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Inside This Issue Located in The Masonic Temple, 38 N 4th St, room 101

Rivertown ArtWorks is an art studio and gallery for
adults with disabilities. After starting and running the
Zanesville Museum of Art
Artist of the Month art program, The Heart of Art Studio, at the Starlight Shapeshifters| Sewn Constructions by Elizabeth Brandt
workshop for many years, Diana Geidenberger left Friday, June 16, 5:30–7:30 pm, at the ZMA.
First Friday Events Starlight in 2016 with plans to start an art studio for Enjoy complimentary music by Stoey Stout, drinks, and light
many of the same artists, independent of Starlight.
Editor’s Note Gallery talk by the artist at 6:30 pm.
Zen and the Art of Creating a Contemporary Quilt
Sponsors Officially opening in February, Rivertown ArtWorks
operates as a division of REA Enterprises, a small, local ZTMA | ZANESVILLE TEENS MAKING ART
Gallery/Business Listings and Map day program offering services to those with special Invisible Poetry with Elizabeth Christy and the Zane State
Idea Lab
needs. Diana Geidenberger is art director and facilitator
Transform your poetry into a mystifying work of sidewalk art.
of the studio and gallery. Artists come to the art studio
Editor’s Note Monday - Friday, 9am-2pm to make art with Diana.
Join poet Elizabeth Christy and learn a little about the process
of this art form, pen several original poems, and then, using
Zane State College’s IDEA Lab, transform your favorite verses
To contribute articles, photos, events or art Each artist is into large-scale sidewalk stencils. Using a unique spray
related information, please contact me at jana. supported and and those templates, you and your friends will convert the
encouraged to develop sidewalks of downtown Zanesville into a secret and inspiring, before the 15th of the month their own individual canvas, which is only visible in the rain. Your invisible poetry
will appear and reappear on rainy days for up to four months.
prior to the First Friday Events of each month. artistic voice and style. Thursdays, June 8, June 22, July 13, July 27, August 10,
Both process and and August 31, 4:30–6:30 pm, at the ZMA. No experience
Jana Pryor product are valued required. Recommended for teens. Register by June 1.
equally. Register online or call (740) 452-0741.

Artist Colony of Zanesville As an open studio,
ZAAP featured on the side of the

Mission Statement: Rivertown ArtWorks Graham and Graham law
office building on Fourth ST.
encourages anyone The ZAAP Gallery presents
who is interested to Nora Daniel as the featured
To create and sustain community come visit, make art artist for May. Daniel can
The ZAAP meeting will be
held on June 22 at 6 p.m.
together, or share a frequently be seen painting
development and economic growth new art idea with the on First Fridays in a studio
Local artist and model Carrie
Turner will be our guest
she shares with Paul Emory
through the arts. artists. located behind the ZAAP
speaker. Turner has a gallery
in the Masonic Temple and

Gallery. Her paintings of is active in ArtCoz and many
Hope you can make figures, animals, landscapes, art events in Zanesville.
2017 ArtCoZ Officers ArtCoZ Sponsors it down to our gallery food, buildings, and more She is an instructor for the
for First Friday Art have been shown in Spirited Creations painting
President - Diana Geidenberger numerous galleries. Her party company and the Art
Coz sponsors
distinctive style can be
The Arst Colony of Zanesville History (COZ): The idea that “the arts would bring people of all social and economic

Vice President - Jessica McKee on Tap events at Weasel Boy

backgrounds together and would be an excellent tool for revitalizing old and under used downtown buildings” was

recognized with her liberal
presented to Dana Matz and Tom Poorman in 2003 by Alan Corill. It began with 3 locaons. Bylaws were accepted in
2005...Fast forward to 2013. We now average just under 40 locaons, oen with nearly 300 arsts represented. on the third Tuesday of each
Treasurer - Susan Nash Mission Statement: To create a vibrant “community” of living and working arsts whose studios are open to the public
and available as a cultural resource. *To develop inexpensive living and working space for arsts to create and market
use of color and texture to month.
their art. *To make available to the public dozens of arsts’ work, and to make available the viewing of the process of
add depth and light to her
Secretary - Jane Evans making art. To contribute arcles, photos, events, or art related informaon please contact Jana Pryor at
LPryor@nncoganne.com, (by 15th of month prior to prinng) To obtain informaon about membership paintings. Daniel’s mural
contact The Arst Colony of Zanesville at 740-588-0537……. 20113-14 COZ Board: Linda Regula, President ~ David Mitzel,
Vice President ~ Susan Stubbins, Treasurer ~ Diana Geidenberger, Secretary painting of the Y Bridge is a
Friday Downtown
First Art Walk
Nora Daniel was born and
raised in NYC about 50 years
ago and lived in Vermont. She
To become a member, mail to: has traveled to paint various
The Artist Colony of Zanesville points in Europe, Cuba and
P.O. Box 1313, Zanesville, OH 43702 with $25 membership fee
The Arst Collecve ~ Masonic Temple, 38 N. 4th Street, 5th Floor
Stop by artist colony of zanesville 
Mexico. She transplanted to surroundings, then engineers

Joleen Kinsel, Natasha Oliver, & Carrie "Buerfly" Turner are excited to invite everyone to their Winter Wonderland! Ohio in 2005 after meeting her compositions from her

Rivertown ArtWorks
Stacey Weaver of Stacey's Sugar Faces will be in the gallery area to paint faces of visitors of any age! Prices vary
depending upon complexity of design. We'd also love it if you helped us with our winter wonderland. Two staons fellow painter Paul Emory unique perspective. Her skill is
are set up where you can make your own paper snowflake to take home or to sck on the walls in the gallery and
studio areas. Let's make it snow inside! Remember the fun of making paper snowflakes as a kid? We do too and we in Provincetown, Mass. They unquestioned and her style is

want to do it again!
have a daughter together. coloristic, often painterly. She
at Room 101,
In addion to featuring work by TAC members, TAC will also feature work by several local arsts in the side studio
areas: Jessica Bradley, Dede Parker, Jim Parker, James Rodgers, Jason Smith, and William Tickhill. There will be eleva-
tor service this evening.
Since coming to Zanesville,
she has won many awards
may render a still life in great
detail, while summarizing a
from the Ohio Arts Council and
Masonic Temple, building or hillside with broad
So, stop up for a fun night of light refreshments, music, friends, artwork, great conversaon, and more on the 5th
Phone Number_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
placement of her work in the strokes.
Ohio Governor’s Mansion. Her
First Friday Art Walk
Her imagination enlivens
The 2014 Y-bridge Arts Fesval will be held in downtown, Zanesville, in Zane's Landing on Fri-
38 North 4th Street work is also sought fervently simple scenes, creating

Issue 87
day, August 1st & Saturday, August 2nd.
by collectors of her paintings. internal narratives and raising
June 2, 2017, 5-8 p.m. June 2, 2017
Linda Regula and Bob Grayson are co-direcng the 2014 Y-bridge Arts Fesval. "Our goal is to make the presentaon of ARTS
the centerpiece of this two-day fesval. Arsts, and previous parcipants will be invited to parcipate without going through Daniel is a “realist” who questions about seemingly
the jury process.
takes her subjects from herw simple objects.
On August 1st, a ribbon cung ceremony will be held on the Main Street span of the bridge at 5:30 pm. (prior to the fesval
opening ). As Mayor Tilton cuts the ribbon, a switch will light up the trees in the park.
Free transportation between studios courtesy of
Zanesville ZANDEX, on the first Friday of each month
Masonic Temple, 38 North 4th St.
DISTRICT By Floor and Room Number:

Yan Sun Art Museum Downstairs: Julies ARTery
1st Floor:

“The Best from the Loess Plateau” D 100: Gallery G
Join in the excitement of viewing “The Best from the Loess Plateau” exhibition N 101: Gallery G II
at Yan Sun Art Museum! This new exhibition features artworks created by
talented artists from the Loess Plateau of northwest China. Media include
B Dan Thiesen Art Studio
10 Diana Geidenberger, Rivertown Artworks
watercolor, oil, and drawing. E C Marilyn Knell, Signature M Studio
Reception: First Friday, June 2, 2017, 5pm-8pm
103: Little Shop of Health
“Working with Local Artists” 7
Mark your calendars now for the “Working with Local Artists” program at Yan 2 9 2nd Floor
Sun Art Museum! This program is part of the effort to provide our community 5 F 201 – 204: Felumee’s Timeless Treasurers & Museum
with more services and to involve local artists. Artists are welcome to visit the 4
212: Kay Smith Massage Therapy
studio of Yan Sun, to bring their water-based paintings or drawings for critique, 1 214: Jessica McKee Photography
and to have their works completed in the studio with Yan Sun.
Time: Friday, June 9, 2017, 9:00am-noon. There are only six seats available. To 8
register, please send an email to by June 5, 2017. 3rd Floor
305: Heather’s Helping Hands Reflexology
Masonic Temple
323: Charlene Grindley Jewelry & Art
H 4th Floor:

TODD ARNOLD how specific moments in time
shape our experiences. “Our
Schubach Big
Big Band
Band -- Dance
Dance Schubach
Schubach Big
Big Band
Band -- Dance
402: MoJo Gallery and Studio: Kelli Crumbacker
and Morgan Langsdorf
FEATURED ART SHOW experiences in life are 406: Kristen Brown Art Studio
IN THE MASONIC what defines us and make
us who we are. Having
Friday, June
June 2,
2, 7:30-9:30
7:30-9:30 Friday,
Friday, June
June 2,
2, 7:30-9:30
TEMPLE ROOM 420 5th Floor:
artwork representing 501: Carrie Turner, Butterfly’s Art Studio
Todd Arnold, born and those deeply personal Sponsored
Sponsored by
by ArtCoz
ArtCoz Sponsored
Sponsored by
by ArtCoz
ArtCoz 504 & 505: Grave Glamour by Valtinen & Sherry
raised in Zanesville, experiences hanging on
Ohio currently resides
in Granville, Ohio while
your wall is a perfect way to
have a constant reminder of
11stst Friday
Friday Art
Art Walk
Walk 1 st
1st &
Studios Friday
Friday Art
Art Walk

Tower Studio: Linda Regula and Jim Warren
XOWolfe Studios/Dumas/Ortiz
teaching Visual Art in the those memories.” Todd varies 511: Juan Torres Studio
Dublin City School District. his artwork between acrylic Masonic
Masonic Building,
Building, 38
38 N.
N. 4
4th Street.
Street. Historic
Historic top-floor
top-floor 1. YanBuilding,
Masonic Sun Art
Building, 38 N.
N. 4
38 Museum
4th Street.
Street. Historic
Historic top-floor
A graduate of Ohio University’s or oil paint on canvas or panel. ballroom
ballroom overlooking
overlooking downtown Zanesville. Dance
downtown Zanesville. Dance upup aa
ballroom Main St. downtown Zanesville. Dance up a
ballroom overlooking downtown Zanesville. Dance up a
Participating Businesses
School of Art +Design he mainly You can follow his art on Facebook and
focuses on the human figure and Instagram at toddarnoldart. storm
storm or
or just
just tap
tap your
your toes
toes as
as the
the 17-piece
17-piece Schubach
Schubach 2. Studio
storm or
or just 202
just tap
tap your&toes
your Artas
toes Galleries
as the
the 17-piece
17-piece Schubach
Big Band plays swing & contemporary favorites,
Big 26
Band N. 3rd St.
plays (Rear)
swing & contemporary favorites, A. Bryan Place Comedy Club
Big Band plays swing & contemporary favorites, Big Band plays swing & contemporary favorites, 49 Sixth St., Funny Friday
3. Seilers’
Tower Studios & Gallery featuring
featuring vocalist
vocalist Misty
Misty Connor.
Connor. $5
$5 cover.
cover. featuring

vocalist Misty
Misty Connor.
129 South 7th St.
Connor. $5
$5 cover.
B. Mike Nelson Flames, Frames & More
During the First Friday Art Walk in June, Tower 23 Market Street
Studios & Gallery is featuring the colorful artwork of 4. ZAAP Gallery
Lance Everett Barnett. 625 Main St., Basement: Valhalla Fiber Arts C. The Treehouse
His vibrant exhibit “Bringing Fantasy Into the Real 333 Market St.
5. Paul Emory Studio & Gallery
World” is dedicated to the memory of his deceased 621 Rear Main St. D. John McIntire Library
sister, Kayla Barnett. Lance’s colorful abstract 220 North 5th St.
6. Alan Cottrill Sculpture Studio
artwork is inspired by witches, drag queens, and E. Fringe Hair Salon
110 South 6th St.
while he also examines the dark side of life, his vivid 111 N. 4th Street
images speak with powerful visual voices. 7. Shimmel Fitness & Gallery
Please stop by the Masonic Temple, 5th floor, located at 38 N. 4th Street, 35 North 4th St. F. Gemini’s Eclectic Emporium
to say, “Hello” to Lance. His artwork will be on display from 5-8 PM on June 28 North 7th St.
8. The Colony Room, Joel Yeager Open Past
2nd. 39 South 7th St. G. Little Shop of Health 8 p.m.
 
9. Masonic Temple(see above right)
Masonic Temple, Room 103
In Signature M Studios, Room 101 Masonic 38 North 4th St. H. Girl Upcycled
Kaitlyn Zartman,
Temple, Ginna Goodrich will be showing and selling 126 Muskingum Ave., Suite C
a 17 year old high school student, 10. SideTrack Arts
her jewelry. Ginna works with a variety of jewels 245 Market Street
including crystals, beads, pearls and diamonds will be the featured artist, during the
to create one of a kind earrings, necklaces and art walk in June, at health food store 11. Galley Luminaria
bracelets. 53 N. 4th St. Live Music
Little Shop Of Health.