, he has no chance to approach her personally. (PREVERT! ARE ALL FRENCH LIKE THIS?) Still, there're some successes. In teh search within library of Science Faucalty, Wraith found the target document and the names upon it, and has transmitted those to TDD via satellite transmission, all they had to do now is to escape. Lemon suddenly stands up, saying that he want to find something to eat. He asks Wraith if she wants anything, and she replies if there're Hershey's Kiss (chocolate), just buy those. He teases her for a bit before she urges him to buy that softly-----and kisses his face for once. (All are pretended ort what?) He then went to a snack stall, bought 2 pieces of Piroshki and 2 bottles of Volvic (Minerial Water), and as he bought some chocolate (no Hershey's Kiss) before he tries to spend all Russian Rubles at hand, the female shopkeeper asks him if he has any USD in English with strong accents------which he indeed has some but he still pay those rubles and she stared at him with an unpleasant face. As he paid his $ and left, he immediately finds soemthing's wrong. A few men in suits are talking with the airport staff at the terminal's entrance------by their gestures, they must come from the State Security and they're asking something with some photos at hand. One of the staff pointed at one point in the concoarse: The place where Lemon were sitting. Ouch. He immediately feels it. At this point from his memory, he hadn't committed any faults that leaked his real identity which will lead to be tracked down. At least he can't think of any right now, but from their reactions, those guys must be finding...... Wraith stands right behidn him unnoticed (possibly knowing the fact and sneaked towards him unnoticed), and dragged him to a corner that those men won't be able to see them, and in the progress she prevents him from making any noise. They wonder how they know their presence------there were only Tessa and Gavin Hunter who're supposed to know about their arrival. Nevertheless, both of them started moving away from them in order to escape from their posible inhuman torture. At the corner of the terminal and using Lemon's body as cover, Wraith picklocked a locked, staff-only door in just 5 seconds without anyone's notice and went in. Confiming no one's following, Lemon went into the door as well, and both of them are moving through this staff-only corridor while dodging some staff workers on the

way. Because they only remember the rough picture of the network, so it'll be luck to determine if tehy can escape from this terminal. After hiding in a small storeroom, Wraith whispered at Lemon about how the intelligence leaked. Lemon admited that he didn't know, but Wraith grabs hold of him and point a small knife at him, askign if he had reported something to DGSE------his background of DGSE is also suspectable, so it'll be better for her to kill him on spot before escaping on her own. It's obvious that Wraith is angry, but in fact Lemon is even angrier: This idiot, is it the time for suspecting upon the partner instead of escaping together? Even so, after living together for a few days, how can she has no feeling towards him, this gentleman-like, smart and sexy guy? Is she a lesbian? (Lemon, WTF......Are you those kind of self-loving people?) Still, Lemon said taht he knew Wraith's secret: her name. Yesterday he checked some of the Korean female names and, by his superior linguistics (......) he soon found out that her name seems consist of Gold, Eggs and Woman (he spoke those in English as Wraith feels shocked) and that comes up something like Kim Ok Huee, and when written in Japanese Kanji it'll be a super-funny......And he's stopped by Wraith. (In fact, if written in Kanji using Japanese meaning, Kim Ok literially means men's nuts. I just forgot what taht called in English.) Wraith seems now more than angry and may cut his throat at anytime, but instead she ceased to do it, sighing that this move is so stupid and picked out the booklet of the terminal, planning for the escape. She soon found that there should be pipelines at the ground floor and they can escape by following those------but when Lemon asks her to say sorry, she just ignore him and started running. As they travelled within the damp, old passages and arrived at a locked door, they heard there're some officers with their dogs above the stairs, but Wraith already picklocked the door and both of them pushed through the door. But before moving on, Lemon picked out the wrapping papers of those chocolates and tear them to a fitting size, putting them into the covering board as they closed it: the pursuiters may be aware of any traps if they see these. These underground passages are so dark and without maintainence that fogs of water and smells of oil are everywhere. Predicting the footsteps, they should had escaped the terminal already. Wraith is still good and well, but Lemon is already exhausted even though he had practiced jogging in the past, probably because of his nervous feeling. Still they kept on moving upstairs and out of a concrete hut which stored lot of stuff, and tehy arrived at the airport's sliding way for going through hangars. Behind them is teh airport's wall, and both of them started running as a nearby plane's engines roar up just 100m ahead------which stopped by signal as they saw some police cars from the terminal as well. Lemon feels that it's impossible to run away now but he didn't speak that, and decided to help her escape by lending the shoulders for jumping through the barbed wires even though he didn't want to do so if he needn't...... In front of him, Wraith suddenly stopped. He also spotted that: behind a small dump ahead, a young man comes out: Silver-haired, wearing a bloody-red jacket, and by the spotlight upon his face he nearly mistaked him as a woman, as Wraith

whispered in horror:

"Leonard Testarossa."

The Amalgam comittee who're n known about his status, brother of Tessa.How's he supposed to be here?Seeing them on spot, Leo says hello to the long-time-no-see Mithril agent with a smile th t making him seems to be living outside of the world, saying that he also has some issue in Moscow for that document, and since they're doing an interesting investigati n and he wants to know more, so he asks the security force to help a bit. (Note: It's n t so obvious in English, but in Japa n ese, Leo is using a stronger, firmer "俺" [Ore] i stead of the long-used "僕" [Boku] for representing himself) So it's not a leak: it's him who realized their presence even they don't know how he does it. (His forehea has a vertical scar among his long hair, making the scar seems to be his thi d eye) Wraith asks if he's the one who leaked these info, and he answered initiall they wanted to bring them secretly to him, but they escaped so he has to act one s ep earlier: he even predicted that she may use a knife to assault him, so she whisp red to Lemon for a plan of his escape and contacting his fellows------the approa hing vehicles are all containing people who want to catch them, no matter what organization they're from, so they can't waste any moments. Finishing the wo ds, Wraith rushed towards Leo and casts a powerful stab, w ile Lemon runs towards the wall behind even though he has doubts in mind.But Wrai h's attack missed as Leo just moved for a little, and after she spinned a rou d in the air she was suppressed on the ground, but even so she shouted at Lemon a d telling him to escape. He prepared to jump upon the wall, but his right l g was shot by Leo's gun. He then whispered at Wraith, saying his physical strength isn't as weak as his sister, as he breaks her shoulder making she screams in pai like a female, meanwhile Lemon wanted to beat him up but his body can't. Leo then omments her voice is cute and sexy as he licks her face (......) when the pol ce arrived on the scene, asking them what tehy're doing. He answered he's capturing the two alive, still the officer tells them to stand down since he's also suspected for c using injuries and illegal entrance------so at least they aren't friendly toward Leo either. The security men are pointing their guns towards Leonard and the e're armoured vehicles nearby in an attempt to catch them, but he's still stayi g calm as a black AS emerged from ECS between him and teh officers' about 10m distan e------which looks like Codarl units-----and fired upon the security u on Leo's command. These 10 shot/s auto weapons are smashing armour pieces around, killing teh officers without any trace. Lemon's ears even became abnormal due to he firing and explosions, as Leonard is laughing as if he's watching some comm ntary programs of a soccer match, even though he see s tried to resist to do so. Hell, he had just killed lots of people......The bla k AS picked up Leonard and carried him into the cockpit as 2 armoured car fired thei machine gun, which the AS shortly disposed of. Wraith tried to get up by her pinned right arm, while waving her left arm at Lemon to notify him to escape via the hole----part of teh wall has been damaged by the wrecks of the cars destroyed, but Lemon can't due to the blood loss and wounds in the legs, so he use his eyes to tell her to r n away by herself. She hesistated, but then she still left the scene with haste

despite she'll be hurt everytime she breathed. The black AS then fought with the 2 Savages guarding around, and by using Lambda Driver the two were soon destroyed. The whole airport is now engulfed in flames as Leonard picked up Lemon rudely while he wondered where she is------his sensors, even there're infrared ones, didn't seem to find Wraith out. Still he chose to left the scene as his AS flew up into the air, then to the west. Lemon wondered how Wraith escaped and slowly became unconscious when he remembered the face of the girl who can't be seen again.

The "investigation" that Tessa called for seems to be within the ruins of eastern Soviet Union. Sousuke has also followed. The 2 Pave Mare had been flying for 40 hours despite of a few stops of checks and refuel, because they must take off from TDD in Atlantic and flew across the North America, passing Pacific through Alaska. Using normal planes they can just use 1/3 of the time, but they need to use the copters because of carrying the 2 AS as well. Mithril as now didn't have any convenient stops and transporting network, in the past they can just disassemble the AS into the transport planes and assemble them again secretly on the scene if they're about to do such a long-range transport, but now they can only assure the safety of certain resupply points. Even so, Sousuke thinks that this long-range journey is a chance for Tessa to improve her depressed emotions, but still she's still tirelessly working with a laptop, giving command to Darna or talking with some people seriously without sleeping. The crew told her to rest, but even she put on teh blankets her eyes are still open and stared at the darkness outside. He doesn't know what to do. He tried to talk with her, when it's about work then she'll talk in detail, but regarding her health she just answered it's alright. She didn't actively start a conversation, and he has lots to say to her as well. The last point of the airlift is on the cargo ship "Bernie Worrell" on the Bering Sea near Kamchatka Penisula. It appeared to be a Liberian container ship, but it's all teh hard work of the scattered, original Melida Base members who tried to get such a ship------without the containers 5 large copters can land at once. After landing the pilots ordered to check the copters, as there're 2K km distance to cover on the twoway trip coming up, and they need to turn on ECS all the time since they're now in Soviet land. Since there're at least one hour of work, Sousuke decided to jog on teh deck, but it turned out he has to stop a lot to talk with the former Melida comrades, so he stopped on 2 laps instead of the planned 3, lokking at the sea near the bridge. Kurz appeared and say that the checks needed to be done for some more time, but Sousuke feels strange about him during the short conversation: he seemed too youthful, and during the preflight discussion withing the team, he doesn't say much with Mao that they seemed to be isolated with each other. As such, Sousuke asked him about if he had been argued with Mao lately, and his reaction was so strange that he asked him why he thinks so. (Everyone else doesn't seem to observe this) He replied that he just felt they're different than in the past, and he said that they didn't------but Sousuke feels that he doesn't want to speak so he falls slient. Then Kurz determined to say these to him, and his face sticks slose to his ears, saying

that he tell him these bearing the risk of leaking out because of his character, but he thinks that he has the right to know as he's one in the powerful trio. Sousuke understands and he said that he won't tell others, but he thinks that something terrible may come up (such as Mao got serious diseases, relatives did some masskilling, spotting UMAs during missions, etc). Kurz then tells him that he slept with Mao lately, but then Sousuke didn't really understand what that means, nor feel surprising about that. Kurz feels strange that he didn't feel surprised, still he can't understand or, thinking they just had a nap during a mission. (LOL) Kurz became furious about Sousuke's inability to understand the meaning behind, and when he was told to use simple words to clarify that, Kurz shouted out loud that it's about sex. At the same time Tessa (who's probably borrowing a place for showering) appeared at the bridge's entrance and staring at them, making the two frozen in place, especially for Sousuke who returned to the old expression that sweating heavily while completely frozen. (ROFL) She then said that she seemed to had disrupted them while stepping back, but the two soon came up an excuse about how much Semtex should be used to sink this ship, still she ran away back to the bridge with whatever thoughts she may had. Kurz feels back for embarassing her, but then he told Sousuke that their relationship had become like that. he indeed felt surprised, but Kurz said that he doesn't feel him feels so from his face, and didn't change anything despite so much had been happened with Chidori, which made him feel sad when he remembered her face-----they didn't have any trace of her, and he thought to leave TDD and find her alone, but it won't change much so it's better to stay with the comrades against Amalgam. Then Sousuke asked when will be the wedding, and since Mao is in high-salary class so even with 100 sheep can't even succeed. (It's not Afghanistan damnit!) Kurz then replied that they won't get wed, but it doesn't something like ONS, as after the preflight meeting he was called by her------Sousuke remembered that she started scolding him about various reports, and thinking it's just normal so leaves the room with others------and they had another round in the near storeage despite he said they can't in that place. (......) At the same time Sousuke had some strange feeling that he wanted to kill him like someone's eating expensive stuff while he's hungry (WTF? Hey Sousuke, does that mean......OTL) ------and it's a kind of displeasement. Kurz then commented that she never said "I love you" as such to him, and Sousuke jumps to the conclusion that she doesn't, making Kurz faints since he indeed find the worng person to talk about------but as he said, there's nothing to hide in the team. As they're talking an UH-46 landed on the ship and a person jumped out of that. It's Gavin Hunter, whose voice even surpassed the noise of engines, telling there's a gift from a beautiful girl for Sousuke: The Fairy's Feather. The copter's crew quickly assembles the Fairy's Feather on the shoulder of Laevatein, as Hunter himself is running around talking about technical issues with the crew. Still Sousuke got a chance to talk with him------about Kalinin. He indded shot him, but he still doesn't know if he really wants to kill him, since it'll be a bullet in the head if he wants to. Sousuke falls slient and since Hunter knew their

relations, he asked him about how's Laevatein. Sousuke said it's not bad, and he wants to thank him for long, but Hunter replied he should do so to her------pointing at a girl, he said that she's the one who saved AL, and that's the one who was "that girl" who had been recovered: In April of last year, before he met Chidori, an agent from the Intel Department wanted to save a girl from a KGB facility, but he's dead before Mithril forces arrived. Hunter went back to work, btu Sousuke can't recognize the girl at once because, at that time, she doesn't only looks terrible, her condition was so bad that she can't talk, and because of teh drugs she may not even walk on her own. The girl is now talking with Tessa, and despite they met at the first time the atmosphere is so friendly that they seemed to had known another------like the first time Chidori and Tessa met. Tessa noticed his presence and waved at him to go there, introducing the girl to him. She's indeed Miller, and she remembered his name which he told her long ago. At that point, even though he remembered those bits in mind, they now seemed to from a life before now, and after one year and a half it's not the same person------not her, but himself. Leaving the two along, Tessa walked to the brdige and confirmed some stuff with Hunter. It's unsure that if "Fairy's Feather" can be used or not, they had done whatever they can but there's no guarantee. Tessa thought there won't be a chance to use that, but he doesn't think so------they both knew the explosions in Moscow airport, and Hunter confirmed Lemon and Wraith are there, but they had lost contact for 30 hours. He said the place they're going will be more dangerous of others' detection (with hidden words of telling her to stop), but Tessa had no thought or signs of going back. -----The copters takes off again and flying eastwards, crossing Bering Sea. Because of such stupid thing happened on the ship, Sousuke became harder to talk with Tessa (and he's still resisting to call her name directly), but it's not really the thing that bothered him. At some point, she suddenly appeared and asking if she can sat beside him since he just beed to board the AS 30mins before landing, and he agreed. Now she looked even thinner than she should be, and he waited for her to speak with him, but she's just staring at the chair in front of them, without saying anythig. What she's thinking in her mind? Then suddenly she asked about the injury in Namsk, but then she falls slient again. Finally it's Sousuke who started to speak about the embarassment before, but she said that she han been adapted that for long, though she's surprised that Sousuke will talk about those stuff as well, and she indeed knew what's between Mao and Kurz (because their relation is just like Sousuke and Kurz), surprising Sousuke altogether. Nevertheless she's surprised between the two, and said that Mao had indeed lots to worry about like age difference or if Kurz is just playing around, while Sousuke is imagining the situation of the two's dating, but comes up with nothing positive. (lol) He then said that they can't be in the same team anymore, because Mao's job is to made a desision to abandon him or Kurz on the field in a second, but now such "more than a friend" thought may affect her desision making in some

ways. And in an instant, Sousuke suddenly understands something that a normal people should had understood earlier: about his issue with Tessa. She did admitted her feelings (AVDMC), but the reason of not crossing that line aren't really of afraid about the obvious answer, but was tightened up by her standpoint. He feels that's absurd for not even knowing this obvious stuff. Then he thinks about if things can just be not so complicated, or so traditional for her------if so, can teh same applies upon Kurz and Mao? His thought about the team's operation capability isn't wrong, since a delay for even a little time may lead to tradegies, but so what? This copter may still have little chance to crash------listing a lot of senseless theories are indeed senseless. Interrupting his thought, Tessa asked what happened, and he replied all will become strightforward eventually, so they can just team up as for now------he changed his mind. But Tessa commented that he won't say the same in the past, and ask him to rethink about it when lives are involved, though he shortly answered that he's serious all the time. Instead, he said that problems are upon her------she's indeed unnaturally intelligent and strong-willed, but she always think that she can change the world by planning and thinking, made impossible to possible, and for that she has been fought for long, challenging over the fate------still, can anyone control over fate? Any ability to control climates or create earthquakes? She said that they can do something similar if needed, but he then said the problem is here: she's not a god, but a human. It's a duty to care about teh lives of subordinates, but she thinks that she can control over their fates. He has been nearly dead for a few times, but no one can assure if he'll die by falling down onto the road by a stone, and that's what she needn't to care about these. She doesn't understand, so he continued that everytime someone died she'll scold and punish herself, mourning to avenge for them by annihiliating the enemy no matter the cost, so she should-----this is a hard question to answer and he's doint the same to himself, but he tries to lie an extreme answer------let them go. Scuttle Mithril altogether, selling TDD and use those money to enjoy life, leaving Amalgam to do whatever they want. As for himself, he feels regret to Chidori but he'll forget her and will date her instead, going to Guam with otehrs. (Seriously, WTF?) As Tessa scolded him in a fury, he said that it's all joking, which Tessa fails to think it's funny. The first gag ever made as if a real objective of life by him backfired. (LOL) Tessa thinks he's strange, and while he agrees, he think it should be the end: after everything are done, that submarine and AS should be sold to anywhere, then everyone should enjoy life. He and Chidori will go back to school, and eventually he'll become an ordinary man who'll live without weapons. Both of them feel surprised upon this little speech, as he commented that she'll also become a woman who'll live without weapons, and probably it's the thoughts of those who're dead. Tessa stopped to hit back with words, saying that it maybe so, and commented that he's been changed. He replied that everyone does, and she has to change as well. She covered up her eyes by the cap, and slowly grabs his hand which made him shrudder for once. She begs him to allow her of doing so, and doing so will be enough......Then she falls asleep.

"A man living without weapons".......It'll be good to achieve so, but he probably can't because of the killings he made. Probably those words before are just speaking

blind hopes to himself.

Lemon is surprised for him to be alive as he stared at the light on the ceiling. He' lying on a strecher in an ambulance. Seeing him awakes, a man with mask close o him, asking if it hurts in a tone voice------which recalled his memory of seein dentists in his student era, which made him hate dentists------then he shouts in pai as the point of injury is touched. After the man checked his status, he asked him i he can speak his name. He refuses to do so and ask where it is, and teh man leave him alone after slapping his face lightly, the sliding doors open and closed and he' now alone in the vehicle. Nothing happened for some time, and after some time probably a fewq hours, he finally awakens and found he's in a transport plane which held the ambulance in the cargo bay. Some times later the plane lands on probably ill-made airstrip. The ambulance then drives out and stopped, door open and 2 men stepped in, ready to carry the strecher out of the car when a youn female tell them to hold on, asking them what's teh deal of throwing him away......i Japanese? She then argued with the crew when Leonard's voice come up. The girl' voice now trembles, saying that he should had been nearly dead. Leonard the replied that thanks to acts it makes his brain more clearer than before, an apologize for calling her out just after she recovers......SLAP. The girl falls to th ground. The girl seems to be surprised for his violent act, and he said that it's change of action because he ran out of patience, bored to act like a good guy, an time's running short. He then ordered the door to be closed, keeping Lemon in th car, making him just hear bits of their conversations: Leonard is speaking in a rud way, while the girl objects something------they're negotiating for his life. Who's te girl, and where're they The door suddenly opened, and 2 men came in picking up the strecher. He though he's about to be thrown out, but instead they're fixing the strecher on the groun before leaving. 2 more men and a beautiful asian girl get into the vehicle. The gir looks decent from her clothes, but probably because of just recovered from sicknes makes her look bad on the face, her face was slapped, and her eyes got a bit o tears. She sat beside Lemon, while rejecting the measurement of temperature fro a man, making the vehicle is slient. After some time, Lemon starts to speak to her saying that she can be treated as someone saving his life. She replied that it seem that he's useless after interrogation, and having heard that he's about to be throw into the snow before boarding another plane, she told them to stop. At this poin Lemon understands why he's unconscious after awoken: some kind of truth seru were used upon him, and probably all necessary stuff had been got by them especially if they use the recent ones. He hoped that Hunter had abandoned all stuf that he knew like codex, hideouts or escape routes, but these doesn't see important------the issue about the ruin they investigated in Moscow. They no probably know that and are going there, if so it's Tessa and her subordinates who'r in danger. But still he showed no sings of worry and continue to thank with the gril She replied coldly that they're not familiar with each other, but she did so becaus of self-satisfication. As such Lemon wants to befriend with her by offering his nam and his hand, and the girl reluctantly shakes hand with him

He seems start to understand something, and asks the girl if she's Chidori Kaname------from Sousuke he knew quite a bit of her age and characteristics, teh fact of being captured by Leonard, etc, and it's too easy to find it out when there's a Japanese girl around a mob of horrible spies and mercenaries. She seems very surprised for him knowing Sousuke, and when she tries to ask more she realized the men are all around, then Lemon said taht they're still in their hands by a good mode, though no response came back from them. She asks him if he's alright, and Lemon replied that he and AL are jumping around blowing up stuff, vowing to get her back. She finally can't control herself, covering her face with her hands crying, saying something in Japanese in a very low voice ("......Yokatta", means "it's great"), and though Lemon can't understand what she says he can guess so. But at the same time, he also feels sad for her when he looks at her reactions------She should be someone originally energetic, brave and giving power to people around, and she also loves Sousuke, just like Nami did......Isn't Sousuke so bad for doing so? He then stopped such thought of "this girl should be hurt by others as well" and feel shameful for it, necause it's not her fault or responsibility for all these stuff, so he better not to say anything about all the things happened after he met with Sousuke, so he tries to pretend an optimistic tone and saying that their love between each otehr is so envied by others, making her finally smile for a little. Because of soemone using the transmitter, Leonard heard everything. That's not doing so in secret anyway as they would have been predicted that. Having headache all along, he can't settle his boredom by listening to those radio drama so he throw that earphones down, muttering a song ("The Real Me" by The Who). They're now in the Tuva Republic (NW of Mongolia, South of Siberia), 4K km from Moscow.Changing planes, get together with those who take Chidori there from Sri Lanka, and they're now heading to the further east. The troublesome Christmas gift 18 years ago, thrown wrapping papers------that child will come as well. From Lemon they had asked him for everything they need, but probably it's confirming their intelligence and stuff to keep thing smoothly ran; what they had investigated in Moscow means that's what his sister noticed. He's now worthless on the intelligence front, but it's still useful to keep him alive in order to make Chidori obedient. He then rethinks about how he treated her in the past, and it seems that he's so silly and ridiculous to wait for her accepting him, instead he should be acting in the present way in the beginning. He only beat women for the first time in the life, like those who controlled the prostitutions in Austin (he lived there for some time in the past), beating those who kept money for their own and then treating them well again. Such acts are ridiculous but its necessary to keep that world running: a world like a heap of trash, just acting upon feelings instead of knowledge, just like the normal animals. He hoped Chidori isn't the same, but she is. But he's not feeling depressed, instead at a night after he recovered, he understood many things: he can just treat them in that way because this world won't live for too long, so that such acts won't bother him too much. Still the headache didn't wear off: he think he forgot something that he had in the past, which is now gone, and he

can't remember that. [Below's the werid part] Someone in the brain told him not to care about it, That thing you want to remember will just be a burden and is a useless thing to him. An plane unscheduled for landing doesn't need any landing gear, and you have been taken off. Hardly escaped from the airport, Wraith found it's impossible to fix her shoulder alone. She wants to contact Hunter but doesn't have any stuff for taht at hand, and because of pain and burning she'll be close to become unconscious. Finally, after hiding in a garage 5km from the airport, she fainted for a long time until, probably, local people found her and she saw officers pointing their guns to her as she opened her eyes again. She can't resist nor escape, and is taken to the local police station, before bringing her to a hospital under close survilience. Rudely fixing her shoulder and taken some cheap medicine, she lay in the bed for rest before a military officer come to her. It's not from KGB, but GRU (Glavnoe Razvedivatelnoe Upravlenie), and she wonders what they'll do to her: hand her to Leonard? Executed? No matter what she's prepared for her death. But the officer firstly said he felt disappointed to her because he thought she's a good student......Someone she knows, 40+ in age, he's one of the instructor she met when she "studied" in Moscow long time ago, when she's still believe in the justice of her motherland: Captain Gliankov (my crappy translation). He smiles and stated that he's now a Lieutenant Colonel, and if he came 3mins later she'll now be with KGB. 2km from teh objective point, Kurz and his M9 lands on a 800m -tall hill first. Confirming there're no threats around with ECS, as Gebo4 (Pave Mare which carried him) used sensors to do the same. Reporting no enemy activity 5mins later, Gebo6 flew inthrough the hilly area at the local time 16:32. AL can see everything the copter's sensor saw: It's so bare and so alike to the world's frontier, with reddish land without trees but long grass, and will soon be covered in snow when winter comes some time later. There're aren't any artificial stuff around, except the town they saw in the valley: residentials were built as if circling the town, with a Lelin statue at teh centre. It's Yansk11, one of the many hidden "Secret City" built by Soviets. They're used to delevlop classified stuff like Nukes and Missiles, and allow the whole family of teh researchers to move into. They aren't shown on any map, Yansk11 is also a name for convenience, which is just made by adding postal codes behind the name of a big city nearby, normally there're no unauthroized entry or leaving------but now they didn't need so. Long ago it has been abandoned and had become ruins. No signs of human activity around, all stuff in the town have been rotting without anyone's care: it's a town built and abandoned in secret that even Mithril database or Tessa doesn't seem to know about it, it's all the work of Lemon a few days ago, and not just enemies, but normal people seem haven't approach this place for at least 10

years. The pilot feels scary towards the place, and recalled that in the past when he lived in Nevada, there're also a ruin like here: 5000 residents vanished all in one night, rumoured they're all killed, rumours are flying around and disregarded, but no one knows anyone who move to the near town (theirs) from that town. Kurz teases him for that, then the pilot said because of the only car factory stopped to run, making the town deserted. Sousuke also fell into deep thoughts: he seemed to saw these scenes, and even so the conversations they just made also seemed familiar......What's this feeling? Is Tessa speaking to him? No it's AL, who also feels taht he went to this place before as well: data are all different, but still seems familiar. Then Kurz and the pilot also say so, followed by teh rest of teh crew. Tessa started to warn them not to approach the factory at the town centre, and when Kurz wants to know what's there, she refused to answer, instead she said she'll go into the ruins with Sousuke accompanying, leaving Laevatein behind. TO BE CONTINUED IN CHAPTER 3

Chapter 3: Yansk11 After the copter left the place, this place is now eerie slient except occational winds. Ordering the 2 copters and Kurz's M9 staying 5km from here at 3 points is Tessa's decision, only to come upon her order. Gebo6 wanted to stay in the place but she rejected that it'll be easier to react in case of enemy approaching when they stay far. After checking the digital map she leads the way northwestwards: she's now wearing clothes different than before, and even though she carried explosives along she still has no guns at hand. If the place is suitable they seem to have a picnic, but unfortunately this place doesn't a good palce for that. Sousuke also wears a bulletproof vest outside of his pilot suit, carrying a 5.56mm carbine+6 backup magazines, HE/smoke/burning grenades 2 each and as much C4 as he an get, as well as his Glock19------picked up by Lemon's friends, and though not very good he's now liking it due to used for some long time already. It's shown that they're heading to the northern factory, and while she's walking at that way fast while thinking, Sousuke still feels strange for just picking him as her guard, instead of the whole plane's crew. She seems to understand that question, and says that she wanted to come alone, but if she's about to choose a single guard, it'll be him, because the secrets of Whispered are lying ahead. Despite his surprising mood, she continued that he's the only one who can pilot Laevatein, Miller helped to build this machine but AL and Arbalest's basic systems are being used; Bunny designed and built Arbalest, the one saving Miller from Siberia is him, she's been saved by him for some time, and he's working to save Chidori------he should be the only one who had so much contacts with the Whispered in the world. Hearing that, he also agree about it: Though without evidence, but if Nami at Namsk

is also one, then that adds another. Not knowing about him too much, but Leonard is probably another. That means, he has deep relations with 6 Whispered (who're supposed to be few in the world) in total. At this point he still doesn't know much about Whispered, but all events until now seem more than just accidental, or even it's something like fate. She then interrupts that she also doesn't know what sort of reason is behind, but if there's a god behind all stuff in any form (she also admits she believe in god's existance), he's probably the saviour sent by the god to save them. Sousuke feels ridiculous about it, since "saviour" isn't somthing of a joke, but a serious stuff. He had unusual experiences, but he's still just a normal soldier, an ordinary man without any skills other than fighting. He couldn't even save Nami, and it's unknown if he can save Chidori.......But Miller indeed said something similar to him on the ship. They didn't talk too much, other than thanking each other for their deeds and briefly told their recent life to each other (she has been recovered and helping Intelligence with Hunter), and before they parted she smiled as said "Though without evidence, but you can probably save us". Tessa isn't pressurizing him, but it's a strange feeling about his power. An old Chinese poverb mentioned that "When the god is about to give you important tasks, he'll hurt your mind, torture your physical body, make you hungry" (I'm Chinese and the original thing is pretty long, so just picked significant sentences), and his life till now is filled with difficulties continuously, but then he'll also possess the power from experiencing all these. It's the same for the kind words to persuade such useless woman like her (which shocks him): being raised on the cruel battlefield, but he can still retain such kindness, this may mean something, although it may means he'll withness the destruction of them...... He still doesn't understand, but he welcomes her for retaining sense of humour. And it's the reason to bring him here: telling all that she knows. On their way onwards, there're explosions, signs of fired bullets and fire around. Did this town have a large battle? Anyway they're approaching the northern huge chemical factory ruins of the town, it's so rusted and multilated between buildings making the scene looks horrible and like some unknown large creatures died long ago. It's revealed that, now in Soviet Union, there should be nearly no person will know about this town because of violent actions and civil wars resulted in the loss of records. Tessa also attempted to find out if this town really exist but without successes, and then some evidences were got after Miller was rescued: she heard one person's name when she was in the complex in Siberia, and Lemon followed this evidence and started investigation of documents in Moscow, finally got the data about this place. The chemical factory seemed to have fighting around, and the storages were collapsed in very unnatural ways like water tanks were hanging on their bases, fragments of iron and steel bars were spilled on the ground they're standing. She then tells him to be careful, as this factory is somethign like "impact point" that, even not harmful to human body and the effects has been reduced after 17 years, it can still make those approaching people become mentally confused

since it's a special experiment conducted here before, and there should be the device underground. But just after a little time, he heard the EXACT words of hers about the thing before. He is terrified......And Tessa tells him that it's the effect of déjà vu that happened even before landing, which is also the reason to tell everyone stay out of here (but if one can keep his mind working the effect will be reduced when comparing with the idle state). But then how can she seem unaffected? That's because THEY occationally suffer from this and is got used to that, besides normal people may also have the same in less effect. (Still he still can't catch up with the effect) They both continue to move on, and decides to talk more to reduce the effect. The scars around are made by machine guns, autocannons, RPG, etc------a fierce firght here, what really happened? She thinks that something terrible happened among the residents: affected by the experiment conducted, they're all suffering from that effect in a more serious way, leading to------probably the security started to fire upon eahc other first, then teh scale enlarged------but these are just predictions due to lack of evidences. Losing consciousness and started to enforce violence unrestricted will only lead to a real hell......Sousuke can also feel it. Then what's the experiment happened? "Всеобщая Сфера"------"Omni-Sphere" in English. It's a space created by human's mentality, a world that one can't see nor touch, can't be dected by normal, physical detectors, and is a different dimension to the world we know. At the same time Omni-Sphere will interfere or connect with the physical world------especially human brains, which is just a chemical circult. This kind of thoughts had existed for a long time but mostly are upon philisophical sides, such as Plato's Perfect World, Carl Jung's Collective Unconsciousness, etc. (Sousuke has no freaking idea about these, and doesn't seem to fit Tessa as a commander of the newest weapon, but he indeed heard abnout Omni-Sphere: related with the man-machine interface TAROS, which is the short form of Transfer And Response Omni-Sphere) Since long time ago there're different forms talking about the mental world, and there was once a person called Dimidly Warov (my crappy translation) thought that they can use large "calculators", complex science and theories about brains to record/use it, and named it "Omni-Sphere", a wold that contained all, for convenience. His essays weren't found these days, but in 70s he seemd to had been conducting researches about electrode contacts and predicting future. Like 1943 Philadelphia Experiment (this did exist in our world, at least as rumours) or UFO in Area 51, these are all suspicious rumours, but Americans and Soviets had indeedn been conducting experiments about supernatural powers. but neither side got significant successes as most of them were just sacratch builds from Army or Intelligence for the budget. (Pilot of Gebo6 did mentioned that there're some soldiers who went mad due to experiments, back to Tokyo there're also TV programs talking about that) However Warov was different: he's a real research on the front of energy, electronics, intelligence, etc, and some of his basic theories

were adapted like earliest Passive Stealth Technology (from myself: probably those we're seeing now, as ECS seems to be active ones)------they're now going deeper and deeper into the factory which the grounds aren't stable due to being corrupted and fire------but it's still unknown to all for how he found the existance of OmniSphere. Anyway he believed teh existance of such sphere, and started small-scale researches which got some success in late 70s. Then his name wasn't shown that much on exposed documents or reports, which people thought it's because his achievements started to decline, but actually it's because his works became more confidental for the state, as his political power on the education field was also strong------then it seems that teh government built this city for his research to go on. It's confidental because it's about the usage of Omni-Sphere, if there's a world unbounded by time and space, and human mind can also travel there freely which also connects with our physical world, what will it become?------Sousuke can't think about it, and he can't even understand a bit of her talks as he's pretty a realist mind and so all of these exceeds what he can think about------It can result in predicting the future with a high accruacy. Will enemy fire Nuke, when will enemy politician die, weather of the attacking day, when will earthquake or Sun activity(ahem) happen, etc. If one know all these but the enemy doesn't, they can win any wars when they exploit these. And also the transmission of heart electrics, one can transfer a large amount of intelligence despite terrain and distance, peeking inside one's brain, or even control it by suggesting hints. There won't be any war at all if one can jack into the US President or Secretary of Defence's brain since they can control the policies of the superpower freely. But they're still possibilities afterall, since one have to deal with numerous difficulties to but these theories into practice, but using Omni-Sphere is another case so it'll be state's confidential stuff. Such as, the technology utilizing OmniSphere to interfere the physical world do exist, by changing one's imaginination into physical power, and it has been used pratically: The Lambda Driver. But this name is also taken by others, though it's also called as Lambda Force Driving Device or Virtual Force Field Generator (something similar for both name), but it generates more than just force:, instead it's to amplify the effect of virtual psysical effects interfered by the Omni-Sphere. It's original name is Omni-Sphere High-Speed Chain Interfering Reactor, since Omni-Sphere originally only interferes physical world in an insignificant amount (affecting some weak particles' movement), and we're all affecting the psysical stuff and energy all around us through Omni-Sphere: everyone are doing it unconsciously, so basically everyone are psychics, but we can't observe it by eyes and too insignificant to be found/observed/proofed by any experiments. If a room can be isolated from any external effects, one may be able to observe the interference of the Omni-Sphere to the physical world, but those who're observing these are chemical human body and electric machinery, so there'll always be interference around. Anyway, everyone will have some little thing similar to "Psychopower" (T-Link System of SRW?) even though they're not that significant. (Even with his brains aren't effective, she can still explain everything in detail politely, and it's one of her

good personality, Sousuke thinks) Lambda Driver can enhance every dailyhappening, insignificant interference in an explosive rate during a chain reaction, as human brains and teh nerve system are alike a reactor that can lead to interfering reaction of Omni-Sphere, so an AS with LDS can emulate such ability by its emulated brain and nerve system. And by adding a huge amount of electricity that human nerve system can't bear into this system, it'll lead to a supernatural, very strong interfering reaction. In the past she told him Arbalest was "another him" is just because of this reason: even his personality wasn't copied into AL, Arbalest and Laevatein are emulating how his nerve system works.It'll lead to another question: why can't planes, tanks, ships, etc mount LDS? It's because a carrier that can emulate human activity will be needed, and the interfering reaction from Omni-Sphere will become more significant when the medium (human/pilot) is capable to make rational decisions when facing a strong, extreme situation. The strong concentration of a skilled warrior, and the situation that lead to such mental status------combat, will be needed together. Combining all above, it'll come to the conclusion that a LDS carrier will need to have a powerful locomotion, specs to throw into harsh combat and survive, and the ability to emulate human structures------Arm Slaves. Are teh presence of AS itself fantastic enough? Humanoid machines are considered ineffective in actual combat, but now they're becoming the mainstat of the armies. Will such a convenient, ideal weapon be created just by accidents? Her words seem to tell that AS exist/evolve just for using LDS, and he recalled what Kalinin told him after they escaped North Korea: "Such things are impossible to exist". Nonetheless, AS on the battlefield are still useful despite weaknesses taht otehrs won't have: easily spotted on open grounds, easily to be hit due to standing-up walking, hard to maintain and produce, size of arms and thickness of armour are inferior to tanks, etc, but their advantages makes them worthwhile to use and overweighs the downsides. Tessa replies that this question will result in the question of "Which, eggs or chickens, exist first", but no one in the world will be able to answer it. As they're talking they've penetrated deeper into the factory. Light from the skies can't reach here, and a huge hole is on the ground in front of them in this clearing. Its diameter seems to have about 15m, and judging from the stuff encircling it, this hole must be a giant elevator to the deep darkness beneath the entrance. Of course, the elevator won't work due to the lack of electricity and was broken alaready, and though there're stairs, ladders and handles, they're seriously rusted and may collapse at any time. As such Sousuke suggests her to stay behind while he'll find a way down (though they carried climbing equipments along with them, it still isn't aneasy task to go down there; and while he may handle these along, with suck-at-physical and inexperienced Tessa along it'll be lots harder), but she insists to go down there. He finally agrees and ties themsleves together by a rope, walking downstairs before he has to carry her on the back on the ladders. From her voice it seems that she's happy about the result, and she states that when they meet with Chidori she'll keep secret for him (Guess, because he's REALLY carrying her on the back and with the ropes tightened......). Her jokes make him remembered the old

days when she went to Jindai for some stay, and the tone of laughing was supposed to teast Chidori and Mao. They then climb down for about 4 floors in height but the hole is much deeper, and suddenly their radio received a call from Kurz: some choppers are approaching, at least 3 can be identified. ENEMIES. When the copters increase from 3 to 6, Kurz curses them. Since they're flying with the sun behind them, the passive sensors on M9 is a bit late to find them out; and when he does, they're just 12km apart, meaning they can get to the ruins in about 3mins. Their copters had been landed to save gas, and now they prepare to take off-----but something's wrong. Kurz immediately tells them not to take off, since they probably have ECS so that they're found until just now, so they're probably mounting ECCS and will find them out once they take off (resulting in their shotdown), so they better just stay where they are-----Kurz will take care of them when they land with leisure, and the 2 copters will pick up Sousuke and Tessa when they have the chance. These guys are surely Amalgam, since if they're Soviets they'll be detected lots sooner, and the fact is that they carry lots of expensive stuff to this ruin. Kurz prepares for combat as he tell the two to move to an abandoned house NE of the city, but Sousuke replies that it'll take time. After confirming the rope's status, Sousuke tells Tessa they have to leave. She reluctantly agrees, since the thing below seem to be very important......But then if they stay here they'll soon be surrounded, and he alone can't guard her well enough. The ladders are so rusted that they better not to ascend so fast, but suddenly the ladder and the handle bar breaks up, making the two hanging in the darkness thanks to the rope. Sousuke tries to climb up carefully, thinking that it'll need at least 3mins to get out, afterwards they may become surrounded by enemies...... The copter's pilot asks Kalinin (No, Solid Snake) should they land on the desinated point, and he replied that do so after all search for enemies are complete. The armada consists of 4 Mi-26 and 2 Mi-24 overhead of Yansk11, and he decides to land the copters in the way he did in Afghanistan: the carriers stand by in a safe, high altitude (another hides behind a hill far away), while the 2 Hinds are positioned on the level of 500m and 1500m. By doing so the enemy/guerillas can only damage the lowest copter while being attacked, and if the last copter is used together with the rest for deployment, they'll immediately pressurize enemy forces. Such cooperation between the airborne, copters and AS is called "Mouse Trap" back in teh old days among Kalinin's regiment: trapping the mouse who want the cheese badly, and this tactic causes fear even among the bravest guerillas. Casper, who're standing by in his Eligor in a copter, praised his carefulness via the radio while hoping to end this "sightseeing trip" ASAP, which Kalinin replied he better standing by for sortile at any moment. These Hinds and Halos are heavily modified by Amalgam, mounting ECS, ECCS and other electronics, making them able to fool and detect any normal armies around......But this time their opponent is THEM. They still haven't find any enemies but more searching won't hurt.

Leonard------together with Chidori and Lemon in a Halo------also notices his carefulness but also suggesting him to land since the "reactions" will come up soon enough. In an instant Kalinin thinks he heard these words before, but when?......Just. Déjà vu strikes him, and he realizes it just before he tries to reply to Leo's "justheard" speech. Leonard also noted that, the aftershock of the experiments still exists and can confuse one's mind if without care, and while the passengers will be fine, pilots are better staying out of here------the lowflying Hind nearly crash upon the factory and ascends quickly, nearly crashing with the highflying Hind and resulting in the arguments between the pilots. Seeing these Kalinin starts to think where the copters should land, but at the same time Casper requests to fire some rockets at a hilltop of SE 3km. He doesn't ask more and do it as he requested. When Kurz is still telling Sousuke about teh hovering copters, the alarm of the M9 goes off: some UGBs are firing at him. He hardly stop the thought of evading since they can't hit him at such distance------BLAM. The first one landed 30m ahead of the M9, while the rest land further. Has he been spotted? Probably not, as there're no followup attacks, so the shots are probably just testing shots at suspectable positions. If he stays silent the perhaps he can survive, but NO. Normal foes won't expect an AS on the hilltop, so if they suspect so they're not normal foes, so hiding will be useless in the end: eventually he'll be found. He decides to finish that before being spotted, so he tell the 2 copters prepare to take off while picking up the Smoothbore Cannon, aiming at a Hind------Sousuke tells him such formation was Soviets' strong move in Afghanistan, so it means their commander should be Kalinin------and after some adjustments he blows it up, while nailing another before being found. The 3 Halos are scattering, and one of them trying to hide within the factory ruins, so he decides to kill it......Its opening hatch released an AS despite the copter is strafing, red armour and a huge Sniping Cannon, it's the Eligor. Fire at him once it lands? No, the enemy should be expecting this and will block it with LDS, while he'll shoot back in a few seconds. He then attempts to fire at the flying copter------BLAM. He dodges the shot from the ruins, the shot sticks into the position he just stayed. While he lands on foot, another shot approaches and was barely dodged by bending down. Horribly pinpoint shots. At such distance, even professional fire control computers will still make the impact point not that accruate. That means, it's not the ability of the AS to make such shots possible, but the experience and senses of a human whose knowledge in shooting is unmatched and understands it to the limits......Make no mistake. It's him-----"Goddamn Casper." -----Within the transporting helicopter, Chidori is checking Lemon's status, but there're explosions afar: The attack choppers flkying around the ruins has been vapourized. Their copter shakes heavily and she nearly being thrown to the ground, as such she grabs hold of the seats to keep balance------Lemon was tied on the strecher so he's

fine. It seems that they're not falling but emergency descending as the small-lloking ruins are approaching closer......The pilot shouts that it's sniping attack from enemy AS, and decides to hide within the ruins, but Leonard calmly tell them not to approach the factory, saying that staying high will keep them safe. The pilot protests and continue to hide behind a tower because the attacker is just having insane skills for being able to snipe at that distance. Lemon tells Chidori to fasten the seatbelt, as Leonard is still talking with the pilot......Flashes, explosions and shockwaves outside, she doesn't really know what's happening when their copter is falling to one side and the noises of twisted metal penetrated into the hull. The words they just said before rises again, as a pilot tell him to pull up as the plane is slowly going down, while the driving pilot trembles in fear that he should had been injured as teh plane should ha been fallen......The propeller hit something and the copter crashes into the ruin, but where will the copter falling into......? Underground, Sousuke has no time to hear about Kurz's reports. Because when they're climbing up, there's a HUGE, FALLING HELICOPTER UPON THEM! Fortunately the pipes on the ceiling are hanging the ruined copter for them, but even so the pipes can't sustain such weight and are breaking up one by one. No time to hesistate, it's going to fall into the vault they're in within at most 20 seconds-----they have to go down and dodge the copter instead of going up. After telling Tessa about that, he jumps against the wall and swing downwards. This jump descends for 2-floor heights, then he kicks another time------he wants to go faster but still he has to consider there're 2 people there. The copter are now at the entrance of the vault, hung up for a little but are falling upon them. Ruins are falling near them, and after seeing a pillow-sized metal is falling down upon them, he bends his body downwards and the piece hit his head-guarding left arm. Getting hold of the rope, they continue to descend as there're just about 3-floor high to the base which is now visible. The copter eventually falls down from the ceiling and into the vault, then suddenly the rope they're hanging on lost its control (as the steel pipe it's hanging on was knocked away) and the two falls down at a height of about a floor. Sousuke knocks himself on the floor to shield Tessa from falling onto that (that must be painful), but they have no time to stop as the copter is still falling down......So he continues to carry her on the back and run into the visable passage nearby, when the copter nearly crashes upon the land: 4 steps, 3 steps------JUMP! As they jump forward the entrance is blocked by the ruins. At least they still live......But there're no time for rest. Smells of jet fuel are now filling the space, and if the ruin explodes, both of them will be fried at once. Tessa seems unconscious, but at least she's still breathing. Still there's a problem: her tightened body is now slipping down from his back, and his left shoulder is paralyzed that he can't reposition her body, so she eventually falls onto the ground. At the same time the whole building shakes as a hole emerges before him, probably because of the fallign copter makes the whole building becomes fracturating. He tries to grab hold of Tessa but the ground he's stepping upon suddenly collapses, his injured left arm fails to hold anything and so he falls into the darkness beneath.

The fall ends and she's still alive. The seatbelt is punching into her body and makes her feels painful, and her seat is now hanging in the mid-air. The smells of jet fuel is everywhere but the engine is still running, so she better escape there quickly. Chidori shouts if anyone's alive, and Lemon's voice emerges upon her. She unfastens the seatbelts and try to searching for his body while not falling to thr ground.......And at once she grabs hold of THAT PLACE as he screams. After understanding where she's holding she's also screaming while rubbing her hand on her clothes. (Covered by a cloth and such a huge guy, she can still grab hold of that place within the darkness by ONE GRAB? WTF?) Lemon can't understand why she does such disgusting reaction, but instead Chidori insists that they should escape ASAP and starts to free Lemon. He's still wondering if he can walk or not, still once he's freed she supports his body when he's still suffering from the pain. From their memories hey find a torch and so they get to know what's around: the passenger bay is still fine but the cockpit is just a mess. They find the twisted door and try to climb down, and as they arrive at that Chidori kicks at the door twice hard, but it simply doesn't open. Lemon feels desperate, but instead she picks up a seemlyheavy fire extinguisher nearby, lifting it overhead and slams it on the door. It's still closed, so Lemon asks her to find another exit...... BLAM. Thinking those people she hates, she slams at the door once more and actually creates a passage for one person on the door. (OMG from Lemon) The fuels are irriating the eyes so explosions can happen any time, amd there's a concrete wall in front of them, above the ground for about 2m. Just as Lemon tells her to move, they discover a soldier stuck in the cockpit. He tells her to go, but in the end Chidori returns and pull the man out after pushing Lemon out of the wrecks. The man seems not to be conscious and legs are seems broken, so he can't stand up normally. As teh questions don't have proper responses, she instead pulls the man out of the place where he's stuck regardless how painful he'll feel, and finally push him out of teh wrecks------landing directly upon Lemon. Chidori then leaves teh wrecks as well, and the three find a place seemingly an underground passage and they enter there. Because of the copter the ceiling and everywhere around seem collapsing, and what's more is that the wrecks is ignited with fire. The man can't walk on too much due to leg injury, but they still carry him onwards, finally end up hiding behind a rusted truck. "Is it alright for now when we get to here?" Explosion. Heats, shockwaves and wrecks are coming for them, so they stay down and stop breathing for about ten seconds......Then, though the air isn't filled with too much oxygen, they can still breathe for a little when they're staying low. She asks if Lemon's OK, and while he replies, he also comments he seems to find why Sousuke will fall for her: such unusual mobility that even he has to admit it's really good. After cooling down she thinks she doesn't do anything strange, but she still says to herself that "it seems taht it's really long from that, such kind of things"------and when Lemon wonders what that means, she adds that it's such kind of action: when she's staying with him she has no time for freedom. After spitting of the floor she stands up once more.

In the air, Leonard and his Verial is staying there, observing the leaving copter is falling into the factory deeper and deeper. He can surely stop its fall, pulling up the copter or just grabs Chidori out of there, but he didn't. He's using teh infrared sensor to observe teh wrecks which falls into the elevator vault, seeing her and teh French leaving teh wreck and going deeper into the ruins, surprisingly with an injured soldier that she doesn't have any reason to save. The copter explodes soon afterwards, but she seems to be fine------he believes that, she HAS TO be fine. The airborne Eligor landed, and Casper comments that the sniping M9 seems to has retreated. He also fins the Pave Mares, but they still have escaped and so he'll take up the job of security. Kalinin (seems to be) replies that his troops are now landing and will control the town, and so Leonard said that he's leaving them behind and go downwards into the ruins. When being asked if he's going alone, he replies taht he'll have some searching there as the two went there. Kalinin (again seems to be) tells him he'll send units to support him, and Leonard approves that. He then pilots the Verial upwards into the air, thinking about the structure of the complex before descending into the elevator vault in the center place of the factory. Once Verial approaches the ruins fire and smoke went away in an instant, the unseeable power supporessed everything like heat, fire, smoke and metal pieces so that a way for Leonard can be paved. After he lands the AS, he opens teh hatch of the cockpit. Having retreated to about 10km from the city (within the hills, where they're staying at the max distance for the use of radios to the two) Kurz discusses stuff onwards with teh crew of Pave Mares since they finished camofluging their position and deployed sensors so that the red AS should pose no threat right now. He then asks the pilot of Gebo4 if they can contact Sousuke, and he replies that they can't do so and they don't know their state, adding that if they call them too often they can still be found even when using encoded communication. With TDD, they had stated their situation but they're still at the other side of the planet, not only they can't send reinforcements at once, no Mao or Clozort can have a free hand for them right now------but at least they can still escape from them. Pilot of Gebo6 states that the enemies may not know they had left the two behind, and due to the nature of the ruins if they can stay hidden there they shouldn't be found easily. Moreover Tessa stated that they'll finish the job within a few hours, so if the enemies are the same then they can just wait for a night------Kurz disagrees (As a sidenote, both pilots are Second Lieutenant while Kurz is just a Senior Sergeant, but since they had fought together for tons of times and their ages aren't having much difference, also the ranks and just for convenience for Mithril in such states, they'll respect the experiences in battle from Kurz more) as the enemy should have noticed their presence no matter how careful they can be: a skilled soldier and a slow-moving female have entered the factory. They doubts that if the enemy can know these, and Kurz reminds that they're facing the Major (right now TDD crew still calling Kalinin as their Major due to the difficulty to change instead of still loving him), and there's still that guy is with them: Valbelm Casper, his mentor. The pilots feel

familiar with this name from those magazines, and asks if he's a German. He actually is, and his family is filled with snipers: His grandfather was known by receiving Knight's Cross for killing numerous Allied soldiers; his father was hated by people in Africa and Central-Southern Penisula (I don't really know where is this by the translated words but it seems that in SW Asia); as for himself, he killed 100+ people in Leberon, Soviet Civil War and Tajikistan. He was originally a soldier in East Germany, but after the chaos caused by unification he became a mercenary. From Kurz's words, he's more than a master: "Devil's Hand" will be more fitting. In pratical warfare, teh longest sniping record is 2500m by a US Marine Sergeant in Tajikistan against an Iraqi officer, using a .50 (12.7mm) anti-object rifle assisted by newest Ballistic Prediction Device in an environment of no wind (Actually it's a fake one created by Gatoh. In reality, it's a Canadian soldier killing a Taliban from 2430m in 2002. As a sidenote, a .50 rifle have a range of about 2200~2300m, while .308 ones have about 1km, note these for future reference), but in the end he's still assisted by his equipments, and it's after a few shots to produce such a hit. Casper, on the other hand, have a record of 1520m, using a .308 (7.62mm) wooden rifle at the situation of night fighting, raining and horizontal wind speed of 15m/s. It's lots more difficult because .308 bullets are lighter and can carry less kinetic energy, the bad weather will make things more complicated like scoring hole-in-one in a stormy day, normal people won't believe such things......But Kurz WAS actually being an observer beside him at that time, and whatched the whole thing happened. (Now, before we continue refer to the data above. This bastard actually used a shorterranged gun AND extended its range by 50% IN SUCH A BAD WEATHER!? WTF!?) His thoughts had flown back to that night 4 years in Leberon: in a half-destroyed house on a hill, the aimed in a hole on the wall: 1520m. It's teh only place to make a safe sniping, targeting an official of a guerilla group who'll soon leaving a meeting and get into his bulletproof car: Just have <5 seconds. As a shoot-to-live person such range is the end of the universe, a place where no one can touch. Even Kurz also thinks it's a waste of time and tell him to leave: But Casper didn't hear that, he's still lying on floor, preparing to snipe teh target. Soon Kurz reports teh target's out of the building, and he aimed at the "Reindeer" who've just came out with his bodyguards......He fired. It's a feeling that can't be explained, all of the actions are involving physical laws and mechanisms but not Gods' intervention, and shooting skills involves LOTS of trial, experiments, research and failures, so no supernatural power will be involved nor believed by these shooters. But there's something different this time: such shot can only be called as Wraith's Infestation, and the noice of gunfire can only be heard after seeing the scene. 2 seconds after firing, Kurz saw the target's brain was blown up, and teh guards are carrying his dead body and escaped. Casper then tells him it's time to leave, and on their way back Kurz praises his skill, but he suddenly tells him not to try this like him, since he can't do it. It is real though, as Kurz can't do it like him even once afterwards. But then, 1 weeks later something decicive happened and Kurz decided to leave Casper's unit.

Kurz only recalled these in a few seconds within his mind, and tell the pilots that it's something that Casper has but he doesn't, something more decisive that prevents him doing so. It's unknown if it's something like will or determination, but he nevertheless has teh skill: he had just starting using rifles for about six years. In the beginning he was working in a volunteer army in Middle East, then Casper found him and started his learning------it's just "Casper's unit", a sniping force fighting around the world, something close to a modern "Bailey's South African Sharpshooters" (it actually exists during WWI). Nevertheless, there's something which is certain: he can't beat Casper. Obviously tactics aren't soemthing as simple as just shooting competition, it's all about using all skills available and try to find chances to beat enemy, what he mean is that he still can't beat him even adding all these flavour. But in the end they can't leave Sousuke and Tessa behind, so they have to wait for their calling before making any diversionary attacks to evacuate them. He then walk back to his M9, opening a impact-proof container and picks out the wrapped-up rifle within. AS fights will just be the beginning, there's probably a chance for this to show up. Beautifully made in 50 years ago by Winchester Company, it still has a superb accruacy that outmatches newest sniper rifles and being loved by its users. This topnotch gun should suit that man, but------this gun may probably reach 1520m. The man Chidori saved is indeed seriously injured: right arm broken, left stomach heavily wounded, rear head seems to be injured as well, but still doesn't know how serious they are. Lemon commented that given he's OK he may just suppress both of them due to his strongly-built body. She wonders if he can be saved, and Lemon replies that only immediate, correct treatments may do so, but they have no First Aid kits so they better not to move him. The man regains some consciousness, and Chidori asks him about his name and he says he's Brawin (my crappy translation), she then tells him about the situation and their thought of curing him but without tools, so she says they'll leave him behind here since his comrades may come here soon. He raises his hand and tell them not to leave, trying to grab her arm......And Chidori feels guilty for not satisfying his wish even he's one of the enemy. Anyway, she leaves her red jacket behind to cover his body while supporting Lemon (who're still hardly walk) to leave the place. The two walk in the passage and arrived at a dead end (collapsed ceiling), so they head backwards and walk on another path at the junction. When Chidori asks him if he feels cold, Lemon says he can't understand why she lends the jacket to those people, making her furious since he seems treating her as a kind-with-purpose person. But in the end, Lemon wonders why a smart girl like her doesn't know she did a dangerous thing: leaving the man in open effectly means they have escaped and will start a chase for them, instead of disguising them are all burnt to death in the copter. After this she suddenly stands still, and when he asks what happened she says there's nothing, but he still thinks she does it wiithout thinking (and he's right), so she replies that she thought about that and then she thinks they can't leave him behind alone. In the end, these conversation is Lemon's trick to tease her

since he can tell her about that if it's the case. Chidori feels something different: even her knowledge grows due to her identity of a Whispered, she still did something stupid. Nevertheless, she's still herself taht can help people......déjà vu strikes them again and makes Lemon in pain. Such thing had occured numerous times and it seems she had made use to that, but after arriving to the ruins it had been increased: there's something strange within the ruins. What's here? Something related to Omni-Sphere, maybe? No, it's so obvious. These déjà vu are the effects of Omni-Sphere's enhancement in effects, and while it's unharmful normally it has grown to a state that normal people like Lemon and the pilots feel these. Are there any Whispered around? Leonard should be upon his Verial on a crashed copter so he's probably somewhere within the ruins------because Whispered who're using amprifiers like TAROS may create/enhance these "jamming" effects. But it's more than that: something more dangerous is here. A feeling different to déjà vu emerges, it's the thing that comes during danger, as if someone is talking within her brain......She sees the entire scene of saving the man from the copter until being teased by Lemon later on. She then bolt awakes, telling Lemon that déjà vu will emerge numerously due to something in the ruins, so he has to stay awake mentally. He agrees, but then Chidori feels strange that why he doesn't ask "why". In the end, it's Lemon and Wraith investigating the purpose of this ruins, so he knows a little about it (In fact she knows about what happened to him before and after parting with Wraith on the copter, but she still doesn't know what they're finding due to people around): Because of the request of Tessa, who predicted teh presence of such a secret city without knowing the exact place. This classified research complex is built in late 70s for strange experiments like predicting the future or mental contacts. After all the jobs in Moscow they know researches here are the real country plans, while its leader Dr.Warov was indeed a talented scientist. But even after all these investigations he can still hardly believe these, until Amalgam catch him and ask him about it and takes them to this place. Afterwards, teh déjà vu are indeed hitting them, marking something's within the ruins but the place itself is dangerous. Chidori agrees since the crash of copters are more than just enemy attacks, but Lemon shouts who's attacking and which nearly kills them......She recalls the contents of the communications before: being sniped, with mad skills, enemy to Amalgam------Probably Kurz Weber, who obviously doesn't know they're here. If he's around then they may escape this place, and Sousuke may also be around......But in the first place they have to find an exit first. The two then advances in the dark passages, turning by senses at the junctions, but there're dead ends and closed metal doors everywhere, making the place looks like a maze (Has Gatoh went crazy by writing Dragon's Tower, his new anime story?): there're no maps of teh facility, corroded stuff are also being thrown just on the floor, those occationally-found area marks are just "507" "302" etc, even worse they don't even know what floor they're at. After long wandering Lemon (and his painful legs) sits on a collapsed wall, saying that he's giving up, but Chidori says she's drawing a mental map of the place, trying to find a way back to the starting point (which she possibly can't do in the past). After start moving for five minutes at that

point, suddenly Lemon feels something's wrong. He tells her that someone's coming so they better turn off the lights, while pulling out his pistol from his back (which, from Chidori's thoughts, is probably snatched from Brawin). She then turns off the toerch, hiding behind a cupboard nearby, observing what's going on. There're indeed footsteps approaching: and tehre's only one person approaching them without any lights (NVGs?), and stopped just after coming out of the corner. Lemon uses the torch while pointing his gun to the person, who're now covering the face by the hands------and who turns out to be Tessa. Ignoring the shocked Lemon, she runs towards Chidori and hugs her tightly after confirming each others' identity by the voices, and starts crying. Rather than feeling glad, Chidori is now even more confused than before.


Chapter 4: Time Hazard Nearly dead, again. After regaining consciousness again and check his physical status, Sousuke thinks so. Wholly wet and feels painful all over the body, but probably because of the AS pilot suit they just need some simple treatments------except the left arm which seems to be broken for a little. There're sounds of water flow and winds, but it's completely dark around and his NVG is nowhere to be found. At least he still has his torch in his back......and using the lowest level of light needed, what he saw at first is the surface of fallen rocks, broken foam boards and twisted wires. Simply said it's just a mess. He's now in a cave-like space which looks like underground pipelines, and there're water flow here which depth reaches the knees, junks are carried by the water and forms a small hill here. The water flow seems to be determined by seasons, and it seems that he is carried to here after he's fainted just like being flushed in the toilet. How far has he gone, and what time is it? Looking at his watch, he thinks that he just lost conscious for about 15mins, but by the quiet environment he should have been being washed away far from the crash scene. His Carbine is also lost. There're bones pf dead body around, but obviously Tessa isn't here, nor knowing her status and position. The radio can't be used as well, not only being flooded by water, but because of his position is enclosed underground. In the end he has to find his way back...... Running in the opposite way, he sees the brick walls instead of rocks, so it seems taht it's really a pipeline underground where rainwater and underground water gathered. He then finds a broken hole in the ceiling, climbing up by the ruins and reach an upper level: another vault. It's smaller than the first elevator vault, but its height is at least 5 floors. Judging from the debris laying around and the holes above the vault, he thinks that it's teh place he falls......But then he's just injured by a little, probably because of the debris on the walls slowed his falling speed and distance instead of falling a full 5-floor height. But in Tessa's case, things will be more different......Using the torch he searches among the ruins at the vault's base, she's not here but he finds his still-working Carbine (though no gauarantee that it can still fire at the vault's entrance). Is she above there? Probably she's still unconscious there but since he can't see that, maybe he should shout------NO. It's about 30mins since his fall, so enemy reinforcements may arrive anytime soon, as such he can only go up there. He initially thinks ghe's unlucky for falling into here, but afterwards his mind changes: if not falling into the pit they may be squished to bits by the copter, and if they've fallen into here together, how will she become without the impactproof AS pilot suit? Using the pipes hanging around he climbs up for about 3 floors in height, but he can't go up any further so he better leaves this vault and find another way. Junping into a square hole nearby, he continue to walk deeper within the ruins, searching for ladders that can bring him back to the falling point. Because the carbine may be broken, he better use his own Glock19 for now, and try to fire his carbine when enemy comes along to avoid detection. Advancing in the lack-ofmaintainence passages, turning for a few times, checking the actually-bare rooms on the way, and finally reaching a ladder in a passage...... ------With Leonard Testarosa standing in front of it.

Spoiler for teh large pic for this scene: Wearing a red cape in front of his AS pilot suit, with his old silver hair, carrying his Colt Peacemaker (IIRC the gun that hurt his head in MMD), and though his face is covered by NVG but it's so obvious that it's him. Without any question nor hesistation Sousuke fires, but it's simply blocked by his red cape (which is an bulletproof cloak), and also the subsequent shots. Leonard comments that his way of greeting people is still unchanged, and fires his pistol. Sousuke barely dodges the shot by hiding in a hole nearby, then unloads his entire clip, which are probably either all missed or blocked. Leo then says that he'll be stunned by his quick temper, but Sousuke thinks he's the one that just good at bluffing since he chose not to ambush him......What can your cloak do against Full Metal Jacket bullets (all army-use bullets are these)? He switches his carbine and fires, but the shot goes off-target at the same time when Leo dodges the shot. He continues to fire when Leo soon fires back. The targetor seems to be off for a little right, but the rest of teh gun seems fine. The situation then become a chasing fight in a big room which stores lots of containers and appliances. Sousuke then thinks about the situation. Leo's using a NVG, and he's a torch, which will be a huge disadvantage......But no. He can't win him now is because Leonard is tough: Those reacting speed, accruacy, calm actions, seems unconsidered but they're through correct thoughts at different positions, these aren't an ordinary person can achieve, no matter they're gifted or by training. Before this he always think he's a weak guy protected by technology, but now it may be wrong. Leo then tease him about his own ability, saying that he has to work harder since he can't win on an AS. Though not contacted for many times, Sousuke thinks his actions should be softer than these (obviously he doesn't know what changes him or he's acting), so he says Leo seems to become ruder than before. In return Leo says it's necessary for building better relations with him, and fires his gun at his position. ("With your dead body the relation can become better" and Leo praises his words) Start from the gunfight 3+ mins has been passed, if Leo's units arrive it'll be bad for him, so Sousuke has to determine either leaving or continue......But before he can make a decision, the enemy infantry indeed arrives. However, Leo tells them to go back since they come without his order, nevertheless the men starts to fight with Sousuke. They seems trained well by their supporting attacks and aimed for killing, and can still keep calm even one of them dies, but their patterns are boring so they shouldn't have been teamed up for too long. At the predicted position one man jumps out. He's killed, but he throws out a grenade...... BLAM. It's an Incendiary Grenade, which is lethal within a room. Though Sousuke himself is fine, but those spilled liquids suddenly start burning and leads to a serious chain reaction (skipped this part) that shakes the entire floor and room, and Sousuke can't continue to fight but can only dodge around. Gunshots and explosions shakes the ceiling where Chidori's gang are walking. Tessa guesses it's Sousuke there who met enemy when searching for her------Chidori has heard everything from the crash of copter and their separation, and when she wanders around finding him she met up

with Chidori and Lemon. How cna Chidori calm down when she knows Sousuke is that close? She tries to kick away the feeling of "leaving the team and find him by herself" and reasserts herself that she'll be lost if going alone, btu on her emotional side she doesn't want to accept this: She wants to see him at once. She won't be lost either, when she shouts his name repeatedly she'll find him first before she was found by the enemy------such idiotic thoughts will emerge no matter how hard she doesn't want to. Explosions comes just when she's thinking about these, so she immediately suggests the gang to find Sousuke first. But Tessa hesistates, saying that the explosion means enemies are around, and with Lemon's legs are hurt they can't escape in case of being seen by enemy. Chidori insists that they can't leave him alone and wants to see him, and even Tessa starts to argue with her about their safety, she can't cool down and even shouts out she'll go finding him alone......Until Lemon grabs hold of her arms, saying that all will be lost if doing things recklessly. She finally realizes the fact and apologizes, and Tessa says that she also bear responsibility for the mess right now, and understands her actions for him being so close------Chidori suddenly feels guilty for her brainless and selfish words, since that Sousukeliking Tessa is still enduring all these kind of stuff while she just want to do things for herself, and she stands the position of her she may just scold the opposite one. Lemon tells them to move after cooling down, and try to escape from the enemy, get to the ground level to get contact with friendly forces, leaving Sousuke alone------due to the fact that he'll be lots easier to move without them, and will eventually escape for contacting friendly units, so trying to find him may lead to loss of both sides. No matter how weak he seems to be, Lemon is still an experienced guy so it's better to listen to his advice. In this case, Chidori finally gives up and follows Tessa's lead to the north, which they'll go deep into the facility to teh research complex and escape fom there (they may also have less chance to meet with the enemy). After they start walking from teh crossroad, Lemon suddenly smiles, saying that it'll be awesome for being stick between 2 beautiful female if he's not injured. (......) Chidori then asks if they can leave him here, while Tessa agrees and stated that he can still say his last words. Lemon quickly apologizes and the three gets moving. Trapped. After escaping from the burning scene and wanders around, Sousuke comes up with this conclusion. There're debris blocking the ways everywhere, for once he wants to use C4 to blow up for a way, but there're some gas flowing around that may cause another explosion if using firearms. With caution he tries to make way back to the previous room, but the way is blocked as well. Fire has been diminishing there, and though they're still oxygen around, he just can't stay here forever. Especially on Tessa's side: With enemies around she may had been caught, and though they may not kill her at once due to her identity as Leonard's sister, he can't leave this matter alone. Should he get out and rally with Kurz? Using Laevatein and with Kurz's backup they may get her back, and it's lots better than using a damaged carbine to face lots of enemies even though he's uncertain about if he can beat Verial. But if she hasn't been caught? Still it's better to rally with Kurz in order to clear this ruin from enemies in order to search within this huge maze with colleagues, though he's also not sure about if it can be done...... Leonard, undamaged and even seems not touching a piece of dirt, emerges from a corner in front

of him. Both of them raised their guns at another at the same time, but both resisted from firing. Leonard says he seems also noticed how dangerous the environment can be------those flowing around are alike rotten onions, which can be LPG------and Sousuke replies that it may not explode. He can headshoot Leo at this distance, but it's teh same for him. Leo urges him to try, and while Sosuuke agrees it's attractive to do so, Leo comments that he's trying to move closer to him, knock him down in melee and use a knife to cut his throat......And while it's a fact (and Sousuke feels certain that he can win), Leo adds taht he's also prepared for that, and pointed his knife towards him: a Spetsnaz knife. (designed for Soviet Special Forces, it has a strong catapult that can fire the knife itself to the enemy, at a force that can penetrate a Yellow Pages 10m away) Once Sousuke sees this thing he feels screwed immediately: his AS pilot suit can protect him fron knife attacks but NOT this kind of assault weapons, if hit he'll be dead or heavily injured, won't spark an explosion AND at such distance he can hardly miss. He's thinking about of taking him down if dodging the first shot, but Leo states that he know what he's thinking: Sousuke is a kind of person that will try to kill enemy with every means without thinking about negotiations. He denies the need for doing so, but Leo adds that both of them are trapped here, and in about 2 hours the flowing LPG will suffocate or poison them, so in any way they'll die...... Except for one way. After his wandering he finds a staircase blocked by debris, and by the cooperation of both of them they may escape. Sousuke wonders if it's a ceasefire, and Leo nods that whoever wins may just be heavily injured, and either of them in that state can't do such a job, so they can just help each other for now and escape before having another duel. Leonard isn't lying nor bluffing, stuff about gas or escapign way are also true, and so is the fact that both will die without ceasefire......Sousuke finally agrees about it for the sake of escaping, though he's not going to forgive him. Both of them put down weapons at once, and while Leonard proposes a handshaking Sousuke just dislike that and leave. Amalgam forces under the command of Solid Snake (Uh, Kalinin) has not suppressed------or just say secured------the town since there're no enemies around. He also lands and checks the leftover of the copter-landing from another faction, then sees that there're 2 people getting into the ruins and later predicts it's Sousuke and Tessa (full name written) going in there. Both of them may just beneath the factory, and Leonard may had also noticed that: he went into the factory alone and loses contact. 4 men sent for scouting also lot contact after reporting there're gunfires, so they probably are killed by Sousuke. A few minutes later his subordinates sent reports that support his view: explosions and fire had occured in places away from crash sites, a survivor has been foudn and said that the French and Chidori Kaname are still alive. Leonard, Sousuke and rest of the guys are nowhere to be found. Something must had happened underground, so he propably need to divert half of his forces to search in there......but because of déjà vu he doesn't want to send his units too close to there. Casper (on Eligor) then says that he can handle anyone that get close on the ground, so Kalinin lead a few men to descend into the ruins. Elsewhere, probably because of good leading, the three haven't meet a single enemy on their way, though it's so simple that they're just moving away beneath the point where the enemy are. Chidori understands the plan of going deep and escape from there, but she still feels uneasy

about this. She asked many times if the way is correct (and partly because of déjà vu), and while Tessa answers it she seems worrying about something else other than the route (since she's still confidient about her planning), and when Chidori asks if she's thinking something else she suddenly stops, saying that she has a place where she'll go on her own and urge them to get away first, and both of them are shocked about this, since going on her own will be very dangerous. Tessa says it's OK, since her coming is for this issue, and she cna't leave this behind when she finally comes here. Both of them want to follow her, but she doesn't want to because it's an important job that can be finished on her own. Her answer is so vague that as if she knows something but hides them from their faces------or probably just Lemon's since he's a member of DGSE that may leak something to them if he hears about the secret of this ruins. Lemon seems to know about it and asks if those can't be told to him, and Tessa can't reply. He then states that it's him and Wraith who bear the risks of investigating about this secret city without question even they knew nothing about details, all because of her direct request. "Now I've been such a bad shape, and we don't know if Wraith is alive or not. Even so, you still can't tell us the truth. Is it?" When Tessa tries to say anything, Lemon states that his identity shouldn't be a problem since DGSE should have fired him for no communication with them for so long. Then Tessa continues that her concerns are far more than that: this issue isn't teh Security Protection of a single country can solve, and if being dealt without care all people's lives and fates will be toyed. Lemon thinks she's is overestimating it, but she says that if one knows all about the secret of this ruin, almost no one can resist teh want of using such power: except herself, Chidori and Sousuke, who're all being toyed by the secret within the ruins (so tehy're those who're involved), but she's uncertain about Lemon's will for such resistance. He's still confused but Chidori understand it, still he wonders if it's the concern of consficating this power along by himself, and Tessa agrees taht it's the problem, and that's why she urges them to move on first. Lemon says it's difficult, and pulls out his pistol which scares Chidori to no end......but he hands the pistol to Tessa instead, saying that she can shoot him if anything starts to go wrong, since he wants to die with everything known under such condition that survivability is uncertain. She's now troubling over this issue: Lemon seems to be a honest man up till now, but who can tell if he's just acting and my backstab them at any time? In the end she chooses to trust him due to no other choices, but states that she'll really shoot him, at least she'll try her best to. She then turns to Chidori and says taht she was about to tell her about this, or Leonard may tell her about this since he brings her to here, but when Chidori asks abotu it she stops talking and starts moving. The odd cooperation continues in teh darkness, but after 15mins they can only make a steel pipe move for a little (after removing those debris aroudn the pipe). Both of them have just speak for necessity, and neither of them becomes careless that they continue the stances of able to pull out knives at will in case either of them may changh their mind------since they're still enemies. Leonard then starts to become bored of a single, boring job, while Sousueke tells him not to halt and so he goes back to work. He has those skills and are strong in physical strength, but in the end it seems strange for such a noble-pretending person to do these harsh works. Maybe because

of the boredom, Leo asks about if Sousuke worry about Tessa in case she's here, since he won't come here alone so the one who really have things to do will be her. Since it seems that Amalgam didn't catch her, and there're no reason to tell him about the objective here, Sousuke replies taht he doesn't know and doesn't want to answer, and after throwing a big piece of cement downstairs Leo asks how will he think if he hears taht Chidori Kaname is here, and at once Sousuke's works suddenly stops. He asks him if he brought her to here, but instead Leo teases him not to stop working and laughs. Sousuke has to suppress his anger and continue to work, while Leo says that she's in the copter that fell into the vault, which then exploded and burnt because of attacks from their side. In a short moment his back goes cold, but soon h ethinks he's just lying: he can't be that calm if Chidori's really dead, or at least laughing there. Leo then adds that he's stating the fact from the view of his AS cockpit, and it's unknown how's she after the crash. Sousuke still doubts him, and Leo comments that it's good to ask "how can he talk so calmly if it's true". The two then finally pulls out the steel pipe, and Leonard continues his speech about her: She really was in the copter, he didn't save her, and teh copter blew up. Even so, he really believes that she's still alive (which Sousuke doesn't understand why he tell him these and his belief in her survival), which he really experienced before. Back to the days before he wrecked havoc in Hong Kong (DBD/TSR), she was assaulted by a killer from Gauron in Tokyo, and he observed the whole thing going somewhere else. Think about it: a killer trained by Gauron, versus a female student whose sport senses are above average, she'll be dead no matter how she struggles, but instead she was saved. Sousuke thinks it's because of luck, but Leo stresses it's some sort of UNUSUAL luck (hinting something in his words). The killer is using guns from the start, but the first shot missed and jammed the gun, so she could escape at that moment. (As a sidenote, Sousuke seems never knew the whole picture from Chidori, only about the mini-AS Alastor, and chatted with Leo for a little......At least he doesn't know what Leo did to her, meh.) Sousuke then counters that autopistols are tend to malfunctioning, but then Leonard asks him what he'll do when he has to use the pistol to assassinate someone------checking if the gun's working properly and if the bullets are in good state, since killing someone will be lots harder due to resistance if teh first shot missed, so everyone including the killer will prepare for one-shot kill carefully------but the bullet still missed and the gun jammed. Such luck is bodering on the side of impossible, and while Sousuke thinks he's insane for her survival in the crash, Leonard asks him further that how many crises she met that she survived even under the most impossible scenerios. Sousuke can't deny the fact that what he says is true: since they met they lived through many crises together, and some of them even make this "specialist" shurddered. Putting these into account, it's impossible of pure luck------he won't deny teh factor of luck, but in the end it's just an adding factor, so her survival really depends on her hardworking actions and her strong will of never giving up. Excluding the factor of being a Whispered, Chidori Kaname is just stronger than most of the population. Leonard agrees that she has outstanding willpower and physical ability, but he thinks Sousuke can also consider that such capability given to her is also because of her luck. He obviously disagrees, because there're billions of people that have a good environment and enough abilities to live peacefully till their death. Leonard says it's probably a joke, but her survival isn't luck, it's

INEVITABLE. "'Inevitable'?" "She is the crossing point of reasons and results. We can say she is here because the world has become abnormal, or we can say the world becomes abnormal because of her presence. After these she------even without my guidence------will meet the Dead Spirits in the deepest part of this 'relic'. There she will merge with the power to put the history to a halt, and becomes the 'waystone' to create a world that without the past, present and the future." "It's ridiculous. What are you talking about?" "Stuff about Omni-Sphere and 'Whispers'. The chaos of the world begins from this place."

Effects of déjà vu intensifies. Chidori feels that they had walked numerous times in this passage, as well as murmurs from the other 2. To ignore these déjà vu has its way: focus her will upon the way can keep her mind out of trouble, but in the end unspeakable fatigues are gathering within her body. They all feel exhausted in their voices and feel that they're far from their objective, btu Tessa says that they'll get there: at the central part of the complex, the unharmed device that the Doctor and his team built lies there. They're sufferign from its effects, but the device shouldn't be working due to the lack of electricity, so the effects aren't coming from the PRESENT device, instead they're from 18 years ago when the device is running fully, and the mental waves emitted at that time reaches this age. It's all because of teh Omni-Sphere: the device is the point of explosion, and everythign begins here. They finally reach a multiple-statiums-sized, hall-like room which has cylinders fixed on the wall everywhere, at the center they see a dome-shaped device which also has cylinders all over it. The terrified Lemon asks what is this place, as a normal person won't understand what device is it: one may think it's some research device for Neutrino activities, but it's built deep in the ground, becoming a large experimental device that being built regardless of costs because of the builders' determination. Rather than scientific device, it's better called as a heretical temple fell in ancient times. But by the observation, it seems taht the central dome is teh place substituting human brains so there're electronic circults installed there. Still, if it's to emulate human brain and at that time there're no such complex circuits......So there must be the brains of some other intelligent creatures. According to Tessa, there're some researchers about dolphin brains in Dr.Warov's team, and there're perhaps thousands of them being killed and placed within. Chidori feels disgusting as even a few are already enough for her: this ruin is the product of insanity, even if those killed aren't humans. But in the end, what is this device? The earlist TAROS being built in the world. Built by Dr.Warov and being called as "mental communicator", later TAROS on TDD and Laevatein are using newest technology to build a calculating device (Darna and AL) as amplifiers, making conversions and reaction of Omni-Sphere possible. But we

all know that there're no such thing at that time, so they use real brains instead......In order to keep these brains die, and to use chemicals to control their movements, Yansk11's Chemical Plants are built to refine numerous drugs for these job, and to hide the fact from others. In the past there're numerous experts came from eastern countries and most of them are probably not awaring of the WHOLE plan. Thus, her investigation had been doing for a long time and finally by Lemon and Wraith the last pieces of teh puzzle are complete. This is even made harder because NO one had actually lived till now as withnesses: all people living here were either all dead or very handicapped, in a single night 18 years ago. During the event of running the TAROS went out of control, and emitted powerful mental waves. People within 30km radius are heavily polluted and the city became teh ruin as seen outside: people killing each other, committing suicide, or scared to death by staying too close to the factory. In teh words of Lemon, it's a "mental contact" version of Chernobyl Incident. (Chidori can't see it but she can imagine such a hellish scene) Tessa continued that there're a few types of mental waves emitted: Iota wave, which decreasing in effect when range and time increases (and which just affected Yansk11); and Tau wave, which can spread to very far away or even to the whole globe and are harmless to normal people (except immediate déjà vu), but no one noticed or observed (since not being able to) that there're actually people being affected: During the time TAROS went out of control within 3 minutes from Greenwich Time 11:50 (persumably am) in 24/12/1981, there're some exceptions to these......Lemon doesn't know, but Chidori immediates sighs------it's her and "their" secrets------as they're the newborn babies at that moment, who became Whispereds. She remembered a task back in the days at Primary School, and she asked her mother for seeing her birth records: 24/12/1981, Tokyo Time 8:50pm-----which is 11:50 of Greenwich Time. Why can't her mother born her even one minute earlier? But un the end, how Tau wave affect new-born babies are unknown. According to Physiologist Alice Miller (in reality, she's a psychologist upon children abuse and its social effects......How can Gatoh rewrites her specialist area?), Basal ganglia and Occipital Lobe of a brain of new-born babies will have some special activities upon the moment of being born (and in fact, these 2 parts are contolling human motion and optical nerves, so there're actually little relation with Whispered......), though there're little medical proof because the parents simply won't let them to connect detectors with their babies' brains; still, borning babies within newer technologies like NMR (Nuclear-Magnetic Resonance) devices may help with that...... (Here comes the best part with my crappy translations) T-"If Kaname-san is pregnant in the future, please let me do such an experiment." C-"Wha-what? Why won't you born one for yourself!?" T-"But, I think, I may be alone during my whole life......" C-"What's going on with your gloomy face?" T-"Nah, but, it seems right......If Kaname-san can lend Sagara-san to me occationally, then I can do the experiment by myself."

C-"You've just said something wonderful easily......" T-"You don't want to?" C-"Of course! By the way, he and I just may not......" T-"I'm just joking. Please don't be so troubled upon this." C-"...... (shoulders shruddering)" L-"Well......a moment before, we should be talking something important and serious." C-"Oh, yeah." T-"Sorry, just going a bit off-topic." (......) The trio then go searching the entrance to the central dome. Tessa then continues, saying new-born babies who received Tau waves will become Whispered, but they aren't receiving such huge amount of knowledge in a short time; rather, according to her thoughts, they're granted the ability to receive mental waves from some place in the future through Omni-Sphere. It's because there're information flowing backwards in time within Omni-Sphere, so they aren't carrying these knowledge when being borne, instead they're constantly receiving them through mental waves from the future, and the mark left when they're born seems to be the lowest requirement to do so like passwords or transmission protocols. Then when the children grow up both in age in intelligence, they'll start to receive these waves after some "incidents". According to known records, there're 174 babies born in that 3 minutes (if in less-developed countries where records can't be found or there're no records, the total number will be estimated as 350), but those confirmed Whispered so far are only 10. In the end, teh awakening age of each potential Whispered are different, in addition to some common conditions because each person are born different in conditions, so there're probably ones who aren't affected by Tau wave. The "Sick rate" is <3% currently, and it can't be called as unnatural------but in the end Whispered is a type of people as mentioned. Lemon, with unusually pale face, thinks it's unbelieveable, since there don't seem to have new technology and weapons are found from these transmissions------and Tessa simply says it's Black Technology, which begins with the presence of Arm Slaves. Black Technology's effects start to emerge in mid-1980s since some kids as Whispered start to show their abilities at the age of 3, and that's the thing that her father (Carl) investigates when he still lived, and the technology do indeed bring lots of changes to the world in just 15 years: rapid "twisted" advancement in computer technology, new energy source invented, dramatic change of radar's usage, etc......And there can be a large list of them------closedowns of entriprises which should had been growing and vice versa, failed military operations succeeded, obvious effects in international economy, change in election results in the powers, being-alienated governments had taken different policies, countries on brink of disintergration had stayed unified and vice versa------and the most important of all, the Cold War may be over. In the end, even if it's just speculations, if the "original history" (without BT) exists, the technology level right now are probably the same as 80s: computers have unreliable level of voice indentification, Palladium Reactors won't exist, robots may not achieve bipedal locomotions, etc.

The actual effects brought by BT are so numerous that they're uncountable and unpredictable, the Cold War may be ended or a total Nuclear War may break out, but at least they make our world wholly different to what we should know. Those who know about this situation call it as "Time Hazard", but they don't even know there're such a thing of "original history"......Though if the existance of Whispered and the interference of Omni-Sphere are both certain, then the "original history" comes to the present will look natural. Lemon comments that this topic is kinda large and effects of déjà vu has been happened to him numerous times in the meantime, and Tessa tells him to concentrate since the place they're at is the center of the Time Hazard, the effects to one's brain is still unknown. But then, the Earth spins by itself and around the sun, and the Solar System is also moving in the galaxy, so aren't THAT position of 18 years ago be at the other side of the universe? The problem is, Omni-Sphere only activiates when there're mental power, and it has nothing to do with the coordinates in the physical world. It's not something like Ether Universe, so it can only exists where human being lives, that is, the Earth. Omni-Sphere will envolope teh Earth and move with it, so literally Yansk11 is still the impact point. Omni-Sphere will still exist even there're nobody like now in Yansk11 as its effects or transmissions are still going, though its existance in this place will now be useless. They finally finds the entry point of the dome, which is a very small hole. Lemon thinks he nearly faints, but Chidori feels something else. Her head has been in pain, not because of the effects of déjà vu, but it's an increasing feeling of uneaasy and resistance every steps she moves on, as she understands it's not a lifeless ruin, but something is waiting ahead-----Lemon finally screams out in horror and pain, not able to control his thoughts and actions. Seeign this, Tessa knocks him back onto the ground, but he's still without control, so the two drags him out of the hall, and then he finally stops his craziness and lies on the floor. Chidori asks what's happening, and Tessa thinks that the leaked waves and their aftershocks from the Omni-Sphere is stronger than they think, and since Lemon is an ordinary person it'll drive him insane. Chidori recalls her first contact with these waves in North Korea also feels like him, and still giving "us who made used to it" a hard time to deal with, so anyone else can be driven to death. The two agrees not to bring him along with them then, but because of the existance of Iota wave, there's really SOMETHING in there which is stronger than Tessa's thought. She suggests Chidori to stay with Lemon, but instead she says she'll be okay, so the two (with their hands held) walks to the center of teh abandoned TAROS dome...... Sousuke asks Leo what's teh meaning of "stopping the history", and he speaks "Machenschaft als Herrschaft des" (something in German) in a low voice, which means "The skill to control creating actions and creations" by Martin Heidegger, or something like Causa sui (by Baruch de Spinoza). That means, the relation sbetween reasons and results are everywhere (These are all philosophical stuff......), so if they can remove the beginning point of the reason-result rule, we can create a world that's totally different than the one right now. They're preparing something

for humans, or it should be a question: if a person is freed from stuff like fate or destiny, what will they want at that time? Right now Sousuke is totally confused, then Leo asks him if he know about Omni-Sphere and TAROS (which he knows a little from Tessa, and they both agree that the ability to use Lambda Driver is convenient, even Leo thinks it's just an attached gift), saying that the earlist TAROS was created here which then goes out of control, resulting in the new-born babies at that time became Whispereds. The real importance of Omni-Sphere is that some kind of waves transmitted within is unrestricted by time or space, making Whispereds can exchange knowledge with the past or future, and because of this the current world had become something else from "the original world": alternate history, timeline and world, originally AS won't exist, nor do Mithril, and Amalgam should become something else. Sousuke thinks his words are ridiculous, but then Leonard asks him what will he do to the world if these are all true. He replies that he'll leave the world as it is (in fact, these stuff can't interest him as nothing around him will change even if the history had been changed, having all sorts of people and objectives or tactics, actions and intelligence are all limited to what the eyes and ears can receive), but Leo laughs that this shouldn't be good, as those should exist are gone, those should live had died, and vice versa. He thinks that the world is now in chaos, and should be fixed by someone who're able to do so. He then says that it's not "customize socieities" as Sousuke immediately thinks of, as it's not some kind of political issue. For example, if the Earth's axis has been twisted and there're disasters everywhere, everyone will want to turn it back if there's a method to do so. Sousuke disagrees with his thought, because his "tuning back" is denying the existance of the environment they're living in, nor he can feel anything about the world in chaos. Leo then asks him if he made comrades died, or losing important people around? He agrees------Friends and comrades before, during and after staying in Afghanistan, those died as a part of Mithril before and during the fight at Melida, and Nami (who he really feels guilty for not showign up one second earlier), many of them died because his lack of power to protect them------and Leo continues by saying that he's causing deaths of many people. Sousuke don't want to answer, but Leonard says that he's feelign sorry for their deaths: in it's in original world, most of his "death list" should be alive. It's Black Technology that changed the wars, and those who're living around it will certainly be affected. Those who should be living are now denied by him by saying that "leaving the wold as it is", so who's crazy among them? Sousuke roars taht he's not leaving them alone, and Leo asks him if he can tell those people that he chose not to save thir death by bad luck even there're ways to do so. He then replies that those who're dead can't be saved even by the tuning of timelines or whatever Leo's talking about (which interests Leonard for this kind of stupid-free stubborness), because he's a killer: like what he spoke in front of Chidori, he had at least killed 100+ people (and he doesn't count for the exact number) on the way of his life, so he understand about it very well: a person's death is definate with no return, and even they return they're actually someone else. Leo

thinks that it's the same person if the body, memory and environment is the same, but Sousuke disagrees: death is part of a human's life, and is owned solely by that person until the last moment, so everyone will fight seriously by all their strength available. This law is absolute and unchanble, even Gauron is the same and it's the only thing he obeys to------He's the lowest among humans, but he also knows the uncertainty of human life, and the difference between them is if they're enjoying about this. Leonard thinks it's interesting, saying that he told those stuff of crazed time and fate to Gauron as well, he didn't suspect nor feels interested, just saying stuff similar to what Sousuke just said. "Originally are fated enemies, but have same opinions, isn't this ironic?" Sousuke doesn't think it's ironic, instead it's an unwritten rule among warriors, which Gauron can still count but Leonard is different. This seem to irritate his mind, and says if he can say the same Chidori Kaname dies, which he seriously doesn't know. Leonard doesn't tease him, but he won't accept this if he's standing in his position, because in the world of emotions all those rigid stuff like rules or laws won't work. He thinks that Sousuke and his people are thinking stuff by oversimplifying them, saying that Sousuke won't even believe in Dualism like good or evil/good or bad/friends and enemies/etc. Sousuke doesn't understand, and Leo continues that they may not have the necessity to fight each other, which obviously surprises him because they show up as enemies from the start, blocking them from completing missions, killing their friends and captured Chidori------how can they think to make peace with them? Leo says that he understands, so they didn't do anything to attract them to their side since every explainations will only result in "No", making their stubborness much similar to those terrorists believing in Fundamentalism. But Solid Snake (no, Kalinin) is different, though he hesistated at first------His first contact with him was in last year's Christmas, and he told him all these stuff about this chaotic world. He didn't believe him at once, but then he changed his mind (which Sousuke doesn't think his simple words can sway him towards Amalgam): he showed Kalinin some evidences by telling him Amalgam may beat Mithril hard when using unforeseeable natural effects, that is the Solar Wind later on. Leo claims that he knew most of the communication system will be downed when there're large-scale activities from the sun, and he foresaw the Solar Wind by using TAROS (he may not foresee the weather forecasts and reactions from societies, it's still possible to foresee sun activities) since human activities won't be able to affect the sun, in return he accruately knew the time of effect (in seconds) and used it, since Amalgam can't devastate Mithril in such a scale normally. Sousuke also heard words of Kalinin acting strange during the siege of Melida, since no better evidence can be given by using unforeseeable sun activities to launch attacks in such a large scale, proving the change of history by the existance of TAROS and Omni-Sphere. As such, Kalinin accepts there're ways to tune the world back to its original world, and his power to achieve this------he's not serving Amalgam but Leonard Testarosa himself. Sousuke can't even believe that Kalinin will turn back from his life living out that "unwritten rule", and he didn't think he'll participate in the action of tuning back the world even there're really ways to do so, instead he'll accept stuff like losing/defeat/anything

that may shake him and organizes teh next fight. "If he's not like this......If he's not the one who I thought, so why they fought with their full strength under his command?" Leonard then continues that Kalinin is such a realistic person that know that they won't accept these, so he leaves without a word. Tessa probably knows these as well, but she told nothing more than that to them, nor the objective to stopping Leo's actions: Because there're people who supports him in Mithril. She thinks that people should accept the past and leave the history as it is. "Aiming for the future" is awesome and is good for self-satisfying, adding elements of taking revenge upon Amalgam and disapproving the thoughts of controlling the world. But in the end, she fights on because of going against him can show her power all along in her life. Sousuke doesn't think Tessa is such a selfish person, and Leo commented that she doesn't obeseve her real thoughts so even he tells her these she'll just keep denying, and can find a reason im mind to do so because she's so clever. As they pull out a pipe stuck among the debris, a large amount of debris fall to the ground, showing in a small hole of a shoulder's size. They're nearly there. As they're still working, Leonard says something shocking: Amalgam is now on its way of downfall, even though no one notices that. As his plan needs a large sum of $ and resources, the current democratic system will be troublesome so he's using artificial ways------the introduction of dictatorship: destroying the balance of power among the staff and spreading suspisions and horror at the same time, luring out active members and persuading them by using "carrot and sticks"; this troublesome job takes about half of a year with some success with the help of Kalinin, but he's still not YET the dictator. Though, he knows most of the identity of important leaders, injecting viruses in their communication networks (not Internet though): a more ancient coding system that no one noticed, as Amalgam has been growing decades ago by using this system. Sousuke feels surprised taht, even he doesn't disclose those info of that system, all what he just said are still valuable, classified information about Amalgam. How come he'll tell him these without care? His reply is that he doesn't feel ill for telling him these, because even if they don't fight hard, Amalgam will still eventually be destroyed, or perhaps the world has been tuned back before it does. At this moment, Sousuke can't consider Leonard as a liar anymore: it's OK if he's really gone crazy, but Kalinin has betrayed Mithril, Amalgam has some new actions than before, and those stuff about this twisted world is completely matching with Tessa's words------but if he really wants to conduct such a plan, what will he do? In fact, Leonard says they really need Chidori for their plan, and is building a new TAROS somewhere else: the largest one ever that dwarfs those existing one. WIth it, they can interfere the past, but the medium shouldn't be any normal Whispered, so The One who was gifted with the greatest power will be necessary. He has been searching for The One for long, and he finally finds out that from the beginning to the end, the one who received the largest amount of Tau wave emitted from Yansk11, the one who transmit stuff from future to Whispered is no other than her: Chidori Kaname. She is "exceptionally lucky" because of her uniqueness of her life: it's destined that she'll

create all these stuff, so she's not a Whispered, but a "Whispering" (personally Whisperer makes more sense, but it's how Gatoh wrote so it doesn't matter), and it's her who sent Black Technology back to teh past, resulting in the world's chaos. Sousuke says she's just an ordinary person, as she's not such a kind of person that sending technology of destruction to anywhere happily. Leonards laughs, saying that it's the strange point: why such a good girl will try to interfere the past? What's "the past" that she can't accept------something in the very past, or something that may happen? Also, why she'll send out Black Technology, or who're doing it? Even so, who design all sort of stuff that she owns, and where is he/she? Are there any other Whispering in the distant future? In the past he just want to figure all these out, so he only adapted a ploicy of leaving alone. As if laughing at the supreme God, he asks how Sousuke feel. Now he's totally confused about all the matters since they seem conflicting with one another, except for one thing: that kind Chidori is untentionally becoming the sacrifice for a huge plan because of someone unknown. Leo asks him what HE wants to do when fighting against Amalgam, asking for his personal reason but not any big topic like revenge or opposing the dictatorship. He answers he'll take her back, returning to a simple life and that's it. Leonard says it's impossible, even if he lets her go: because someone else will eventually track her down for her power, and that makes her unable to stay as an ordinary people in the society. It's the same for Mithril: if generations passed, because it's an organization, it'll eventually wanting her power------but if the history is tuned, she can become an ordinary person forever. No one will take her, she can live normally, having normal love affairs, borning her babies, grows old in age, just like what Sousuke wants. Inside Sousuke's brain, something keeps telling him Leonard is correct if all his theories are correct......But something else makes him reluctant to accept this solution. He knows it, because if all works out like Leo said, he won't exist in her life, his words of her "normal life" tightens his heart: he won't exist there, not even protecting him from afar. "That......will be meaningless.". Leo seems to understand his dliema, as he claims he's facing the same thing, so he suggests him to think about it as much as he can. In a few minutes the two keep on working without a word, and finally a hole of a size of a man formed. Leo climbs through the hole first, and even though his back is exposed, Sousuke just can't think of hitting him. Both of them arrives at a level above the scene. The truce ends, and both of them stands a few meters apart, confronting each other in the darkness. Leo asks if they're about to fight to the death again, while Sousuke is thinking about all stuff related: probably they won't spark off another explosion, so guns and explosives can be used. If it's an AS fight, he's uncertain of the ability to beat his Verial even with Laevatein, but if it's normal brawling he may have a chance, not to mention he'll become a great threat in the future. Leo tells him not to hesistate, laughing like a maniac that cares nothing about the present world and who thirsts for fighting. Suddenly, Sousuke is occupied a thought of "he can't beat this man": It's not because of afraid of him, but his firm belief of killing the man in front of him (which still exists sometimes ago) vanishes,

as Leonard's words had troubled him. If he's about to let Chidori going back to the normal world, isn't his possible plan the way to do so? What will happen if he hurts this man and blocks this way? His troubles intensifies since he asks why she's not there telling him what to do......And finally he gives up for now. Leo turns back leaving, saying that they can unleash their hates and wants at each other later (and as he moves it's probably the last chance to attack him), and he'll achieve his dream even if the whole world stands hostile to him; Sousuke better stands aside and watch, but if he blocks his way again he won't hesistate to kill him. Sousuke can't reply as Leo's footsteps fade out. "Changing the world"? When he's alone this thoughts become ridiculous again, but with all his doubts in mind means he's not crazy. Still, there's a more important job: If Chidori is indeed hanging around in the ruins, he should find her fist before enemies do. The two girls pass through the shielding of the dome and walks on in the narrow passage, leaving Lemon outside (and he won't want to come in here anyway). The thoughts and déjà vu repeats among their brains, and pressures/fatigue increases as they approaches the core. That about 5m distance seems to be unreachable for them, and they feel desperate about this......Yet they're holding each other's hands, sharing their thoughts, supporting each other while someone says demoralizing words------And that's it. Within the deepest part of thsi old TAROS is a dead body (encircled by numerous electrodes) contained within a large bath-like container, with lots of wires and pipes connected. It makes the dead body looks more alike than a model within a display window------a young woman, not rotten, skeletonized nor mummified, but rather has been covered in white wax. This ice-like body is shiny and keeping the woman's slim bodylines, as if it has just been painted by some paints, making it more alike a sculpted stature than a dead body. They still can't see teh face though, as the electrodes covers her head just like a helmet, and the head is placed at the top of the dome, seemingly to increase the accruacy of experiments. The two ask and answer at the same time: Who is she? She is an unknown person being experimented 18 years ago, but what's left here is just her remains since her original body had been rotten long ago------her mental power has recreated this physical form of her body through Omni-Sphere after a long time, building up her power from her remains just like a stalactite. Here is the scar made out of time: this crystal-form, or the remains of this woman is the real Whispering. She only has limited power now, but enetually some time in the future she'll revive, controlling me with even greater power, not forever, but for an unknown length of time. Tessa is preparing to destroying the place by taking out all those explosives she carries along, and this stature is her objective: the crystalized medium of OmniSphere. It's teh one who receoves Tau wave from elsewhere in time and turns them into Iota wave, sending them outwards. Lemon's actions was because of her power, and by destroying this Yansk11 will be freed from its curse......Except they don't know when will the crystal-form will be reformed, and they must do it everytime

when it does. But NO-----This is the biggest dlinema. Isn't it a waste of time and efforts? The presence of Whispering is unstoppable and eternal. As such...... You know all these well. You're finally here, my dearest daughter. (It's a known voice from long, long ago.) Yes. I'm waiting for your coming. Before this, I had called you for numerous times, but you resisted everytime and chose not to listen. However this is inevitable. You're now here and you can't deny me. Accept my power, accept my soul. If there's a thing can be called as a god, then WE ARE. You're the one Moirai of the three: You're Nona, Decima and Morta (Κλωθώ, Λάχεσις, Άτροπος). There's nothing to afraid of. Put up your hand and open your heart. Put the infinite happiness within your mind. We're doing these all the way, and any hesistation will be a waste of time...... At the same time Chidori is standing in front of the statue, touching the nowexposed face of it. Tessa shouts out to tell her get away, as she's about to detonate those explosives around, but Chidori just murmurs as if she's having a fever......Those voices within her brain all vanishes, effects of déjà vu is no more, and her view is all clear. She then says there're no need to destroy anything, and walks towards the terrified Tessa, gently taking away the detonator and throws it away. As she's about to ask what's happening, Chidori quickly slaps her face and takes away her gun, holding her tight in front of her. Saying that there're no use here, the statue starts to break up behind them. TO BE CONTINUED IN CHAPTER 5

Chapter 5: The firer of the Magic Bullet Evading the detections of enemy soldiers, Sousuke rushes towards the deepest part of the ruin. If the gang is ok then they should be going for the exit opposite to their position by passing the deepest part of the ruin, so in the path he's going on he may meet either of them. But without any map it's hard to move within this underground maze, so he can only rely on his senses and compass, and he must act fast or the searching enemies may find or even had caught them. Without any consideriations of being found he just rushes through the passages and stairs, ignoring footsteps or lights he saw on the way, relying only on his raw power to find them. It's so lucky that he hasn't been found even keep going on in this state, and when he arrived at a large underground hall, he found a man curlsing on the floor. He's Lemon, and

with alert he runs up to him, asking him why he's here. He replies lots of stuff happened, and the 2 girls are sticking together......His head is still in brain and nearly vomits. They're both ok and went into the dome-shaped complex there, he wanted to go in with them but the brain went nunts and shamefully cabn't go on. Knowing Chidori is so close, Sousuke can't just wait here and ready to move, but Lemon grabs his hand, saying that one's brain will go crazy since there's something in the dome, at least if tehy're not a Whispered. Sousuke then looks at the dome, which feels supernatural with all those parts attached to it. They're lucky that can be gathered here alive, but they can't hesistate as enemies will come here at anytime. He thenh shouts the two's name, telling them to leave, but there're no response. It's so quite here so they must be able to hear it, but the enemies may also hear this...... Some feedbacks. As he's about to run towards teh dome, the two girls comes out from there together. It's great that they're ok, especially at Chidori's part: after 9 months he finally saw her, who doesn't change much except looks thinner. And he finally saw her here, and he has lots to say, the suppressed emotions about to explode. He feels bad for not thinking baout what to say when he sees her again, and wants to tell her everything he wants to. But rather, he better runs up and hugs her at once, ignoring any possible dangers approaching the dome, and he begins to move as he can't wait anymore...... GUNSHOT. She fires her gun at him without hesistation, though the shot only nearly hits his legs. He can't even understand what happened, but it's real that she fired at him! He stops and tell her to drop the gun, as she may only fires because of unable to see who's there due to the dull environment. But as he shouts, she fires another shot nearer to his legs, and softly tell him not to move. Now he finally realizes it: Chidori isn't sticking close to Tessa, but taking her like a hostage. He can't understand what happens, as she tell him not to move or she'll shoot Tessa first. She says sorry to Sousuke, with some blood flowing near her mouth......Did she being beat by Chidori? She can't understand what happens either, but when she's about to speak Chidori stops her. Sousuke asks if she doesn't recognize him anymore, but she doesn't. She still knows him, and she wants to see him that she wants to run towards him......But why she's doing all these? "I have an important task to do which shouldn't be ignored. Sophia tells me to take up this job so I have to go. I'm still liking you most, but if you're standing in my way then I'll have to kill you." Sousuke can't even understand anything in her words, and tells her not to make up jokes now. She knows he'll think so, and understands his confusions, but he better accept these......"Because doing so will tie up with

the power that makes the world better."

She's telling him these like crying, but at the same time she's pointing her gun at T ssa's head, begging him to let her go or she'll kill them both. Sousuke denies, an she shouts why he can't understand er thoughts, she has to decide her actions and no one else can do so, even Sousuke This is pure chaos, and the feeling that occupies his heart has now gone, repla ed by an unbelievable horror and coldness. Those voices, words and speaking methods ar definately Chidori herself, but her actions are acting reversely, pretty much ike talking to a maching emulating her. How come she can beat Tessa and speak these ords? Chidori then moves towards the exit, but he just can't shoot her......He asks here she's going, but the reply is that if he likes her then don't give a cha e. He demands an explaination, and she says she know what she's doing. Sousuke then tarts to move------he's now here and how can he let her go like this? Fire at essa or him? These are just bluffing as she won't do the e. He has no choice but to suppress her rudely first before investigate later......B NG. She fires at Tessa's head, and her body falls to the ground, parts of brai and blood spilling out from the wound. INSTANT DEATH. Without hesistation she then aims at the shocked Sousuke, saying that it's all his fault, and he has to bear the esponsibility for her death. What is she saying? It's her who shot her! There're no ti e for thinking. The first thing he has to do is to catch her. As such, Sousuke runs up by a l his force------"It's all your fault!" BANG. The first shot hits the chest, and he now can't breathe. Second, then third. His AS pilot suit just barely blocks the bullets fo him, but all in all he still can't believe what she has done. Undefended, she then ays farewell to him and aim at his head. BANG. The last thing he saw is the fire of the gun, then he also dies instantly without any chance to shout. The slient and ark, lifeless world is about to come. But NO------there're some voice : "It's okay but don't push yourself too much. I'll keep waiting for you, so don't worry...... In the darkness comes a beam of light, enlarging his view. He then screams out in horror and sits up, with his anger, sorrow, sadness and horror twisting with on another, his muscles are shaking. Lemon stares at him with a face of exhausted nd horror. He's still in that hall and he doesn't know when he falls down. Lemon s beside him, Tessa is lying 5m ahead without any wounds in the head. So sh hasn't been hurt but only fainted? He then touches his head, chest and abdomen, no wounds are found. Chidori isn t there.Sousuke asks what happened, and Lemon tells him that when he begins to ru towards her he suddenly falls to the ground unconscious, while she pushes Tessa to the ground and runs away, and with Lemon's legs he just can't go after her. He lso seems confused, and Sousuke stands up running towards Tessa. Except being bea , tehre're no other gunshot wounds. At least she's okay......But what's the meani g for Lemon saying that "he probably can't do anything with it"? He replies that he sa the entire scene of them being shot, but probably it's just illusions or it's just e fects of déjà vu. When put this into consideration, that scene may be the "origin l possible future". They both see her shooting them, but why effects of déjà vu has

vanished for them? He's right, before entering here they're pouring into his mind, but now they're all gone. Sousuke then tries to run towards teh door that Chidori escapes, thinking that her mind has gone nuts or she won't shoot him. Lemon stops him, saying that she has been gone for 3mins and they can't chase her. Sousuke tells him to let go, but Lemon insisted that they're done for if they're still fighting. Sousuke continues to think that he's sick, but Lemon shouts and jumps to him suddenly-----GUNSHOTS. The gunfires are echoing in the hall from the enemies came in from southern entrance, 100m away, number unknown. Sousuke is so shaken by his emotions that he can't even maintain his lowest awareness, but despite how stupid he consider himself is he tries to fire back by his Carbine, but it's too dark here and they're so distant that he can't even find where enemies are. They soon decide to escape, so Sousuke initiates suppression fire and throws out an Incendiary Grenade, creating a barrier of flame and smoke that can make NVGs and Infrared Scoups are all useless. Lemon tries to pick up Tessa, and Sousuke comes back taking her up and rushes to the nearest exit. Lemon leads the way northwards, and when they arrive at a T-junction Sousuke stops his steps. Oppposing the way that Lemon is about to go, there're fresh footsteps: Chidori's. If he leave them alone and chace her by himself, he may still reach her......Lemons yells at him that enemies are coming. Yes, enemies are spreading out finding them, and it's ridiculous to do this. From Leonard's words, at least Chidori won't be killed, but the leftbehind Tessa and Lemon can't just escape on their own: At least Lemon will definately be killed. But it has been so long after she had left him......His senses finally overrides his emotions. Now he must put "escape" as priority, since chances of saving her will eventually come. Lemons says they may come to the back of the factory if going up the northern stairs, so they move on that path while Sousuke fires at the coming enemies. Chidori thinks she know what she had done. She had killed Sousuke and Tessa, by her shots. At least she thinks so. As she thinks about the poor two she'll become unhappy, and it's just a bad event afterall, but in fact the two are now useless. The not-so-thick friend game/poor-destiny lover game/etc won't have to continue, since the world will be retuned soon enough. She doesn't need to care what happened or who dies, the only thing she should care is her life. Now she has to think about the situation: Leonard Testarosa of Amalgam should have known this already, and should had been prepared for that. If it's her former self like that in 10mins ago, she'll refuse to help him at all costs, but now it's different because she finally understands. It's a simple solution, which Sophia tells her to do: she's the only one that can save the world. Just by thinking how awesome and prideful work it is, her heart will feel like burning. As she walks in the passage she saw a man is waiting: It's Leonard, who picked up a chair somewhere and sit there. She asks if he had been waiting for long, and he replies it's not, smiling. He comments that she has now awoken, and with a smile she agrees and pulls him up from the chair. She then asks him if all is prepared, and

he replies that he has been preparing for it 6 months ago. "Then let's go." "To anywhere as you wish, my princess." She feels cold on spot, so Leo taks off his red jacket and cover her shoulders. As such she comments that he becomes kinder than before, and he replies that there's no need for so. She adds that she won't say anything stupid anymore, as there're no need for arguing. The two then move for the friendly units. Probably because of being rudely carried, Tessa regains consciousness faster than normal. At first she still can hardly stand, but then she can walk on her own. Lemon asks her if she's really ok (ingoring the fact that his injury is more serious), but she asks how's Chidori instead. Running Sousuke says she left them alone, then asks her what happened in there. She can't reply on spot, and he's so furious that he grabs her shoulder to ask her, shocking her and she showed faces of guilty and sadness. He quickly apologizes that he has been confused, and so is she. He then mentioned that he met Leonard before and told him those stuff about Chidori getting to the deepest part of the ruins, then Tessa comments that he believes that she will behave like that already and whcih she can't predict so. It's not easy to explain the whole thing, but the core of this complex borns out something like a "shadow" of the tested person during the TAROS incident 18 years ago, resulting in a crystal-form of her through Omni-Sphere because of teh mental waves between the past and the future. That crystal-form should be the real body of the Whispering, transmitting intelligence to Whispereds like a mid-way antenna. She is here because of aiming to destroy it, thinking that its destruction will halt Black Technology flowing into this space where they shouldn't exist. Sousuke then replies that Leo insisted that Chidori is actually the real Whispering, and it's now the case because of some unknown reasons. By hearing her words and insane stuff before, Sousuke starts to understand what she means: With unknown reasons, something had happened inside there and how Chidori behaves. Is Chidori being possessed by that Whispering? She neither agrees nor denies, but says sorry to Sousuke in her deep feeling of guilt, saying that she whould stop her to approach there if she know what will happen afterwards. Sousuke can't try to calm her down. "-Are there no methods to solve this?", "-You're following her and yet you let her do it.", etc comes up, and he can barely holds his limit for now scolding Tessa hard, while she also understands that her any words are now useless. To breack teh ice, Lemon tries to comfort her by saying that it's him who insisted to follow her, and things that no one can predict are really irresistable, but she's still saying that nothing can be done now. At this time Sousuke feels really bad for his inability to comfort her, telling her that it's not her fault, and further more why he still become so angry even he committed numerous faults all teh way long. He does know the reason behind though: because it's all about HER, and he's unable to free his mind to treat her well when the events crosses with her. It's just a little more, but how is he supposed to do when he sees her next time?

Radio messages reached Kalinin (no, from this onwards I should call him Big Boss if necessary) that the units had found 2 male and a female in the deepest passages, one injured but they'll keep on tracking them down. Big Boss tells them not to try hard to suppress but to drag them down, and keep the female alive possible. Even these are indirect communications their status are still bad, and contolling his units working in this maze is also very difficult, as they're still in strong confusion until now because of that déjà vu. They're still retaining their consciousness, but it still makes communication and cooperation difficult: asking about an issued command repeatedly, unable to report their current status or position, etc. Such effects intensifies when they're more close to the core, and some of the teams nearly fire upon their colleagues, only being stopped by Big Boss' warnings. But these effects vanish just the moments before. Is there something happened in the core of the ruins just like what Leonard told him------Chidori is fine after the crash, by some guidence of fate she reached the core and together with the Whispering......He chooses not to think too deeply. Regardless, communication has now become better. Though Alpha Team had let them go, the exits have others ready for ambush, and even Sousuke won't have a method to escape alone. His men will surely kill him, and same goes with Tessa if she tries to resist. Once again he asks himself if it's OK for them to die......And it's a yes. If they die here that means they're just at that level, as such it'll be a chance to clear out his confusion. At the time of Melida attack, he didn't delete the position data of "last resort" supplies from Danann's databank, since he's still doubting about the issue even though Leonard's words came true. His doubts at that time let them live till now, but now he won't hesistate since he agrees with Leo's objective: he always feel that the world shouldn't be like this. As such, from this onwards whoever step in their way will be neutralized without hesistation, even if they're past comrades, including Sousuke------If he's about to die here then so be it, but if he's still trying to stop him he has to be prepared for the will and sacrifice if necessary. One of his men beside him suddenly shouts and tell 2 coming people to stop, who turns out to

be Leonard and Chidori and that man lowers his arms.

But they noticed that Chidori looks unnaturally easy as if she's the ruler of the world fr m her footsteps, but she's still only a 17-year-old girl......Or perhaps she's teh real ruler, he and Fowler and teh rest are just mere servants who try to gain some hing from their power. Leo and Big Boss both greet each other, and while the ater says Sousuke tries to escape from the north and the encircling will soon omplete, Chidori feels strange since she had killed Sousuke and Tessa by shooting heir heads. Big Boss doesn't understand this opposite intel as reported, as well as her easiness of telling their death. As he tries to ask for more Leo stops him, sayin that anything in OK. He then orders the evacuation while Big Boss can st ll beat up "3 unindentified enemies" before they left, and he suddenly feels unea y and something is lost for himself. He then contacts Casper, who reports Kurz s still nowhere to be found. Big Boss orders him to wait and neutralize him si ce he'll eventua y come to rescue the three. He accepts with a laugh, and hopes he can enjoy the fig t.AI reports to Kurz about small arms fire within the ruins. Right now they're hiding 3km NE from Yansk11, and they took 2 hours of slow motions to get there in order not to be found, still they're cautios enough to use normal amofluge+ECS as well as limiting data transmission. As the reached the maximum ra ge of communication Kurz lays down his M9 and uses super-sensitive vibration sensor to detect sounds, and soon enough it detects these gunfire (though not the footsetps) proving the existance of fighting in there. It's determined that that particular so nd is Sousuke's carbine with his particular beat of shooting despite of echoes. Smiling for he's alive, Kurz soon try to read the situation within the digital map: He's oving towards their direction, but because of lowered speed than normal he can say tha some injured or a girl (who is probably Tessa) is with him. They try to escape vi the backdoor, but there's a deployed team hiding near the exit, so without hi support escape won't be possible. The enemy may also ad prepared for that though, and obviously Casper is waiting for him at somewhere else.Soon there're some weak waves received from Sousuke, and with shorte ed sentences (without any jokes, in order to keep tranmissions as little as pos ible in addition to encoding and other sorts of works) he asks him about the situa ion. They're doing a fighting retreat with Tessa and injured Lemon (and the sig als are becoming stronger). Kurz says that there're are enemy ambush on the groun , and soon Sousuke asks if support is possible since he can observe these. Ku z replies that it's possible, but a sniping LDS-mounted AS is hiding around and mu t be destroyed first, since he knows that without nailing Casper and fire direct y upon enemy squad he'll be shot by Casper in no time as his position has been exp sed. Moreover, Sousuke thinks that the strongest AS (Verial) can also be around, making th situation even direr. Still, Kurz says that if he can defeat the sniper first they can transport Laevatein to there, even he knows that Gebo6 has to take a ri k------destroy Casper's AS first, then clear out the ambushing enemies, and Gebo6 (with ECS on) drop Laevatein to Sousuke BEFORE Leonard can react. It's still a questio that if Laevatein can beat Verial, but if it's used then an escape route may be

found. Sousuke then tells him that they'll try to hang on there and wish him good luck (......TwT), while Kurz tells him to wait for him. But his heartbeat rates increases after replying him: Can he really beat THAT Casper? But if he doesn't do it, then the three will die eventually...... They can't even count how many staircases they had passed today. The progress of shoot->help Lemon->shoot loops indefinately, and as the three move on Tessa also found the enemy ambush on the ground via Kurz's AS sensors, at least 11 are found. Now Sousuke starts to think: if they keep climbing up the stairs ahead they'll eventually get out from the emergency exit below a small hill, and around that place there're lots of residentials which means enemy troops are probably in those houses, making the three surrounded once they get out. They're probably trying to lower their casualties since they can try to capture them if there're enough troops, or launch an all-out two-front attack upon them even it's not the case. In any cases once they pop out they'll be fired upon by at least 10 people and their aims will be dead-on in addition to uniform actions since they're led by Big Boss. Being experienced in conflucts, both Tessa and Lemon don't panic from his reports, and they know well that if Kurz's M9 can support them at least half of the enemies can be neutralized, and the smokes created can also cover their escape------but it's not possible right now, since he'll be shot by the sniper if he attakcs recklessly, followed by Leonard soon enough. Lemon (who seems very exhausted from all these sort of stuff) asks what to do, and Sousuke comes to a conclusion that they have to wait and fight at the exit while waiting for Kurz. Lemon doubts his skill, but Sousuke replies that even with his unbelievable skills the situation is still dire: a normal AS like M9 has only one chance to beat a LDS-equipped one: surprise. If the first shot doesn't kill it then it's game over, and from Kurz's words it seems that the sniper is also pretty tough. Even worse, their ammo can only support them for 5mins even they're saving ammo now (the Carbine is now switched to single-shot, and Sousuke hands his handgun to Lemon who's obviously more experienced of using guns than Tessa, who'll take up the job of communication and surviliance). The three continues to move until a dead end is reached, and without the metal door it's probably outside. Lemon stands as rearguard as Sousuke opens the door, but soon he's nearly shot from the hiding enemies in the houses, while enemies are now closing up from behind. The two continues to fire, but the enemies are so highlytrained that they're obviously there to get some time for others, as such the three will be captured through attritions eventually. Sousuke shouts at the communicator at Kurz about his status...... ......Who is still thinking about the situation. Reports from Uruz7, Gebo4/6 and his AI unit pass through his brain. Snipers' battle determines by how fast they can detect their enemy, resulting in a mental war between warriors upon skilled camofluges, concentration and intelligence of their own. He reads through all the data on the screen and guess where Casper is------where's his heat signature? Even if Casper's AS has ECS, it'll still has lowest level of heat emissions, and in this lifeless ruin there

must be notacible traces, but even the infrared sensors can't tell his exact position. How about voice? In this quiet environment he may catch the voice of his reactor, but now the voice sensors on his M9 is receiving voices of Sousuke's gunfights, and if the foe is keeping as slient as he is then it's not possible. Electronic methods? Obviously not, as Casper won't use radar in this case, using his active ECCS radar will expose his position, and Fairy's Eye can't detect any LDS reaction, that mean he's not using LDS to avoid detections and that means if he can nail Casper in the first shot he'll win. But in the end WHERE IS HE!? He can't rely on any technologies but using his natural skills. Kurz tries to think from Casper's viewpoint. Obviously he knows where Sousuke is fighting, and he's probably also at a position that can provide support if necessary, which means he won't be waiting at the hills near the gunfight scene. Still, he'll also try to claim highlands to find him. Casper can have numerous place to hide, so he have to think more deeply: He and Casper will certainly observe any approaching choppers, and he'll even have to consider the possibility of other M9s around, so he won't hide within the factories and cut half of the choices, but it's still not enough. How about the weight, standing point and movements after firing of Casper's AS? If he's using a large-caliber sniping cannon then dusts created from firing will disrupt the aiming of subsequent shots, and putting fracturing materials of the buildings in consideration with all other factors------Kurz comes up with 3 spots: near the roof of the Administration Building, Lenin stature at the centre, and the tower among the northern factories. Then it'll come to Casper's personality: he's a pratical sniper that'll hide in a place easier to aim but harder to be found, and even with LDS he won't easily fire or depends on his luck, as such he may just on the roof of Administration since the standing point is solid, freed from obstacles around, has widest firing arc, can react to attacks from anywhere and support their copters easily. But will he stay in such a predictable place? He tries to search there by all means, but he can't confirm if he's there or not, same goes to the other 2 place. He need just a little mroe time to find that out, but let's just consider it's one of the three, and all will rest on his instincts later. Casper is a sniper that knows him well, so he can predict Kurz's thoughts till now, as such will he be sticking in other places? Gebo6 tell Kurz to act faster or Sousuke and the rest will be killed, Kurz tries to ignore that but failed: he's becoming more impatient. There's one critical thing Casper has but he has none: time. Casper can find him with leisure without fearing colleagues being harmed, but Kurz can't, as even though how good Sousuke is his ammo is still limited, and it's probably a few minutes before the ammo runs out. Now he has to think if it's the building or the tower, as the infrared images in either place are fitting size of an AS......Gebo6 yells at him again, and his patience decreases again. Temperature of the image on the building is higher, and wind flows there looks unnatural, making it seems like an AS is passing there. Moreover, the shape looks like a crouching humanoid, and it should be. He doesn't wastes time and start to aim at there, adjusting the point according to the data given, and to the place where it's probably the cockpit.

"Die now, Casper." FIRE. The shells flies towards teh target, hitting there-----NO. Concrete debris flyign everywhere at the impact point, creating lots of dust. There're no AS. THAT MEANS...... He tries to turn at the tower but it's too late. He saw the red mecha hanging upside down on the tower's top, as well as the flying shell. HIT. The shell hits precisely upon Kurz's crouching M9, penetrates its head and passes through the chest, back of the cockpit, destroying all in its path------the radar in the head, drivers, locomotion systems, electronic appliances, pilot------and flies out from its lower back. Kurz doesn't even have time for any movements. Restarting its LDS and confiming no other AS is around, Casper reports to Big Boss that Kurz is killed by such damages upon his machine. Big Boss then tells him to help suppressing the resistance, capture the girl and kill the rest. Casper then leaves for the scene. Even though knowing his ex-subordinate is killed, Kalinin doesn't seem to be unhappy, nor it's the case with Casper------rather, he's pretty excited with such rare experience. The Administration is really his first choice, if he doesn't know it's Kurz he's facing he'll obviously take there, but he didn't. Before the fight he told a man to light up a fire there, trying to increase his suspicions......And he is trapped because of the impatience due to running out of time. But it's Kurz's own fault that he's hoping the second shot can get the target, and he lacked the concentration needed for that moment. His decision is too fast that if he can spend another minute he may realize the trap. But still, he's having a good time with him. He thinks Kurz is a gifted person: 5 years ago, a hirer brought him "an interesting kid" who seems to be a terrorist from Japanese Sekigun, vowing to avenge for his parents. (Another Lockon Stratos.......T_T) In the real fight for testing, he showed his rarely-found, gifted concentration, observing ability and imaginations upon ballistics, that's why he'll let him join his force. Kurz is really a genius, he can just see and understands all the skills and knowledge as a sniper which're gathered in 200 years in just one year, and became an unmatched sniper in the team. He knows everything that he needs to become a good sniper, but in the end the Wraith doesn't come to him, because he doesn't experience nor knowing the moment that everything becomes one and everything under his control. So basically speaking, the Wraith doesn't come to him because he doesn't understand this point, not because of all sorts of tactics. Casper had avenged for him, taught most of his skills to him, but he left his master behind without knowing all his teachings. After thinking about these, Casper jumps within the ruins and going for the fighting scene at the northeast of the ruins.

In the far south, Sousuke can hear a huge explosions of 2 large-caliber sniper cannon shots, then the explosion of a machine being hit. He can't see from his position, but it seems taht one of the AS is being hit. He quickly calls Kurz, but there're no response. Tessa calmly says that the connection with the ADM (Advanced Data Modem) is cut, all data stops transmitting, and there're even no calls for help, so the M9 has probably stopped working, or even worse the M9 is destroyed. Sousuke comments that he has been like that a few times but he's still OK, so he's not those who can be killed so easily. But his ammo left is just about 20 so it's impossible to suppress enemy infantry anymore. Just after he tells Tessa not to give up, the enemy AS arrives: improved Codarl, the Eligor, armed with a sniping 76mm cannon. He should be the sniper that Kurz is paying attention to, and if he can show up with leisure like this, it'll mean-----Its arm swings. The house they're hiding in are being torn apart, and if they're not ducking just in time they'll certainly being torn apart with the shot. Then the pilot of the AS shouts from the machine, saying that the reinforcements won't come as Kurz Weber is dead. There's no doubt that when a sniper shows up directly like this, it'll mean there battle is over. Casper tells them to hand over Tessa or he'll just kill them all. Tessa falls slient and gently shakes her head while suppressing shocks to her mind recently as Sousuke hestitates: he can't let their intel leak to anyone so it's better to die together, but if she's alive then they may still have a chance to rescue her and strikes back, as well as thinking about ways to cure Chidori. But suddenly, someone is talking through his headphone: Kurz. He speaks soft, segmented voice, but he's still alive. He says that he did something stupid and his macgine is blown up, his life will fade out soon enough (which Sousuke indded knows it's real from his voice), but he can still fire a single shot. All Sousuke need to do is to lure the pilot of that AS out of cockpit. Sousuke doesn't understand, but Kurz tells him just do it. That AS is staring at them, those soldiers behind it has stopped firing but are still in alert, his Carbines just have 15 shots left and also a smoke grenade left. How can he supposed to bluff them just with these, or luring out that sniper out of the cockpit? That sniper------GOT IT. He murmurs taht he'll try, and suddenly throws away his carbine, pulling out his knife and grabs hold of Tessa, pointing his knife at her throat. Lemon shouts, but Sousuke tells him not to move, and shields himself by her body while lying on a wall behind. She doesn't resist either, but is trying to observe the situation. Casper asks what he wants to do, and Sousuke replies taht he want to negotiate: if Casper can't secure his life, then he'll kill the girl first. Casper continues that the order is only capture her if possible, if not she can still be killed, but Sousuke adds that if he lets him go they can get her unharmed, which is the best. Casper thinks he's ridiculous, as from what he heard about him is that he's not a kind of person that will sacrifice others' life for saving his own, and tell him stop the bluffing. Sousuke replies that it's not the problem of bluffing or not, the reason is that he can't die here due to there're stuff for him to do. Casper obviously won't give way, and Sousuke continues to tell him blowing them up all at once------Yes, he'll obviously hate such choice because it's way too easy for him to do. Such action will be enough to irritate

him, and there're no need to tell him "you can't ignore the captive and shoot me directly because you suck". Eventually, the chect armour of Eligor slides open, the AS stops moving and there're noise of hatch opening. The pilot comes out from there, he's a Indo-Europen man with dark skin, and looks obviously experienced. He asks if such last actions from Sousuke is too over the top, as Sousuke answers he'll live on no matter what. Tessa seems to know his intentions now, but now she can only wait because of his showing up: It's all they can do for now. They don't have any more firearms, but just a single knife and a smke grenade, and it's pointless to throw the knife at that man since he can be shot either by that man or enemies behind. Casper is holding a rifle pointing at him, and who obviously aim at his brain. There're no way to escape as he's preparing to fire. He had done everything he can for Kurz, but his distance from here is way too far...... 1650m. Though he doesn't have any measuring devices nor observer, but he can tell so by the scope on his rifle. His body is a mess: can't control right leg, left leg under the knee twisted to other directions, or he can't tell if his lower half is still there. Metal pieces break his back already, breaking his ribcages, organs are mixed with one another, his head keep bleeding and he can't hear anyting from his right ear. Nothing can be done as he'll die soon enough, and it's the thing he knows......But can he do one last thing with his remaining life? Yeah, that is------his rifle. He uses his arms to climb out of the ruined cockpit, and every moves will make him in pain, but such feeling are also fading. He crawls to the blown-off weapon rack and barely takes out the unharmed old rifle in there. He then unwraps the gun and start aiming......1650m. If it's 400m nearer he'll still have some chance. In the scope he saw Casper shows up from his cockpit, and it must be Sousuke's brillant work, but the distance is too far for him to do anything. At that moment he thinks of Sousuke (better find out ways by himself), Tessa (just drop that boring man and find a good one), Mao (who'll feel lonely more easily than normal women, and he wants to take care of her more but he don't know if he should make her cry, so it's better not to hug her at that time), and finally Casper. He perhaps is a bad student for not being able to call Wraith to beat him, nor becoming a real sniper------but at that time in Leberon, when he saw the one who killed his family, he didn't fire because he saw an unrelated girl behind: 8-year-old Rana (my crappy translation), and if he fires the shot he'll obviously hurt her. He told him to fire as it's the last chance, but he couldn't, so he fired that shot. Yeah, by his shot his prey is dead, and it's the end of his avenge; but he traded that by Rana's life, as his bullet blown off the man's head and also some of her organs, and she's still living in a hospital now (and a normal one won't be able to save her). Casper obviously know all these before firing the shot, so Kurz chose to leave his unit as, if it's the "real sniper", he won't want to become a monster like him. So, in the end, is he going to hand over his comrades to such monster without doing anything, just because of the negligible reason of that 1650m distance? He better give it a try, but he just have one chance as he can't maintain his consciousness for long, like the dimming fire of a nearly-burnt out candle, even if

he's just stare into the scope he feels the darkness coming. Anyway, he uses the best crounching pose to place his rifle------1650m, an impossible distance for his . 308 bullets, and it's 130m longer than Casper's record. After he places his rifle well he starts reading the winds: in front of him is NW 15knots, at that place is NWN 10knots, and there're disturbances around. The tumbling effects, Coriolis Force of the Earth (especially in 60degree high-latitude place like here) which may make the bullet miss for about 30cm, and there're lots more problem that have to be dealt only by human brain, and Kurz thinks deeply about these.......And finally the bullet's path imagined by his instancts, ignoring all sorts of calculation or maths. The cross reaches the air close to the target for about a few meters, but it's still not enough. Because of his breath the cross is shaking up and down, but the accruacy needed soon after is just like painting the eye of a dragon painted on a needle, which is impossible in normal cases...... But a voice in his brain says otherwise. "It can be done......" He just think about this calmly, and reads out things that're never seen before: movements of his degrading muscles, the temperature of his losing blood, winds' movements, imgination about the bullet's path, and then every particles around are being controlled and understood by him. He's not thinking about the safety of the gang, nor stuff about Mao, Rana, his dead family, his first love in secondary school, and soon he even forgets who teh target is------all he need is to deliver the bullet to there. The moment that injects his life to the target will soon come, as he can aim further......Something has come to him, an invisible thing opposite to the materium, and twisting the space and time around him. All of a sudden-----FIRE. As expected, the bullet flies out of the gun and this magic bullet cataches with the win perfectly, and seems taht it's attracted to the target. He knows that it'll hit from 1650m apart....... (You deserve it.) After thinking about this word, Kurz grabs his rifle and suscumbed into the void-like


(Fro HS: Doesn't this pic looks like Lockon Stratos at his last shooting in Gundam 00?) Just when Sousuke is thinking that "he'll be hit", bloods suddenly burst out of the enemy's chest, because of a bullet coming from somewhere else penetrated is heart. In shock, the man turns from Sousuke towards the direction where the dea Kurz supposed to be, murmuring about the impossibility of such attack------then he alls from the shoulder of the AS. At the same time Sousuke reacts: throwing ou the smoke grenade, pressing down Tessa and tell Gebo6 (who're hiding sliently with E S on at the opposite of the hill) to deliver AL to him, since it's possible to rop down Laevatein by force and then use terrains to escape once the sniper's down, but still they better hope Leonard and his AS won't show up in these se onds......Tessa is giving out their positions, while the two are continuing to fire despite their ammo is going to run out, as the enemies have resumed fi e. Just when Tessa asks how's Gebo6, another mechanical voice replies that ETA i 5 seconds. The crew wonders why the hatch opens by itself, but ARX-8 Laevate n has begun his airdrop and fires its chaingun on the head, landing just near whe e Sousuke is. As such Sousuke throws away his carbine and jumps onto the AS, but AL is indeed fast-moving by swinging his right arm like throwing him towards his head, losing the cockpit once he's safely in there, and omits all sort of startup crap by using defaults, just like he's hurrying Sousuke to act.But seconds later a shot is fired at him, though AL jumps up dodges the L S-powered 40mm shell from southwest. Obviou ly it's Leonard, and if AL starts up by itself earl y it'll surely being torn apart."Enemy AS at 2 o'clock, Range 8. It's that bastard."But still, he has to take care of those infantry first. After raining a storm of 12 7mm bullets upon them, Sousuke orders AL to pick them both up (who uses the suppo t arms to do so), but there're no time to call Gebo6 back to transfer them now. T e second wave of attack arrives, and just like what he said Leonard attacks without m rcy, this time they dodge the first shot while BARELY deflects the rest. But in t e end, they can't bl9ock them once he's close, and e doesn't even have ECCS (while Leonard is probably in ECS now). In that c se......"Ca we use 'Fairy' Feather'?"<Again, going to a show without practice?>"Do it now!"<Got it......!> The Fairy's Feather, that 2 shoulder parts slide open and in seconds it has reached its peak capacity, and the reactor injected enormous electricity into these pieces, twisting the air around due to heat discharges. It has successfuly started runnin . But different to the name, the Fairy's Feather isn't a device to make him flying basing on the data provided by Chidori's HDD left in the mansion (MMD), Miller an others had built this device for Laevatein and its original name is "Lambda Drive Canceller" (Gatoh, stop watching Gundam Seed/Destiny.......), rumouring to be a le to cancel out all Lambda Driver's effects around Laevatein. Still, Sousuke knows

nothing about how it actually works, but he was told that Fairy's Feather will use even more electricity than Lambda Driver, and obviously Laevatein itself can't use LDS at that time either. And one last thing: it's said that to make the Feather in effect, the controller's mind is still important that he has to think hard about "such effect won't exist" just like when using LDS normally, but in the opposite way. It may be hard from hearing, but Sousuke now understands it well, since he just need to think about it just like he was: "Stop lying, such hing is impossible to exist". So just vanish------Immediately, teh Feather reacts to Sousuke's thought, and spaces nearby twists for a little. The change is just like this, but if this Feather is supposed to make everything stop working, then it' must be the evidence of its working. In front of Laevatein about 300m, smokes emerge from the ruins which means Leonard's AS stops flying and crashes on a building. But still, it lands successfully and fires at him at once------he must also noticed that Sousuke can't use LDS either. He tries to dodge the shell, but since he's holding Tessa and Lemon he can't move violently, and since his reactor is nearly drained his movements are restricted to the minimum level. He then pulls out the Boxer Shotcannon from the back and fires back, since he can't use that Demolition Gun without LDS, and even without LDS Leonard's AS is still very agile, dodging behind the building and fires at him. He didn't approach with leisure, but if they're maintaining the fight like this he'll lose eventually. Moreover, teh Feather unit 1 on left shoulder starts to overheat and the cooling system can't keep up with that, it won't be long for the right unit 2 to do the same. Sousuke still can't figure out a way to win over Leonard once the Canceller stops working, and everyone will be killed for sure. AL tells Sousuke that he should be able to understand one thing: it's the only time for retreating by falling back while firing at Leonard, and rally with Gebo6 while running away at full speed, and also...... <We have to abandon Uruz6 now. Judging from the situation at that time and the last ADM data......> "Cut it......" <......He is now dead.> "CUT IT!!" No one will know everything, and he may still be alive with just a few breaths. They may save him if they rescue him now. He also suffered serious wounds but he can still live, so who can tell that rock-hard Kurz will die? And in the end, how can they leave him behind, and how is he supposed to tell Mao about these? But then, the fuse of the left Unit 1 burns out and stops working. Time is running out, and all the cruel data on the screen tells him that it's impossible to reach Kurz now. AL is totally right......And Sousuke finally orders a retreat. Firing the Shotcannon at full auto mode, throwing out all grenades and use the head chaingun to detonate them all, Laevatein use all remaining power to jump across the hill as Gebo6 is ascending. Ignoring the normal docking sequence, Laevatein grabs hold of the emergency weapon rack underneath as the plane leaves Yansk11.

As Leonard confirms the distortion fades, Sousuke and the copter are almost finished leaving and it's impossible to chase them. He can fly and catch that copter, but if that Canceller works again it'll be awful: Verial still isn't a machine that can stay unharmed by falling down from 1000m air without LDS. Still, a Canceller? Theorically it's possible, but he's still surprised that Tessa and her gang had finished this; moreover this red AS is even more hard to dealt with comparing with that Arbalest, since in the end it has actually dodged his LDS-boosted shots. Still, he's in an advantageous position since that machine may not have ECCS as he observed in battle (though he initially thought that he doesn't use these because it's useless against 3rdGen AS).......In the end, he better prepares well for next time to destroy that machine. On the other hand, he thinks Casper is too careless as he saw that now-ruined red Eligor: Fowler and Sabrina are good pilots but Casper is unmatched in sniping skills, which is more needed for those intense combat in the future. Big Boss then calls Leonard, telling him that 2 battlions of Soviet Airborne are coming from southeast, and no matter how they notice fightings in this place they better leave ASAP. Leo then tells him about Casper and Kurz's death, but Big Boss just halted for a little and replies that it'll also be a huge blow to them since Kurz's skill is much more dangerous than Sousuke's AS, and when he asks him about his feeling, he just said that he had abandoned the feeling of sadness already. Soon enough, Leonard and all their men board their copters and leaves this abandoned city. TO BE CONTINUED IN EPLILOGUE

Epliogue Now they're leaving Yansk11, but Sousuke doesn't even have the strength to comfort Tessa: Chidori leaves them alone, and the issue of Kurz are troubling her, since because of her incompetience, faults and inability to notice these these things happened, even though these are tend to happen. When some tragedies happen the one who condemns the one who're responsible will be the oneself who're responsible, and the kinder and smarter he/she is will condemns themselves harder. The crew then prepares some sleeping pills and forces the rejecting Tessa to take some, then stays with her for some time; Lemon is also exhausted but in the end he's able to to receive proper medical care, and falls asleep soon after. Holding Tessa's hand, Sousuke is thinking about all sorts of stuff: Omni-Sphere, accident 18 years ago, Whispered and Whispering, the chaotic world, Chidori who turned as the "key"......etc, and he can't think of any solutions. He also think about Kurz and the enemy who died in front of him being shot in chest, and when he predicts the firing distance by digital map, it's 1650m. Having some knowledge about sniping, Sousuke knows that it's an impossible act for a human, which means Kurz uses his whole life to fire this lifesaving, best-of-his-life shot. He told Leonard

that "Death is part of humans", but he can't predict he'll experience this in such a way. Back to TDD which is travelling back to Pacific after 1154 hours after leaving Yansk11, and since the message is received early the whole ship if filled with a gloomy atmosphere. Clozort comes back first, but he doesn't scold anyone and instead tell them to take a rest. Mardurkas also tell them not to worry about Tessa after bringing her back safely------they must have used to experience dead of comrades, so he can just leave the matter to them.......But then Sousuke meets Mao alone in a briefing room. At first she asks about the whole situation calmly and just sighs after his explainations, and after a long pause she asks him if he know the thing between her and Kurz. Sousuke nods, and then she says that there's nothing to worry because their relations are just plainly normal first, and such acts are just like playing to free from stress, as they won't put their real emotions into place at such age, and even she's thinking to stay out of him to prevent such thing to happen (which, since it's a different tone to what he heard from Tessa, makes him feed more sad), since Kurz is a prevert, 6 years younger than her, and is such a nuisence that she'll just toy with him.......Then he feels that she'll collapse soon. She says that it's not his fault, but it's because of his stupidness, still even though he's a stupid she still likes him. She then lies on his shoulder crying, telling him (who?) not to die, and in the progress Sousuke can only hold her shoulder. He also get used to not being sad, but is it? He seem to know a bit to smile, but still he doesn't know how to cry. As an incomplete human like him, where and how can make him cry? Probably in front of Chidori, or even in her arms, may make him cry...... It's not bad to travel around on a plane. As she sits in a commercial jet, Chidori thinks so. She's now surrounded by strong guards and good waiters, enjoying best food and watch her favorite movie------for how long she can't be so comfortable like now? She knows that Sousuke and Tessa are dead, and from their communications it seems that Kurz also died as well. Their deaths are all because of their thoughts of fighting on instead of handing all stuff to her, so they they can enjoy a safer, happier life everyday. Sabrina (who joined her on this jet after some work in South America) comes in and asks her what else she needs, and Chidori replies that she want to go to a large bathroom or even a onsen (hotspring). Sabrina doesn't know what's a onsen, and as Chidori tells her about it, she recalls the images of her precious, enjoyable memory: when did she travel for an onsen last time, with who, who started that and who caused trouble there? At this time, she feels something uncontrollable and hot slides through her face from her eyes, and she feels

surprised that she'll still rain down things that're now meaningless to her.

Sabrina feels surprised, and when Chidori asks when will they arrive, Leonard replies f om the cockpit that onlt 15mins to go. The day is fine, and she'll be able to sa w that from the left side. She loo s through the window, and spo s a crescent-shaped island lies in the Pacific."You're building that there.""Yes. It's a temple built for you------and for saving us. Once others n tice this, it'll attract lots of enemies to here, so we have to be prepa ed."The largest, strongest TAROS is waiting for her there, for her to return this world back to its normal form. It's the end and beginning of al .The hot and intense fi ht, if the last fight of the istory exists, will be centered on that island.T t island is called Melida.The former West Pac

important issues mentioned in Gatoh's last words: 1. The long story will come to its end eventually, and he had prepared for long to pack up the opened package. Initially he wants to write more about the old dudes in Mithril, Kurz and Mao, Fowler and Sabrina, etc, but it'll make the story off-course so he omitted them. Still, it'll be good to use side stories to tell these things later on, if he has that chance. 2. This book will make one feel surprised, and Sousuek and his team are still in dire situations, but they *probably* have a way out for him. (WTF?) 3. He actually thought about the sniping issue. Normal 7.62mm bullets will only travel for about 1000m, so in order to make Casper a monstrous character he worte that distance. (On the other hand, rifles firing 12.7mm bullets seem lacking romatic feeling for him.) 3. He wants to make the next book as the climax of the series, but it's still a question if he can finish that in a single book. (......) 4. "That's it, next time, together with Sousuke......Nah, we can't use such lame ending words anymore. In the distant timespace, gamb everything."

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