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TYWLS Course Outline for Parents 2016-2017

Course Name: Living Environment Credit Value: 2
Course Code: SL Prerequisite: N/A
Teacher: Dona Brathwaite Date: 9/12/2016
Department: Science

Course Description: Welcome to Living Environment. This is a standard Regents course. It is

designed to provide a broad general understanding of the fundamental principles of biology. The basic
core includes the study of life, maintenance of plants and animals, reproduction and development,
transmission of traits from generation to generation, evolution and diversity, and plants and animals in
their environment. Extended areas of instruction are also included. This is an opportunity to explore
careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).
Major Themes/Topics
Fall Semester Term I
Scientific Inquiry
Similarities and Differences Among Organisms
Spring Semester Term II
Reproduction and Development
Human Impacts on the Environment
Laboratory Requirement
** New York State mandates that a minimum of 1200 minutes of laboratory work be completed in a
year, as well as several labs which are tested on the Regents examination. All labs or lab activities we
do must be completed successfully in order for the student to take the regents examination. As
part of this requirement, four required laboratory activities must be completed in order to be
allowed to participate in the Regents examination at the end of the course.
Living Environment Regents Wednesday June 14, 2017 at 1:15 pm.


Additional Student Expectations
1. You are responsible for getting the notes for any time you miss due to absence(s). These notes
are available from the teacher or other students.
2. If you are absent on the day of a quiz or test, you must bring a doctor or parental note.
3. I reserve the right to inspect your notebooks at any time for evaluation. I may grade some or
all of the notebooks at any time. A separate notebook solely for Living Environment notes is expected
each day for class.
4. A separate laboratory folder is required for official documentation of completing laboratory
work in order to take the regents examination. Place all corrected lab reports in this folder. You may
have access to your folder at most times, but the folder and corrected reports are NOT to be taken from
the science lab without the permission of the science instructor. The NY State Education Department
considers your lab folder to be a legal document, so treat your folder with respect.
5. I expect all students to participate in all laboratory activities.

6. At all times, I expect your work to be your own. Work that is copied from another source or
with help that is prohibited will receive no credit for that assignment.

7. If you know you are going to be out of school for an extended period, please arrange with me
at least two weeks in advance means to obtain the work you will be missing.

8. Under no circumstances will late homework papers be accepted unless your special circumstances
are discussed with me before the paper is due. Students will NOT be allowed to leave class to retrieve
homework from their lockers.
9. I expect you to have required texts and materials present in any class or lab.
10. Follow the 5 Bs that are posted in the room
Be Prepared, Be Prompt, Be Polite, Be Honest, Be Quiet
Grading Policy:
Summative Assessments Unit Tests, Performance Tasks, and Quizzes = 50%
Homework Accuracy and Correctness, Effort and Completion = 20%
Evidence of Critical Thinking in the Classroom = 30%

Resources/ Materials:
Textbook Biology, Prentice Hall (provided in class for you)

You will also be responsible for a review books which can be purchased on Amazon or your local
bookstore. This purchase should be made by Wednesday, October 1, 2015.

School Supplies
Blue/black pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, glue stick, loose leaf, two composition notebooks, crayons, ruler,
planner, scissor, and box of tissues.

Students should have their school supplies by Monday, September 15th, 2014.
The school supplies will count as a homework assignment

On-line resources and websites:

Parents/Guardian can expect any of the following forms of communication throughout the school year; phone
calls, and information via Skedula/ PupilPath. Your childs progress will be updates for parents and students via

Extra Help: Will be scheduled on a need basis on my preparation period.

Tuesdays 2:20- 2:55 PM have been scheduled to make-up/complete labs or receive individual help.

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Please sign below and return September 18, 2016

I, __________________________ (student) and ___________________________________ (parent/guardian) am

aware of and have read the course description, evaluation policy (on the course outline, homework policy, and lab
requirements for Miss Brathwaites Living Environment class for the year 2016- 2017.
Signature (student) _____________________________ Date _______________________

Signature (parent) _________________________________ Date _______________________