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5/20/17, 9*53 PM

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Important Note About Due Dates: All work is due on Tuesday mornings before 8:00 am, unless
otherwise indicated below.
All due date/times are based on Sinclair Community College's server clock/time. Adjust accordingly.
Please note - due to the compressed 12-week summer schedule, there are several weeks that have two
topic folders - in these cases EACH topic folder will have requirements. In these cases ALL work from both
topics is due on the date/time listed.


1 Introduce Yourself
Introduction to Introductory Course Overview Quiz Tuesday, 8:00 AM
the Course Pre Course Assessment Test
Due: 5/23

Sociological Chapter 1 Vocabulary Matching Quiz Tuesday, 8:00 AM
Perspective Chapter 1 Pre-Test
and Theory Due: 5/30
Sociological Theory and Current Events Discussion

3 Chapter 2 Vocabulary Matching Quiz

Research Chapter 2 Pre-Test Tuesday, 8:00 AM
Methods Research Methods Discussion
Due: 6/6

Culture Advertising and the End of the World Discussion Tuesday, 8:00 AM
Chapter 3 Pre-Test
& Chapter 3 Vocabulary Matching Quiz Due: 6/13

Socialization The Effects of Working Parents Assignment Dropbox

Agents of Socialization Discussion
Chapter 4 Pre-Test
Chapter 4 Vocabulary Matching Quiz

Social Bureaucratic Analysis Discussion Tuesday, 8:00 AM
Structure Chapter 5 Pre-Test
Chapter 5 Vocabulary Matching Quiz Due: 6/20
Social Location and Mapping- How am I Different
Deviance (Phase 1 Final Project)

White Collar Crime Discussion

Chapter 6 Pre-Test
Chapter 6 Vocabulary Matching Quiz

Stratification - The Philadelphia Story Discussion Tuesday, 8:00 AM Page 1 of 3
5/20/17, 9*53 PM

Poverty and Chapter 7 Pre-Test Due: 6/27

Social Class Chapter 7 Vocabulary Matching Quiz
Chapter 10 Pre-Test
Chapter 10 Vocabulary Matching Quiz

Mid Course Survey

Stratification - Gender in Education Writing Assignment dropbox *Wednesday, 8:00
Gender and Chapter 8 Pre-Test AM
Race Chapter 8 Vocabulary Matching Quiz
Due: 7/5
Mid Course Survey Due

Chapter 9 Pre-Test
Chapter 9 Vocabulary Matching Quiz

The Trials of Darryl Hunt Discussion

Health Food Desert Writing Activity Tuesday, 8:00 AM
Chapter 11 Vocabulary Matching Quiz
Chapter 11 Pre-Test Due: 7/11

Social Stratification and Social Institutions

Assignment Phase 2 of Final Project Draft

Family and Which Way Home Discussion Tuesday, 8:00 AM
Education Chapter 12 Vocabulary Matching Quiz
Chapter 12 Pre-Test Due: 7/18
Why is College Education Important
Religion Chapter 13 Vocabulary Matching Quiz
Chapter 13 Pre-Test

Malls R Us Discussion
Chapter 16 Vocabulary Matching Quiz
Chapter 16 Pre-Test

Science and Slavery Footprint Discussion Tuesday, 8:00 AM
Environment Chapter 17 Vocabulary Matching Quiz
Chapter 17 Pre-Test Due: 7/25

Collective Strange Fruit Discussion Tuesday, 8:00 AM
Action Social Change Assignment
Chapter 18 Vocabulary Matching Quiz Due: 8/1
Chapter 18 Pre-Test

Final Project Social Stratification and Social Institutions Final Sunday, 5:00 PM Page 2 of 3
5/20/17, 9*53 PM

& Project Due Due: 8/6

Final Post Course Assessment open 7/30-8/6


*July 4th is a holiday and the campus will be closed. Page 3 of 3