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• Fast Weight Loss!†

Boostt Immune
I S t !†

d Water
W t R t ti !†

• IImprove Ski
Skin Q lit !†

Remove TToxins
i and
dW t !†

· Add more soluble fiber during cleansing! Fiber and Max Cleanse & Lean work together. Fiber acts
like a mop, gathering up toxic materials released and helping to sweep them out of your body.
· Drink more water than you usually do! Bloating is often a result of festering bacteria from backed
up food in our bodies that is fermenting and sending out poisons through our bloodstreams. Water helps
to flush the toxins in your body and even dilutes their concentrations during the detoxification process.
· Bring down your toxic load! Opt for organic and pesticide-free foods so you have fewer toxins in your
body. Don’t forget about the psychological toxins, too. Don’t schedule your cleanse during a high stress
time. Instead, consider taking some personal down time, and be sure to support your body with exercise
while you’re cleansing.
Cleanse & Lean contains ingredients designed to gently cleanse the digestive tract.
Real-User Testimonials on Cleanse & Lean:
“Cleanse and Lean removed “I love Cleanse and Lean! I struggle with regularity
the water weight off my belly and at times and this all-natural product makes sure my
the toxins from my body. I could tummy is taut for photo shoots, contests, and major
see the difference within the first events. I also avoid water retention with this product
week and by the second week eliminating bloating from all possible sources! I used
others noticed the difference too. to have to take numerous supplements to help these
I now use Cleanse and Lean issues and not only does Cleanse and Lean work
whenever I need to detox and BETTER, it is only one to two capsules!
jump-start my body. I believe in Hello six pack abs! ”
this product and I use it as part of
my regimen.”
—Karey Northington
—Ingri DeGroote Gilbert, AZ
Portland, OR

“Cleanse and Lean is basically the ‘I need to look “Cleanse and Lean keeps the
amazing’ go-to supplement that I incorporate into body functioning well under strict
any event whether it be wearing a cute fitted dress, dieting, as well as keeping water
a photo shoot, or a competition. Once you give this cycling through your system,
product a try, I promise that you will get hooked! flushing out impurities to keep
Everyone I have had use it has nothing but good you lean and dry. It was an
things to say.” important part of my regimen that
helped me lose 59 lbs. and have
top 5 finishes in Physique
—Leah Ward competitions. I don’t prep
without it!”
Tucson, AZ
—Brian Furer
Denver, CO

“I’ve been starting my day with “Cleanse and Lean was definitely a huge part in
Cleanse & Lean for the last year. my personal transformation. It helped me lose over
Cleanse & Lean has helped me 69 LBS! I believe in using the safest, herbal
drop excess weight to achieve the ingredients in supplements. That is exactly what you
body and fitness levels I have get with this product. Cleanse and Lean has helped
always desired. It’s been a long me to shed excess water weight, and lean down by
road but Cleanse & Lean has reducing abdominal bloating, quickly and safely. It
helped me lose those pounds and has been and always will be my weight loss secret!”
transform my body.”

—Thomas Lynott —Amanda Freeseman
Wesley Chapel, FL Champlin, MN


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*Based on sales in MM retail locations nationwide.

JUNE 2017 ISSUE 212 24 26

COVER to master to improve sports
Grand View University in
Des Moines, Iowa keeps
14 Summer Beauties winning big thanks to their 4 Editor’s Note
6 Feedback
Our 4th Annual Swim
Fashion photo shoot
NUTRITION training, dedication, and
partnership with Max Muscle 7 Digital Buzz
was a sizzling success. 22 5 Foods That Boost in Clive, Iowa. 10 Ask Joe
Check out the current Sports Performance 12 Health Beat
From seaweed to jackfruit, 30 Science Pulse
trends, and find out tips
from the gals on how to here are some interesting SCIENCE 32 Hot Picks
get fit and fab! food choices to boost your 28 Sports Performance
athletic abilities from within. Supplements
Max Muscle Nutrition

18 Effective Goal Setting
RESULTS offers a number of great
supplements for athletes.
If you really want to have 24 Mike's Fitness Journey Check out the list in this
success, you must set goals. U.S. Navy veteran and Max article and see what these
Here is the right way to set Muscle customer dropped products can do to help you The 5
nearly 100 pounds and is RIght
and achieve them! perform better! That Boost

in the best shape of his life way to

TEAM MAX thanks to Max Muscle.
20 Become a Better Athlete
Photographer: James Patrick,
Model: Brooke Caldwell
Ready Tips
Team Max Athlete Photo Assistant: Tom Caravia
■ Take Action
■ And, More...
from the

Claudia Virgil shares some 26 Wrestling Team Wins Big
Hair & Makeup: Amanda Bland FREE ISSUE! Compliments
The wrestling team at
p of:
Become a
key fundamentals you need Blue Bikini: Amanda Louise Swimwear Better Athlete
Master These Skills
Location: Encanterra Country Club, San Tan Valley, AZ JUNE 2017 M AXMUSCLE


Exclusively Available at:

Publisher Joe Wells Enterprises, Inc.
THE MIND truly is a powerful Executive Editor Sean Greene
thing. What you think, you
become. Whatever you can Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director
conceive and believe, you can LaRue V. Gillespie
achieve. Do these statements Copy Editor Tariq Ahmad
sound familiar? They should!
They are ubiquitous on social
media and the Internet. But Advisory Board
have you ever really sat down and considered how true these Rand McClain, DO
statements are?
Gary Brazina, MD, FACS
I recently went to a women's conference where Dr. Caroline
Phil Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN
Leaf, who has worked in cognitive neuroscience since 1985,
explained to us that toxic thoughts can have a negative impact
on your DNA and that positive thoughts can help your brain
Contributing Writers
develop and grow. It was mind-blowing – for real!
Science is proving that what you think you become. If you're Linda Hepler, Joe Wells,
focused on stress, worry, anxiety, and fear, you're actually Karen Morse, Dr. Phil Harvey,
causing brain damage, which can result in all kinds of illnesses Alissa Carpio, Karen Herkes,
like depression, OCD, ADHD, even cancer, etc., according to Jessica Wyland
Dr. Leaf. Toxic thoughts = poor health! But, if you focus on love,
kindness, joy, and peace, you will live a healthier, more fulfilled
life and the possibilities for your life will be limitless! Contributing Photographers
Let's translate that to sports performance. If you think you
will never be strong enough, fast enough, or good enough James Patrick, Frank Fontanilla,
to compete in a certain sport, you won't be. Your life (like the
quote at the very top of this letter) will be what your thoughts
make it. By constantly filling your brain with negative, toxic
thoughts, you are ultimately creating self-fulfilling prophecies MAX SPORTS & FITNESS
and you most definitely won't be strong enough, fast enough, 210 W. Taft Avenue
or good enough.
City of Orange, CA 92865
Conversely, if you think there are no limits to what you
can achieve in fitness (or in life, or education, your job, or (714) 456-0700
whatever!), there won't be! Just do it. Go after it. Keep trying.
Keep pushing. Never give up!
A great way to kick-start a plan for success is to set some
Max Sports & Fitness Magazine is published monthly
goals. Max Muscle Nutrition Destin, Fla. franchisee Brian
by Joe Wells Enterprises, Inc. and may not be repro-
Missirlian, who has a masters in Sports and Performance
duced without express written permission, all rights
Psychology from the University of Denver, wrote a powerful reserved. No liability is assumed by Joe Wells Enter-
article (pgs. 18-19) on exactly how to define your goals, put prises, Inc. or Max Muscle regarding any content in
them into action, and be successful at accomplishing them. this publication. It is vital that before implementing
Don't miss it! any diet or exercise routines, you must first consult
In the meantime, try to take captive every negative thought. with a qualified physician.
Ask yourself, “Is it true?” More often than not, those pesky little
thoughts are not true. Focus on the positive. Think about and Max Muscle is not responsible for advertiser claims.
envision success. Become what you think! You got this! Joe Wells Enterprises, Inc. and Max Muscle do not
promote or endorse the use of steroids or other
Until next time,
illegal substances. For more information concerning
diet and nutrition, recalled products, steroids and
other related products and issues, please visit the
Federal Food and Drug Administration’s Web site at

LaRue V. Gillespie is the Editor in Chief and Creative Director for Max We reserve the right to refuse advertising without
Sports & Fitness Magazine. E-mail her at editor@maxsportsandf explanation.


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*Buy MAX ARM and get any Max Muscle and MLAB Pre-Workout product for 50% off.
Second item must be of equal or lesser value. Cannot be combined with Frequent Buyer Points or
anyother sales. Certain product restrictions may apply. Talk to your Max Muscle Certified Nutrition
Coach™ for more details. Special is good 6/1/2017 to 6/30/2017 only.

Results, news, photos, comments, and thank you's from
people and Max Muscle franchisees across the United
States and abroad who make up the great Max Nation.

➮Thank God!
I have been a Max Muscle Stone
Mountain customer for at least 3
years now and have had amazing
results. On my first visit, I weighed
257 lbs. and was not at all muscular.
A few months later I was down to
217 lbs. with a muscular physique
thanks to products like Max CLA,
Cleanse & Lean, Emerge, and
LiquiCarn. Every time I go into
the store I gain knowledge and
understanding on what nutrition
really means and it has helped
me so much in my life. My body
looks amazing and it's all thanks
to Mike Pringle. His product
recommendations are right on point
every time. I thank GOD that I
found Max Muscle Stone Mountain.
I’m a customer for life.
Jerome Clark
–Jerome Clark of Riverdale, Georgia

➮Max Athlete Going to WSM
Bryan Benzel, a corporate sponsored Max Muscle athlete and strongman competitor,
is heading to Africa for the chance to compete in the World's Strangest Man. He is one
of 32 strongest men in the world invited to this competition and is going as one of two
alternates. He's been training four days a week with the other three days focused on
recovery. He has a squat day, a press day, a deadlift day, and a strongman event day.
His nutrition plan has been "eat as much as you possibly can," he said, meaning he
has to get in around 7,000 calories a day. His Max Mucle supplements of choice are
stimoVEX, TriTOR, ARM, MaxPro, Carbo Max, and Pro BCAA. "I'm extremely excited to
have the chance to go, even as an alternate," Bryan said. "It's a huge honor." To find out
Team Max Athlete & Strongman Bryan Benzel more about Bryan, visit his Team Max page at

Max Muscle Destin, Fla. opened on May 8th. Max Muscle
Doraville, Georgia
franchisee Phillip
Gold at a recent
event. His store
opened on April

Max Muscle Edinburg, TX opened on April 13th.

➮Max Muscle's Ever
Expanding Family...

We love hearing from you! Send us your selfies, your motivational photos, your
favorite Max Muscle products, success stories, questions, comments, likes, dislikes,
etc. to for a chance to be featured here!

Be sure to use the hashtags #maxmuscle, #showmymax, and/
or #iammaxmuscle for a chance to be featured here!

DIGITAL BUZZ We all love our social media platforms.
Here, we focus on what's happening with
Max Nation in the digital world.

@maxmusclemckinney recently @maxmusclelincoln posted this pic of @max_muscle_berkeley recently added
joined Max Muscle as a co-franchisee customers Cliff and Chelsea, who won a new sponsored athlete (on right). Malik
in Texas. Welcome to the family!! these prizes from the MAXtravaganza '17! Abdul, welcome to the team!!

QC Max Muscle gave this shout-out to Alisha Petersen for
winning 2nd place in Mark Dann's 90 Day Transformation
Challenge. She lost 8 percent body fat and went from a size 10
to a size 5/6! Keep up the good work Alisha!

We posted this image (courtesy of @_justinmccarthy_) and
asked YOU to caption it. Here are some of the responses:
@carynalpernbennett: “Mmmmmm, I love that new gain smell!”
@brendaandtheblog “Oh where oh were can my little scoop be oh where oh
where can it be?”
@flex.ft_los: “For Best Results, inhale #maxprotein. #gainz so good, will even
regrow hair...who needs #rogaine?”
@nickmcstack89: “Oh man I've been waiting to smell these gains all day long.” Max Muscle Bend was excited to share this great news: Max
Daphne Rice: “The prize in every package: QUALITY stuff!” Muscle Bend athletes Collin Moeller and Nelson Issangya
competed in the NPC Emerald Cup and both walked away
Susan Vasquez: “Oh no!!! Out of my protein no WHEY!”
placing very high in very tough and large classes! Congrats!
Medical-Grade Collagen Peptides

Burn Fat, Improve Skin,
Support Joints and Boost Recovery!
Used by Over 4,700 Health Professionals, You Too Can by Jim Caras
Benefit from the #1 Medical-Grade Liquid Collagen

C an one medically-used protein
really help reduce body fat, enhance
muscle tone, improve hair, skin, and
After water, collagen is one of the
most important nutrients in the body
accounting for 25% of its total protein.
collagen diminishes too. Eventually, we
all become “collagen de�icient.”
The signs of collagen de�iciency are
nails, support joint function, accelerate Type 1 collagen surrounds all of our obvious. Wrinkles form, skin dries, hair
recovery – and even improve sleep? organs and is a major component of our thins and becomes lifeless, nails become
Solid clinical science says YES for ligaments, tendons, bones, muscle �ibers, brittle, joints stiffen, and our bodies lose
the original, medical-grade liquid Type blood vessels, eyes, teeth – and it’s even muscle tone and shape. Without healthy
1 collagen peptides. While collagen 90% of our hair, skin, and nails. Type 1 collagen levels, our bodies fall apart.
was originally created for and used collagen is literally the glue that holds our Aging is collagen loss.
by medical professionals, consumers bodies together. But there is good news.
overlook its many bene�its because of the Adding high-dose, liquid Type 1 collagen
mistaken idea that it’s only a nutrient to Are You “Collagen Deficient?” peptides to your diet, provides your body
support beauty. Around the age of 30, we start losing with the precise amino acids necessary to
about 1% of our collagen per year. At the both generate new collagen and maintain
How Collagen Works same time, our body’s ability to produce existing collagen levels. These unique

8 Ways Collagen Keeps You Young and Fit...

Lean Muscle...”
Skin, & Nails...”
A s we age, our bodies become softer and less
toned. Type 1 collagen peptides help tur
back this age-related decline by preserving
turn W hile
ile many hospitals use liquid Type 1
collagen peptides for skin repair, they also
havee beauty and personal care bene�its.
and building lean muscle. This increases y your Users typically notice an improvement in skin
metabolism, which burns fat for ener
energy. You end softness, hydration, tone, and appearance, as well
up with a leaner, firmer, and more shapely
shapel body. as improved growth and quality of their hair and

“SUPPORTS Joints, Bones, “IMPROVES Recovery
& Even Sleep...” & Wound Care...”
C ollagen’s exclusive amino acid, Hydroxyproline,
plays a primary role in the structure
structur and
maintenance of bone and connective tissue. A study C ollagen contains high amounts of high nitrogen
amino acids that build and repair the body
at Penn State University showed athletes who suff
suffered (300-400% more Arginine and Glycine than whey
from exercise-induced joint discomfort experienced
e and other proteins). Recent studies show that
significant improvements in six months with use u of supplementing with collagen peptides before
high-dose hydrolyzed collagen peptides. exercise can help decrease injuries.
Plus, collagen’s most abundant amino acid, Gl
Glycine, In fact, a published clinical trial shows that the
is clinically shown to improve sleep when taken
tak at original, medical-grade liquid collagen peptides
bedtime. Users typically report deeper sleep and perform FIVE TIMES GREATER for wound healing
waking up more refreshed. * and tissue repair than whey protein. *
amino acids are exactly what your body 16 grams of protein per ounce). And most
needs to look and feel younger (see bottom importantly, they are predigested for Here’s what AminoSculpt
left). immediate use by the body for faster, more
users are saying...
noticeable results.
The Collagen Doctors
Recommend to Doctors The Trouble with Bone Broth... “Helps Joints
Recently, dozens of collagen products Whole food sources of collagen, like bone and Improves
have �looded the market in every form broth and gelatin, have become popular. Sleep...”
and �lavor imaginable. But doctors and What most people don’t know is they’re “I recommend
hospitals (never ones known to hop dif�icult for the body to digest. “Raw” and AminoSculpt to my
patients and they
on the latest trend) remain steadfast “Whole Food” are two things you don’t get great results.
in their commitment to liquid Type 1, want your collagen to be. Many people It helps patients
enzymatically hydrolyzed, collagen mistakenly think that cooking makes the with joint and disc
problems, and
peptides (available in Health Direct’s collagen in bone broth totally digestible. those that exercise,
AminoSculpt). They are considered the This simply isn’t true. Collagen is such of recover faster. Also, many patients
tell me they have more energy and
“Gold Standard” of collagen by the medical tough protein that it must be “hydrolyzed”
sleep better.”*
community. Here’s why... (broken down with enzymes) into peptides
First, they have been used by over to be fully absorbed and used by the body. Dr. David Maloney
Huntington Health Center, CA
4,700 physicians, clinics, hospitals and Ironically, bone broths and gelatins
health professionals over the past 35 promoted for gut health can actually cause
years. They are commonly used by patients bloating, digestive issues, and even fatigue.
“Tighter Skin
with serious health problems because they This is because they contain unhydrolyzed and a Firmer
have been proven safe and effective over whole food collagen, which is poorly Body...”
decades of use. absorbed. “I’ve been a fitness
Second, they contain pure Type 1 expert and muscle
activation specialist
collagen peptides. While there are 28 Finding the #1 Medical-Grade for over 25 years. I
different types of collagen in the body, Collagenª know how to keep
my body fit, firm
90% of your body’s collagen is Type 1. While there are many collagen products and flexible, but
Plus, the weight of published scienti�ic available, only one, AminoSculpt from it’s incredible how
research supports Type 1 collagen, making Health Direct, contains the original, much younger I look, how much
tighter my skin is, and how much
it a solid choice. patented, medical-grade liquid Type 1 firmer my body is, since taking
Type 2 collagen is useful for healthy collagen peptides used by 4,700 physicians, AminoSculpt. I’ve used it for 2 years
cartilage (and has some effects on skin) clinics, and hospitals for over 35 years. and everyone tells me I look at
least 5 years younger. T-Tapp and
but lacks many of the bene�its of Type 1 AminoSculpt® is the only collagen AminoSculpt are my secrets to Turn
collagen. Some products contain rarer with 16 grams of enzymatically hydrolyzed Back Time.” *
forms of collagen such as Types 3, 5, 10, collagen peptides (protein) per ounce. Teresa Tapp
or 15. While these additional types may It contains only non-GMO ingredients, Creator of T-Tapp and Author of
look enticing, there is little medical certi�ied grass-fed collagen, is “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes”
evidence supporting their use. They certi�ied KO Kosher – and is backed
won’t hurt you, but you may be by a 100% money back guarantee.** “Work Out
paying a premium for no extra health AminoSculpt is also paleo-friendly Harder,
bene�its. and contains no sugar, gluten, Recover
Third, doctors prefer dairy, or grain.
liquid collagen supplements.
“I’m 53 and I train
Most of the signi�icant For information on where hard. When I’m
published studies, patents, and to �ind AminoSculpt, visit: taking AminoSculpt
real-world medical use are on or my joints feel better,
I recover faster and
liquid collagen. Plus, liquids call Health Direct toll-free: my skin looks tighter. It gives me
are the easiest to take with no 1-800-989-9531, Dept. 2948. more energy, which is important to
keep me motivated and on track. I
danger of choking, or problems feel younger, like I did in my 30s. It
swallowing. About the Author: Jim Caras has even helped me to shed extra body
Liquids are also ready- written and lectured on collagen fat. I went from 260 to 220 while
gaining muscle in just five months.
to-use and do not have to be for 20 years. His book, “How to It definitely helped me win my Pro
mixed with food or juice. They Completely Reshape Your Body,” was Card as a fitness competitor.”*
provide the most collagen in one of the �irst recognize collagen’s
Erick Schultz, Age 53
the smallest size (for example “Over 1,000,000 anti-aging bene�its. @schultz_strong
AminoSculpt has a whopping Bottles Sold”
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent
any disease. Results may vary. ©2017 D&J Vision Marketing, Inc. **Call Health Direct for details on money-back guarantee. Policies may vary among
retailers. Please call your local retailer for their policy.

I'm not ready to wear
a bathing suit! Help!
SUMMER IS FAST approaching that they have to get a little obsessed. If you want to make real, lasting
and some of us might be dreading Of course, not to the point where you changes and ultimately be proud to
alienate friends, family, and children, flaunt your body in a swimsuit each
the sight of our half naked
but to the point where you have a summer, you must get a little obsessed
bodies frolicking on the beach or hyper focus on working out and eating and focus on what you need to do – all
poolside at a vacation resort. I do right. You wake up in the morning year long (not just for the summer).
"accidentally" tune into The View focused, you refocus at noon, and you Talk to your friends, peers, spouse, or
from time to time, so I am aware go to bed focused. anyone who is half interested in what
that we should be happy with who you are up to. This is an age-old trick
that forces you to commit as you tell
we are. But let's be real! Some of us the world your goals. Or, get with the
just aren't that confident about our times and start a new Instagram page
bodies, especially when it comes to chart your progress. Talk about
to exposing parts that are usually accountability!
covered up. Proper diet and physical exercise are
Hang on now, it doesn't have to be everything. There isn't enough room in
depressing. I've seen some amazing this column to get into all the aspects
transformations over the years and of what you need to do, but just know
I can honestly attest to the fact that that you must commit to a DAILY
we all can look and feel much better routine to see results. This is why you
and more confident than we think we must be a little obsessed to make it
ever could. Granted, for those of us all work. You can't go into it halfway.
in our 40s and 50s, it's not as easy Obsess and commit, then watch out!
as when we were 20, but I've seen For practical step-by-step guidance
75-year-old studs with six packs! I've on eating right, you can always stop
seen women in their 60s get dropped by your local Max Muscle Nutrition
for "the younger woman" and bounce Joe Wells is the founder and CEO of store and speak to one of our Certified
back with a totally revamped body Max Muscle. He shares important tips for Fitness Nutrition Coaches to help
and spirit. healthy living and sports performance you get started and get results! So,
every month. Read past columns on go ahead and obsess a little. Make it
I've always advised Max Muscle happen today! MS&F
customers eager to make a change

30g 6.6g 4.4g 0g 0g
protein bcaa’s glutamine sugars trans fat



ilable at:
Find a Store Nearest You @ • Franchise Opportunities Available

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From birth control pills making you moody to salt
making you hungry, here are our latest health

Is it better to load up with a meal for energy
prior to working out, or head to the gym with
an empty tummy to avoid getting cramps?
Researchers at the University of Bath say it’s
best to eat post workout. In the study, they
found that the body gets fuel from stored fat
rather than from a recently eaten meal. In fact,
if you eat prior to exercising, your body is so
distracted by trying to process the food, it
can’t efficiently use stored fat. The scientists
did say, however, that if you’re lifting weights
to bulk up and gain size, go ahead and
indulge in that big breakfast.

Birth Control Pills Making You Moody?
Swedish researchers recently found that women using oral contraceptives
with the most popular combination of the hormones ethinylestradiol and
levonorgestrel reported more problems with mood, well-being, self-control,
and energy than those who took a placebo. There were no reports of
increased depression. But the takeaway is this: if you're on birth control and
feel like crap, it may not all be in your head. Talk to your OBGYN about it.

Few Benefits
Found for Tennis
Elbow Surgery
Considering tennis elbow
surgery? You’re just as

DOES SALT MAKE YOU HUNGRY? likely to recover with
non-surgical techniques
Do you inexplicably feel hungry after eating a salty meal? It’s not just your such as physical therapy,
imagination, according to an international research team. Their study, carried
massage, and acupuncture,
out during a simulated mission to Mars, concluded that volunteers with the
highest salt intake were not extra thirsty as expected – but extra hungry. It say researchers from the
seems that the complex body process that helps us to retain water while we rid American Orthopaedic
ourselves of excess salt uses lots of energy, which explains the hunger. Society for Sports Medicine.


MaxxTOR™ is a scientific breakthrough developed by y
Dr. Phillip Harvey and the Max Muscle product development SHOCKING RESULTS
team, that has been clinically proven to increase muscle IN ONLY 8 WEEKS!
mass, increase strength and decrease body fat!

A recent double-blind study on MaxxTOR™ conducted by
Dr. Guillermo Escalante at the California State University in
San Bernardino and published in the prestigious Journal of
the International Society of Sports Nutrition, showed a signif-
icant increase in lean body mass and upper and lower body
strength as well as a significant reduction in body fat in only
8 weeks. The ground breaking study validates the safety and
science behind this incredible product and the results it
produces on size, strength and fat loss for both men and
women when combined with resistance training.

The key ingredient in MaxxTOR™ is Mediator® Phosphatid-
ic Acid (PA), clinically proven to be one of the most powerful
natural molecular activators of protein synthesis by activating
the mammalian target of rapamysin (mTOR) signaling
pathway. Now over 11 published research studies docu-
menting that oral PA supplementation activates mTOR
signaling that is induced by mechanical muscle activation
(e.g., weightlifting). This key ingredient combined with the
other synergistic ingredients in the MaxxTOR™ formula,
makes MaxxTOR™ a truly unique and innovative product
proven to get your results in only 8 weeks.

MaxxTOR™ is exclusively available at Max Muscle stores nationwide. Find the store nearest you at today and experience the incredible results MaxxTOR™ delivers for yourself!

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1. Escalante G, Alencar M, Haddock B, Harvey P. The effects of phosphatidic acid supplementation on strength, both composition, muscular endurance, power, agility, and vertical jump in resistance trained men. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2016;13:24.
2. Joy JM, Gundermann DM, Lowery RP Jager R, McCleary SA, Purpura M, Roberts MD Wilson SMC, Hornberger TA, Wilson JM. Phosphatidic acid enhance mTOR signaling and resistance exercise induced hypertrophy.
Nutrition and Metabolism. 2014;11:29.
3. Hoffman JR, Stout JR, Williams DR, et al. Efficacy of phosphatidic acid ingestion on lean body mass, muscle thickness and strength gains in resistance-trained men. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2012;9:47-53.

Beauties Our 4th Annual Swim Fashion shoot
sizzled this year with these fit gals
showing off the latest trends. Check out
their get-fit tips on the next page!

Hair & Makeup: Amanda Bland
Photo Assistant: Tom Caravia
Stylist: Nicole Matthews
Videographer: Jason Black
Location: Encanterra Country
Club, San Tan Valley, AZ

Corissa Alley:

IG @corissaann115
Stephanie Hughes:
IG @steph_hughes
Krista Davis: IG @kristadavisfit
Suit: Mai Brooke Caldwell:
Jewelry: IG @brookeandberk


14 WWW.MAXMUSCLE.COM ı JUNE 2017 Bikini:
Beach Body
Ready All Year
What are your top three tips to stay
beach-body ready all year long?
Brooke: Break up with soda, avoid fried
foods, and do the Stairmaster.
Corissa: Eat healthy, stay active, and
don't make excuses.
Krista: Find your balance, eat well, and
stay hydrated.
Stephanie: Eat whole-food ingredients,
MOVE every single day, and drink plenty
of water.

What exercises do you recommend
to have a fab bikini body?
Brooke: Planks and wall sits! I stick to
the basics and challenge myself to see
how long I can hold them.
Corissa: Hit your glues and legs with
cable squats!
Krista: Reverse hack squat, lateral
raises, assisted pull-ups, and cable
Stephanie: Plyometric HIIT circuit
training, especially if you have a packed

What is your favorite healthy snack?

Krista Bikini:
Corissa: Peanut butter paired with
apples or rice cakes
Krista: Caramel rice cake topped with a
Tbs of almond butter and sugar-free jelly

What is one supplement you can’t
live without?
Corissa: My pre-workout. It give me
more focus in the gym and I hit my
workouts a lot harder.
Krista: BCAA's. This supplement helps
keep me hydrated throughout my
workout and helps maintain my lean

Where is your favorite beach
Brooke: I just went to San Diego for
the first time and absolutely fell in love.
But I'd love to go somewhere exotic with
white sand and turquoise water, so I'm
Jewelry: open to suggestions!
Krista: Definitely Maui, Hawaii
Corissa: Top Sail Island in North Carolina
Stephanie: Tulum has been the most
beautiful place I have traveled to so far.

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Bikini: Bikini:
Jewelry: Jewelry:

At Encanterra Country Club and Golf Course in San Tan Valley, AZ,
the location for this year's shoot, find the luxurious Alvea Spa. This
spa offers indulgent pedicures, hot stone massages, body wraps, and
vegan beauty products. Opt for the outdoor treatment areas where
you can enjoy the Sedona Clay Wrap or Cactus Toning Wrap. For more
information or to book treatments, please visit

(L-R) Krista:, Stephanie:, Bikini & Suit:
Corissa:, Brooke:



into your
new self!
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Landmark Study concludes taking
Stimovex-XT is the equivalent of 30 minutes
of aerobic exercise!

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Get S.M.A.R.T.
5 Strategies For Effective Goal Setting

WE LIVE in a culture driven by may have extraordinary talent and as, 'the object of a person’s ambition or
genetic gifts, but they are also the effort; an aim or desired result.' Effort
success and greatness. The level
small percentage of individuals is extremely important, and it is time to
of competition is ever growing. willing to go the extra mile. They are give your effort direction and purpose.
Athletes at all competitive levels willing to exercise self-discipline in There is no better day than today to
are getting bigger, stronger, and their workouts, their nutrition, and to start pursuing your goals – and I want
sacrifice valuable time for the purpose to give you the tools to help transform
arguably more talented at an of achieving their goals and dreams. you from an OK goal maker to an
earlier age. A lot of people want They are the ones willing to do the effective goal achiever. In this article,
to be one of these successful work that most people would never I am providing you with five tools
athletes they see on TV. They dream of doing. They set goals and that I refined working with athletes
they take action. throughout my Sports and Performance
want that fame, that glory, that Now it all comes down to you. It Psychology Master’s program at the
strong body, that money, but they is time for some self-reflection. You University of Denver. If you integrate
do not understand the hard work may have goals for your fitness, these five strategies into your fitness
your nutrition, your health, or your and training routines, I can guarantee
that it took to achieve that level of
athletic performance – but are you that you will find more success.
athletic performance. willing to work hard? Are you willing
Why are athletes such a small to sacrifice valuable time and to get 1. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals
percentage of the population? They uncomfortable? Google defines a goal When you set any goal for yourself,
short term or long term, it needs to be is important enough to you it should do I need to change it to something
a S.M.A.R.T. goal. It must be specific, be on your mind to some extent 24/7, more realistic like 2 percent body fat?
measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and it should positively affect other Do not set yourself up for failure!
and timely. A specific goal states parts of your life as well. In creating
the objective in a clear and concise a visual cue for yourself, you have 5. Find Accountability
manner. As the name suggests, a taken one step closer to successfully Human beings are social creatures,
measurable goal includes a unit of achieving your goals! and we need accountability in our
measurement such as pounds, days, lives. A healthy lifestyle can be a
hours, etc. For example, I would like 3. Make Action Steps lonely one when you see everyone
to lose 5 percent of my body fat in 5 You have created your goals and else around you drinking consistently
months by exercising at least 5 days written them down, and now it is time and eating whatever they want. I
a week for 30 minutes. An action- to create three action steps. Action once heard a man say, “Eagles soar
oriented goal clearly states the action steps are the smaller tasks that build with eagles and turkeys walk with
that will be taken. To lose the 5 towards your final destination. If I turkeys.” It all comes down to the
percent body fat, I will exercise 5 days want to lose 5 percent of my body fat people you surround yourself with.
a week. then I have to make some intentional The key is surrounding yourself with
A goal without action is simply a changes in my life. Therefore, I must people who have similar goals and
dead resolution. A realistic goal is create my three action steps. First, dreams as you do. Success breeds
something that can be accomplished I will limit the consumption of fatty success and everyone needs someone
in the allotted time. For example, if I foods in my diet. Second, I will not in their life to keep them accountable.
said that I wanted to lose 5 percent drink any alcohol. Lastly, I will engage You can write your goals down and
body fat in one week that would not in cardiovascular exercise three days post them somewhere visible, but
be realistic or healthy. Realistic goals per week for 20 minutes. All of these on some days discipline may take a
lead to success, and success leads to steps will help me to achieve my long- rest day and you will need a training
greater motivation! term goal. partner or your “swolemate” to step in
Finally, a timely goal clearly states Now that you have an idea of what and kick your butt into action.
the amount of time set aside to action steps are, it is time to create I am one of those people who likes
complete that goal. I will lose 5 three of your own. If you think of to train alone, but there are some
percent body fat in 5 months. Putting more than three write them down, but days I am just exhausted and need
a time limit on your goal is extremely they should be posted with the goal someone to talk to or to even yell in
important, because this keeps you you created. By writing these action my ear in the middle of a set. Find an
more accountable and focused. As steps down, you are keeping yourself accountability partner with a similar
Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is accountable for your decisions and work ethic, share your goals with
money.” Now that you know the your actions. You will be your greatest one another, and work together until
essential parts of setting S.M.A.R.T. ally or your greatest enemy. Every your destination is reached. Having
goals, let’s take the next step. choice matters in the big picture. accountability is not a weakness, it is
being humble and accepting that you
2. Write Your Goals Down 4. Revisit Your Goals are human and that your journey will
In the Master’s program at the One mistake a lot of people make not always be perfect.
University of Denver, we worked with when they set goals is not revisiting
a lot of athletes. Athletes typically find them. Sure, if you write them down
a successful routine, and they stick you will see them every day, but
with it no matter what. One habit I I am talking about revisiting them
have observed in a lot of athletes is IN SHORT, goal setting is a simple
and reanalyzing them. Sometimes a
the use of visual cues. Visual cues are goal needs to be readjusted. Life will concept, but there is a lot that
aids in their environment that remind throw you curveballs indefinitely, and goes in to being a successful goal
them to do something. After a period you have to be ready for them. If life setter. You can talk all day long
of time, that repetition creates a interferes with the timeline you set for about doing something, but are you
habit and that habit creates a lifestyle your goals, it may be time to revisit,
change. This is what I want for you.
going to take action? The decision
rethink, and readjust.
After you have your goals in mind, Let me use a personal example. My
is yours and now you know just
you have to write them down, post goal really is to lose 5 percent body enough to be dangerous. Set
them on your Facebook, draw them fat in five months. Right now I have S.M.A.R.T. goals, write your goals
on your bathroom mirror, type them time to work out consistently and to down somewhere visible, make
in the notes on your phone, or just prepare meals, but that time may action steps, revisit your goals,
hang up a sticky note on the inside disappear after I open my Max Muscle
of your locker or on your computer at and find accountability in someone
Nutrition store in Destin, Florida.
work. The key is to make them visible. When that time comes, I will revisit reliable! Stay hungry and stay
You want to see your goal every my goal and do some self-reflection. dedicated! You are worth every bit
morning and every night. If this goal Can I really lose 5 percent body fat or of your effort. MS&F


Tips for Enhancing

WHEN IT COMES to sports training, balance through yoga. This may flexibility will benefit your weight
there are several components of sound silly to some who are used to training because you’ll have a better
physical fitness that are important. hardcore training, but don’t be fooled, range of motion and get more out of
Going to the gym without a plan is not yoga is very challenging. Increasing your training. Better posture stability
wise. If you want to excel, it’s time helps eliminate injuries and improves
to hone in on your training and focus your reaction time. Yoga can help you
on the fundamental skills required for improve in these areas, but if it’s not
athletic performance. These skills are your thing, try incorporating a Bosu
strength, power, coordination, flexibility, or stability ball into your lifting routine
balance, speed, and agility. Each one to improve those stabilizer muscles.
of these are essential for performing at Let’s not forget about stretching and
your best. Below, I have listed a few foam rolling, as these are great ways to
tips that can help you improve in these increase your flexibility and avoid any
areas. muscle strains.

If you’re used to training for aesthetics Nutrition, supplementation, and rest
you will need to shift the focus from are all important for proper recovery.
muscle shape to increasing strength. A good diet will provide the energy
Incorporating more compound exercises and recovery you need for that next
and aiming for progressively heavier brutal training session. Athletes have
loads will really ramp up the strength a higher metabolism and getting
gains. Squats, deadlifts, and power enough nutrients is crucial to keeping
cleans are the staple for strength training consistent energy levels. So, when your
and must be included in your program. sport is in season you should not be in
You should also work to increase a calorie deficit. Water and fluids are
repetitions on bodyweight exercises, also essential, as these help to keep
such as pull-ups, pushups, and dips. the body hydrated and at the right
POWER, COORDINATION, Vitamin supplements are a great way
SPEED & AGILITY fill in any nutritional gaps you may be
Cardio sessions should be kept to lacking from food. Vitamins serve as
shorter 15-20 minute high intensity regulators of metabolic functions and
interval sessions with a focus on are critical for sports performance and
explosion. Some good examples a strong immune system. I recommend
would be track sprints, hill sprints, taking a good multi-vitamin, plus
plyometrics, and agility drills. They vitamin D, C, and a B-complex. BCAAs
each stress you a little different so and glutamine are also a must. Let’s
try working them all into your routine. not forget about sleep, as this affects
The sprint intervals will boost your Photo by the way our brain and body functions.
speed, plyometrics will increase your Lack of sleep can lead to mental errors,
explosive power, and agility drills will Claudia Virgil is a bikini fitness impaired judgment, and a slower
improve your coordination. Collectively competitor, fitness model, personal reaction time. So, be sure to get plenty
these exercises hone in on your timing trainer, and Team Max athlete. She of sleep after those hard training days.
and muscle activation for more efficient is making the switch from NPC Keep in mind that every sport
movements when playing your sport. to WBFF in 2017. She resides in requires a specific type of training. It is
Arizona with her loving husband best to hire a professional trainer who
FLEXIBILITY & BALANCE and their two Pit Bulls. Find out specializes in the field of sport you are
Try increasing your flexibility and more about her at interested in. MS&F



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That Boost Performance

THE NEWS IS OUT, and it’s been discovered that the 2017 consumer is more educated and more
nutrient-savvy than ever before. No longer are we satisfied to take a package at face value and believe
what it claims. We’re more apt to read the details, to discover the purpose behind a food, how it can
make us feel, and how it may improve our health. With that being said, a common goal among many
fitness enthusiasts is boosting sports performance. So, we’re here to help by sharing the top food and
nutrient trends making headlines this year for their performance-enhancing benefits.

1 23
Beets Potatoes Seaweed
This delectable purple root vegetable has Potatoes as a superfood? It Move over kale. Seaweed is the
been making headlines for years now, touted next green superfood. Loaded with
seems that a widespread fear antioxidants and minerals, vitamins A and
by endurance athletes as the next best
thing to a “drug” for boosting performance. of carbohydrates is dissipating B, amino acids, and omega 3, seaweed
also packs more vitamin C than an
Research is substantiating the claims that as health enthusiasts realize the
orange. This microalgae of which there
beet juice can give you a competitive edge. benefits of this concentrated are over 10,000 species is primed to give
The secret to beets’ boost is found in its you a serious health boost. Seaweed is
energy form for muscle strength,
nitrate content. Beetroots’ nitrates are the low in calories, high in fiber, and is one
precursor to a well-known supplement, nitric endurance, and recovery. Potatoes of the most sustainable foods on earth.
oxide. Nitric oxide has vasodilator properties are a great way to replenish How can you eat it? Crunchy Nori strips
to enhance blood flow and skeletal muscle your body’s preferred energy that are commonly used in sushi are the
function. Studies have shown that 300mL perfect go-to snack. Kombu can be made
source. Plus, they boast vitamin into dashi, which is commonly used
of juice, or about one shot of concentrated
beet juice, has been shown to improve B6, potassium, copper, vitamin C, to flavor sauces and broths for soups.
performance. No additional benefits were manganese, phosphorus, niacin, Spirulina – seaweed in its powdered
form – is a great additive to protein
seen at amounts of 600mL. Juices and fiber, and pantothenic acid. Potatoes shakes and smoothies. Seaweed flakes
powders are available in supplement form
are a great pre- or post-workout can be sprinkled on top of any meal as a
that allow a larger concentration of nitrates flavor enhancer.
than consuming the food itself. whole food meal choice.
Now available in 2 mind blowing flavors!
Snowcone and NEW Strawberry Lemonade!

Bison Jackfruit
A red meat that’s low in fat and cholesterol? Move over, tofu. One of the most versatile
Bison is becoming wildly popular among alternative meat choices is jackfruit, which
physique competitors, for many reasons. First,
can be flavored to mimic the taste and
bison boasts one of the best amino acid profiles
of any food. Second, bison is a very lean meat, texture of many favorite dishes. Jackfruit
containing less fat and cholesterol than beef, is loaded with potassium and vitamin B.
pork, and even certain cuts of chicken. Essential Not only that, it’s carbohydrate-rich to
nutrients provided by this red meat include zinc help fuel workouts and recovery. Plus,
and vitamin B-12. Zinc boosts immune system jackfruit has an impressive amino acid
and recovery, and B-12 is necessary for proper
profile, considering it’s a fruit.
brain and nervous system function. Buffalo meat
also contains glutamine to aid in immunity and
recovery, as well as creatine, which enhances
anaerobic performance.

While these five picks are great diet additions, it’s important to note
the whole nutrition picture must be considered. IFBB Fitness Pro Kristine
Duba adds, “The most important aspect of nutrition in order to boost
sports and workout performance is to make sure the nutrition matches
and supports the goals of the individual, or are specific to the sport of the
athlete. An endurance athlete is not going to need the same nutrition as a
power or strength athlete; it has to be sport specific. The same is true for
individuals seeking to lose weight, gain muscle, or get lean.”
Prior to and immediately following a workout is a critical time for
quality food intake. Kristine shares her favorite performance boosting
snack: “My favorite whole food to help aid in performance is probably a
few apple slices with natural nut butter. If I’m just doing a performance
workout (routine practice) I may also opt for an orange or something
that will give me fast digesting carbohydrates for immediate energy. For
recovery, I definitely want to make sure I replenish my glycogen stores and Exclusi
xclusively Available at:

start repairing my muscle tissue, so I normally choose lean chicken breast,
steamed green veggies, and sometimes legumes.“ MS&F


Current weight:
184 pounds
Body fat: 14 percent

Mike's Fitness Journey
At 50, He's Feeling and Looking Better Than Ever! BY KAREN HERKES

MIKE DAVIS, 50, a Navy veteran nutrition. Shortly after in July 2013, products are far above any other brand.
living in Colona, Illinois, has been Mike walked into the Moline, Illinois I’d been to other supplement stores in
a regular Quad Cities Max Muscle Max Muscle store and was promptly the area but felt there was a huge lack
Nutrition customer since 2013. greeted by co-owner Scott Herkes. Mike of knowledge, so I never felt confident
said, “After just a few moments in the in their information or their products.”
While in the service, Mike said he
store, Scott provided such an education Mike currently likes to combine
ate as much as possible as often as
on supplements and nutrition, I could the Wild Cherry Emerge with the Pro
possible because he never really tell he knew what he was talking BCAA’s for pre-workout, the A.R.M. for
knew when the next meal would be. about.” Scott spent quite a bit of time recovery, and MaxPro Elite for meals or
Unfortunately, Mike’s eating habits that day with Mike explaining products snacks. He also consistently uses Nitro
continued after he retired from the and nutrition. By the time Mike left the 2, 2Tx or MTX, and MaxxTOR.
military. He eventually found himself store, he had purchased his first Max Currently, Mike works out 6-7 days a
weighing 280+ pounds and realized Muscle products and started on the Max week and a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours
he needed to make some changes. Muscle nutrition plan. per session, which has become a way
Mike began his journey by joining When asked what his favorite Max of life for him. Today, Mike weighs 188
a gym and working out. While at the Muscle product is, Mike immediately pounds with 11.9 percent body fat and
gym, he noticed a fellow gym member’s said, “It’s not just a product, it’s the continues to make progress by working
Max Muscle T-shirt and asked the man staff! They’re so knowledgeable and with Brent Herkes, Max Muscle Moline
what Max Muscle was. Based on what helpful. They’re always willing to spend store manager. “I feel as welcome today
he was told, Mike believed Max Muscle as much time with me as I need to as I did when I first walked through the
could be the place to help him with his help me reach my goals. Max Muscle door in 2013,” Mike said. MS&F

“After just a couple of weeks of consistent 2TX, my
energy began to really pick up and it showed in the gym,
the mirror and in every part of my life. It has helped to
raise the life vitality bar back up to where it used to be.”
Steve Wright,
54 Years Old • Newport Beach, CA

“I have more strength, more energy, more endurance
and more drive! If you are a man over 40, you’ve got to
try 2Tx today! It is a real shame that I didn’t discover this
product earlier in life!”

Chris Johnston,
50 Years Old • Stockton, CA BEFORE you resort to prescription medication,
try 2TX for a natural solution that really works!
“My life was forever changed when I was introduced to
2TX. I began my journey down to to a lean 177 lbs. from
my original weight of 245. My energy levels, stamina, sex
drive and self esteem are better than ever before.”

Duane Franzen,
39 Years Old • Cordova, IL

“I was suffering from mid-day fatigue, low energy and
difficulty concentrating. I then decided to try 2TX and
within a month my energy and focus was up and I was
leaning out while increasing muscle tone.”” Locations nationwide. Find yours @
George Summers,
49 Years Old • Fort Collins, CO FFind us on:

Winning Nutrition
Breakfast: 3 eggs, SUPPLEMENT
toast, milk, and fruit STACK
Snack: Crackers and ⊲ MaxPro Elite
Max Pro protein shake ⊲ Carnosyn
Lunch and Dinner: (pre-workout)
⊲ Glutamine Head Grand View wrestling coach Nick Mitchell awards his team with their sixth straight
4 oz. meat, cup of
(post- workout) NAIA National team title trophy following the completion of the 2017 NAIA Wrestling
veggies, ½ cup brown
National Championships, presented by USA Wrestling-Kansas, March 4 in Topeka, Kansas.
rice, almonds

A Championship Lifestyle
Grand View University Wrestling Team Breaks Records with a Max Approach

WINNING SIX STRAIGHT national team about eating right and taking care of Henderson said. “I felt a lot stronger and my
titles takes more than luck. For their bodies with supplements and meal endurance was there.”
plans. Max [Muscle] has allowed us to be Josh Wenger, a freshman at Grand
the wrestling team at Grand View
at optimal performance level every time we View University who won the national
University in Des Moines, Iowa, it’s a compete.” championship for the 141-pound weight
matter of attitude. “Our philosophy Before a competition, the wrestlers class, said proper nutrition is now part of
is building a championship lifestyle need to make the right weight for their the championship lifestyle his coaches instill.
by trying to be the best in all aspects competition class. Often this means they “For me, it was about buying into doing
of our life,” said Nick Mitchell, head must either gain or lose pounds, and it’s everything right,” Wenger said. “Nutrition,
wrestling coach for Grand View important to do so safely without getting school, family life – it makes everything else
dehydrated or becoming malnourished. good.”
University. “If you do things right off
Since most of the team lives on campus, Boyens wanted to point out, too, that it
the mat, you’re going to do them right meal plans must work with what’s served isn't just the winning of six straight national
on the mat, too.” in the school cafeteria. “We created meal titles that's impressive, the wrestling team
As part of doing things right, Mitchell plans to help the team learn to eat properly shattered the record for most points scored
points to the team’s dedication to training and cut weight without losing strength,” said by one team in tournament history. “They
as well as academic achievement. He credits Joey Boyens, franchisee of Max Muscle Clive. scored 234.5 points, which is more than the
the university’s supportive administrative “With proper nutrition, their endurance 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place schools combined!”
and coaching staff. He also said that the increased astronomically.” Boyens said. “The reason I think this is
team relies on Max Muscle Nutrition in The meal plan was key for Grant important is it shows the huge difference
Clive, Iowa for supplements and meal Henderson, a junior at Grand View University in strength and endurance that a team has
plans. “Getting involved with Max Muscle who won the national championship in the when working with Max Muscle. They didn't
was an opportunity for us to take it to the 165-pound weight class. “Working with Max just win, they destroyed the opposition.”
next level,” Mitchell said. “They talk to the Muscle, I am constantly fueling my body,” MS&F
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From recipes to workouts to how to be mentally fit and more, we’ve got the content you crave!

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“We have a purpose to connect and serve,
to strengthen our sense of civic engagement and
Erin & Ron
Erin Brady, Ron Worley and Family,
assist our community in reaching its health goals.” Franchisees, Greeley, CO

WWW.MAXMUSCLEFRANCHISE.COM *This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only.
A franchise offer may only be made through a registered Franchise Disclosure Document. FTC rule requires that franchise companies register their franchise offer with many states before advertising or offering their franchise in those states. MMSN is currently registered in all states.

Can Sports
Make Me a
Better Athlete?

Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete looking to get the most out of your
workout, there’s a supplement that can help maximize your benefits. Find out which
one of these high-quality, performance-enhancing supplements from Max Muscle
Nutrition can help you crush your fitness goals.

Max A.R.M. glycogen, and speed up muscle runs 50-70 miles per week at varying
“Protein is recovery and repair so you’re ready for intensities,” he said. “After every run,
fundamental,” said your next workout. “There’s nothing whether it is an easy paced run, track
Scott Herkes, a like it on the market,” said Herkes. repeats, or 20+ mile long runs, I
Certified Fitness Each serving provides 28 grams of immediately have two scoops of ARM
Nutrition Coach high-quality whey protein isolates and as soon as I get done. ARM helps fuel
and franchisee of whey protein concentrates as well as a my body and helps rebuild the stressed
Max Muscle stores propriety blend of creatine, glutamine, muscles.” Scott said ARM helps cut
in Bettendorf, Iowa carbohydrates to maximize absorption, down on any soreness he used to
and Moline, Illinois. BCAAs, antioxidants, and more. encounter after long or taxing runs and
Herkes explained that Scott Cavadini, 31, a customer at helped him maintain his mileage and
when people don’t get enough protein Max Muscle Omaha, loves ARM. “I am minimize off days. “It definitely allows
after training, they won’t get as much a distance runner who, during training, me to push my training harder than
muscle recovery. Muscle recovery is ever before,” he said. “I will never run
essential for an athlete to become without ARM again.”
stronger and leaner.
“A blend of whey protein isolates and
concentrates is fast-absorbing and has 2TX
a good amino acid profile for muscle As men age, a reduction
recovery,” continued Herkes. “It gets in natural testosterone
into your bloodstream within an hour, levels is inevitable.
so it’s great to use post-workout.” Some of the effects of
Max ARM was created to be the reduced testosterone
ultimate post-workout formula and include lack of
provides complete nutritional support motivation, slower
to maximize protein synthesis, restore recovery, loss of sexual
Scott Cavadini
fluid and electrolyte levels, replenish drive, and weight gain.
“2TX works by stimulating natural regimen. These products allow them to scientific results, delivering the most
testosterone levels, freeing up bound go full ‘beastmode’ and get the most effective and extensively researched
testosterone, sensitizing androgen out of their workouts.” ingredients with each serving. This is
receptors, and blocking estrogen,” Krista Hanson, 32, of Emeryville, a winning formula, and I recommend
explained Herkes. “The net result CA, a Max Muscle Walnut Creek you give it a try if you’re interested
is an improvement in the ratio of sponsored athlete loves the benefits in becoming stronger, faster, and
testosterone to estrogen in the blood of MaxxTOR. “This is one product I smarter about your training.”
stream.” can’t live without,” she said. “I have Steffl competes in the USAPL,
2TX is not a drug. It is a natural made impressive gains in muscle the largest drug-free powerlifting
testosterone amplifier, and you don’t size all while keeping my body fat federation in the United States.
have to worry about testosterone levels low. This is one product I highly As a raw powerlifter (only a belt
increasing beyond what you would recommend!” allowed), Nic currently squats 585
produce as normal, healthy adult. lbs., bench presses 340 lbs., and
“Increased energy, faster deadlifts 685 lbs. To date, he has
recovery, feeling more upbeat, FBX 2.0 qualified and competed in five
and improved motivation are just This second national powerlifting competitions,
some of the benefits men feel when generation FBX winning the USAPL Raw National
they start taking this product,” said product is a great Title in 2014 for his age and weight
Herkes. “Beyond these benefits, men pre-workout division. He holds 12 state records,
also claim it is easier for them to put supplement and will be competing once again
on lean mass and many will even share with well-tested at this year’s National Powerlifting
that their wives are happy their libido and researched Championship.
is back.” performance-
enhancing ingredients. The formula
includes 1.5 grams of AGMass stimoVEX
MaxxTOR (agmatine sulfate), (or AGMass), 3.2 If you’re looking for
MaxxTOR is a revolu- grams of CarnoSyn (beta-alanine) a high-stimulant,
tionary product that (as CarnoSyn) and 2.5 grams of extreme pre-workout
clinical studies have Creapure, an ultrapure creatine formula with carefully-
shown is able to increase monohydrate recognized worldwide selected, high-quality
strength and lean body for its purity, quality, safety, and ingredients, stimoVEX is for you.
mass while significantly effectiveness. stimoVEX includes Setria
reducing fat. Nic Steffl, 22, a customer at Performance Blend (Patent Pending),
“MaxxTOR contains a Max Muscle Lincoln, NE has been l-glutathione, l-citrulline, CarnoSyn
key patented ingredient using FBX 2.0 as his pre-workout (beta-alanine), AlphaSize Alpha-
called Mediator Phosphatidic Acid,” of choice for more than four years. Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC),
explained Herkes. “It is a fatty acid “As a competitive powerlifter, each BioPerine, beet root powder, caffeine,
compound that has very strong training session requires a high level l-arginine, yohimbine, and hordenine.
science showing it stimulates muscle of intensity and focus, which may be A-GPC increases acetylcholine levels
protein synthesis. Every cell in our difficult to achieve each and every in the brain to keep you focused and
body contains a fatty acid layer so workout, Steffl said. “However, with sharp while delaying mental fatigue
this product would be well assimilated FBX 2.0, I quickly feel energized after for “mind-to-muscle” benefits. The
whether you are a man, woman, or a I take it, which allows me to push my caffeine, yohimbine, and hordenine
young athlete.” body to new limits more frequently. provide a strong stimulant effect and
“MaxxTOR works by turning on the As someone who is skeptical about help you torch fat. The addition of
muscle-building receptors called the many supplements on the market BioPerine increases absorption of this
mTOR pathway,” he continued. “Taking today, it’s comforting to know that powerful combination of ingredients.
MaxxTOR while doing resistance FBX 2.0 is a product driven by Nesha Ward, 43, a nutrition
exercise to stimulate muscle protein coach and Team Max Athlete had
synthesis and taking adequate protein heard a lot about stimoVEX and
will maximize strength and lean mass.” recently picked some up from the
Herkes highly recommends MaxxTOR Max Muscle Stockton, CA location.
for anyone who wants to maximize “stimoVEX helped me drive through
their efforts in the gym. my exercises. I was energized, and
Christy Park, 41, owner of Phoenix it gave me a sweet pump for my leg-
Fitness in Corona, CA had this to say: day workout! I also had an amazing
“The women of Phoenix Fitness have rush of power and stamina to push
made Max Muscle Corona–Norco their through the training session without
go-to nutrition shop. Not only do they that horrible crash and burn feeling! I
love the variety of proteins available, recommend this to those individuals
but they have made Max Nitro 2 and looking for endurance, energy and
MaxxTOR a necessity for their workout Christy Park focus while working out.” MS&F


SCIENCE PULSE The latest news on the power of key supplements to boost
sports performance and safeguard your health.

Multivitamin Supplements
Given the Green Light
Recent studies have suggested that multivitamin supplementation,
other than during pregnancy, is at best a waste of money, and at
worst, harmful – especially when used long term. But a new study
from the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany suggests
otherwise. The study involved a literature review of published
research on multivitamin use in pregnant women, healthy adults,
and elderly people; supplements used were a combination of at
least nine vitamins and three minerals at a maximum concentration
of 100 percent of the recommended dietary allowance. What the
scientists found? As is known already, multivitamins with iron and
folic acid can help to prevent neural tube defects in the developing
fetus and also reduce low birth weight and rates of miscarriage.
As for other adults, there was no evidence of harmful effects
Boost Brain Power (other than occasional reports of tummy ache) of vitamin/mineral

with Citicoline
supplementation, even among the elderly, who are known to have
a higher incidence of adverse reactions to medications. This was
A recent review of medical literature by researchers true even when accounting for
from the Centro Regionale di Neurogenetica, additional vitamin and mineral
Catanzaro, Italy suggests that Citicoline is a intake through foods. The
promising supplement for improving cognitive upshot – if you believe that
function in those with degenerative brain changes multivitamins improve your
such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, and overall health, you can feel
especially in those with vascular cognitive decline, safe in taking them – even
such as seen with a stroke. Citicoline is a crucial over long periods of time.
brain chemical that occurs naturally within the body. Source: (Biesalski HK, Tinz
When used as a supplement, it appears to be easily J. Nutrition. 2017 Jan; 33:76-
absorbed and safe; however, larger studies are 82).
needed to confirm these conclusions. MM Featured Product: Max
Source: (Gareri P, et al. Clin Interv Aging. 2015 Sep Men’s and Women’s Multi.
3; 10:1421-9).
MLAB Featured Product: neuroVEX

Most parents are aware of the role that dietary protein, along with sufficient calcium and vitamin D,
play in helping kids to build strong bones. Now researchers at Geneva University in Switzerland,
say that animal protein intake, especially dairy proteins, remain important as we age to protect
bones and prevent breaks. In a recent study of healthy postmenopausal women (average age
65), the researchers measured bone mineral density and also evaluated a completed food
questionnaire to determine the intake of protein, including total, animal, vegetable, and dairy
protein. The findings concluded that those who had higher dietary intakes of animal proteins,
including dairy, such as easily digestible whey protein, had increased bone mineral content and
bone mineral density – both important measures of strong bones. As for vegetable protein: the
findings suggested that these sources of protein did not have the same effect on bone structure.
Source: (Durosier-Izart C, Biver E, Merminod F, et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2017 Feb;105(2):513-525).
MM Featured Product: MaxPro Elite

Get The Most Out of Your
Established in 1999, our product is the world’s first 100% liquid
egg white designed to drink. Our egg whites are pasteurized,
salmonella-tested, USDA and Kosher approved, and they are
double-filtered to have the smooth consistency of milk.
Mix with iced coffee, juice, or your favorite protein powder!

Contains 26g protein &
calories per 8 oz cup
•Zero cholesterol or fat
•Only 2g carbs
•Refrigerate up to 120 days
•100% guaranteed fresh
•Freeze indefinitely
Mixes GREAT with any
Muscle Nutrition
protein powder!

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WHAT'S HOT? A round-up of the latest and greatest products
and supplements that will make your life
better and more healthful.

triTOR is a premier stimulant-free pre-
workout formula designed to significantly
improve workout performance. triTOR’s full NEW & IMPROVED
spectrum formula works on multiple levels New reformulation alert!
to specifically activate the bodies metabolic VIT-ACELL is now sugar free!
and physiological systems, promote muscle If you are a meat-and-potatoes
protein synthesis and prevent muscle protein person, you never get all the fruits
breakdown, provide nitric oxide enhancers and veggies you’re supposed to
for optimal delivery of oxygen and essential eat. If you're missing out on all the
fuel to muscles, and designed to enhance vitamins/minerals/micronutrients,
hydration and promote recovery. New flavor, consider supplementing with
Dreamsicle, COMING SOON to your local Max Vit-Acell to help fill in those gaps
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TESTOSTERONE information.
araVEX was specifically designed
to optimize healthy testosterone
levels and maintain healthy estrogen
balance by inhibiting an enzyme ALL-NATURAL PRE WORKOUT
known as aromatase, thus preventing Naturliga Pre Workout is a
the conversion of testosterone to breakthrough all-natural supplement that
estrogen. To achieve this, araVEX contains 11 carefully selected natural and clean
delivers scientifically supported, bioactive ingredients based on published
high quality, and natural ingredients scientific studies to provide a great workout
including Chrysin, Diindolylmethane experience. naturliga pre workout is driven
(DIM), Stinging Nettle Extract, and by several patented and branded ingredients
Indole-3-Carbinol in efficacious doses including PeakO2, Advantra Z, and BioPerine.
for positive results. Available soon at Other bioactive ingredients include Beet
Max Muscle Nutrition. Root Juice Powder, Tart Cherry Juice Powder,
Pomegranate Juice Powder, Mucuna pruriens,
Amla, Guayusa, and Huperzine A. It’s also 100%
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MaxPro Elite delivers 30g per BRAIN BOOSTER
serving of ultra-premium and multi- neuroVEX™ by MLabs is an
source proteins containing the perfect innovative brain, cognitive, clarity,
natural ratio of whey protein isolate, and mental focus formula that
whey protein concentrate, potassium features eight carefully selected
caseinate, and micellar casein for science-based ingredients to help
muscle protein synthesis and overall boost cognitive improvement.
sports performance. MaxPro Elite was This stimulant-free comprehensive
developed to supply your body with the formula was specifically designed
most pure, nutritionally complete, and to help reduce the impact of the
highest quality proteins to be used on normal aging process and support
a daily basis. New flavor, Birthday the overall functions of the brain.
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