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Daily Lesson Plan

Grade 10- English

Second Quarter, Lesson 2
(Demonstration Teaching)
December 20, 2016

Content Standard: The Learner demonstrates understanding of how world

literatures and other text types serve as vehicles of expressing and resolving
conflicts among individuals or groups, also how to use strategies in critical reading,
listening, and viewing, and affirmation and negation markers to deliver impromptu
and extemporaneous speeches.
Performance Standard: The learner proficiently delivers an argumentative
speech emphasizing how to resolve conflicts among individuals or groups.
Focused Competency: EN10LT-IIb-14.2: Explain how the elements specific to a
selection build its theme.
At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
1. Employ various listening skills in getting meanings from a song.
2. Interpret the message of a text creatively.
3. Explain how building ties help resolve life conflicts.


a. Topic: Building Ties/Imagine by John Lennon
b. Reference: Celebrating Diversity Through World Literature (English
Grade 10 Textbook, pages 144-146), (Teaching Guide, pages 132-36)
c. Materials: Mp3 of Imagine by John Lennon, Speaker, LCD Projector,
Visual Aids


a. Prayer
b. Attendance
c. Greetings
d. Setting the class in order
e. Presentation of objectives/task of the lesson
B. Presentation
a. Pre-Listening Activities
i. Let the students work with a partner and have them
observe the picture below by paying attention to details.
And let them answer questions that will be posted by the

ii. Before listening to the song Imagine by John Lennon, let

the students complete its lyrics by filling out the lines with
the correct word using the pictures that will be shown by
the teacher serving as the clues.
b. While Listening Activities
i. Let the students check their answers while they listen to
the song for the first time.
ii. Have them listen to the song again and try to understand
its message.
c. Post-Listening Activities
i. Let the students analyze the questions provided, then
answer them.

Questions Answer
1. What does the title
2. What is Lennons
vision of peace? Give
3. What is your vision of
peace? Give
examples? Is it the
same as the vision as
the singers?
4. What do you wish for
our world?
5. What kind of world will
it be if we all live

ii. (While the song is playing softly) Let the students

convene with their pre-arranged groups and let each
group interpret the message of the song through painting
or drawing. Encourage them to make the output colorful
and creative. Let them also prepare a written explanation
of their output. Tell the students that their output will be
graded according to the rubrics that will be provided.
(Refer to the attached rubric.)
C. Generalization
i. In your own little ways, how can you contribute in
attaining world peace?
Do an advanced reading Lourdes Quisumbings Speech Values
Education for Human Solidarity and list down the important words or
phrases from the speech that may be related to Human Solidarity.

Prepared by:
Teacher III
Assessment Rubrics for Drawing and Painting

Performance 1 2 3 4
Originality Piece is Piece includes Piece includes Piece includes
finished but an idea, but some unique many unique
provides no lacks ideas and ideas and
Creativity evidence of originality and several creative use of
creativity or may have materials materials.
originality. imitated were used.
elses plan.
Effort and Piece is Piece is Piece is Piece is
incomplete. completed complete with complete with
with minimal good effort, substantial
e effort, work is meeting all evidence of
somewhat requirements. effort, beyond
careless. what was
Concept Piece was Piece was Piece was Piece was
created but created but created and created and
does not depicts an depicts one depicts two or
ng depict any unclear clear more clear
message message message message
conveyed by conveyed by conveyed by conveyed by
the song. the song. the song. the song.