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Jirachaya Bow Mahatongkum

Mr. Abel Cadias

English 10/ 10:01

May 16, 2017

Are Young Children in Thailand Smarter Because of the Internet?

Young children who use the Internet can have positive effects such as making them

smarter, improving their memory, and increasing their IQ. The purpose of this research report

is to explain the effects of the internet that might make young children smarter. The

importance of this research report is to provide awareness on the positive effect of using the

Internet to young children. The pieces of information found in this research report are based

on eight sources. First, the article entitled The Internet can make you smarter provides

three out of four experts believe the Internet can improve reading, writing, and knowledge.

Next, according to Lance Whitney, the writer of the article tried to give the information about

a review of responses to a tension pair about the impact of the internet on reading, writing,

and the rendering of knowledge. Third, the website Does the Internet Make You Smarter?

suggests benefits of the Internet to young children. Fourth, the article by Mr. Jodi Gold

explain five positive messages to assist in digital parenting. Fifth, an article called How The

Internet Can Make Your Kids Brighter & Smarter? explains how does the Internet make

children smarter and brighter. Sixth, the article entitled Do smart device make smart kids?

reports how the Internet can make young children smarter or not. Next, the article from Mr.

Phoebe Moore provides the answer for Are children smarter because of the internet?

Finally, the article from The tutoring center or Johns C. Ga shows how the Internet affects

young children in memory, critical thinking, writing, and social skill.


The Internet

In a short period of time, the Internet has amazingly affected practically every feature

of people lives. With it, people are capable access into new thoughts, more data, and a new

universe of group. It has developed and evolved to impact how people connect, how people

lead business, how people learn, and how people pass day to day. Moreover, as much as it

has changed people lives. the Internet itself has changed too. The Internet can likewise

distinguish as "the net". Since 1960, the net been first created which the main message sent

on Friday, October 29, 1969 (Rouse,2017). In 1993, spread generally and end up plainly well

known as same as today which internet is exceptionally important to every individual person.

The internet is a global network of many computers or devices or people can call it a

worldwide telecommunications system. The internet is an important part of peoples life.

People use the internet every day for many things, but mostly for information, and

communication all around the world such as sending an email or a message and etc. The

internet has a system which is not understandable and complicated. The internet is like a

channel compared to a pipeline which is used to transport EMS from one network to another.

At the heart of most networks is a server, a fast computer with large amounts of memory and

storage space. The server is an operator of the communication system between the devices

connected to a network, such as computers, printers, or other servers. The important thing to

realize about the internet is a global network of physical cables which are TV cables, fiber

optic cables, and copper telephone wires. Furthermore, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G are also a physical

cable to connect the internet (GCF, 2016). When people go to visit a website, computer sends

a request to the server, which a server is where the information on the website stored like a

hard drive. After the request is done, the website will be opened up just a few minutes. The

Internet works because open standards allow every network to connect to every other

network. This is the thing that makes it workable for anybody to make content, offer

administrations, and offer items without requiring consent from a central authority. It levels

the playing field for everyone and its the reason why people have a rich diversity of

applications and services that many of them enjoy today.

Effects to Young Childrens Behavior

A lot of people believe that the internet is one of the reasons that cause young

childrens conduct. This means that young children can be hardheaded. These days, people

can see a considerable measure of cases about the disadvantage of the internet to young

children in social abilities or their behavior and a lot of people additionally concede that these

cases are valid. However, if people used it properly, the internet can convey immense

advantages to young children for the academic and self-awareness of young children. People

specifically rely on the use of computers and the internet in our daily lives. The internet can

now be gotten from various mobile devices like cellphones, tablets, and laptops, modern

technology can encourage creativity and development in our children (Gordon, 2015). At the

present time, understudies for the most part learn through PCs and the internet, be it in

schools or in homes. Schools are currently consolidating the mixed learning approach, which

helps children to finish their assignments using the internet. This also helps them to learn


A review directed by AVG, the internet security programming firm, has uncovered

that when kids move toward becoming 2 years of age, 90 percent of them already have a

history on the internet, by the time, when they turn to 5 years old, 50 percent of kids have

utilized some sort of a internet connected device like the tablet. When they progress toward

becoming 7 or 8 years of age, most kids play computer games generally. Using the internet

can help children to create different psychological capacities like memory, critical thinking,

abstraction, and spatial and logical problem solving such as long term memory, fine motor

skills, and structural knowledge. Young children are able to gather information from the

variety sources of internet, such as Google. It helps young children to accumulate data about

something they want to know, learn, and discover answers to difficult questions. Internet

helps children to be proactive when looking for data, rather than sitting tight for the educator

or teacher to give the appropriate response. Distinctive sorts of games that are effortlessly

accessible online helps young children to create and apply theoretical math related ideas. The

internet has essentially contributed in increasing the interest of young children in perusing

books and messages. As indicated by academic review, around 62 percent of youngsters like

to peruse printed books rather than online releases on the internet (Moore,2015). Most

youngsters tend to utilize the internet to accumulate more data about books and furthermore

to find out about new books, writers, inquiries about and so forth. The reviews additionally

uncover that when provided with advanced content with a dictionary, understudies in

kindergarten and first grade indicate exhibit enhancements in word reading skills,

phonological awareness, and vocabulary awareness. Social abilities of children can incredibly

enhance by properly using texting, email and social networks. These choices empower

students to associate with other students and share helpful data and find out about different

locales, societies and traditions over the globe. Teen students who use social networking

regularly assert that connecting with others online have made them more confident, delicate,

thoughtful and less shy. This show that using the modern technology and the internet from an

early age makes children more brilliant and more innovation arrange

How Young is Too Young for Technology?

The average child consumes media in forms of television, computer, video games

more than seven hours a day, thus many parents want their children to be adapted for the

world becoming increasingly on technology. Based on a case study, it represents that

technology is not beneficial for children 24 months or under owing to increases exposure to

media will harm the development of children. A baby is approximately conceived with 100

billion neurons throughout the following three years the child's mind will create at a speedier

rate than at some other point in life which will lead to those neurons to form the associations

that will be the physical development and learning (Winthrop,2011).

In the age of 2 years till 6 years, brains are sponges thus their skills are still

developing. What is more, limiting screen time to two hours a day can decrease negative

impact to children or let kindergarten stay away from media as much as possible up until

kindergarten. Hence, this may avoid dramatically impact to children, yet it can enhance

thinking skills even academic skills. As a child moves from early to middle childhood. In

other words, it is the beginning of puberty. The brain begins a process of thinking where

unused things will be eliminated based experience. Meaning that if a child spends long time

watching television and playing video games especially violence games instead of academic

performance, it will totally affect child performance (Petter, n.d.). In the event that kid

dedicates more than maybe a couple hours a day on TV or computer games, he may

experience difficulty falling asleep, have issues focusing and have bring down test scores

than other youngsters who don't invest as much energy before a TV or computer game

reassure. Forty percent of children are utilizing iPads before they can speak (Lange, 2013).

Almost 50 percent of children-population can play angry birds before they can talk. That is

basically similar to stating half of winged animals can swim before they can fly. Indeed, even

Steve Jobs did not give his kids a chance to use the iPad.


As a conclusion, this research report aimed to determine and give the reasons of how

the internet affects young childrens brain. It shows that using the internet can improve

children's writing, reading, and speaking skills, but they need to use the internet in the correct

way and not for a long time. Based on case studies, the internet can make young children

smarter than others who dont use the internet. This research report recommended further

studies on how using internet can enhance childrens intelligence.


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